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Cheyenne Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Cheyenne Daily Leader (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Cheyenne, WyomingTwenty Kouth a Kain. . Wyoming tuesday morning. Irneli. Imp Kye a it Gem s a chinese swindler. Tcheng i Toog leads a fast. Life ill Paris. His government orders his re Tom to China. A he is tried and sentenced to death. The a if. Paki a june i a ask Inry irom Pekin Nate lha to Schonn i Tony fur Marly Wrt if do Mir Carv of the Chincie legit Una in in Indi it a Anil Ohio oily pm been Onn Lemnard to do eff. Teliin is belief Olto be ten d of the Diplopia i a action a Hill in Tiu nil. I Itle in Isth Day we lob Kod kith Mair Loim suf i Siniva a a inc. A a Rev inn Yrne the icon Dun Tima had a Diapa inh of mind. Note oilily. Tuin chair. Prime twin inter of China author Siitia i Uuk to Fri Spitiare for the Choih m Yuvorn Yuent a loan of . Tuny Niwnia d o Yrtti Tinoa with Kiriy lib and Fri nah Lanka but wan Aud Deuly in railed Anil wiled for China to he great in it to to Ira Larye number of need ton to whom he Orre 1 in Vienne Nurdin t Money. 1ft tit it fan Yener Alty Brit Efcy Iha he had taken ail Variate of by official posit Ion f i a Iodell it Raj tit and left. But the chinese Law a far , where he a Hync a of be emperor Are Odd a in two. And when Mohony waa renal lord. Owina. No tuuu to report of Hia rav Wittet Here Reabing the cd Loewe a Ibon Liea there wan no of Norw Upen o Bini Brut to Otley the voip Oruro a mandate. Had he not done m Hia Lamila in Chita would have Heen held reap Waible Lor Hia Ada. And All Hia or Alivea would have been held to a tract anon Nata Hili to tor the deed of their Kin Rinan. Rather than bring thia i Waaler non his relative a to blog i toot obeyed bin Aore Reigo a command to Rezioro to Hia native of Norv. Tidi Odettie in a Pon Hia arrival thera a Wae placed under Farroat. Hia trial shortly followed Tod death a he penalty Lor i wrong doing. Tote i re.liriertiib�. Nor not. Done i a .4t the afternoon Minn fat a junk in a invited that the Oom Quillee on real be tot booed until next a amt ill. Thia a. Loat and let a. Wright Lor the Eba Irmaa Araimta ended hat the device ire an open to it Ltd it and that the end Niit tee have a aut table draft at the next a Wembly. Adopted. The a Sembly derided that it oaf tool and delegates to other thao Bodiam. Sod a Udot Send in non to the tripe Raipe at Hara Loca. I1in gun Milieu to but Llor amusement a report Ltd. or. Torre Otje. Bat they do oti Aav the Cheatem or Dao Oine ate wrong to lir Melvee but often Are. T a Rda derive their at Razeti a from Cio Ebu Teui us Eba eoe in them. The boat a that Progre twelve Roehre la Jodii tubing. The Rivil court save already Dio did it in be gambling. It we bit the deliverance al Pait Alao Tulini. Avih Bially that of i8�1� be reach Pitird and the one Agai oat Roar Rajive i Zohre be at Biro d. Voted and placed on file my alter sume warm Dieu a Ion rpt Biduik Lothy Ouin Mittee to have the clause a Difei Pha fur theae Aiumu Nimlo eliminated the on Narva live reported an encouraging Gereral Loe Maar in the work and out Tribu i pills of the Churry Hie entire in a of Dii Ulier ship i 198,445, a net gain of o?,44. Total Lor Hooe nth iii ice and Lirneo Leibee tl3.r>til 2411 theri have Heco Tony Small Mivy a other than and general awake Biog. Voung re opt a of Cartiea and Wiio Ieti i Levi Tuita and Benevoli it work Apt growing to volume and Maelu Lenaa. The Emu Vilree on temp Raone a por d encouraging i Pogrew in View of he Aniball Lor a promotion. A Oroon a Teui a a Iapoce Roeii tie. Am tin Niatia Factor in bringing unit Chw re eft Agilia too or needed ref Irina o Una and Ibe to Faroe Mol to Errol in a pm Keo of. The Prai idiot of the coiled state Abu uld be Requet to a