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Chicago Eagle Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1900, Page 1

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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - June 23, 1900, Chicago, IllinoisA Independent in All Thinh Neutral in none.1 volume , 8aturday, june 23 1900.-twelve page8. Number 559.it is a United throng be pen Cracy of Cook county uphold the Moer of Ort Seifo for the pct bit he possesses All the Elff Yeats a bib Leid to glorious Victory the people Pem amp not i his nomination next tuesday god will ratify it it the polls next democrats Are not faking any fiszkes Tai year and they propose to put the Best a in porn sri for All office to be filled. The democrats of Cook county under the Nile and victorious leadership of Hon. Robert e. Burke will tro to next tuesday with to votes for Adaui Ort Selfon Tor governor. Thin unanimous display of the sent i most of the people of Chicago mid Al a Lusty on the question of tin governor a help ought to nettle the matter beyond any it mention. Although half a Doxen and Datea from Vurlon parts of the stale have opened headquarter in Chleno and made a bid for the Cook comity vote and although there Han been no attempt to muzzle Uny one nud every eau Date him Lieen Given the in rent Klud of a show la the Lient natured eau Palau on record. Ort Nelfe him Cap iii ii All of the delegates. The Levanou for to Len in obvious lie in the trough to mail. will Nee a great delegation from Chicago Oil tuesday next. In will he composed of mime of the Foremost business men of Chicago of manufacturer Bankers merchant lawyers Mechanic and men prominent in the in Lar world. A 11 will Alosco Talu Nomo of the absent the state men who know Ilie need of the hour and who will demand that Chlea go is Given due recognition on the ticket the Fate of Whdeh her voter will decide next november. Or. Orm Elfene a Campaign him been a remarkable one. Not seeking the Ottliee Hume of his la ame uru ised enthusiasm from the Start Ami ids friends made sue i a clamor that he was drawn into the race heart and soul. There Are no Quot Back doors Quot to Adam Orts Lucu. Thai 1 what the people like about him. When he heard the demand upon him to get Luto the race for ills party s Sake lie did not skulk or net childish Alk iut it. He came out like a Man and said that he would make the tight. The result is that he him every Delegate from Cook county Ladin and him and if the state convention will name Adair Orts Lucu i will nominate the next Jove nor of Illinois. Orally my cd off All oppose lion at the primaries by opposing the Bolding or them under the state Law. And declaring for the free for All article All along the Hue. In 1h1ni every Delegate even who Wim of Misc to the machinations of Alt Gold nud ills gang of state institution Luat traders was muzzled bottled up Ami sat Tinmu deprived of free vote free thought and free speech and now when Altgeld s own turn has come to nit of the curb nud watch the Parade go by lie in Quot take ills Medicine like a Man. He must bowl Aud whine and yelp a Machino Quot a Quot Al Gold does t know what lie s talking about a said italic it e. Burke. Quot we will show that gentleman a few things it forc we get through. Ortsch Fen is in the race to win and lie is go lug to win. We will go to with the Cook county delegation solid. Orci Dorff and Laschuk a have six or eight counties apiece and Charles k. Ladd will in pc a Lulf dozen. But live already have instructed for Harrison nud there Are eighty lir Wlinich we stand a Good Chance of getting Lilg bundle of delegates. Altgeld is a a dead one.1 lie wont get Luto a convention this year. If lie does it will be through a seat la the huh Man Alt kill sex governor aim i a. Worried Over Hie fact hint lie will not he u Delegate to Illy convention ills year to Lull i. Altgeld is More. Through some of ids Lieut mints who mismanaged the state institutions until inc people were frothing at the Mouth Altgeld Lam been trotting out Cantil Date after eau Date in the Hope of Healing a Cook county Man out of the governorship. Altgeld Doe not nut to Nee a Cook county menu you limited. For fear tho Cook county Man would lie elected. He warn to lie pointed to la history As the Only Cook county Man who Ever was dec cd governor of Lull urls. Llam e. He cume out wednesday and howled about the machine. He is a Sweet scented Duck to howl about when John p. Al Todd was at the head of the Quot much Luot la Shoil he lit Sharks take notice the Eigle is not for be nor amp of its Golan in be is not a bowing up usurer for the purpose of a aka a Oljey out of their Slippy by Szije. Hon. Adam ort8eifen, the people s Choice for governor of Illinois. Sir. Burke sanguine. He believe thut or. Ort Selfon will be null rated on of Early ballot. Secretary Burke of the democratic Central committee is sanguine that Ort Selfon will be loud Untch at Spring held of an Early ballot. 