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Chicago Eagle Newspaper Archives Jun 19 1909, Page 2

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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - June 19, 1909, Chicago, IllinoisTwentieth yeah no. 88. I he ago saturday june in 10ow. Twelve im.e8. Wac amp is whole numb by 1,027 entered m Kesead class matter a Attar ii. La a a. At Tea peat of Tea at Cha a a Teala Untaro Tat of Marta 3rd. I a 7a entered a a Asaata Croaa matter Attaar , at Tea Paat of Tea at Tea a a ii Nate avatar Tat of Marta 3rd, it7t Quot Independent in All nut fatal in none. Or. Favill of the . L me at worse than Ever he bobs up serenely As a conservator of s Anley Mccormick an insane person. Government inspection is said to be of no earthly use to the people. Mccormick possesses said to be Worth millions. An estate fifteen a United states inspector at st. Louis resigns because of frauds. Which under the Law should be taxed and assessed in Chicago conservators Home. Lumpy Jawed cattle Are served up to the Chicago Public at High prices. But with the fatality which followed All Mccormick Coin 80 Long a time tubercular cattle said to be fattened and 8ent to the Market without hindrance. Neither assessors nor reviewers have As yet assessed one cent against this estate. This awful state of affairs should arouse the indignation of the entire world. Stanley Mccormick an insane person is kept at Mont Ectro. California. Hla Placo of la Ivon As Boston Massachusetts. Hla conservators Aro or. Henry b. Favlle. President of the municipal voters league and Cyrus Bently both residents of Chicago. The Law provides that the property of an insane person shall to used at the place of residence of the conservators of the insane person. This estate valued at 915,000.000, is therefor taxable in Chicago. This fact has probably not been brought to the attention of the assessors or receivers As no tax has As yet. Been levied against this grist sum. The taxes on 915,000,000 will go s Long Way towards making the Quot City Beautiful and is Ara surprised that a gentleman who takes such an interest in other people affairs As or. Favlle of the municipal voters league did not at ones put the assessors on the track As soon As he was appointed conservator. However the assessors and reviewers can act without any suggestion from either or. Favlle or or. Bentley. Our esteemed contemporary the Chicago Tribuno which takes Greet interest in tax matters says that inheritance tax records for the state of Illinois wore broken when county judge a Lasker approved an appraisement of the Nelson Morris estate fix log the holdings of the Uto Pecker at More than 916,000,000. Including in Termaat from the Date of the death of Noleoa Morris in August. 1907. The total amount which will be turned Over to the county treasurer h 9185.-Tta. I it was pointed out that the Nelson Morris Estela is Tbs first big estate the will in connection with which did not s lot of contingent payments. It is for this reason under the present inheritance Lew. That it pays to the county More then any of the other properties which have been left by the deaths of wealthy chicagoan within the test four years. Thu provisions of the Morris will made Straightaway bequests end called for the disposal of All holdings immediately after prorating. Under the old Law Boque ate limited by such clauses a a payment after the beneficiary has reached the age of 21 or Haa complied with some other requirement can not be taxed by the county. Because of the contingent clauses the Marshall Field estate could be taxed Only 9119.000. Though valued at about 995,000.000. Of the Albert keep estate Only 95,000.000 is taxable. Only 91.000.000 is taxable of the r. M. Out Het estate. The Potter Palmer Estela will pay at present a tax of Only 95.000.000 and the w. W. Kimball As Tats on 94.000.000. When the new inheritance Lew goes into effect on july 1 the Morris inheritance tax record will be eclipsed. Under Tbs provisions of this statute drafted by senator c. P. Gardner and Walter k. Lincoln inheritance tax attorney executors and trustees Are forced to pay tax on the stat in its entirety whether surrounded by contingent clause or not. Under the oar Daar la nolo Law m immediate bequest May a settled for with the county at once. Then trustees and future beneficial Las will have an Opportunity to Compromise on the Inhar Lanoe tax on Tho remainder. If this is done at once the estate is adjusted for All time but if Tho settlement is deferred until contingencies mature then the county May tax the entire Estela again in full regardless of Tho fact that payment May have Beta Mads on n portion shortly after the death of Tho testator. A this is the most significant portion of the new Bill a said attorney Lincoln when comment Long on the Morris estate. Quot some of the wills of Money Kings probated within the lest four years have had As Many As sixty Pegos of contingent bequests. On