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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Charleston, West Virginia Charleston w first Market the Charleston Gazette the state you read or see the big c7p monday morning september 13, 1954 22 gents forecast s o m cloudiness slightly or highest in 70s. Details on Page phones wont display All Europe scans pact policies Fate of Reich three yanks freed red chinese say u. S. Leaders meet to Chart anti red plan London sept. 12 of two1 american newsmen and a former sea Captain held in communist to consider defense China for More than a year have been deported piping radio said today. They Are Richard Applegate Hong Kong correspondent of the parliamentary body substitute for Edc Strasbourg France sept. 12 Assembly the european opens Here on National broadcasting co., Don Ald Dixon International news service correspondent and Ben Jamin Krasner former sea Cap Tain. The communist broadcast said japs Brace for Savage typhoonl2 Eisenhower summons top policy makers to tackle problems by Marvin l. Arrowsmith Denver sept. President Eisenhower called the National Security coun cil the Fri chief and the at Torney general into special the today for new global Tokyo monday sept. 13 a typhoon with a 000-mile front sent powerful Advance winds and rain onto Southern Japan today raising fears it May cause the greatest damage in years if it fails to curve off into the . Millions of japanese braced against typhoon 12 As it headed toward the densely populated Home islands of Kyushu and Shikoku. Some seacoast villages were evacuated sunday while winds whipped up great Waves. Monday and the big question for the delegates is what to do about rearming West Ger Man v now that France ordered their de-1 session today for new global this morning the typhoon was Iii ukr it and confiscation of their tra Tetra talks on the com just South of the japanese islands turned Down the european american yacht instruct a strategy Wiks Uii my raising gales of More than 100 in local Public Security authorities Junist threat abroad Ana at Miles an hour. The t Ifica storm death toll 18 in Wake of Hurricane 4ednay Nova Scotia hit hard army. The Assembly is an advisory in the province of Kwangung to carry out the order. There was body representing 15 parliaments no indication when or where the it has no official status but were released. Deliberations Are closely watched by european policy makers. Some of the top statesmen of Western Europe May address the Gaj Dixon and Krasner were Assembly in its two week session. The yacht March 21, 1953, the history making conferences at the president s summer White House Headquarters at Lowry air divided into two _ _ j Ciu Iscia Huv j French Premier Pierre Mendes when it into China s Ter France has said he wants to go As have West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and italian foreign minister Attilio Piccioni. Force base the broadcast said Apple phases 1. What to do the tense was situation in the far East where Rit orial Waters off they were taken into custody by a coastal defense unit. All three offenders admitted to the crime of intrusion into China s Russia and red China have Cre ated fresh problems in the shoot ing Down of a u. S. Navy patrol j plane and by shelling the chinese nationalist Island of Quemoy. Collapse of the european army As a defense against any red Portelly was Likely to come up too. 2. On the Home front How Best to use the new Legal weapons which the 83rd Congress provided to Deal with communist infiltration at Hoe and subversion generally in the United states. Those weapons include the new statute outlawing the communist party. Eisenhower arranged for discus Sion of the International and Home whether the committee will unite Mcnese Junit ran own Slon on a single substitute for the seized the Small sailing boat heated european defense was flying the american nit. Or whether several Britain s Royal Navy Obser fences will off Propri Vantory at la Tao Island six Miles i first was a private us lieu. Wegt of Hong Kong reported Secretary of state saw the Small Craft intercepted shortly after Dulles whether the tight International. _ of the next few it said will permit this is not yet Clear. British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden is making a tour of West european capitals. The u. N. As Sembly opens at new York sept. 21. And the United states wants a meeting of the North Atlantic Council soon. The Assembly s general affairs committee has entrusted a report on the european defense Issue to John Scott Maclay. A Tive member of the British which the of commons. It is not known seized near i a Joe cd Applegate 37, of Medford ore., is a former United press War correspondent. Dixon 25, of new York City was a far Eastern correspondent for the International news serv ice. Krasner the ship Captain comes from Brooklyn. Applegate a lifelong coating in the 42-foot Ketch americans were at a series of three Confer yesterday bypassed the bristling american fortress on Okinawa but the edges of the typhoon caught the Island with winds of 50 Miles an hour. The . Air Force which Hasi been tracking the typhoon said it i an unusually Large one. It measures 50 Miles across its Calm Eye or Center. Some japanese weather observers rated it stronger than the my Roto typhoon of 1934 which killed More than persons. Ships were warned away from Southern Japan. Lowland