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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Charleston, West Virginia Community Trust can build a greater Charleston see editorial Page 14 Charleston 0 Louisville 3 10day at Louisville p. M. 2 the sunday morning May 12, 1957 Ston Gazette the state newspaper Charleston Wool Virginia 84 cents including tax forecast with scattered Thunder storms. High 76-84. Details on Page 6 Gamble on political needs expressway May rest on gop need of state by Thomas e. Stafford political writer for the Gazette politics and West Virginiaimportance to the Eisenhower administration in next Yearcongressional elections can spell either defeat or Success for the proposed interstate expressway across the stateindustrial heartland. This in essence the opinion of reliable sources in washing ton who have toiled Long and late to interest the to. S. Bureau of Public roads in a route via the Ohio River arid Virginia Bor Der that would link West Vir Ginia with Clevelandport area and the South. they sketched the prob Lem West Virginia can get the mileage if needs for a North South expressway if the White House decides that the state a focal Point in its bid for control of Congress in the 1958 elections. What the administration would Gamble 97 Miles of a yet unallocated thousand mile chunk in the interstate system. In return it would Hope to get not a Sena Tor and two congressmen but a senator and six congressmen. Ita question in political circles right now whether Republican sen. Chap Man Revercomb can be re elected. Fourth District rep. Will Keal and first District rep. Arch Moore also Are question because he lost after a previous one term occupancy of the seat and Moore be cause this his first venture into National politics. Sion on the remaining Miles will be announced in from 30 to 60 Days. It will rest with Commerce Secretary Sinclair weeks and this makes it apparent that the White House will have a big say in which states get the Lionshare of the mileage. J Tallamy told Byrd that West Virginia has a fair Chance of getting what it wants. He added that the Case has been Well presented and Byrd indicated the Highway chief showed More than mild interest in the proposed route especially that portion i from Charleston to Erie. Byrd also talked last week with Lewis s. Rothschild an Assis j Tant to weeks but he got very Little encouragement there. I the sixth District Congress i Man meanwhile set up a con Ference for state Senate presi-1 Dent Ralph j. Bean and House j speaker w. E. Flannery with i Tallamy to discuss Highway needs in West Virginia. They la Confer with him May 24. And j dark said today Evi with them will be other Legisla d at Weeksenate live members. Senior u. S. Sen. M. M. Nicely i rackets investigation in answering inquiries from the j indicates teamsters Boss Gazette offers Little Hope for a to big chunk of the interstate Pic. Have Beck have Man trapped in since wednesday saved Beck put 40n spot by letter mail fraud charge hinted by Mcclellan from wire dispatches j Washington May i John l. Proposed interstate route the great lakes to Florida gets Strong support from West Virginia congressional delegation but Little Hope held out for its Early comple Tion. The building of an inter state expressway from the Ohio River North of Parkersburg to Charleston plus a Southern Extension from the West Virginia Turnpike at Princeton to an East West interstate at Dublin a. Would pay off Well in votes Ley and Princeton in West Vir say political realists. Ginia. To Dublin a. An offshoot it would tap the congressional also projected from South of districts of Moore and Neal feed Parkersburg via Morgantown and into the democratic strongholds Pittsburgh to Erie a. In a Telegram he said Candor compels me to Tell you that any accurate pre diction of the final decision will be the result of Luck and not facts. However i am of the opinion that we presented a Strong Case for West Virginia and have a fair Chance of receiving a portion of the mile sen. Revercomb used the mails to defraud the widow of his closest Friend. The committee chairman told newsmen there a possibility Beck violated Federal Law last May with a letter to mrs. Ray leh Eilev urging her to in Vest in mortgages. Beck a trustee of the s80.000 Union raised fund used by mrs. Leheney for the investment did that we obtain additional mile age out of the 1.000 he comments. I believe that West Virginia will not receive its proper share of that i want to see it have until the Congress Miles in the Revercomb along the line. At the same time it can be justified a worthy Public works project. It