these it has been impossible for the county to Realise. In the operation of the new Lew the trustees will see that it is Best to Settle with the county at once. A the people reap the Benefit immediately. This Money is turned Over to the county treasurer end goes immediately into circulation. Rents Ere reduced end the county is not robbed of interest which would accrue while these a Testas Are tied up As in the peat. Quot estates that have been stand Long for several years Ere being checked up at present end by july 1 the department will be in shape to collect Many Hundred thousand dollars for the the appraisement of the Morris of Tats was made by 8. W. Ayers. The estate Wae represented in county court by attorney Rimer Schlesinger of the firm of Meyer Meyer a austrian and the state by attorney welter k. Lincoln. Carter Harrison has been endorsed by the ancient order of dubs for a four year term be mayor. It was very hard on the dubs to drop sir Knight Dunne hut a very jealous feeling Hae sprung up among the dubs Over the fact that they were left out of the list of Ramona men whom Dunne put of record together with their records. In the ranks of the prohibition cadets published lest week. The Quot United dealers in offices elected officers of their own last week the Only kind they can elect. The picture of the president published in the Tribune next Day would Stop a Dock. If the United societies continue to Deal in offices the dry sunday will come sure. Sir Knight Dunne k. A. Must feel bad to think of his Long haired Brothers i it on is f. Post Raymond Robbins John j. Bouts by it is leaving Tho school Board. Sir Knight Dunno will now Havo a grand Chance to reorganise the settlement workers division of to socialistic party. Why should Ilsc Ilbna for municipal judges to held in the Tell t All municipal of Cora should to elected in the Spring. Sir knlsbtsm1. Dunns. K. Cd a presided at William Jennings pry. Andrew j. Graham highly esteemed banker and Clelian. And a lecture for the Benefit of Sheridan Park methodist Church it Oowen Hall on wednesday night. Sir Knight Dunne always looks Well with his Mouth shut. Frits blogs her like the sen Elble Man that he is has resigned from the United Socle Tiee. The Cloisene association deserves great credit for Tho work it did at Springfield for Chicago. Judges Mack and Freeman have been a signed to Tho appellate court to succeed judges Adams and Brown. The endorsement of Tho a United societies Quot will kill bed bugs let alone candidates. The municipal court should be abolished. Steps were taken by the City Council monday night to revoke the franchise of Tho Chicago Southern trac ton company for the Kankakee interurban line Tho charge being made that the Road is a Quot constant menace to the order demanding the revocation was signed by aldermen Snow Merrl am Buhl and Reading and is said to have been inspired by the fact that the Road has refused to Pavo its right of Way on 71et a treat Between South Chicago Avenue and state Street. The condition of the tracks at present la said to be dangerous to pedestrians and to team traffic. The local transportation committee will investigate and report. Bathing of All styles. From Tho limited apace of a tub to the unconfined area of Lake Michigan was an absorbing subject of discussion it the City Council meeting. A firm stand on the policy that the Lake front or As much As is left of it shall belong to the City was to taken when the aldermen unanimously approved the Resolution presented by Aid. Fool from the committee on harbours wharves and Bridges asking the War department to revoke the permit to Rdward p. Farley for a Boathouse poor and Anchorage at the lower and of Grant Park. Secretary of War Dickinson assured corporation count of Brundige that the department would withhold notion on Thea permit which Haa already been granted. Mayor Busso sent maj. Thomas h. Rees the local government in Winsor certified copies of the councils action Tus Oday. Coroner Hoffman s favorite measure regulating Gas water Heaters was called up for passage by Aid. Lawley chairman of Tho health committee and raised such an uproar that Hara Ballad it. It was charged that the beaters aimed at Ara not being in stalled any More and that the ordinance would compel householders to either buy new Heaters or replace those already in or to spend some 9100 cutting ventilating pipes from bathrooms to roofs. Aid. Mccold wanted the commissioner of Public works to prepare plane for viaducts the Width of the Street Over the Illinois Central tracks at Oakwood Boulevard and 47th Street. Another front aldermen Nolan and Ryan extending pol Leemen s vacations from ten to Al item Days yearly in effect reducing the Force 250 men for the three summer months went to the police committee. Ordinances passed were providing Fine of 95 to 9100 for dealers who sell firearms to convicts drunkards and other undesirable. Prohibiting storing More than 3.000 Pound of a having