sure the it verbal of the aerate a a Lelu Aal to unite tut be lii for i Quot Marina Pru moved he the i vip Gnit a ort apr care should he taken to inti True Tyoung ire Ople a Tom Apical v Sruti via two Induc re. Chair Man Llaves us the rom Mitiu a said the Mure How Tuilier the i our Quick tied the Tore he wondered at the general apathy. Any o her evil of equal it it Onanow would evoke a Cyclone that would sweep r away at due still there Are Manv and great Tokuoka us pm iii the promo Titiana to my vocal prohibit tin and again i a Eolius Liro Porty l to i Tuur Belling were tabled l r. Pilton read the report of that Yonl Mitie Unn ibo Drogi it al admin arise. The vow Inabit Liim at Omaha applied to be Raoul void under the care of the Aarem Bly bal it in to terrain it will have aus int res Jupa a. It Wax that no action ire taken at it event. The a Spott of the was adopted Chi wet a a to the Seminary at Omaha. I r. Gurdon of Omaha Tol i of the gift of 13.5 Tutu inn hot land Abdi in the of a hoped for i Ndu Fojcik. Or White uttered an Anil a Licul Weli Oming the prior posed Aetui Ineis. Wahidi l a iced he a cite a maturity. Adim reef. Jim will f igbo i Rier again. Saw Kua Rcpt to june i of Aioli. In aria War to it to in Pika ii x in i rugs a a Aye be will Fig i id Khiu again but he will have to Wai a b need re i and want to learn to c Treitli of tin Salviti Kilrain unlit by Aditi uni Ioui fling he . Giaele Ham ahead. Wa�1iii it it a. Lone at Attalia for a titi Hiya for the last year How a remarkable huge in import the cited stator now having a hirer Trade with Cotta Kiev than England. From or term nov. The total value of impart ��1 year wan 14,26 1.ikkof which the a United state for Anahed l,5uo, it. The report from the or itch Consul to Hia . Vital made polio expire aged Surprise that the United state should now stand first on the hat when a few Yeti ago tit shipment a did no daily approach i Bow of great or Taio. He add that tel the in Ira a Acme climbing into a and that a Toon at the of goal figure Epp oar in detail in will Quot Endeavor to Ano Ertain what Are the article inti sorted that have user eded those of Lurker yearn Quot role Jadi Elal flier Don Chi a a in june eleven Renit judge were to be elected in Fhi Cago Loday each for a term of six year there was Practa Eady no to tort except Fure Lavenah place. The five Republican and five democratic Indrea were candidate Lov re cite Tito had a Oum plete walk away. The Elevenie judg Muhip a Yapi Ruml he Pra Oci Adam of the oar Tvr Hai Rivon i Democrat. In denied by the Kupu Elieana the Quot a Wraight a Llomo crate in potting up a still ticket of eleven Jodge. Simply a uttered their err nth. All Lor love. . June 1.�?two Voul Honl lovers min a town cod and Kimer ii Etc living in Kush Torii ship. This con nov comm tried Kukade last night. They had been Oul Lor a drive toil returned late to the evening. The girl Mother entered her Ramiu to Call her thia morning and iii Ltd both dead he Young Mau upon the bed Sod the girl updo the floor to which Abe had fallen in her agony obey had taken Trye Hogue. The Girfen lather la we Tihy god Pomr is a Larm hand Ard it in said the Parrot opposed their Union. Triau of m Autar there Titue to a Man who Boa bad a Anixt in literature which a should envy did we out All agree be Deeo Rree it a lady who we neither Young nor fair but who had tie a Eurance of youth in with the obstinacy of and a acute year. A i have decided she said to him Quot that 1 Mart earn my Kirin by writing poet a 1 tent a Pond to the Blank hag Axine mod they returned it with a printed a up. Now i want you to write to the editor and Tell him that he made a it Nara rally seemed to the author that be bal to a Mil with a bin nudist or a Mil woman but the lady waa certainly in Earnest and apparently Laue. He endeavoured