would serve one of the fastest growing Industrial empires in the u .s., and would link it with the soon to be completed. Lawrence Seaway in the North and the agricultural Empire in the South. They la get the needed mileage. Inquiry on the. W me a Jiuu v other states with applications interstate. I have for a total of Miles in sex serious doubts if and _ juju of Uruu Ioli. Oil press Way also want a big slice mileage win be he Seattle investment banker Donol Hedlund owned the mortgages. Nor did he inform her that he would make a from the Deal. In the dear Terry letter to the widow. Beck said he had Al ready made a commitment to Purchase the mortgages for mrs. Leheney. He did not Tell her to himself and Hedlund. Mrs. Leiden Byhusband who died in March a been Public relations of the Western Confer of the yet to be allocated declares Miles and this statedelegation does t think it will grab a tenth Bailey then goes on o sex ence of teamsters and was pcs. Cried Beckdearest rescued baby carried in the arms of an unidentified Stratford conn., Volunteer fireman after the two week old Tot was thrown by its Mother into the arms of a woman from a second floor porch where she was trapped in a House fire. Seven children in two families were killed in the fire. A wire photo five persons injured 7 children die in Home blast Stratford May Small Chil Dren perished in a blazing holocaust today a fierce j Richmond. Rupert Miner in Good spirits by James a. Haught state writer for the Gazette Richwood May 74-hour ordeal of a Nicholas county Miner considered dead since a slate fall wednesday de Early today when res-1 cues dug through a Wall slate and brought him out. William Carl Richmond 38, of Rupert not Only was still alive but in Good spirits he chatted with doctors and mine inspectors at a. M. Richmond was sealed off in a tiny air pocket at 10 p. M. Wed to support Levy vote principals of Kanawha countymesday by falling Rock slate and 940 Public schools yesterday voted unanimously to endorse and work for Victory in the special Levy election on May 25. Their action came at the an Nual meeting of secondary and elementary school principals to map plans for the end of the school year on May 28. The special Levy for an appraisal of All county property. This would enable the assessor to equalize Coal in the sprawling Donegan Coal Companya mine near Here. Verbal Contact was made with him at 2 p. M. Yesterday by res Cue teams searching for his body. What Day it Richmond asked the rescuers they bore near his Rocky cell. Richmond said the fall pinned his legs but that he was Able j sess ments proponents say re eventually to free himself and j suiting in More Money for coun crawl to schools. He said that a Mountain j shift in Rock faults was responsible for trapping him inside the mine. The searchers were Able to get blankets a flashlight and a Small Rescue kit through a tiny aperture an hour before they freed him. He was Given a morphine injection by doctors immediately upon his release and gingerly brought out of the mine on a slow moving conveyor Belt. It got kind of Smoky in there i asked the principals and made me go to said mayor Copenhaverof what available for the entire nation. Mcclelian told news and fast spreading fire swept through a three Story he was taken to sacred heart c i Iiron j Plain that neither the legislature men of West Virginia nor Ohio made provision for additional Money to rep. Byrd whose sixth Dis match Federal Grants and that congressmen from West Vir strict would Benefit tremendously West Virginia has shown Little Ginia Ohio and Virginia have from the proposed expressway inclination to match the present worked tirelessly for the build says he talked last week with or past Federal Highway Alloca org of the route. It would Start Bertram. D. Tallamy. Recently tons. South of Cleveland and run via appointed head of the u. S. The situation were a what was re map Cambridge and Marietta in Ohio Bureau of Public roads and he states by he pressures i indicated in previous hearings Maul Parkersburg Charleston Beck Tallamy told him the final Deci please turn to Page 1 in the area of Federal Law violation there the possibility the letter he wrote her would come within the fed eral statute of using the mails to he added i think the hearings this week dwelling. The five children of or. And mrs. Martin Davis died alone in the second floor Flat. The Mother mrs. Martha Davis had gone shopping and returned firemen entered the burning House. Two children of or. And mrs. Crash kills two slain in fight with Mercer cops i Matoaka May 11 Iff two Rose 59, and patrolman Everett j youths died