and sawdust in buildings part of which la used for residence. Appropriating 984,000 for heating and is notary apparatus in the Doolittle. La Salle Lincoln and Mcclellan schools. Mayor Bursae sent an ordinance to the Council amending the House numbering ordinance by which every Street will have either the prefix of East. West North or South attached. It was referred to Tho committee on 8treet nomenclature. Among other measures passed were fixing the height of awning at not less than 0 feet and 6 inches shove the sidewalk. Selling ten City automobiles to d. D. Healy for 96.400. On this latter measure Alderman Mccold asserted he had been informed the machines Are Worth 910.000. Quot i sent a Man to see them but he could not find said the Alderman. Quot i suggest that hereafter the finance committee obtain Council an Proval before Selling City James Rea. Newly a acted Alderman from the thirty second Ward took Hli sent to fill out the term a former Alderman Tonsman who realigned. The beef Trust must to punished. Tbs beef Trust is the foe of american labor. To imports Moat of its workmen in gangs houses them in its own hovels and absorbs Thor earnings As if they wars slave. Bad meat causes rancor and Tho boat Trust la responsible Tor the bad Moat is notice that John Bill Haa bought All of the Aanund beef for his army. No wonder it took 400,000 Bulla to lick 20,000 Boers. Tho British Are the Only people who accept meat a a cured a with Borax. They have a separate a tall for Thor meat in the big plants at the Chicago Stock Yarda because of this fact. Germany France and the United states will not have any Borax in theirs. The bulls according to one thicker will ent anything that Holda together. A Brand be Riga ton of the Loef Trust by the govern meet is what Tho people want Tho greatest High school in Chicago is being ruined by a packing Plaut built right across the Street from it. Schnelder should get Busy on this. Got after the beef Trust Uncle Bam. And stay after it i a Greet portion of the Quot Lumpy jaw Oraf slaughtered in Tbs United states Tad Raastad As a sound Quot by Tho importers is sold Sod ransomed in Chicago according to n recent article in the Chicago Tribuno. St Louis prohibits Kotb the Slaughter and Sals of Quot Lumpy jaw Quot cattle in that Day and Kai City while it permit the slaughtering of such cattle prohibits Tho Salt of Tbs oof. That Chicago has Hoco is Tho Quot dumping ground Quot for practically All tha a Lumpy jaw Quot Hoof la the country waa revealed by food inspectors. At one Plant Are slaughtered every Friday from 100 to 200 Hoed of Quot Lumpy Law cattle. Of those Only a email fraction is condemned be unfit for con a ump Lon. Tho Reet with to do sensed parts Cut out. Is sold for Primo beef and brings Tho retailer a Good prices is the Best beef. This is possible by reason of to fact Bat the consumer has no Way of telling whether to Hoof he Boye be part of a Lumpy jaw Quot Ater or not if the in a Octora pass an infected animal after the postmortem inspection to beef is placed in the cooler and sold just As Sny other beef. Out of a total Days Slaughter of 120 read of a Lumpy jaw Quot and Oba Rolao infected and Mala Only twelve car Lasara were condemned after postmortem inspection. Thea Means that at in average weight of 1,200 pounds each Chora will be sold in Chicago during la next few Days at least 12b.600 pounds of a Lumpy jaw Braf. How much of Tho same kind of moot is a hipped into Chicago from Kansas City and other Plana whore its my la prohibited would to difficult to estimate but the Quantity la undoubtedly Large in most of the Basten cities ordinances Are la Force prohibiting to Sale of Mast from animals with Actinomycosis tha scientific mum for Quot Lumpy thus Chicago remains As tha Only Large Market where that Elan of cattle any be slaughtered and sold with profit tha average weekly receipts of rattle at Tbs Stock Yards Art 70,000 Bead and among thaw always Aro a Ovad from 100 to 200 and Mala in Farad la one Way or another. By the associated press st Louie mo., june 10.�?after eighteen Mouths service As n United states meat inspector in Bast st. Louis packing houses .1, p. Harms has resigned and has written a latter to Sec rotary Wilson demanding an investigation of the meat inspection system at the National Stock Yards. Harms who has gone to his Home in Fremont of. Asserts that he resigned because could not tolerate the conditions he saw and that inspectors in charge of the Bureau of animal Industry Are too lenient with the packers. After a a sorting that Quot a. 8. Inspected and passed As it appears on products of All the packing houses is meaningless because of the Inadequacy of the inspection harms rays in the letter Quot the inspection at the National Stock Yards Illinois is costing the people approximately 9100,000 a year and 11 is not actually Worth 91 to them. For when the word is passed from the inspector in charge on to the inspector actually doing the work