to show her that it waa nut i Busine to interfere with the Doci atone of the editon of mag Giuca who lung by be end posed to know their ohm brain Tea the lady i nested. However and in the end he wee forced to decline Point Blank to do what Ehe asked. Tbs Reppun the turned upon him and declared that be a Otto of those who Endeavor to keep Othera out in order that they May have the Field to the Nelrea and who Are keenly a Anu of other an bore who Are cure to Eli pm them if they Are but heard. Quot it a All a ring Quot the declared with Vehe Oierce. "1 have been told so bar Tore and now i am sure of it 1 can f make you do Jolt ii to me Iraq i can show you her method of Quot Ihu Wing him no Quot Hae been to Send Lette Reuf bitter invective to the papers one of which fell into my Banda of Cousim nobody would print Ham. But Ibe pen Everea and in addition to thia the Send to the Lucreat author whose crime a that he did not make the editor of the Blank hag Axine print thu rhymes of an unknown woman a letter once a week. Of cd atm he Bema Obein on opened and it la nut Quay to see Liat Latief Actium it can i to the woman to keep on Vruth Ibi sort of thing but the fact remaine that she Doea thu a tory i nut of prof and unto trance but it thru via a Conj Runa bit of a aide Light upon the life of the Aux Teaful Anthor Ltd Batee in Book buyer. We aug Anil a Eltten. It hat been said that the reason to few people get what they want in this world a that they do not want it hard Enon Gli. There a profound truth at the Bottom of thia Odd conceit. Ezree to striving and perseverance Are rare qual Luea. A Little struggle and then a full by off a Tew faint Allurta. And Iben despair this la the tubal Story of al temp to Quot get any whether it be a phys vital menial or up Iritani Good. But to Long for a thing so strongly that fur the Sake of its attainment one can Coli Are old Maclee live Down oppose Itira ignore la courage ment and work pentium try and throng Yean of trial and Obe Cimity toward the Walfi Umeo of a hope�?1 not thia the Reo gird of All grand Job Irementa and the history of All Purpo eyeful la Vest any Mure Wue might be Lealund if ii Opla Wowe i tog to pay thia Price for them. Anything Worth having in thai world u dear Luc tiling experience. Guiu Taeu Baa been defined a Only unlimited patience or an end Leaa calamity for Bard it uric it Wae told of some okie rated general that he never knew when he waa Defeated. By and by be could not be Defeated. A Utu Euf tie name spirit infused into Ordinary life work would make Many dream Poa Aible that now seem to the Wistful dry mutter a extravagant a the cloudies Cavalle in s a captured by brigands. Turkian bandits derail a Pas. A offer train. German and English tourists held for Rao Flom. 140,000 to be paid for their release. In old Lor Kama pm , june Nan of brigand near via larday to sad Ohi Tretton Afroim the Railroad track Bod derailed the i Ca Tern re pure they Louo Raver al Germao and Knetz he tour al Anido the pare engr. Don of them was a banker of Berlin. The brigand demanded a Ranart for to Oan live an i Chancellor pm Caprivi telegraphed the Gormie am Bahadur Berc Aulon Riding him to adva Aoe the Amu idiot. The remaining pm ii eng in were de it Oito of their belonging and Olieo left Aljue. The place where the at i in Bandage Kiwi retd i Quot i Boi Ween Ibi City ao4 Adrianople. The band numbered thirty men. Led by the noted robber Anat Eliuk when the Eire Rea bid the oot where the rail were re Murtz theogine tumbled Over on its aide dragging with it the tender by Gge gear Tod All the third Claas Papen Ger one Csc pcs Fiat Claa a Avenger ear Lac kill. Did not follow the other part of the Traio but remained safely 0 the Ira of. When the Traio a he limb led the brigand Rne hed Forward it luring loud Vella and Brandly