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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Charleston, West Virginia Did too of american tearing Are Metag m taxi u Cairo Egypt i the Charleston Gazette the state of the associated press wow established 1887. Charleston West Virginia monday morning june 23, 1930. Five cents. Beaut charges under official probe two fold investigation of arising at Mosli will be started today Dan a feeling girl represented d. c. Odier a equations of ii legality made by various contestants Miami Baths no officials of Tao told. Fam Tornal that prow Otu were illegal a. My of the Asse ton Fht to comment yesterday atty of Miami by sea air Bayway company for my tar m the met that Sci did not travel Washington june ministration men in two utterances on new Tariff today charged the re cent Wall Street Stock Price dump was manipulated to discredit the act and asserted that business now Chart its course under fixed the manipulation made by chairman Wood of the House appropriations committee in a statement through the Republican National com Mittee was taken to indicate that House Well As Senate and government leaders were coming to the def him of act. Insures that the Tariff will be Paramount National Issue in the november elections most believe Here. Today s a total of five Bill was signed tuesday. Oom meroe Secretary lament having As it would not Hurt foreign saturday following defences Given out Friday by Secretary Mellon and Senate Leader Watson. Important innovation assistant Commerce Secretary Klein a radio speech tonight crediting the Bill with settling business uncertainty called attention for the first time to this tact that under the new flexible plan As interpreted by the president. Foreign can bring to the tar Iff commission their complaints about Tariff rates which obstruct their Trade. With Margaret m kor third in the i Jum present aft 1 to first Jiw to As mar aim to Mckellop. Art priv not Worth of under mayor c b. Tutt com Alt oct ratified i _ _ _ of and Tim i of a hath it new. Tar Tork to continue of Accident Speat on derail spartan us alter Day at scene of wreck Ohio m maim a Lvi bal Hal tonight that t Tow would i Ter and to at pres train All trains ism a mtg la Imam Etc it Tif w it psf b. At lain. I win at county. Kek tomorrow after i my la a atm Loffton to Iii Liq lib widow a by i. T. Garter of Fayette county Wmk be did not pm my any into the and Ander Eoo i do by Fayette Shin in spat Jane tit Way to a hopi total Searem for Koto who Lwy Medvik k quarrel on a be Sam both sum. Wuu web tied up is 1 aisnappu1 Poultot Bead on till Raa Market slump manipulated to discredit claim two administration men this is an important be said. The president s interpretation of the new clause gives to it a generous and human aspect in our relations with other countries that has not else where been Klein said. Not another government on Earth has invited other nations to Avail themselves of a specially constituted body to pass upon their regarding alleged Tariff obstacles to Trade Short cutting the time consuming diplomatic circumlocution customary in dealings Between probes possible the new Law allows interested Par ties to ask for investigations looking changes in rates and apparently Klein and or. Hoover hold that under this foreign complaints can be received and acted upon. Already the Senate has taken occasion to pass a Resolution asking for investigation of some of the higher rates and a deluge of such re is in sight from various inter a Saflin the United states and else where. Klein pointed out that instead of the very limited and circumscribed authority for the president of the 1922 flexible provision we now have a rate making commission with Large he expressed opinion the american people now for the first time Are fully Ripe for real use of a. Tariff Graf officers pursue liner Zeppelin Breaks from mooting Pilot Fol lows in plane june her de commander pursuing her by air plane from Hamburg the Oraf Zep Pella this evening arrived safely a Starken Airfield after an event flu excursion to the great seaport. Captain Ernest Lehman and Cap Tain Hans von Schiller were through Accident left on the ground at Ham Burg. They and 31 passengers iad just landed from the Airship when under fierce heat the Graf gained excessive buoyancy broke Loose and rapidly Rose some of the lending Crew clambered aboard but the officers were to make it. Attar cruising about vainly for Hall an hour the subordinate navigating officer wire Essed that be was unable to another Landing for twee it to trip Back to Berlin map fall leh Nunn and Captain von Benfer obliged to an air plane to Fly Back to Berlin and re join their errant Airship. The Graf safely reached the Starken Airfield at pm. Accident had no untoward con in whom Baring the humorous Pur cult of the Airship by the Zeppelin s Airship yesterday had made an 1 night flight to Copenhagen and Beck and t today by Sist crowd of or. Bingo Ekener left the Airship for a to world Power conference Captain taking command for hamming excursion. Lack of Baltest prevented the Oral from Malbi Clining to the Hamburg air for Captain Lehmann and the Captain Flemming who had re on Board commanded the air snip on night Back to the Starken near Beryln. Three of the Haro t Landing Crew made the trip to voluntary the drat moored