tonight in a fist-1 Whitt 56. I swinging and shooting Melee with Rose said the wild fight broke i Dowell county youths were killed a third floor bedroom Ponsi bitty or rather Lack of res died in a Hospital in i the Trust reposed in him. J the Weektestimony dearly j revealed he has wholly breached his Trust in the Posi Tion he holds president of the please turn to Page 6 col. 2 their Mother grandmother and a brother and sister the latter Only two weeks old escaped. Mrs. Martin tossed the Uvo Uncle 17, sets fire killing 3 g Philadelphia May 11 three Young children suffocated in their blazing North Philadel phia Home today and police a Welch May my Jowell county youths were killed Muni Cip Al police this Small out when he attempted today when their car i plunged Over a Steep 175-foot i embankment on w. A 83 near Here. Mercer county Community. Cordell on a drunk charge. The two policemen involved i the chief said he and Whitt were injured. Had stopped the two youths. Bill Cordell 21, was shot and j who Werf ridin6 double _ on a bled to death in t Root of the Matoaka Post office. Jerry Mills 18, died in route to a Princeton hos Pital from a wound received Dur ing the Exchange of fire. The dead were identified Emory Barton 19. Of Squire Silas Barton 19. Hershe Fields 19, and his brother James Fields 17, All of Newhall. The Bartons were cousins. Motorcycle. Cordell was arrested for drunkenness and Mills who owned the Cycle was instructed to go to his Home. Rose continued with this Story Cordell resisted the Mcdowell county Deputy both of the victims were j attempted to put him in a police sheriff Haven Wright said the from Lashmeet near Matoaka. Car. The two men fell to the i Accident occurred about 2 . Treated at a Princeton Hospital pavement and Rose lost his i Between the Small communities. Were Matoaka police chief Earl please turn to Page 34 col. 7 please turn to Page 34 col. 8 Aims led car oot what the re Are doing egg going in at least 17 West counties that ought to know read Harry politics m. on Page 14. Weeks old baby Sandra from a Meers said the turd be David Mcquade told them the rear third floor porch and a Worna True on of them declared after principals voted to sup port the special Levy election supt. Of schools l. K. Loven Stein told them i would like to say that i am More than pleased this gather ing has voluntarily endorsed Hie special Levy election it indeed a pleasure to know we still operate in a democratic society where each person Lias the right to express his opinion without fear of in contrast Lovenstein to recall firing of , former municipal court clerk after he criticized the mayor. He was dismissed by the Lor the first time in More than mayor at the superin three Days. Pendent said. No such threat or word that was still pressure has been used by me alive startled the neighbourhood. Rescue workers and mine officials were almost certain Early thursday that he had died in what they called a Large slate we other miners were in the same Section of the Coal operation when the slate fell but All escaped uninjured. They refused to believe a Richwood Hospital in Richwood when finally he was out of the mine an neighbor caught her. The first floor Flat was Uno while upstairs copied. The victims were Russell mar tin 5. Doreen Martin 3. Benja min Davis 5. Jeanette Davis 3. George Davis 2. Evelenia Davis Patricia Davis 8 month s. Thomas became enraged when he War unable to find a pair of dungarees for which he had been Hunting in the base ment Meers said and then the youth Felt like creating some True one of them declared Ita Little Short of a Richmondwife Edna told of the remained at their Rupert with their seven children. But Richmondbrother Barney Richmond of Charmco also a Miner stood by Al the Drift Mouth during the Rescue operation. Fire chief Theodore lock Wood said the House was old he set fire to papers and rags r Glasscock of Richwood and and very very dry that once the on the floor and then stayed by an ambulance Crew prepared to fire got started it spread with and watched until he saw that please turn to 34 col. 6 awesome rapidity. They had Meers said. Paint blistered on a fire depart then he ment ladder truck parked in the Middle of the Street in front of the fire sent dense smoke the House. Rising through the House. The Chil police said mrs. Cecelia Martin Dren who died of suffocation were please turn to Pagecol. 5 please turn to Page 6 col. 4 also standing by were or. J. City scene startled Kaijia Tafiti blvd. Res ident exclaiming Therea sea at any Lovenstein also challenged what he called Copenhaverjuggling please turn to Page 6 col. 7 opened in new firstm t w t f7 891011 i 1415 k1718 w20 2122 2324 25 262728233031 psychiatric clinic. Latee became part of Columbia University. Section i Page obituaries 6 Section ii editorials. 