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Chicago Eagle Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1920, Page 2

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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - February 7, 1920, Chicago, IllinoisQuot w to a to a a a i Clase matter Batazar 11. 1bm. At Mia Peel office of publication a at Ohl Eege Illinois Ungaar a at of March a 1�7t. 17t w. Washington st., Chicago Iii. Independent in All thin08, Neutral in none. Published Woof qty. Entered As see end Clara Mattar of Tobor 11, office at Cal Saga Minota aads Aat thirty first year no. 20. Subscription rata 12 Par Vaar in Assai Chicago saturday february 7, 1920. 12 pages. Whole number new aldermen Chicago voters will have a Chance to pick oat an extra Choice from this list the non partisan Law and the february primary May show Good results and it May not 24 following is a Complete list of the Alderman la petitions filed with the City clerk Ward 1�?Aid. J. J. Coughlin j. H. Kennedy w. E. Davis. Quy c. Van Allen. Ward 2�?Aid. K. K. Jackson a. D. Perrigo r. E. Westbrooke. Ward 3�?n. B. Haldane Aid. U. S. Schwartz Robert finn. Ward 4�?p. P. Haedtler Alex. Metke Aid. J. A. Rychert. Ward 5�?Thos. A. Doyle. Frank a. Suffer Aid. R. Mulcahy John p. Norton f. O. Wellman. Ward 6�?Aid. C. S. Eaton. Word 7�?Aid. G. Guernsey a. O. Schelver. Ward 8�?thomah a. Green. Aid. M. S. Furman John h. Jones Ernest m. Cross George r. Bard. Ward 9�?adam Geringer. Aid. S. W. Givler. Thos. A. Guinane John m. Berg Chas. V. Johnson. Ward 10�?Aid. J. Mcnichols. Edward Bzoch g. A. Grosman John j. Jelonek. Ward 11�?julian j. Sykes we. J. Lordan we. Newman Jyh. A. Sned Eker l. Rutkowsky. Ward 12�?Joseph Placek j. A. Gerhart William Knowles a. W. Kalfas Joseph Novack Aid. J. I. Novak Joseph Baumruck Joseph Cepak Elmer a. Klein h. Sonnenschein. Charles j. Mychal Louis Cejka. Ward 13�?Jas. A. Creighton George c. Allen Aid. J. G. Horne John t. Que nun James t. Welch Oliver c. Wilson. Ward 14�?Aid. J. H. Smith Charles Dold h. W. Harris Chad. E. Croydon Thos. E. Wickens. Ward ibo John m. Collins. Aid. O. H. Olsen e. A. Russell m. N. Fried land. Ward 16�?Aid. J. A. A Lotrowski a. N. Loozl Nykl. Ward 47�?Aid. S. 8. Walkowiak John Kulik. Ward 18�?Aid. M. F. Kavanaugh John w. Maskell Bernard j. Grogan John Mulloy. Ward 19�?Aid. J. B. Bowler. Ward 20�?Aid. Matt Franz a. Y. S. Alburn Edward Leman. Ward 21�?Chas. J. Agnew we. C. Scherwat Aid. E. J. Walker Evan Anderson. Ward 22�?leo c. Klein f. Palzkill Aid. J. H. Hauler Andrew latin. Ward 23�?Aid. W. P. Steffen. Ward 24�?m. W. Kearney Aid. J. Haderlein. J. A. Weber Albert j. Hen gel a. W. Harrack Jas. D. Richards. Ward 2b�?Aid. F. J. Link. Ward 26�?Aid. Geo. Pretzel t. R. Caspers w. Albright j. Marshall. Waid 27�?j. A. Rogers c. A. Jensen n. Jenkins. J. N. Barbee j. 8. Peterson j. L. M. Devos. Ward 28�?au. M. Adamowsky g. Wagner t. Lavish. Ward 29�?Aid. T. F. Byrne 7. Burns o. C. Helse o. Barkus or. B. D. Slate a. C. Bell. Ward 30�?j. F. Murphy Aid. Tv11-Llum r. Of Toole j. P. Flanagan t. J. Of Grady g. L. Russell. Ward 31�?Aid. T. F. Moran. R. L. Wolfe d. I. Swanson. Ward 32�?h Groenleer j. 0. Clay d. Anderson Aid. J. H. Lyle c. A. Bard j. L. Wellington. Ward 33�?ak. A. O. Anderson e. W. Rieckman t. U Slater w. Boedecker f. Link. Ward 34�?w. Baumgartner Aid. J. Toman g. E. Sankstone s. M. La inon Stone e. T Jirik f. V. Stichal. Ward 35�?au t. J. Lynch r. H. Howe l. Hen8�i. County offices items of interest concerning men and measures in the county building a Public hearing was held wednesday in the committee room of the county commissioners office in the county building to discuss pro and con the Purchase of some 3,000 acres of the Skokie Valley. Since the country a Purchase of the Small Skokie tract Vest of Glencoe agitation has increased to include the Scheu locally Beautiful Valley stretch in the county a Forest preserve. The land under consideration is regarded by North Shore citizens As a Scenic playground equal if not Superior to the dunes. Its vast unbroken swoop rolling up from the Skokie River forms a background of Beauty to the North Shore suburbs. As county land it is urged the Skokie would become a much needed recreation country used As the dunes Are used by people desiring to escape for a Day fro Riethe Clatter and dust of the City. \ some of the comls stoners Are against the Purchase am some Aro for it a said Peter rely Berk president of the Board of county commissioners today. Quot the matter has not been decided upon yet. Person uly 1 am Tor the Purchase of the Valley it it can be obtained at u reasonable figure. It is undoubtedly Beautiful and to Beauty should be kept intact. I Quot it would to a wonder Al addition to the county owned Laud Send would provide rest and re Creucio to thousands of citizens. But i 1 say its Price is the main item. Present i regard its Price As too Ilgah. One procedure would be to Hue the 3,000 acres condemned and Are a court jury fix the Price at who the county