hog us in a threatening manner Sod Boa Deil the ear. Several Page song a re i red the al tack and one Man we Daogaru ulv wounded when the brigand ended i hair work of robbery they a fixed a car Oregar Herr Israel a banker of Berlin. Herr Manuel a land owner of Tavani. Herr tear Kot vim of Zur Aig. Punj in Saxony and Freudiger the Engineer of the train Hack . Kai Lonal . Taro Okby. June to in Tubig i Errora were to la tud the Bride idiom won after an interesting Battle. Snore Brooklyn s. I Limburg 3. Bailer it a Daly and Hemming Field and so Ramon i a Rhioe bail the to toll at i merry while a Buia was hit Juat enough Lor Victory. Score a in Cinnoti 5. Beeton a batteries i Thiol a Sod Harring tits Nic Liol and bronc to. Ina Joue 1�?while Chicago bunched Iti hit. Philadelphia bunched their Erturk. Giving theve ii torn a Lead which the Hume team could nut Over Dibe. Short i earn al i Iladel Phis 3. Bat Ierien a slain and Kittridge Keper and Brwn. New York. June wooing today s game the giant juin cd irom fifth to aloof old place in the race. The game a sharply to levied Henre new York 3. It vend 3 batteries beam and Bocky Young and Zimmer. Amr iras Jaxk Liias. St let Juiz a St. Ii Ouw 3. Tablet in 1. Cult Matt a Btu too game to ipod i rain. Louiva Tlley Liou Fille .5,u a so Totua 4 Acincid Nail balt Midorl game rivet Pond. To bin _ writ Era a Aacie ii it a. Mizii Espolt a Mino Zapoli 7, St i jul Lincoln Igonda v. Denver i. Milwaukee 11. Sioui Ansah City a Maui game . Raio a Kiragis kor. Cd p a to. .1 Une 1, a three year old five Furlong Jay Jay won. Judge Maikell Accord Addi Elbird. 11010,1 031 three year old and upward Wiley Kayene won. Sam or a Serod. Sea foam third. Time. 1.4- i Handicap mile and Oue Ruhr Liura Davidson won. Attic Jaccoud. Bankrupt third. Time 3 11.throe year old and upward mile and one Kex Prience won Buret a Cood. Jack Murray third time All age ail Lur Toog a Halter Kelter won iii Rire Acu Ood. The Kain or third. Time. 131. _ a Sec Latonia june 1 a mile and stereo to Yard Chappine won. Delelle Samond i d sign third. Time 1471 Miles Mirati Cau won Ruiu be Pond. In inv third. Tune. 1 48i Kingbi Sod one half Furlong a a room a out won Irtha re it ind Allan Bane third. Time i 53�mile and one Quarter Ida i Lack Wink woo. Maty c. Re Rudd Cali atrium third. Time 3 14i. Five Hurtung a i iranian won Hannah Moberly Seoud falium third time. 1 07. _ of How Rico and soft it air hand arc. What arc you twing i by Amie Aiad Eureka Cream the Best i Ever tried and 1 would nut be w without it. Go to Germania ii ill if Vou want a Good pure and 5 year old Stonewall Ali Elev. H Oll per quart. La you Waul 13 please your housekeeper Irv Jack Frt i flout Nike a hark a Tamba Tomk tra pm a tet at Heath s. A rhe h Ark of fiend. . I. June mile North of Thiol too the Oblero of the i Lenoia Central last Niehhi the North boil of my Raawe a Moet Dia Yatrou wreck in which the Engineer a Loate tiv killed and the fireman be div Hurt the wrecker pulled the rpt Kea. Cobol cd the fish strap which on Knect the rails and a firing the Tail Over an a to derail to train. In or Der to prevent the rail trim a a ringing Back an old file a driven Ittin the Hole in he tic. The raw Berwith which Theap Ikee bad been drawn the wrench and Oiher tool tired in iii work were left on the m t and have been Idun la fled Asbel it it Nging i the Stion of the Jackson Ville Southe Anterni who found Hipkis Houn broken open this morning and Ibe tools gone. The spot obo Seit tor the deed to on a curve 10 a Loo Elv place with Timber of w by. On the aide which the wrack is in tended to Send the Tirsio is a Steep pm ban Knirel. The plan was evidently Laid to ditch and rub the South Binod Chicago and new Oreao limited hut the train passed Over without leaving the track and get caped the doom they had Iila