dwellers were advised to get out before tidal i Waves struck. A typhoon which hit Southern Japan last month caused More than 30 deaths and great damage to houses crops and communications. Formosa sets naval patrol session Dulles the committee will also take please turn to Page 3 col. Up a report by belgian socialist Deputy Georges Bohy on european policy in Southeast Asia and the question of general disarmament. What to do about the disputed car Valley and its links to France and Germany will probably be Dis cussed at the meeting too. 3 arrival please turn to Page 3 col. 1 gop in South seen fading red Berlin police seize u. S. Couple were arrested last Berlin sept. 12 two can Brothers to be a Doc-1 tuesday Tor and his were re u. S. Authorities said two per ported seized by communist poisons were arrested late yesterday lice on the outskirts of Berlin at afternoon by East German people s the same place where two Ameri Taipei monday sept. 13 China s warships yesterday set up a 160-mile patrol and bombarded Tangshan Peninsula 70 Miles South of red menaced que Moy. Naval units which have been protecting Quemoy from the threat of invasion from the main land seven Miles away spread out in obvious search for communist Craft. The patrol extended from Swaton 125 Miles Southwest of Quemoy to Chin Elm Bay 35 Miles Northeast. Nationalist planes struck for the seventh straight Day in the Vicinity of Amoy opposite Quemoy where red troops were reported concentrated. Piping reds sentence yank As spy Washington. Sept. Georgia gov. Herman Talmadge today that the Republican party has lost considerable strength in the South since the supreme court decision Banning segregation. Talmadge said the court ruling outlawing racial segregation in the schools and Republican farm policies have damaged gop popularity in Southern states. I piping radio announced said people in Hugh Francis Redmond of Jer president Eisen new York .a." has been sen Hower a great War hero and Man tended in Shanghai to life imps of integrity and Honor but. The Ozment As a spy. Supreme court decision and at the broadcast listed five oth Titue of republicans on Farmer men and two women All with policies have caused the party to lose considerable police near the Dre Linden Check a knowledge the raid u. S. Sector. According to reports received by american officials the radio a saying 12 were dropped and claiming that two nationalist planes were shot Down. Reporting on his trip to the far East Secretary of state John Foster Dulles Points out some pertinent information to president Eisenhower at the summer up facsimile telephoto White House in Denver. Capture of Formosa blocked by u. S. Might Dulles says Denver sept. 12 Secretary of state Dulles conferred with president Eisen the nationalist naval today and declared afterwards he is convinced the chinese communists could couple drove our to the Aret from activities amount to retaliatory j t possibly conquer Formosa against such opposition As the United states would Rollin in car f or a de Shell no _ _ 3. In rented German car Tartin parked it about 100 Yards from the ill Foy Start los checkpoint. There they talked Toi one puzzling and possibly smis West German customs guards aspect of this Vest pocket Flannery sees to the has the of comm when Asket to explain Why chinese names As sentenced at the same time for spying for the United states and said two got death sentences. Last december . Sen. Any intervention by air Force. It whether the reds might be return to Berlin a he hiking Back use of air Power until West German guards said Are ready for a massive As couple was arrested by people s iseult on the Little Island of que police while driving Back to thei Moy lying almost under the Shad City Low of communist guns. The Only information on their maj. Gen. William c. State i can t identities came from the customs head of the . Military advisory isee guards who described them As an group to nationalist China re american doctor and his wife. . To nerd last night to Taipei after Jug speaker of of tax slashes Economy must be the watch word in the next session of the Eden huddles on Bonn role Bonn Germany sept. 12 Anthony Eden and Chancellor Kon Rad Adenauer Laboured tonight throw up. Dulles who had a private con Ference with Eisenhower at the summer White House shortly after arriving from the communist troubled far East was pressed at a news conference As to whether this government considers american defense of the chinese nationalist Island of Quemoy near the Mainland As essential to defense of nationalist for Mosa. Of Quemoy is Pri the House Wil the president w8., held respond Liam f. Knowland the authorities said they were Ham e. Fla Liery we for an action of the court. Senate majority Leader listed the incident but pm that reply yesterday at Talmadge noted that the opinion mond among 32 americans held by not know the names of the a. The annual meeting Here of the was written by chief Justice chinese reds he said red missing pair. Nai Vaia eau Atea uen. You Nara tuesday communist returned yesterday from the Board Dre Linden arrested muted states to take lid his Yosti Assn the chinese reds. He said red Warren an Eisenhower appointee. Monck a businessman had been the governor charged that arrested april 26, 1951, in Shan near the decision entirely poli gnat Henry Starr 30, and tical and a violation of the Constitution. T 01 u r time when piping