shortly after nine. Police seek four in Lingle slaying murder definitely Laid to Aiello Moran gang As gunman is sought Chicago june re Urce of the unified Law Niford Emeul agencies working on the Lingle o today was thrown into the intensive Hunt fugitives in the belief that their will solve the slaying of the Tribune reporter. Chlof among those sought was James bed Forsythe who police mid has been identified by witnesses As the Man who shot Lingle to death in a Michigan Avenue subway 13 ago and then raced to Freedom across the traffic jammed Boulevard. The Are Frank fatter to whose ownership police claim to have traced Short nosed which he killer discarded a fled Simon j. Gorman and , associates of Forsythe. March for confirmed that authorities Laid the Mur Der to Moran Aiello gang. Within an hour of slaying Lasut. Lula to a Walck his Squadron Dis patched to organisation s Baill Rock by former police commissioner William Stua Teu to Corral All known mob victim buried As guards watch crowds of 8. C., by same National guard unit hat arrived 30 minutes too late to Bra from death at hands of n mob. The Bullet Laden body t Dan Jenkins Beaufort. N. O., Netro was burled in a grave t county poor farm today. Jenkins shot to death after he had been it stifled by two Young White women of the Santuce Community five from Here As their attacker was caused by the mob of assaulting mis t. L. Shipman attempting to Towk her year old sister in Law mystery veils maniac Slayer police continue Vigil despite letters that killings Are at end Jersey cite. M. J., june a Man who said he was William Ernest Cordray. Is was arrested today by a policeman who believed he bore a re semblance to the descriptions of the maniac Slayer but later it was Learned the policeman was wrong. Betty King who was with Noel Sowley one of the killer s two victims when he was killed lit Fene ens Borough. New York came Here to look at Cord Ray. She failed to identify him. Cordray said he was a graduate or a Georgia University and that he came to hew York in to study Law. For some time in continued he had been living hand to Mouth existence run or wishing dishes to keep wars for Good in every Roan is urged by the Rev. Hector d. Frame pastor of the Spring Hill Baptist Church. In a. Sermon prepared for the Gazette entitled demand of the Sermon Fallows i recently heard a College president make this remark a College youth had arrived Home at the close of the year s work. He walked into the pres ence of family Slung his hat to Wall exclaiming Hooray i i am graduated the boy thought there would no More learning All hard work was Over and he was through. But was he in reality learning and work had just begun. In College be should have found Bow to study How to work and apply himself that he might live a life of Worth while service. Sometimes individuals profess Faith n Christ join the Church thank god he decision was made and then be come Mere Bench warmers for the remainder of life. They hear nothing y nothing do nothing. They think hey Are through. These two mottoes eem to prevail among them eat drink and be Anil Grin and isre Why not say i must be bout my father s i main Tain it is the duty of every Christian o growl grow and grow men should grow in Grace and our Are too Brief to be wasted. the average to 30 years in which your Best for god tub rpm. Hector d. Frame to find our place in life ten years to. Get Success. 25 years to eat sleep and Grunt Only ten years of actual possible turn to Page 10 col. 4 it s a boy for Lindbergh child born at Morrow Home says tag Plant Price fair one site near Capitol will be used chairman of Road body states c. P. Fortney chairman of the Road commission said yesterday that the commission had purchased for a plot of land near the state a Salto building upon which a Plant for the manufacture of Auton Tolle License plates would be constructed probably within two or time months. The s plan Fortney said. Was to dispose of the property at Nitro. Now used for the manufacture of 11 Ense plates As Toon As the Uii plates Are finished. Which flu to in july or August. The Purchase of new site Economy pointing out Taat a Plant would eliminate coat of transporting plates from Nitro and duplication of work. In the of Fleet of automobile Dot Slon. The present quarters at Altro also rapidly becoming inadequate he added. Altro site unsatisfactory v the communion in its order of Pur Chase said the operation of the Plant at Nitro has not been satisfactory be cause of the location and the Cost of transportation of the i Consa plates to the commission s offices in Charleston. It appears to the comm non that a Plant located in the Vicinity of the main offices would result in a More economical supervision production and distribution of License plates and enable it to better serve the Public in the distribution of said the land All tenths of an acre in area was purchased from the Central Trust company of Charleston which held it under a Trust deed executed by e. M. Keatley William Crichton jr., a d. Crummitt and William Crichton. Keatley said they acquired it about seven years ago from lie virginian electric company and then transferred it to the Trust company to secure cer Tain Loans. Asked concerning published reports of criticism that the Price paid the commission was excessive keat Ley said it represented