Nood for it. Bering that their Plana had Mircse tied Sod there being no other Iasi Tiger Ira iii during the night the would be re borers loft that lock Lily my knowing that the Rorth Uund exp Vest was two hours late and to Tiki be along to thirty minutes. The doomed Eneboe was of the Brooks Icil Lern and weighs sixty ton and in pro Over to is aide cup Htoy Engineer quirk of Cham a Ign. Eni Sioa and scalding him to death Inata otly. He was an badly a ended that the Akin pealed off the body in Large Ahe ots the for Emo. Tommy food Alshut chains sign. Waa badly oni and bruised but will recover. Of express car loaded with a Briw Befts is was next to the engine and rolled Down the embankment on the other aide and the mail ear dumped on top of it. Tic hag Gage car Alaa left the wreck but did Oul upset the Hoachee Smidt to he track and the Payee Goerk were Doi injured to Ibe least a Elew Baa teen obtained As to who the wree Kera Are supposed to be and a Atli Ina part so Are out in Cartons direction. Three fairly Well dressed strangers were not Ai we by the police in Tai City yester Dav. And were driven away Froin the Chain Geog on the Ruck pile some of whom Thev seemed to know of eos them talc pled to steal the drawbar from the work ear on the Kirk Fontille out Horn Section car while the gang was at work a Short War. I Kroner Lazio Impan eled a jury and held an inquest on the body of Engineer q Kirk and returned a verdict to actor dare Irish he a it to fact. The last Chari of the three men Wax a Shattuc twelve Milea away where titty lock break la it thia morning and went kit along the Ohio a Mieski Wipt tree should they be caught and prove to lie the right parties a Lyme Hong will be reported Irum this Siv Tion Udo i the exit yemeni ii Given Litnor to Epol Down. _ Istarra a a a 4 Nike War Keil. New to it. June 1 a the Fon go silk alien waa again the Only Movita lures in the Stock Market , and it was Vertod in an Ian nor. There were Rumoro of a heavy attack to i made updo i Niou Fai ise and Ulber stocks and the pressure to Aell was Utis out ally heavy during the first hour with in result of forcing Price Down rapidly. The Market then remained Dull and Feii Urselea until the last hour when there was a renewal of the fours no to a attack. The chair a air la Active but Wick at the lowest Price if the Day. T noun Pacific i Down a. A. Paul u. Nerd icon Pacific pre erred ii Over iii dirt Ady. Shawd at t ,9 Money 00 Call East done offered at a. Bar Silver. %1 copier a nominal. Jike lunch i3 Tai. Ad-stcii.lyath43i tiny Strung. Strait 2u,&Quot. I. Following Are of losing Nonea old too a i. S. 4�, Regin Terwil 18 p. S. A a pud. 19 Pacific Fie. 8 Aich Isoo. 3bi Auric two Kuresa. Ii 1 Alzada a Qiliu. 7 it Tsunada soul Bent. 41. I Neutral Pacific. 30, Burlingis. 87 a Delaware Jjack Kawanza \ wit Chi. 341. I ton ver a kill Grande ii Kric i9l. Kane a k Lexa. I4t. I acc store. I Loo Utiville a Naeb Rilie 741 Michigan Cotral it a Mihm Iuri Ili Walic. Fici Northern Pacific 34, prel Errig. Dpi Norilia Viteri. Itti Prycl Crucil 134 new York Toner i. 99t Trogon Navi Iarion. 73, Oregon Lampro Rotus . North Amo Naii. Is Pacione mail. 3i4. Pc Adios m. Koch Island. 7il, Mii waives it St. Paul ii3l by Paul it Amalia. 33. Texas Pacific. I3l, Ijo Ion Pacific 4.7t. Fargo re part m. 4ft, Wea Torii Loiou. 8ft, Orego Short Liue. 35. Anie Xiiao Isi Iton of 33. Bio Grande we attn 4ft, Pretor Rej Fiji find. Tai. Cuica Foft just 1 a to Alllen receipt. L3,. Market a live and higher. Prime to extra tto ent. 1-5 , Oil re. I Ikis a tia a. »3 itk4 fits locker. �?