could buy Twenty first Ward Battle there is a great political Battle on in the Twenty first Ward. The Brund age forces led by Fred w. Up Taam formed a Strong organization of the East Side where ordinarily the voters take Little interest in fights Over party machinery. An executive committee founded 1889 largest Wetklo circulation among people of influence and standing of fifty was appointed o scour the precinct i Between Clark treet and the Lake with a View of or coming the opposition vote. A we and a committee was selected Undt the Lead of mrs. Joseph g. Colean and mrs. Jacob Baur. The Placo of re Sublan Ward committeeman is the Stakov or which the three fact Lens Are Flugl no. As a Job its value is always Istley overestimated. But it is of Lup Tunce As an Index to Ward control and the Campaign of the Quot regular is to interest the Oral Navy voter a fight that strikes politics right alts source the party organization. The Brundage Cump says its polls indicate it will elect James f. Burn the City Hall led by Eugene Bike Locking Charles peace while the Dejen crowd May bring out Edwatd Litsinger member of the Board of review. The triangular fight pushed itself into the Altien Ianc election. Capt. William c. Scherwat who has the backing of lots lager and to Denton following opened his Campaign with a meeting at the Parkway hotel. He has been endorsed by the Quot greater Steffen and three others unopposed sixteen of thirty Flo wards will Settle their Alderman la election under the new nonpartisan Law feb. 24, while the others will require a supplemental election. These were the estimates of experts upon looking Over Tho table of filings. Four aldermen have no opposition. They Are c. S. Eaton in the sixth James b. Bowler in Tho nineteenth Walter p. Steffen Twenty third and Frank j. Link in the Twenty fifth. No one is entered against these four yet the election will be held. . Merrick warns of Farmers strike with bread going up in Price and the assistant postmaster general warning of u Farmers strike James a. Patten and l. F. Gates president of the Chicago Board of Trade gave assurances that 1920 will see no decrease in the country a Grain production. On the other hand h. H. Merrick president of the Mississippi Valley association declared that the exodus from the farms to the factories is continuing throughout the Middle West to such an alarming extent that "70,000,000 people of this country had for More licht Chicago a Street lights Are Back numbers and the City needs better illumination than it is getting commissioner Keith of the City department of Gas and electricity has a Good plan Chicago needs More lights. She is behind every big City in the country in the matter of Street illumination. That is Why City administration is taking Active Steps to remedy matters. The City Council finance committee has before it a proposition to ask the voters in april to a drove u $15,000, William g. Keith commissioner of Gas and electricity of the City of Chicago who has a splendid plan for better lighting of Chicago a streets Republican club Quot of Tho Ward and will Camp on the Trail of Aid. Earl j. Walker. With the City Ball supporting Charles Agnew it appears not unlikely that the contest May go to a supplemental election. Last year the Ward elected a Soldier candid Ute Dorsey Crowe. Paul h. Wiedel the efficient and popular chief clerk of the county assessors office wins Praise from the Public and officials alike for his Courtesy and ability. Frank Johnston jr., Able judge of the circuit court would make a great governor of Illinois. Sheriff Charles w. Peters has conferred a favor on All Law abiding Olti Zens wet and dry by of leaning out the Blind pigs in the county towns. Better pay More attention to the 40,-000,000 Farmers on whom they depend for or. Patten declared that the Farmers As a class Are Mak lug More Money than any one else and accused them of inflating the value of farm land and insisting on a 6 per cent return on the new valuations. A such reports As a Farmers strike should not be taken seriously who said. Quot the Farmers who Are claiming they can to Muke a living Are the discontented ones. It is the same Way with the Milkman who is making $50 a week and says he a starving to circuit court clerk August w. Miller was unanimously endorsed for Republican Ward committeeman fro n the twelfth Ward by Tho regular Ward organization. It is probable that he will be unopposed. 