on the floors that they Are getting too Many condemned animals and to change the grading what does that mean it Means that the whole thing i Rotten and a farce. Or. Secretary the Packer Are getting to Day from 70 to 80 per cent of what ought to be condemned and destroyed. Quot if you please or. Secretary. I have seen from 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of lard spilled on the floor and which ran Down into an open sewer in the floor the sewer outlet being quickly blocked Aud said lard taken up from the boor and out of the sewer both of which were unclean and unsanitary. Quot and your doctors Chaucey and Meadors passed same to the packers Over the protest of Tho inspector on that door and it went to the Public marked a a. S. Inspected Aud fussed Quot according to the Tribune of june 11, 1909, the Union stockyards company admits it is violating Dally the City ordinance prohibiting the use of water from Quot bubbly Creek Quot for the watering of Stock consigned to the meat packing plants. The ordinance was passed on february 8 As a protective Mensure against possible infection from the Quot sewage in Quot bubbly Creek a and other impure bodies of water. The company filters the water before pumping it into the Stock pens. The City health department has ignored this violation of the ordinance on the ground that the water after treatment is More pure than Lake water. Dally reports of the analysis of the water Are made to the health department by Frederick p. Pritchard son of Secretary e. R. Pritchard of the health department. Young Pritchard is a civil Are vice employee of the City but he receives a salary of 9100 a month from the Union stockyards company. He has reported the water pure up to Date. Bupt. Jennings of the filtration Plant us matted yesterday that the water is used for watering and male. Assistant manager Henkle of the stockyards company refused permission to inspect the Plant and declined to be interviewed. Other reporte of the secrecy maintained by the company at its water Plant have reached several South Side aldermen and a demand for an investigation be scheduled to be made before the Council adjourns for the summer. The filtration Plant la a email Concrete building housing a series of tanks into which Tho water from bubbly Creek la conducted in a Concrete walled Channel. Bupt. Jennings a Aid that this water is purified thoroughly but he was not permitted to exhibit the purified article. About 500.000 Gallons of water is drawn from bubbly Creek in this Way every Day. According to Alderman Burns the withdrawal of Thea volume minimises the efforts to flush bubbly Creek with the Lake water poured in through the thirty ninth Street Tunnel. A number of aldermen hold that the prohibitory ordinance should be enforced and the company required to Purchase water from Tho City at the rates paid by the packers. The amount used would add about 915.000 a year to the cd Tyr a Revenue. Secretary Pritchard of the health department expressed Surprise at first that bubbly Creek water was used for watering animals. Quot the spirit of the ordinance however be enforced Quot he said later. Quot the water after filtration be potable and the analysis made not Only by the company s chemists but by my son shows that it has fewer bacteria than Lake water. My son is a civil service representative of the City but his salary is paid by the company and this arrangement has the tall Sanction of or. appendicitis is a bad meat disease. It comes from the breakfast delicacies Mude out of canner Cowa and tri Blua pork. The Trust sausage la one of the wonder of creation. It is made out of the cheapest meat Aud the trimming of Cautere Lumpy jul cattle Aud dead twine. After being thoroughly mixed with a horrible concoction known to the Trade As Potuto flour this chopped stamped crushed and chemically treated meat is stuffed into the frequently diseased guts of dead anti null and is sold to the Public As eau suge. Despite the chemicals compounded with the Quot meat Quot to make it smell Quot natural Quot both the compound itself As Well a the Quot casing a us the gut be now called Are frequently the abode of Micro Organ Ems. The word appendicitis Meune an inflammation of the Vermiform appendix which lies in the lower right baud Corner of the Bud Toneu. The Vermiform appendix is a sack attached to the intestine. It is into this resting place that the microbes crawl and cause trouble. The real tri Blua microbe which la very abundant in pork Aud for which no search la made by the beef Trust eats through All the human intestines and playing no favourites is always fatal. But the bad meat microbe which causes appendicitis has not strength enough to bore through the intestines. It merely Crawle into the first and Only stopping Piara in the bowels the Vermiform appendix and there it works Nway until it starts inflammation. When the first physicians began to

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