14 Section Iii sports 21-26 crossword contest 28 Home building 29 Community news 30 investors forum 31 Section in the gazetteer 33 Gazette want ads 35-39 Section v womenactivities x Magazine Index 2m phones wont 6.0611 display 6-0451 Al 2-6161. The Story of Gabrielle-1 Gabrielle was Alert and Happy until. Gabrielle was labelled a Bright Alert and Happy child with a born ability for leadership her teachers said. But then agreed that her one outstanding Talent was in the Field of Art. She via an interested Dabbler in painting from the time she was five by Catherine Gabrielson you were nine that a Long legged Sun kissed Little girl with Long straight Sun bleached hair. You were Strong and healthy full of Lively in spirits. You had abundant Energy and an extra Ordinary capacity to savor each Day though it were your first or last. You were away at Camp for a month for the first time and we had the fun of receiving your letters unti Dily scrawled and scribbled on scraps of paper but full of news and enthusiasm after the second week you wrote begging to stay an extra month. V 1-1 but we could t afford to let you stay another month. Be sides with Deirdre in Maine and you in Wisconsin Truro was t and i was getting Lone some. Four weeks without child Ren was Long enough for me. The night you arrived Back in Truro was a gala occasion. We had a guest for supper but no proper conversation was possible. You were full of your new experiences Bubb Ling Over with the need to Tell everything at once that we All just sat around and listened to you. Deirdre was eight then and you promised her that she could come with you next time. Together again we spent the hazy Lazy Days of August and Early september wandering the beaches gathering our spindrift harvests of starfish and Drift Wood of sandblasted bottles old corks and shells. You were an excellent beachcomber with a Sharp Eye for the great potential in a broken barrel a silvered log. Yet never losing sight of the transient Beauty everywhere that could not be carried Home. The farthest reach of Sand was never too far to walk when an unidentifiable shape beckoned tantalizingly on the Sand horizon. Nor were you really disappointed when we came at last to a battered Orange crate or a broken Broom stuck in the Sand. By late september we were Back in new York and you and Deirdre started school. Walton was especially exciting now. Because you were graduating into the Middle school and the fourth Grade was pre paring to go onto the Walton plan. Your assignments were Long and All the special teachers Art shop music j. Were from the Middle school staff and treated you like real grown ups. X and you were growing up. You no longer talked about Mak ing Midnight visits to constellations and you went to bed in pro per nightgowns. We had grown accustomed to seeing you go to bed draped with coloured scarves tied together Here and there for easy flight i presume. They were absolutely necessary you insisted for your visits to the stars. You especially liked a trip you took frequently to the fourth Star of the Milky Way. But All this had stopped now and you wrote poems instead poems that showed your in quiries were turning from outer space to yourself. One of these was called i come i crime from Forest Glade from watery Lake from Mars from the cold cold Moon from the idiot hot Sun i come from hell from heaven from Angels in the sky from devils underground i come from the Middle of the Earth i come from space from Clear air i come from the world your reports from school had always been Good and daddy and i were Happy that the school seemed to understand and appreciate your Many extravagant and divergent energies. Even in second Grade your report said Happy and boisterous Gabby a very stimulating and outgoing member of the group. She finds enjoyment in All class activities always1 Sug Gesting ways of dramatizing Reading material Etc. Anderson the Art teacher says that Gabby one of the most amazing children she has Ever seen in the studio. She has most of the qualities of a highly sensitive and mature artist combined with an end less flow of Energy and inventiveness. She refuses any suggestion loves accidents in her work and constantly experimenting but never losing sight of the standards she sets for herself in her pictures. She seems to work Best in the midst of much distraction and chaos. Please turn to Page 34 col. 1

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