a loss of about to the group Over toe chasing Price of seven ago. Congress May end labors by july 1 House plans to act on Rivers and harbours measure today Washington june ers and harbours. World War veterans unemployment and miscellaneous legislation of considerable importance u expected to hold the attention of the House for the next week with adjourn ment of Congress probably in the first week of july. The House plans to act on the Rivers and harbours omnibus Bill tomorrow and to consider the Bill to increase veterans Relief tuesday provided the Striate completes action monday. Chairman Dempsey of the House Riv ers and harbours committee expects to ask concurrence in Trio Senate Amend ments to the omnibus Bill increasing House measure by approximately The measure carries authority for improvement of Waterways and harbours in practically every Sec Ion of the country and is the first to approach enactment in three tha possibility of a deficit in the National Treasury the la be Leved by the measure s proponents to be favourable to it in View of the Bene its to be derived from economical waterway transportation and the Advance it would make toward alleviating unemployment. Aviatrix 19, Dies after operations san Diego cal., june miss peaches Wallace year old Avn Tolx and older Pilot died today at a Hospital to which Slie was taken suffering from appendicitis Early in april. Following the operation. It was said peritonitis developed and although he underwent a series of operations and blood transfusions physicians were unable to bar life. Famous couple sheltered in Home of Anne s parents As blessed occurs details withheld birth occurs on Mother s birthday Englewood m. J., june son was born today to America s hero of the air and the intrepid helpmate who had assisted him in biasing new pathways through uncharted skies. From the Home of ambassador Dwight w. Morrow came the that has been awaited with much interest that an heir had arrived to Complete the happiness of col. Charles a. Lindbergh and the former Anne Morrow. The infant was born on mrs Lindbergh s Totth of birthday. Beyond the fact that the child a boy and that he was born at the Morrow Home no information forthcoming there. From other sources however it was Learned that the baby was born at . The Happy Par. Ends were completely sheltered in the House of mrs. Lindbergh s father. All details were withheld just the de tails of the Lone courtship and marriage were guarded. In recent weeks the admiration of the Public been aroused than even by mrs. Undberg who de approaching motherhood fumes of still take three lives Newport ky., june persons were asphyxiated today by fumes from a 500 gallon Stu in the Home of August Remenowsky. 39, according to Coroner Widter b. Hughes. The dead Remenowsky mrs. Matilda Remenowsky 38, and Anthony Sendel Back 30, former Newport policeman. The bodies were found in the base ment of the Home by Amu May Remenowsky 15. Oldest of s children la family. All of the children were asleep on the first act. A Moon n at the House but not of the fumes. Nia the girl discovered the bodies this n morning. The Coroner. Said Trio bad been dead since about this morning. Curious thousands View death Cliff scene of madman s act visited by throngs Day after tragedy new Haven conn., june thousands of morbidly curious today gazed in horror it towering Rock from which Raymond c. Spang demented world War Veteran yesterday pitched his wife and four children to their death and climaxed the tragedy two later by leaning after them. In Ansonia far removed from the blood stained 410 foot Cliff the bodies of the victims Lay today in a morgue while plans were for their Bur Ial tuesday morning. The father and Mother mrs Ger Trude Spang 34, and the children ranging in age from 3 to 12 years will be Laid to rest in a single simple fun eral service. Police on guard Only a strict watch maintained by police today prevented the More Dar ing of the crowds from making the precarious climb Down face of the Rock to the narrow ledge on which Spang took Refuge for two hours after Mirling the last of his children to their terrible late. Thousands yesterday saw the Man plainly outlined against the dark Brown surface remove one shoe Cross himself and leap out into the air to land at their feet. All the while fireman lowered from the Summit a rope was perched within a feet of him vainly attempting to reason the Man out of his and plan. Spang selected the Rock noted Fot its Beauty yesterday a Day after his escape from a United states veterans Hospital in the Bronx new York for a picnic to celebrate his Home coming. No one saw him Park his automobile no one saw him lure his wire and children to the Edge of the Cliff and no one saw him lift1 the first bewildered daughter High into the Send her spinning to the jagged rocks below. Tragedy it was the agonized shrieks of the Mother As she attempted to save her second child that brought to those be Low the first intimation of the trag Edy looking up they saw Spang hurl the child downward then saw him push his wife off the Edge of the precipice. A moment later he cast the remain ing two children Down Cliff s Side but they landed on a ledge a part Way Down. Spang followed them picking his Way from ledge to ledge until he reached them. Seemingly caressing each child the demented Man hesitated