1 am could but that or. Orts Lucu will have Ilis instructed delegates from Cook county Quot said or. Burke last Ulp lit. Quot by Tomt i mean that lie will carry the county without the loss of a single Delegate. Ills Headquarters arc thronged All Day Long Aud despite ids Brief experience in polities he is prov lug a Cettl clout mixer. The people seem to like him Aud with n Block of ins Delegate at 1 do not see Imp lie eau be All falling in link. The people Are in sympathy with the German vote thin election. The Democrat of Illinois Are falling Luto Hue for Adam Orts Lucu for governor. Cook county s big Dele Gulou will be solid for Blui Aud lie will need but u handful of vote to get the Youdu Tulou. Half a dozen counties out in the state have sent la word thut he i their Glrst Choice and every county instructed for Ilou. Curler ii. Illarr Loii will East it vote for Ortseifen. This will loud cute or. Oruel Feu of the Glrst ballot. Opponents of or. Orts Lucu say that lie is Clug pushed Forward by men who Tuut to elect tho Cook county democratic ticket. This in itself is a confession of the part of or. enemies that he will carry Cook county. Our any other candidate carry Cook county v to do not know of due. Every will Lugo Ruid poll Lluu la the City of Chleno will Tell you that Ortseifen will carry till City and county. Thin i what no country candidate eau do. Orts Lucu will be As Strong iii the country As any other eau Date. People in country towns Seldom. If Ever Chungo their polities. There Khauo Quot coating vote Quot la the Cui utry. M Olio cum Riluth is an Strong there As i Quot her. But la the great City of Chicago there Are 150,000 vote of the great Independent or coating Clim. Orts Lucu will get the great bulk of these Ond carry the state. No other Man cuu do this. Orts Lucu will get 7.1 per cent of the German vote of Chicago Ami Don t you forget it the German american arc incensed at the outrageous treat sent accorded the Boer Resolution in the tepid clean state convention which was dominated by Ileau Belleau of Floc i older. The germans Invar Liberty throughout the world and naturally resent the no thou of the Mckinley administration in turning Down the representatives of the struggling Boer republics la South Africa. A Little episode which helped to in la ecu proceedings it the recent Republican convention in la Corla was not mentioned in the newspaper reports of Tom convention but will Bear description now la View of the visit of the Boer Euvoy to tile went. It serves very Well to illustrate the real attitude of the Mckinley administration toward the Quot our sister republics Quot n South Africa nud also toward their exulting foe England. Some men who do not quite compre lieu the close no Liucc of the administration to great Britain attempted to meet Public sentiment by having adopted a Resolution of sympathy for the Boers. The Resolution it is reported. Was written by col. John f. Fin cry editor of the citizen a Irish paper published la Chleno hut having a a Loual reputation. Col. Flo try was the Glrst promote Orion the Irish ambulance corps that went to South Africa Ami took up armed service with the Boers. Col. Fleurty s resolutions were introduced into the committee of resolutions by w. Ii. Curran. The chairman of that committee was congressman a. .1. Hopkins a Republican of a Loual Rcpt Matlou. The resolutions received no attention la the committee. Curran himself expressed it thus Quot when i shot thut Resolution into the faces of them Guys they nearly dropped dead. Hopkins tried to choke me Down hut 1 made them Voto. The vote was 21 to 1 against tho resolutions. I was the falling thus to get the resolutions out of the com a Iitto on the platform Miles Kehoe the Well known Justice of the peace of Chicago sprung them of the Couveau thou. The chairman not know aug what or Kohoot wanted gave him the door. Hopkins was standing of tho platform at the time with a typewritten report of his committee la his hand lie know what Kehoe a noted Aud whispered to the chairman urge us that be to Deled the Moor. It was too late for Kehoe was Well tin Ler Way and rend ids resolutions disregarding nil interruptions. Tho Glrst word of comment upon the Resolution which Chino from this administration arose from congressman Cannon s delegation from the twelfth congressional District where a Delegate shouted at tho top of his lungs Quot god Dan tho dutch. What in he i have they got to do with us a this seemed to lie the signal for tho convention instantly broke into turmoil and disorder nud there were hisses nud jeers and cries of Quot shut up Kehoe Quot a throw him out Quot Ami other indications that the convention As a whole was absolutely antagonistic to the resolutions and their mover. Points of order were raised to prevent discussion of them. Lawrence v. Sherman speaker or the lower House of tho Illinois legislature and Martin b. Madden candidate for c ill Tod states senator and part of the regular