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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Charleston, West Virginia Largest circulation in West Virginia the Charleston Gazette the state press a Eit a and wire photo established 1887. Five Cei its. Charleston West Virginia sunday morning june 23, 1940. 46 pages 3 sections partly Cloudy today monday partly Cloudy and warmer followed by local showers at night. House passes four billion Navy expansion measure France signs armistice with Germany Royal air Force bombs munitions plants near Berlin Dewey ites fear Willkie Philadelphia june is strictly a delegates convention that starts Here Mon Day morning probably the most open in the Long history of the Republican party. Today one Man s guess is As Good As an other on the nominees for the presidency and the vice presi Man is guess ing. Hot rows set off by a delegates convention we mean a convention in which most of the delegates Are foot Loose and fancy free. Few of them Are committed in Advance or controlled by party Bosses. In Many delegations attempts at dictation have set off some hot rows. The Early balloting will probably disclose a wide scattering of the votes among the dozen for the presidential nomination and it is now doubtful if any individual will be even close to the necessary 501 votes for several ballots at least. Nearly All the candidates Are in Philadelphia All of them shouting Confidence even some who admittedly have Little Chance at any stage. On their claims and surface indications Thomas e. Dewey sen. Tart Wendell Willkie and sen. Van Dan Borg make up the first rank with Frank Gannett the upstate new York newspaper publisher putting on the most glamorous front at his Headquarters at the Benjamin Franklin hotel and gov. Arthur James of Pennsyl Vania creating the greatest vocal stir through his local Fol lowing. Have slim Chance at the moment it does not appear that either Gannett or James have much Chance but in a delegates convention with a deadlock almost certain any thing can happen Gannett whose Campaign speeches attracted considerable attention is not credited with More than 40 or 50 votes on the first bal lot. James strength does not appear to go beyond the Penn Sylvania of 72, with some deserters reported even there. However you cannot laugh off any Man who bobs up in this convention even with just a nubbin of an opening vote Thomas e. Dewey still claims Over 400 votes on the first bal lot though even the most enthusiastic supporter of the Young new York District at Torney has to admit that there has been a distinct veering away from him in sentiment among the delegates the past 48 hours. The Dewey ites Are sore at Wendell Willkie believing that the Utility magnate s Rush on the nomination has been through their lines and holding him responsible for suddenly making somewhat dubious what appeared to be a cinch for Dewey Only a few weeks ago. May Side with Taft Wilkle s followers still claiming As High As 80 votes on the first Billot think they will make deep inroads on the Dewey strength thereafter. However the Dewey ites Are so mad at Willkie it appears prob Able that if the District attorney succumbs Early in the Bat the his crowd will make every Effort to throw their votes to sen. Taft rather than let Wili Kie get them Taft claims he can Muster 331 votes on the first ballot if necessary. Sen. Vandenberg is supposed to have at least 100 lurking in the background. By Damon Runyon sen. Styles Bridges of new Hampshire sen. Arthur Cap per of Kansas sen. Charles me nary of Oregon gov. Baldwin of Connecticut and Hanford Macnider of Iowa will All have some votes on the first ballot that will probably be distributed among the front runners on the second Call. Bridges my nary and Macnider Are All vice presidential possibilities. So is Frank Gannett if he fails of the please turn to Page 2, col 2 final approval Given defense Revenue Bill one of history s highest moments emergency measure for military forces also sent to for for signature committee Calls Knox for quizzing on views opposition to president s appointee to succeed Edison reported to be Strong Washington june 000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional approval of a tax defense Bill and a emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of col. Frank Knox s nomination to be Secretary of the Navy. Total of ships secret the naval committee voted at closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward u. S. Policy and i the War. One member who said j he favored approval of the Nomina Tion told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected 11 to 5. This historic radio photo published exclusively in West Virginia in the Gazette shows the scene when France Learned Hitler s Price for peace in the same Railroad car in which h Imperial Germany Learned the allies peace Price in 1918. 3 Adolf Hitler 4 col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel 5 col. Gen. Walther von Brauchitsch 6 Rudolf Hess Deputy party Leader. 7 Gen. Charles Hunt Aijrer 8 rear Admiral Maurice Leluc 9 foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop 10 Wilhelm Brueckner 11 translator Paul Schmidt. Admiral Jean Marie Bergeret and Leon Noel Are seated out of View beside Gen. Huntziger. Whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on Knox s state ment of his attitude toward pos sible u. S. Intervention in the euro Pean War. The Navy expansion through the House with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote. The exact solons vote for recess unti july 1 scattering of noes come from Republican Side As Resolution is adopted Washington june f a i quit tonight for a Bill swept one week recess after sending to Neely Dawson Gulf Krupp works a in Craft Facto Rya re bombed by British the White House a billion Dollar tax Bill and Over solons act swiftly a scattering of noes came from the Republican Side when the House adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july 1. Acting swiftly on one item after another the Striate and House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day. Including a emergency defense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief the labor depart ment and the Federal Security Agency. In addition to the direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government please turn to Page 2. Col. 2 number of new ships proposed in of appropriations legislation it is a military secret the measure cloaking this by providing Only for tons of battleships. Tons of aircraft carriers 420.000 tons of cruisers. Tons of destroyers and ions of submarines. 