�3 lx<t4.1ilt. Slice pm so Uipi . Marke Dull a Iissa f4 6i i4i.3i. Taxa tut. >3 Lim 4 to. By Eeten �3 Mikics. Is. Anu at ii al Keha t i the Fitusi Ami must eff Mutual Lotiue tor chapped Hind Tough and a Ore Atio a Tieuli ally prepaid stir Lbw Limata and plus Xiv Evora Bitda. Try it. Two nil five oui bottle. Druggie the. Yiadom a a Sulci Pream will keep the Akin a turf Aga iii i hot Febi u us severe Wiat be r. _ merited crabs at Heath s after Barnum s body. Hon Lyl ask Faithe read showman a Tomb. Serious Charf a a inst Omaha physicians they Are lodged in Jaii Wilh oat bail. 4 _ to Kitcat Hart wins it oily. La Rilke Jort Fon june 1.�? Itic two men who have been guarding the grave of the late i Linoa t. Bit nuts and a startling dim Ienz with grave robbers last night. Although the guards were armed to the t Elk and were Landing 001 More Ihnn in feet from the Rault a bib Sonia to the remains of the Fumo is Siuw Man it did not deter he a Lioun or it ii their unhallowed work three u them tackled the grave about 3 o clock this i Irving. And had dug Down a Little More than a foot Belu Roche guard were arum so a. Then they dodged the but Linin which Tho guards fired at hem and to re aimed with the Aid of a last Borc which was Wai Piug by the Roadside Aita Hihl to a Tuveri d Wagon. In which they bad intended to Larrv Quot of to Cir plunder. When the body was placed to the Vii Ulta big a True al a weighing two tuo was Staci ii Over he i oui of t he Tomb Nta Kinig it apparel Lily a wire Imus the Ait arks of grave do Aerator i i. A is evident was Knowd to ten Aciu Ndreu who in def Tichik to Rob the grave morning. They did nut site fit to dig Down in Toile grave a to Dune in Ordinary emn i. But started to Cir i Carat Ioris at the Idi it. Lii v were Tilly Culip Iichi tier the work aul in an hour but Lor the prawn cd us the guard. The Lucy of the great a How Niau would have Lien spirited away to be to Toril for like Ordinary mar Chandise. The Guari who have kept watch Over Grade Ever since or it Arnom died arc John Cal Aliso and Geo Lilac Man they were suit Nowd to a Holt Grove of trip a. I rum a Biclie a Nuuma tiding View of the grave a 1 1 be had. A Tittle hut had in in by iii for their prot eco of it night Wax Rio do dismal and iut the kind of night Ioia i Lor extra vigilance. L to Hattie tied the the i to guards had not slept much Yth ter Day and both Weh sleepy when they Cui on Dnita night a they bad never wii Lovell King to re cite suspicions of toni Tilc. They with a Icci ingot pc Leci so Cority doled Uff Lor a Short Nap after Midnight. They were awakened by a nmn a a iii i sound ilium if made by a Paje or a pick sinking a Stone. In the Shadow of the Burnim Moon Moi the Florius of three Wen could to . Two of them were Bent Nair. Bizily at work and the other stand my Guan. Quot Wiki s theri Quot called out Callahan. At that there waa a startle Ltd Colam aliud from one of the Uicon. The a it a of a dark tao Lorn were of Alicd to the dire Etton of the Grant and then lilo Light was Efto Guishard. Quot a toned of a going to the grave Afler the Gao Jas ran said c Allamian today Quot a Hole Abuwi Lour meet Long which they had dug a flt a t deep at the West Side of the grave. The dark lantern to rays of which we bad Weeo. Was lying on the ii Lornial Bodi having been either forgotten or dropped by the frightened Acorn Urel in their flight. Nothing Els hip Pend Brou Ghoul the Ghl Mes Are h. K. Us Wurr and Charles ii Brut Well. The agent of the brim uni in tale any that the watchmen Are strictly reliable and that their Rory i. Do doubt genuine. Bruhwel placed the Leatter in the hands of the tul it be. It i like la hat a Reward will be Offerl tor hem. Of Smylia poet of Alt Calow. Omaha. Neb. Dune in the affairs of be Omalia Mcd ii so in al Tulc today run Ultch to Brce of the cily s Pru Miochi Pavai Cisne being placed Nail without Hull on the clip Rig of the pro Tuor Are in air Cut a t. . Lenac Sinclair and .1 in. Will Tutum. For some time Rumor it Quetti unable Tran sad ions at Ihu Inal Lute have been rite. Moudis the