radio James 31 both of Westville saying repeatedly the reds _ the broadcast said Evi no has been of them Are determined to liberate for the Youthful panel included five radio sets and since. Their automobile also rent Mimosa nationalist stronghold. Of teenagers of Many races asked 1fi t d b de from a West Berlin dealer was earthly Chance of cutting a for West Germany s role i we have the anti communist world. There1 were signs that the path ahead strewn with political pebbles May Vtha be rocks. Retard replied the British foreign Secretary came to Bonn to find out what Germany expects from the West Ern world if she joins the 14-na Tion North Atlantic treaty organization. He had a Duel mis p Sion iof telling Adenauer How oth Gale buffets Maine misses most of u. S. Millions of dollars damage is reported in new England area Portland me., sept. Fl5 Edna the second violent storm to Bat Ter new England in 12 left in its screaming Waka 18 dead today including eight in Maine where Mil Lions of dollars damage caused before moving into the Canadian provinces. Coastal areas of Southern new England received Only a grazing blow and far less apparent erty damage than had been feared. Four persons perished in Massachusetts. Latest reports said the blew itself out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Eastern Canada after a smashing blow to Maine and ports of Canada. The Canadian province of Nova Scotia took a heavy beating. A state of emergency was declared at Yarmouth As Edna reached the Bay of Fundy and headed across into Central new Brunswick Ince. No ships were reported a distress. Meanwhile Hurricane flav ence sixth tropical storm of the year began breaking up today am it moved Inland on the mexican coast. The new Orleans weather Bureau in its last advisory on flow ence at 10 . Cost said High mountains on the coast near Tux pan Mexico caused the s torm to break up. Those reported to have died in Maine yesterday were motorists whose vehicles plunged into Swol Len streams from broken Banks or smashed Bridges or were trapped in flooded lowlands. The 80 mile wind gusts ripped Power and communication lines Many of them Only temporarily patched from Carol s damage. Many highways remained blocked today. Much of Portland Maine s larg est City and Many other communities were without electric Power. Eight inches of rain fell in South Western Maine the heaviest Down in the Georgia governor Many pointed questions concerning his personal attitude toward race re lations. Piping named As the others sen please turn to Page 12 col. 5 among the governors remarks were we have no racial problem in Georgia. There Are three and a Hall million people one third of Are negro. There have been no race riots since i became gov it the Federal government uses Force to bring about non segregation in Public schools in Georgia As governor i could t be responsible Lor what happens. It would be the most dreadful thing since whether segregation provides propaganda for the communists does not interest me. I am not interested in pleasing communists Home or 75 feet High 700 tons inside today recovered by the car firm thurs Triay night parked on a West Ber nationalist intelligence re inn Street. J ports say there Are chinese communist troops in the coastal area Between the Fukien Chekian Border and Swaton a straight line distance of 350 Miles. The reds also Are credited with having three naval groups in the coastal Swaton at Amoy and at Soochow. Each group is said to include at least 12 gunboats and sufficient miscellaneous Craft of the West Vir of retail grocers questioned by the group during a round table discussion in which House minority Leader Cecil Underwood a Tyler also participated. Flannery said that in order to effect tax reductions it would famous iwo Flag raising statue construction to Start by Herb Altschull Washington sept. 12 sculptor Felix de Weldon gets to work tomorrow putting together the biggest Bronze statue Ever created. Have contributed the Cost of the memorial. The 100-ton statue trucked to Washington from the Brooklyn foundry where it was cast is now Jin about 30 Large pieces. But 10 it s the celebrated iwo Jima bolting gelding by raising scene and when the parts will put it in shape touches. Dapper Are fused the statue will be Morel imposing than the fabulous Colos a e sus of Rhodes which was ruined 47 the idea for the by an earthquake about 224 b. Statue nine years ago when he was on duty As an artist with the of Lucial dedication of the. The Navy. He said in an interview massive statue will take place has been working on it steadily the Marine corps 179th birthday Iever since Page nov. 10. Then iwo Jima will take it please turn to Page 13 col. 2 _ a East Shivers in Cool front to transport up to men. Time and Money you owe it to yourself to become successful. After that you owe it to the Bureau of internal Revenue. On the other hand the average Man s problem says one publication is that he has too much month left when he comes by the associated press a Cool air front pushed eastward from the Plains states sunday and dropped temperature readings As much As 17 degrees in new eng land. On the other Side of the Pic Ture areas of the upper missis Sippi Valley recorded tempera Ture hikes of from 5 to 12 degrees in a 24 hour period. Heavy Rains pelted the new eng land coast in a 24 hour period As to the end of his Money. And Edna spent itself. In if that