818 warships estimated there have been unofficial Esti mates however that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give 1he u. S. A Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and Pacific. This Fleet would be comprised of 23 battleships. 14 air plane carriers. 70 cruisers. 338 destroyers and 170 submarines. This compares with the existing Navy of 15 battleships five air plane carriers 35 cruisers. 219 destroyers and 9f submarines. In addition to heavy combat ships the Bill also would authorize acquisition of 15.000 air planes construction of of Small Harbor defense Craft and tons of auxiliary vessels. Informed sources said the latter up brass turn to Page 2, col. 5 ordnance Plant i Here to Benefit congressional passage of the naval expansion Bill yesterday was seen As Defi Nite Assurance that will be spent on enlargement of the South Charleston naval ordnance Plant. The local project which would double the Plant s capacity and possibly include gun manufacturing facilities is said to be one of the largest on a Long list of proposed expansions of ship Armor Ord Nance and other Navy build ing throughout the country. I support ups meeting assured neither sees amendment As needed Clarksburg june West Virginia justices of the peace fighting for existence by opposing ratification of the constitutional amendment to abolish their offices tonight found both Candi dates for governor apparently on their Side to some extent at least. Sen. M. M Neely democratic gubernatorial nominee said several months ago he sympathized with their position and Felt that Continua Tion of the poor Man s court is justified. Neely was to have made the principal address at the dinner tonight but he telegraphed Hancock that pressing legislation in Washington prevented his attendance. Mayor d. Boone Dawson of Charleston the Republican Nomi Nee by inference voiced similar sympathies in a Telegram to Mont Gomery Hancock president of the association. Dawson said my candidacy will be voted upon at the same time As the amendment. If 1 am elected governor 1 know a better Way to Cor rect any objectionable features of the present Justice of the peace please turn to Page 4, col. 3 British Pound nazi warship Scharnhorst declared hit by torpedo bomb off Norway Royal air Force also claims six German Supply and ammunition trains wrecked nation braces for attack on Isle increases fighting strength London june naval and air units seeking to avenge the sinking of the ton aircraft Carrier glorious Way Laid the 26.000-ton German Battle ship Scharnhorst off trondheim London june tremendous explosions badly damaged her the were caused at the Gigantic Krupp munitions works at is admiralty said today sen and hits were scored on the Focke Wulf aircraft factory at Bremen in one of the most successful British air raids Over Northwest Germany the air ministry announced tonight. Trains claimed wrecked marking intensification of daring Aerial assaults which the British have been carrying out nightly for weeks the British also wrecked six Supply and ammunition trains Friday night Between Osnabrock and Bremen Royal air Force pianos ranged nor a wide territory for what appeared to he. Their Best record of j the War. Other important fac-1 the air ministry announced were damaged in Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and go Tingen. Several bombs it was stated England germans told please turn to Page 2, 4 citizens pay double tax on local Bond issues manipulation of funds involving use of monies for current purposes shown by records of sinking fund commission manipulation of the City of Charleston s Bond funds involving use of Bond Money for current purposes with result ing double taxation for Bond retirement was disclosed yesterday in the records of the state sinking fund commission. Diverted -8l-. Italians on Mark the diversion of funds amount Sion put pressure on the City and ing to almost had a Side ministration through Tho stale tax bar in the refunding in 1035 of department which must approve All term issues of and 1908 and municipal budgets under the Levy Bond limitation order of brought about the use levies As current levies to straighten out a paper bal Ance with the sinking fund. An involved condition hidden by what state officials termed figure juggling the shortage in the Bond i account was corrected Only after the present sinking fund commis amendment. What it amounts to is simply this the City levied the required amounts for Bonds but did not turn it All Over to the sinking fund commission As required by Law. As a result the paper balance showed please turn to Page 2, col. 7 troops expected to dash into Riviera within next few Days Rome. June troops tonight were marshalled in readiness for a dash into France the moment a separate French truce i with Italy is concluded tomorrow or 1 monday. With the French delegation re Poi Ted already in route for a truce rendezvous with italian plenipotentiaries somewhere in the Vicinity of Rome. It. Was expected that fascist troops would Stream through Mountain passes and along the Riviera through areas of italia in Redenta now belonging to the French Republic within the next few Premier Mussolini s army of occupation it was predicted would take Over the Alpine sections of i please urn to Page 4, col. 5 favorite , now being employed against Isle Berlin. June if Ripe for Well informed nazi quarters said tonight. As