discovery of the Sidy of a Citi Xci of sic whirl n tb., in a i it a u r ii grave horribly mull into the Coroner to the place. The m to had died in inc Hospital and though leaving a Large amount of each with Ilic Institute bail liven bunco nude in the to incr a Field. Ducic Tirc were put put work. At i a w Loda Evi Donn was developed i of earning the death of min Isabella a Saver us i lattus Ruuth. Cru. And her baby at the Elisii Lutc. \ Sirius a of in iliac surround cd the reside our of it m ill taws. He would til i of a the door Sod of Accra Watt Loici-,1 to crawl through a Timlow to Urr St him. Tiv other two were packing trunk a a in to leave. The Lifty us in child a us sex Tiu Ivd ii Bam us Ilic kult crushed. U la oath Llyn girl a it alb re Sulicz Tiroui criminal a it to at Midnight the Coroner tui Anici by Atoori of Dep al ivc. Left of u special train tor to i a hut the Ilij of iii Young a Maii Supi i cd to Bale been murdered the cum Iurii jul proved Oudal seively to aught clout and the re maid were removed to Niue ibo grave la this Elly. Immi Lilac la on the return of the us ruler and at .1 a. M. The patrol Wagon Witolia quietly left the police station an i drove to the resided Chi of or. J. A Williams of the ius dilute. A ring Ai the door toll wus a Hwi i in by mra. Williams the do a lated that they had Toini to at not or William. The Ofili ices Werc admitted and the Ductor was taken in i cum mov. Marr Kiili Aniis a i Llic stall a the Wagon drove to Ihn Maba mis Lical Insixi Tiptn on no nah Street and placed or. A a Pic Sinclair and i resident a. 1�?T. Mccaughlin under arrest. At tic partic were in liked at the Slatino and Cli Argill with it incr. An employee said al know a Garcal Deal Uiki i Itie goings on at Ilie ins Eitnie Blit nol Only my put Stinn. Bill Liiv life is at a Uko iii this Slaiter Ami i am not willing to risk i Lucr Tusl now. Trio ugh if it Oximes to the worst will Tell All i know onto keep my name out of it. I have in can with the lung enough to see and learn just Wisl manner of wrongs have Iwen Ivion filled a t. A i Tig Lilin. President of Llie Linn a iii dial and Spirg incl ins Littiton. Pah a woman in Lilia City >3.5ft Lor her Dii Doma. The diploma was then placed in the hand of a Well known engraver in this City and the Nodie of the woman erased and that of a. T. Leclau Lilin in mgt Rte a iii lend. This work a during last f i Ciombor. And me a Aii Guhlin found i a a sailing As an Quot a a Neil jerked up yest Crdal Liv the local Atigh it iritis n Uhing is known Alhi it any of the phys Han other than that Thev drifted in hero Yeara ago Iwine this evening an employee of the Omaha Nin Lieal insist file vu1iint, Erc a to show the officer other evident Enid a rime. In the Yang of the to tit iii a Wiy of a old Ira by a dug ii i Neari h a until Dav Light. The 01, sensational develop Teneni Quot Sre premised much excitement pm Tail. The i Huwitte item Ali Pihu Direito the it Madison Lowa dem Ifni. Tsiman Well Worth renin Ihring Quot or. Lohli both Ltd this City Sliu Nicl with an a rident a Lew Day Agu spraining Ami bruising i leg it Arm Wiite severe to. Was curl d by one 5t cent Tertile of Climbi Flat no a t Ain Balm this Remc by is i Dimit an equal Lor a Rait it a and Fri Rixe and a i old Hyvo a place in Vecty . For a be by a k Huck cd. Lee Cream in any furnished Lor Ismaily new at Hall. First National Bank of Cheyenne. Capital a s200 0001 surplus a a s40 000 on curb. R. B 8kx8. Prsa. B. B. Abbott Oah. J. H. Loots aut. Cash. Direct Diu. T. B. Hicks j. K. Jet Freir. 0. E. Abbott w. B. Weaver. 