a moment and their Flung them to the Bottom of the Declivity where the bodies of the others Lay. I he continued to climb Down to a Point about 125 feet from the ground and there he perched mumbling and throwing stones at the fireman who bad been lowered to him. Fot two hours he sat there a White shirt visible against the Sandstone Cliff Pray ing and muttering so nth Long about his children being changed into Tom. Famous husband on Many of Mellon vets Bill Federal receipts of 1930 year will be to support expenses of enactment would kill tax he Treasury head Oul Liati opinions in letter to Hoover Washington 33 rotary Mellon said today that a in Treasury of at of Ito Al yer of i now rated and that rate of income tax la to a Tuff Cut of 000 Likely. In a letter to Freh Dant non mix on the pin Dong world War Legi Alau a the Tor the Lescal ii be to support tonal by the at Tor 1m1 annually id r to Tam Mellon i. Feel thai should be that if further now Taal by bum in Secretary Mellon Sale his predicted upon a riot la attitude in respect of future for further present of continued must be an reduction la _ income and that the trs Iwry tally in Ciotta to of continuing too. Old be would so he cout4 r to next ton of reduction. matted president Honor to us tact persons would of thu number of net income leu than , have to pay approximately in taxes if old 1 restored. Would be required to a at a time ment should Endeavor to relieve to increase it. Only last thursday they to Gether to Hartford. Conn from. Boro Airport. easter two Lindbergh shared with her Hus band credit for establishing a record for a one Stop night from Glendale. To Roosevelt Field m. T. Col Onel Lindbergh declared wife did the greatest part of the work on the flight acting As navigator and co Pilot As Well. Reservations that had been made for reception in a new York Hospital were cancelled ago and Hospital equipment and staff of were brought to Morrow Home. Some time after of birth obtained newspaper men received information that child weighed seven and three quart ers pounds and that or. Forbe specialist of the fifth Avenue hew York assumed by or. B. H. Dunnen and three other physicians attended Lindbergh. There was much speculation to what name child Rould receive the most popular guess being Cha Arlo Augustus Lindbergh or. Byrd goes Home to Winchester quiet and. Sacred Wel come is staged by Virginia folks Winchester june. Rear Admiral Richard b. Byrd Home today to Winchester known his Home town welcomed bin la obvious contrast to affairs of new York Washington and Richmond with a Celebration of quietness sacredness of Home. Open air thanksgiving service for the Safe return of our heroic Citran. Admiral a City Resolution said was the simple Welcome. He with family mrs. Marls Byrd of Boston his wife and Richard Evelyn Byrd 3rd, their sob. His brother former governor Harry Toyd Byrd and Thomas b. Byrd of Winchester his Mother mrs. Richard i. Byrd. St. And mrs. H. F. Byrd motored Here this morning from Richmond where last night the state at its capital City welcomed his return from the Antarctic. They arrived at noon Home again after nearly two years that carried him to southernmost the Earth and Aerial Conquest of the South at he and Fanelly attended religious services in High school stadium conducted by t. Mcfaden of the presbyterian Church. Virtually every cd town of win charter was present to Bear warm of greeting from an improvised pulpit and give for the return of one of the most famous virginians of his generation. The service was concluded with the presentation of a Satin fun shed ver bowl to Admiral Byrd by mayor f. A. Shrock on behalf of City. The bowl was engraved with the inscription to rear Admiral Evelyn Byrd. Whose loyalty to native City has not been dimmed def world1 Fame and whose equal to his also on it were the Coats of the of Virginia and i your men that director of turini Reau estimates Cost 1m year 1m1 of r. K. And reported by Scute committee to be i Cost to Rii ully. Yon my Best judgment to for Floal to support thu Burden. I a fret to that will not. You appreciate of l difficulty of Estl Natac in Advance As under oar largely on one form or the income tax which to in an absolutely our ability to eral. Busl nees Over Lotf of the next u and obviously on nut atm of by of Toa and on thu Whiteh i do catch on not a hopeful in of future in want last cations i will us year 1m1 det Tott of vreril.-. If the Redroad rate is to returned and to Imo Lacoote. To Matt a or fat mately to Wal of course. to be imposed by new lation. I think i hould Call your ton to fact that based of Terest in debt mthenwnt1- will be paid in l mint they have universally paid in rather than in an automatic Rad cuon of our Tanal debt but not pop Jar menu or currant Cven when payments been in oath Treasury up to in set been in a portion to apply the reduction of our Nat Binl this policy to blushed Over of j null fitly repayments both principal and have come to definitely earmarked for the. Reins it s cheap but hard to a essays Rogers Chicano he Tif Taka Wnm 01 us Law that Over in the it Comer it the paper every meet to All the financial talk Hiie about he new Witk the pc Deal armm three my and per 1 Why Tucey qty it i one per event. There Way Ettling any it it anyway v. Til Mells

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