Republican machine jolted la the affair to suppress discussion. Kehoe manfully fought for recognition. Ills Strong voice Rose above the Stream of protest crying. A you must hear teds Resolution. Every irishman Ami German la this state demands that you should hear it. I have the Moor and i will not he howled Down. You can t do it a Henry l. Hertz tho danish machine politician of Chleno. Inter posed to secure order saying Quot listen to the Man. Give him n Chance Aud then you Gnu squelch him Ulm i Resolution meanwhile enraged delegates on the Moor actually tried to drag the mover of the Boer Resolution away from his place by physical Force. When order was restored or Madden was la the chair nud the Resolution again were forced upon the attention of the convention. The same outcry arose hut Kehoe fought for recognition. I. I. Wolfe one of the most prominent germans of Central Illinois and the editor of a German paper rushed Down the Center aisle Ami cried Quot or. Madden or. Madden for god s Sake pass those resolutions. To was a ill a fool for introducing them but now they must he passed. If you Don t it will Cost 100,000 German Republican despite however ii vigorous Appeal the Resolution were dually Laid on the table by a almost vote i the convention. Tho germans of Chicago will show by their votes for Ortseifen How they Feci on this matter. Us Kikku Abe always Strong big Tux payer and citizen Oiel suit be Hosp act them. To fearful Uro the of tho effect of Adam Ortseifen a nomination for governor that they Aro doing everything in their Power to decry it Ulm to Stop it. They Are spreading the report that he is weak with tho people because he is a Brewer. A Leo when did the Brewers become Quot weak with the people Quot they have always rim Abend of their ticket in Cook county. In 1875, when Auto c. Ileal no was tho oui Luke for county treasurer of the Power fill opposition party la Cook county the republicans cast around to mud a Brewer to nominate against him. They Murod that no one hut a Brewer could Bent hcs lug. So they c. Zinek a Brewer and elected him. Too. He beat or. Hcs lug to a stand still. And in 1870, when the democrats nominated the senior Carter ii. Harrison for mayor for the most time they East about for a Brewer to run on the to Leet with him for City treasurer. They found him Lump. William c. Help and elected him. Too. Or. Help ran Uli Ead of his to Leet at that. In 1881. Or. Rudolph Brand the Brewer was elected City treasurer of tho ticket with or. Harrlson. In 1882 or. Help the Brewer was elected county treasurer. I u 1880 or. Hoe sing it Brewer was elected City treasurer. La 1887 the it publicans elected or. Plautz. A Brewer. City treasurer. In 18u7 the democrats elected or. Hummel a Brewer City treasurer. La 1800 the democrats elected or. Otoe Lucu a Brewer City treasurer. Does that look a if Brewers were weak with the people a. Not much. To far from Clug a weak with the people a the Brewers Are tho leading citizens la every country town where there is a brewery. Fifty two Illinois cities Aud towns have Hud Brewers for mayors Sluce 1800. Is that n sign of unpopularity on the go Nunry it by earning the to bunks of the Community it urge by exposing put up Job nor attempts it bribery Cin deter Tai Piper from it Effort to ri4 Public office of Smirk influence. Unjust War taxes an 1hhuk. Ort Nelfe will get Eliot sunds of extra votes on thut line alone. Representing As be does one of the great Jimlu Hrics of the state which have suffered greatly from the excessive War tax or. Orts Lucu will bring a iss tto into the wit it him which will Cost the Republican party thousands of votes. The Republican platform is Allcut upon the subject of War taxes. Tint tho War taxes themselves Are not silent. They ure piling Tai at such u rate that Ait unnecessary surplus of ,<mk>, has been created in the Federal Treasury through them. The War taxes Are not ouly a Burden to tho brewing Industry but to thousands of other industries la the state. Ortseifen election would be it rebuke to unjust taxation. To used Are the villainous Sharks or Chicago to browbeating policemen to used Are the Slimy usurers to working the Qulille office to to War own advantage to used Are the Smike like so Loeks to Isis lug the Justice courts so used arc the oppressors of the poor to dodging their taxes to used Are the loan artists to a ill Xung up Quot matters with people who Cross their path. That they imagine they Gnu buy the Eagle from the path of duty it has Laid it it it for itself. Certain Sharks have made overtures in ills direction and have gone so far As to write letter to persons connected with the Eagle asking them to Callou the Sharks to Quot arrange no attention has lieu paid to any of these except to preserve them. The Sharks might just As Well understand now As at any other time thut tho Eagle is opposed to the use of Public of Lees by them for the Purisma of extorting Money from Public employee. It is opposed to All