0. It Blicka into Kkt Pali Oil time . R. Hurd vah Bertah. is 0a8h, doors blinds mouldings bdild150 paper. Cement plaster. Hair Lime and All kinds of b Ceil Idisro Ldla Hepfl a.x-,s. A to Hura Naing a Praet Leal fun linear will stir Nysti Lestum Siez Fotr any ii swim wii ii req Utec i setai Atli Iliou Glisn Toor Aratin mall. Talev Lione a to. A. A raft Corner str Effie hand Herd streets. A a a a he he ifs Lily a we Tosef Trae Schweickert minut ass bii<l44\a o a my hot Orni irk Moi in Thonila Siml Tayal Hilky Hay Kaui m ii nil Kain Waco ii. Builder hardware. Stove. To aware Iron. Olga. Plow. Multi veto machine Oil and Black Mithi coat. 317 Vest sixteenth Street Chet Ekre a Duko. Oink 15ntjovs both the Methil and a Nuiji when Borup of fijut in Theu it in pc meant and Lefrea Hikiji to Tho Tate and a a a gently yet prenup try on the kid Tinya liver tid but Cje cd Cattles Tho Bye Tara Effic Lully Digi cd Oolda hell ashes and severe and cures huh Ithiel Imron wently. For a tin in 60o and if Wale by nil druggist in Ca Forhia be syrup co. 34s Tsuji Sotico cd Lom Nui or. Of w mtr a. R. Portal ail cgd1c01, los Stille Coq King doors and windows ski oils. Pickets tarred fell Lam paper wlm Lesac and retail lumber . Kiihl iii Fate rial 1610 and Vaol Codan sis., Chetco Xii. Plain Board paper . Jublier Wyvil pkg St 11 medal Bead Radii Hoof Nithe Cash store 1617 Eddy Street in the puce to get 100 menu Worth of Good for to. We keep dry goods boots shoes hats Caps Hoti ool end e general Stock of fancy and Staple Croce Rita All cheap for cab. Liry Cicur t to. Xiv a liar to Miry Turret Juli Unie Quot Whai will Mamma Sav a Bun she see we torn Paul _ Willic Tell in a Ligutom. Mark where they give totri i Urie in Devin a Quot special Sale Charles r. Miller. Prea Dent w. A. Rows sure Lara 1. C. Whipple. Vice president. A Crist z o a Mercanti boys suits. Boys fancy Cati Imere suite age 4 to 13. �1.78. Worth 13 00 Boyie fancy Casimere suite age 4 to 13, 12,00, Worth b3 50. Boy a fancy Ca Jaimere Suita age 4 to 13, s3 28, Worth 1800 boy Fine wonted tiili age 4 to 13, <4,00. Worth <8 80 boys Gjok Grants Saits to Glou Attef Fotr a rices. Cult to Loretto iu�if1ni,.tt i m. Marks Cor. Eddy and Sevcu Treuth. Wholesale and retail Ca Irrice a goods do divert l to la put or Tny part of City Bliku Ferguson Street a cd Everoe. Wyo. Law Atmo lil 11 stage like. Nix Blurme c on come leave Rawlins mondays wednesdays fridays. Miliru digit iii i fit Mil on it Uii it stage line on and after May i tickets sold direct to Hotd hid via raw Tina at All Tationa on the Union Pacific Railroad Audreia aug Mark exp ii care Rankin bros., props., a Milkum. is straight goods. We have this season just a Little the Best variety and Quality of men s and boys clothing Ever brought to the Cheyenne Market. These Good Goode Don t mean that it takes big Money to buy them. We have bought them at the lowest prices for spot Cash and our customers will get the Benefit of it. The prices and Quality of the goods have never been duplicated m Cheyenne and Pincha Seis will say a in the Matt of hats Many people buy a name without regard to Quality. I will sell either m Brown or Black As Nobby stylish and As Fine Quality a Spring and so Ummer stiff hat for $3 As has Ever before been offered in this town for $5. / i p. N. We Call particular attention to the fit and make As Well As the Quality of our goods. A cafe to fits Are Gua Whiteed. We keep in Sli Oddy Cootu Lna Seh go. Good at us Prui list Ali Stiskal elsewhere for shod ill. Our $2, 1 Anil �4 shoes have never i Curc Lien sold fur the Muney in . They will talk Lui Luiei selves is .1. Tuii be. Then. Quot iii fungi Phinit Goott 1 tir Wilson land kind to Birt it 7ik�?~ Cluett to count a Colluna two for it to in jul Rul Lla 11 1181 �ivlf8 it Kiirats it cult. I Nuu to it Lull Laird to fat ,. Re i Luli on at. , bilk Uichi Cli viol ovo Ndiritu. All my a of ult Aro Nowyk Tito very Luu it aty Lff a iii i a tit wifi in Juli lot g�ml8. 304 w. 17th Street Harrington Carey Block Cheyenne Wyo
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