000 Bond Issue for lust ailing 85,000 new 100 candlepower electric Street lumps and for the Complete rehabilitation of the existing system. The Bond Issue would be payable in Twenty five years its proponents claim it will pay for itself in lessened operating costs. At the end of five years All except 634 Miles of the City a 3,238 Miles of streets will have illumination and in Tho process a considerable proportion of the present equipment will go into the junk pile. No estimate of the Salvage is included in the Survey of the scheme. It is proposed by William g. Keith commissioner of Gas and electricity and Aid. Ross a. Woodhull chairman of the subcommittee which has charge of the project to Issue Tho Bonds la annual $3,000,000 instalments since the bonding capacity of the City would be exceeded if they were issued All at once. According to or. Keith it is the first comprehensive plan for Street lighting improvement that has Ever been offered. Aid. William f. Lapps a member of the subcommittee admitted last night that Quot it looked like a lot of Money to spend a but he said the Public necessity required it. A a the fund will be guarded by the finance committee who pointed out. Quot or. Keith can have no Moro than we appropriate to him annually irrespective of How Many Bonds Aro the details of Tho plan Camo from or. Keith As follows installation of 500 Miles of new Street lighting with 34,666 100 Cundle Power lumps along Street ear lines two lamps to each trolley pole. Cost. $5.546,560 a displacements of 9,500 Gas Anil Gas Ollie lights in 376 Miles or streets with 26,068 100 Cundle Power electric lamps. Cost. $4,170,880. Installation of Type of lumps now used in state Street immediately South of Jackson Toul curd from the River on the North to twelfth Street and from the River on Tho West to Lake Michigan. Cost $525,000. Displacement of 6,000 600 Candle Power Aerial lights in 350 Miles of streets with 24,266 100 Candle Power lamps. Cost $3,882,660. Changing 8,600 100 Candle Power lumps from High tension circuits to Tho group system which is considered safer. Cost $215,000. Installation of safety Island lights it 500 intersections of streets where congestion of traffic menaces the Public. Cost. $175,000. Kroc Lon of warehouse and garage to take the place of three structures now in use. Cost $485,000. Commissioner Keith a figures reveal thut it costs $24.09 a year to operate the 100 Cundis Power Aerial lights $31.50 for Tho Standard Gas tamp $59.04 it c in. Standard gasoline lamp and $9.30 let a Tho 100 Candle Power Lump. That is How it is claimed Tho Bond Issue is to be paid for. Alderman lapps said Tho complaint of citizens was general both against the insufficiency of the present lighting facilities in numerous districts and the Aerial system zones where the Trees throw such deep Shade. In the City Hall what the City officials and men of affairs Are doing for the Chicago Public it is alleged that Steps to create new berths for exports in Tho Board of local improvements at the rate of $50 a Day have been taken by the preparation of in order to to presented for approval at Tho next meeting of Tho City Council. They Are in connection with the new department created in Tho Board to handle the several contemplated Street improvement projects for which More than $25,000,000 in buds were voted. As the plans for the new department have been worked out by the Board and the efficiency staff of Tho la Nuncci committee unil approved by the committee it is considered probable thut the Council will confirm the order. These berths Are in the new quarters of the Board in the Stock Exchange building where All work relative to Tho Bond Issue improvements will be curried on separate and distinct from the routine work of the Board. It is expected this work will continue through several years before Complete. The most important projects to be taken up this year will be Tho widening of Western Avenue Tho Extension of Ogden Avenue and wiping out the North Row of structures on South water Street Tong the River. The pay of Tho experts and also All expenses connected with the Bond Issue improvements Are to coins out of the Bond issues themselves 5 per cent of the total being estimated us Trio Cost of attending to the Legal engineering and clerical work. Political gossip talk about men and matters connected with Public affairs in All the different Camps hero is the new democratic managing committee As agreed upon by All factions Ward 1�?michael Kenna. Ward 2�?wm. J. Graham. Ward 3�?thomas d. Nash. Ward 4�?jumes m. Dailey. Word 5�?patrick j. Carr. Ward 6 John p. Gibbons. Ward 7�?James m. Whalen. Ward 8�?John 11. Mack. Word 9�?John j. Leonard. Ward 10�?j. W. Cermak. Ward 11�?a. J. Hubrath. Ward 12�?a. J. Cermak. Word 13�?m. J. Of Brien. Ward 14�?p. A Nash. Word 15�?t. 1. Keane. Ward 16�? s. H. Kunz. Word 17�?j. A Ushkewicz. Ward 18�?b, j. Grogan. Ward 19�?John Powers. Ward 20�?dennis j. Egan. Word 21�?j. F. Of Malley. Ward 22�?h. L. Schapp. Ward 23�?j. L. Gill. Ward 24�?frank Roeder. Ward 25�?h. R. Gibbous. Ward 26-Ward 27 Ward 28-Ward 29-Ward 30 Ward 31 Ward 32-Wurd 32 word 34 Ward 35 a a. A. Zonder. Nell Murley. A. V. Smith. Emmett Whealen. Jus. Heffernan. A. K. Sheridan. Of. J. Walsh. It. J. Crewe. A a. O. Kostner. A a. P. Feeney. Coroner Peter m. Hoffman always just and honest in his Public life is n Man la whom Tho people have cond Deuce. President Reta Borg of the county Board is making a Good record. Founded 1889 largest weekly circulation among people of influence and standing

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