Public of Iclal who permit or who will Hgt Ruilt the use of their offices for sue i a nefarious Pun Toso. D will continue to sex Ste shark and official who Combine to use the Public service for this purpose. And it will cout Luucy the Good work until the shark ure driven from the City Hull Ami court House. In oils work the Eagle has the support off the test people of Chicago. No overtures of any nature from the Sharks will arouse any other feeling Gian contempt from the Eagle Aud its attache. The duty of the Engle la the premise is n Public Oue. And it will he performed to the satisfaction of the Public a not of the Sharks. The Issue that will defeat Marcus Kavai Stugh for re election As judge i it s appointment of carpet Bagger John a. Llames to a master la Chaucer a ship. Ask officials bought the fact thut Hurks receive favors makes this Luis Norv fert Lieut. The efforts of some of the Sharks to quiet the Eagle with Money would indicate that they have found Money a very Poteri Factor elsewhere. Cau it be that they buy official favor can it be thut any City officials Are Quot interested Quot through their Colu Gnu it be that any county officials Are Quot interested Quot through their Coin Cau it he that they of Nln favors from other officials in other branches of the people s government through the free Uso of Coin the Eagle will continue its investigations la this direction a Tull it has some new for the Public. It 1 not unlikely Llull there will be some Lively disclosures in bad sewer contracting this summer. Mayor liar Rlou is after tho Crooks Ami it is Kald that to will in Gln with Somo of the Quot intercepting Quot jolts. Win. Lor Luter helped Laud the nation Al committee ship for or Ucucu Stewart Hume Strung resumption. Lut Lons adopted by the German Ameri eans at Ali eur recent meeting were rend As they were presented to the executive committee inst week. The Girt Gnu Auric Rlynn committee which presented or. Orts Lucu s Watne to the executive committee was composed of Aid. Julius Goldzier Jacob thick cd George m. Chius senulus Fritz Goetz Itu Dolli Helfert John Plockl William , John Traeger Aud Charles ii. Werner. This body of Toneu was a sub Coin nil acc or it committee of Twenty Alvo which bad been selected it a conference of Germau Amer can held la tho tro moist House. At this conference tho following declare ton nud Resolution were us opted Quot the cite zeus of German birth Anil extraction assembled la this meeting declare "1. In the action of the Republican state convention which for the Glrst time la several decades has refused recognition of any kind to tho Gorki a americans which form so important u part of the population of our state to recognize it spirit of contempt toward that element of tho population which we censure Ami condemn. "2. To characterize la t he same manner the proceedings of tho county convention which not alone failed to mud any place for a German upon their ticket but which displaced tried Aud inmost officers of this Nat Lou Lity la order to loud Placo for political tools. "3. We declare that the proceedings of the state convention la the matter of the Boer resolutions must be considered As an insult to those citizens who sympathize with tho South african republics struggling us they tire for Liberty and Ludepen Deuce. The Republican state Counci Tilou was not satisfied to vote Down these resolutions but drowned them by hisses Ami ridicule so Tomt Ovon a Reading of the resolutions was prov Cutch. "4. To declare it necessary Tomt Tom attention of the leaders of the 1 Ltd cratic parly Samll be drawn to the importance of tho Gernian amerlean vote in this Campaign la order that this element of tho population May Tyml its proper representation on tho ballot for the state and county election lit order to gain tills purpose be it Quot resolved Tomt this Assembly raise a committee of numbers which Are to be appointed by tin cd mar Tom duty of which committee it Samll be to present the claim of the Gorman americans to the Central committee of the democratic party Ami to take All proper Steps to Iovu their claim compiled with. A resolved further Tomt we do hereby instruct such committee to present to the democratic executive comi Sittou Ulm to the democracy of Cook county by legumes to con the name of Adam Prtrt Ducu As Citoli the i Uver with in Roll. The democratic county Central committee at its last meeting unanimously endorsed Adam Orts Lucu for governor nud pledged him the support of every delegates from Cook county to tho Tato convention. As soon As the Roll was called slut All the precut the Teso Date for the office of governor of the state of Illinois Aud this acct aug does hereby express its cd tire Couff Cue in the High integrity Aud ability of or. Ortseifen whom to deem a in Man in every respect to to the Hanner bearer of the Illinois democrats la the coming Campaign. Quot resolved further that the commit

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