s your problem right now Maine. Portland had 7.10 inches of rain and Caribou 5.86 inches. Bos ton registered 4.76 inches. Why not let the want ads help you bring in some Cash to Settle up those month end Bills a want and can convert those no longer wanted household into dollars like mrs. Of Dis covered recently to the defense of were halted by washouts. Much of Formosa and it is being and southwestern Maine the Sec crops were ruined. Gov. Burton m. Cross and civil defense officials pleaded with motorists to stay off Highway to a but he repeatedly declined to say whether the u. S. Or Western european nations feel about West germans under arms nato or out. Fresh from a Brussels meeting with the belgian dutch and Luxembourg foreign ministers Eden was equipped to Tell Adenauer that the smaller nations at least Are anxious for a new major Confer ence to line up West Germany s Power team. On the anti communist please turn to Page 3 col. 5 been fend Quemoy too. Quemoy has been to under Shell fire during the last week from the Ciliate the Clearing tasks. The storm split in two near Capo cod mass. One asked ban s third largest City and Maine including tb-1 famed Harbor summer resort. Then it shrieked toward Canada. A family of 10 marooned o a their Auto top in a Low Road flood communists and two american by the raging Sandy Stream at Unity Maine was removed in a dramatic seven hour Rescue in which one of the children and rescuer perished. Army officers have been killed. In response to other questions Dulles said it is up to the Heads of the u. S. Military forces to de cide whether Quemoy should be defended by the 7th Fleet in connection with american protection1 of Formosa the Island bastion Edna Ruth Brockway 8, drowned at the reported Maine dead in the chinese nationalists. Front a nearly submerged car family saved two killed in daring flood Rescue Unity Maine sept. 12 Fred Brockway of Albion and family of 10 was plucked from the top of their nearly submerged car Early today in Hurricane Edna s dark Wake in a daring seven hour Rescue operation that took two lives. Drowned were Ruth Brockway is based of course on the amusements 18 its place on the capital scene along celebrated photograph snapped by astrological forecast 16 wet the Washington Monument Joe Rosenthal for the associated Bob Considine 8 3nd National shrines. When six marines who had _ .1 stormed ashore on the japanese magic chef Tab. Top comic pages 16, continued from Page 1 crossword Puzzle .16 a memorial Dorothy Kilgallen 4 killed in Battle the Cool air movement drop gone of eight children marooned Range. Items Ped the minimum nightly their parents atop the car iture of 60 at Buffalo n. Y. To Alton Mccormick 47, of Chilly 43 in a 24 hour Span Early Unity one of the human Chain of sunday. _ rescuers swept into turbulent Early morning temperatures in Sandy Stream. 30s cooled sections of the their deaths raised tha storm i their children passed safely Over a Bridge near the heart of this Waldo county Village about 7 o clock at the height of last night s Hurricane. A Short ii Ance Down the Road the car became mired where the Stream swept Over its Banks. _ r editorials o Bluff 100 feet i u she Rpnert pm 11 Aye top sus cooled sections 01 Luiei Pineir Eains raise Al to All marines held Island heaved their water she to codes am Tfaye to at least eight. It will stand on a soaked mud caked bodies into the Iiona to Puj mis Range me ii it above the Potomac wind and raised the u. S. Flag on Day and it was sold by noon Marias Mich had a River near. Arlington National it. Suribachi. The Day was feb. F a7fttf Gazette want ads 18-21 cemetery. The Monument itself 19, 1945. I Inez Robb 13 75 feet from the Bottom de Weldon said i am obituary funerals 12 of its swedish Black Granite base proud of the statue. So was Joe radio television 6 sports pages 14, activities .9, Low of 30 below freezing. International Falls minn., had a Reading of 35 along with Reno Nev. Some mid morning temperatures new York 58, Cleveland 52. Chicago 51 Denver r6, los Angeles marines throughout the nation please turn to Page 12 col. 8 la ant dial Atlanta so and Miami 76. To the tip of its Bronze flagpole. Rosenthal. He came to watch me and each of the marines depicted w0rk and was thrilled. He climbed 32 feet tall. 10. Fire chief Max Fortier of Unity who was directing traffic away from the dangerous area said the car swept past him in the rain. The normally gentle Stream a lipped to a frenzied torrent by the winds and downpour climbed rapidly toward the top of the veh the car occupied by or. chief Fortier summoned other firemen asst. Chief Mccormick j Okay s fief Tutton Tozier 48, and Irving Jud physician the four along with mar a doctor who heals a broken i shall j. Dick of Allston mass., and leaves the rest of the i patient broke. I please turn to Page i col 44 Unity when her father lost his grip on her As a human Chain was broken in Sandy Stream. Alton Mccormick 47, assistant Unity fire chief and father of seven drowned while to res Cue the Brockway family. George w. Edwards 48. And his wife Arlene 42, of Pownal Maine drowned in a Pownal Brook into which t heir car tumbled at a washed out curve. Two other Pas sengers were rescued. Mrs. Rita Bretton 35, of Clia. Please turn to Page 12 col. 3 Charleston senators last night s game Toledo of Charleston find game of sea Aoto

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