this View widened in Ger Many the Day s communique told of increased pressure against eng land from the air and on the sea. Nearly 100 bombers roared Over English coast communities last night in another mass demonstration of air Power. The German press emphasized hat adequately based planes need not fear sea Power the news service Dienst Atis deutschland declared that England is an Ideal subject for attack in that it is a setup for Quick destructive air forays and for Block Ade. The news service added eng land is being Defeated by one of its own weapons successes reported moreover every hour of delay in the French decision at com Pisegne Forest helped the German army to make the French military position More hopeless sources said. The armis Liee is going hand in hand with the final collapse of the French Vas the Way one press report put it. Germany is in Possession n excellent air bases along the French i shortly afterwards the admiralty j announce that a Large italian sub i Marine attacked with depth i charges in the Gulf of Aden had surrendered to the British trawler 1 Moonstone. The communique on the Scharn Horst said the battleship reported damaged Early this month shortly after she and her sister ship the Greisen a Sank the glorious in the North sea june 8, was spied by a submarine leaving the fjord. The Battle the com Munique said was clearly on Pas Sage to a Safe port where she could repair the damage sustained when hit by at least one heavy bomb during an attack by the air please turn to Page 4, col. 3 entire Maginot line captured French in Alsace Lorraine capitulate after being completely surrounded Berlin june French armies in Alsace Lorraine capitulated to German troops to Day after being entirely surrounded the German High command announced tonight. The whole of France s mighty Maginot line fell into German hands with the dissolution of three French armies and the capture of French soldiers. This latest and perhaps biggest German Triumph was claimed in a German special communique which also predicted the collapse of All remaining French resistance within the Brief est time. Even As a cease fire armistice command was expected to be issued As a result of the comping be peace negotiations the High command s please turn to pane 4, col. 1 please urn to Page 2, col 3 takes effect 6 hours after Italy signs delegation of Defeated nation speeds to Rome to negotiate parallel truce hostilities Are expected to end sometime tonight terms described by chief envoy As very hard conditions peace Parley to be rushed comping be Forest France june France and Germany signed an armistice tonight that imposed upon the Defeated French Republic what its chief peace Delegate described As very hard bowing before the might of Adolf Hitler s Blitzkrieg machine France then sped a delegation to Rome to negotiate a parallel truce with Germany s italian ally thus As Suring a Continental peace that will enable the Axis pow ers with the Aid of French resources to turn their full fury upon great Britain. In the same historic railway coach where Germany sur rendered in 1918 to the world War allies the French German armistice was signed in a Brief but dramatic ceremony at o clock this evening 1 . Edix ending a deadly and devastating conflict that lasted Only nine months and 19 Days. Not yet in effect the armistice however will not go into effect until six hours after Germany advises France that Italy too has signed a similar truce in Rome. Thus All hostilities on the churned battlefields of France in her Waters and skies were expected to be halted either sunday evening or monday. Meeting in the same railway car that stands on a com Pisegne Forest Clearing where the world War armistice was concluded col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel and Gen. Charles Hunt Ziger signed the armistice in behalf of Germany and France respectively. Gen. Huntziger opened the history making ses Sion with a Brief declaration saying in a voice hoarse with emotion i wish to state that the French government has ordered me to sign this armistice. I desire to read a personal Declara Tion first. By defeat of arms to cease the struggle in which we were engaged on the Side of our allies France sees imposed upon it very hard conditions. France has a right to expect in negotiations of the future that Germany will display a spirit which will permit the two great neighbouring countries to live and work onerous moment for him the Veteran Huntziger member of France s supreme War Council and one of his vanquished country s outstanding Mil itary men added in tones that fell almost to a whisper As soldiers you will Well understand that an onerous moment has come for Gen. Huntziger and his three fellow delegates then seated themselves silently and France s chief plenipotentiary with out another word performed his heart rending duty of sign ing the armistice signifying his country s Swift defeat at the hands of her traditional adversary. Terms of the armistice personally delivered by Chancellor Hitler to the French delegation in the comping be railway coach Friday were not made Public and were not expected to be revealed to the world until after the French italian truce has been signed. Gen. Keitel chief of Hitler s army command affixed his signature to the armistice document immediately after Hunt Ziger had done so. Five minutes after the signing the Stern visage Keitel arose from the same chair where marshal Foch had sat when he forced Germany s capitulation in 1918 and solemnly paid tribute to the Many thousands of soldiers killed in the fighting Between the Reich and France. He declared Honor paid to dead i request that All members of the German and French delegations arise in order to fulfil a duty which the German and the Brave French soldiers have merited. It is honorable for the Victor to do Honor to the vanquished. All those who have bled for their fatherland and All those please turn to Page 2, col. 1

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