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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Charleston, West Virginia City scene titty Iwer helped n by it sifting in Section Romot Ftp sitting for on hour Winting of the Charleston Gazette state newspaper Charleston West Virginia monday morning january j state forecast Cloudy 24 see Tiou Cento cold with flurries in highs in the 20s. Page 1 Black Lions chief Dies As Rifleman a wire photo Gustavus Cleckley Cobell native helped by Peter Arnett Viet Nam Tel he was the son of a general a West Pointer and a battalion commander. But after the sniper bullets cracked it. Col. George Eyster was to die like a Rifle Man. It May have been the colonel s leaves on his Collar or the map he held in his. Hand or just a wayward Chance that the Viet Cong sniper chose Eyster from the five of us stand ing in that Dusty Jungle Patch. Eyster was with b company of his Black Lions battalion the 2nd battalion of the 28th regiment 1st division because he always went with the company with the most pressing problem. The problem for b company that Day was no response end hinted by Richard Eder e new York times service Washington the John son administration is tentatively planning to end its peace offensive in Viet Nam shortly after the end of the lunar new year cease fire unless some favourable response from the communists is received by then it was reliably Learned sunday. The lunar new year cease fire is expected to end the night of Jan 23. A series of Tough and Pessi mistic Public statements with in the last 24 hours reflect the official View that the United states cannot afford to wait much longer for enemy bunkers and snipers. Eyster 43, lean faced and tall had already told his men How to disarm a Claymore mine they had located at a Bend in the path. Cut the wires Don t pull he called out to a Rifleman As we moved up the path to see the plate shaped mine. Then he pulled out his map and began talk ing with the company commander capt. George f. Dailey of fort Atkinson wis. They stood on the path As a platoon moved through past the Claymore and into the tangle of wild rubber Trees that surrounded us. Suddenly bullets cracked through the Trees around us. I Slid to the ground. Eyster slumped Down three feet from me his arms to Bis Chest. He moaned i pain. George i m he murmured to Dailey. The company commander jumped to his feet heedless of the sniper. The colonel s hit the col Onel s he shouted. Bring up a medic bring up t v Eyster Lay in the dust Ashen faced. Medic Gustavus Cleckley of Huntington w. Va., ran up. I thought he was dying right the medic said later. His eyes were closed his face Grey. The wound was serious in his neck. I saw that the Bullet had not come Cleckley did what he could lightly dressing the colonel s wound. Race with death was lost As medics rushed first division toward a helicopter after Eyster it. Col. George Eyster 43, of Cocoa fla., com had been shot by a Viet Cong sniper at , Haft inn of to r. South Viet Nam. A wire photo Mander of the Black Lions battalion of the . South Viet Nam. Irons puts self head of Nigeria b52s frill Viet to blast Cong area of Sions because Only he has All Jacob k. Javits or North Viet. Nam is willing to make some move toward peace. Informed sources said that the administration had received no show that the communists intend to accept the peace bid launched on Christmas eve when the . Suspended bombing raids on North Viet Nam. These sources said that no message had yet been received indicating a rejection of the . Peace Effort which has been carried to major capitals by High ranking Amer ican emissaries. Vice presi Dent Hubert Humphrey said sunday that a note presented by a . Diplomat North vietnamese Diplomat an Exchange that reportedly took by Thomas a. Reedy area 10 Miles Northwest of Saigon Viet Nam w Quang Ngai City on the Cen a. B52s from Guam joined a trial coast. South vietnamese Outh vietnamese army opera officials reported that perhaps Tion for the first time sunday two to three Viet Cong regi Eyster s heart seemed to beat More steadily color came to his face and he regained consciousness. Where am i hit How bad is he asked Cleckley. The medic did t Tell him How severe the wound was. Photographer Host Faas of the associated press came up. Hort Don t get yes Ter called out urgently his voice hoarse. He had lapsed Back into Lagos Nigeria up maj. Gen. Aguigui Irons declared himself head of Nigeria s fed eral government sunday night. Of for first time sunday two to three Viet coi _ _ he suspended top civilian Lead blasting territory on the Central ments were in the area 330 ers and major provisions of coast Traat yet Long Northeast of Saigon tile nigerian Constitution. Claimed As its own. Government ground troops and Navy a1 continuation of the Lull in u. S. Bombing of North Viet Nam was evidenced sunday As several leaders discussed president Johnson s peace offensive. These views emerged for sen Mike Mansfield d Mont and sen. George d. Aiken a it in a joint inter View called for. An indefinite pause in the bombing while president Johnson searches for peace. They said the United states would gain More. Than it loses in continuing. The Lull which began dec. 24. Vepr Gerald Ford House minority Leader said republicans support the president s peace offensive and believe the Lack of immediate results n. Y., praised the president s peace search and said he sees an excellent Chance of getting out of there with however the new York Republican said on a new York City television program Johnson should discuss his Viet Nam policy fully before con Gress and run the risk of the expression of the will of the Xvi Geprge Bundy special presidential assistant on National Security the government in Hanoi can make the decision to go to the con Ference table without a veto has also remained unanswered. . Analysts do not believe that a reduction in military activity by North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces Over the last few weeks is significant enough to signal a response to the peace overtures. There Are indications Al though conclusive evidence is not available or. At least is not being rate of infiltration of men and equipment from North Viet at about the same level As before Christ Mas. Of Spartanburg s.c., arrived. Cline discovered the Bullet had probably penetrated a lung and had broken ribs. Ill give him 15 minutes More to live unless we can get him out. Of Cline said. As More firing broke out soldiers colonel on to a Stretcher and carried him through the thick Brush. A Pool of blood stained the dust. Plasma bottles were rigged beside him. As the troops quietly moved past in search of the snipers they would pause for a Brief glance at their fallen commander. Eyster was breathing Hea Vily. The helicopter sent to the 41-year-old commander in chief of the army also said in a broadcast he had been in vested As supreme commander of All the armed forces. Irons s proclamation establishing an interim military government followed an at tempted coup saturday by mutinous elements of the army who reportedly kidnapped the Federal prime minister sir Abubaker Tarawa Zalewa and his finance minister. To be search Wirig for the two men. The general gave no news of their Fate in his Broad cast. Troop units Loyal to the command swarmed in to Lagos after the unsuccessful coup and surrounded govern ment buildings. Then still guarded key Points sunday and manned five Road blocks Between the Airport and the City were no re ports of violence. . Air Force Jet fighter bombers strafed and bombed Viet Cong Camps close to Saigon while action elsewhere seemed to Drift to Ward a lunar new year cease fire. Waves of b52s roared out of an Early morning Sun for saturation bombing runs on an moved into the bombed area after the b52 strike and made Light Contact with the enemy. No significant results were reported in Saigon. The. Operation planned for several Days was launched in retaliation for Viet Cong at tacks on government outposts in the Quang Ngai City taxes med Okay in Advance the air plane was for the use of the Board of Public works. This is an entirely different use to which the state Road commission is buying this air. Hoffmann asked whether both Irons. In his broadcast suspended Federal president namoi Azikiwe the the administration has not from communist China if it been taking unduly seriously the wants peace. Series of hostile comments that _ it obviously has relations have issued from Hanoi peking evacuate hmm had trouble should not deter continued of with other larger communist and Moscow about toe u. S. A Landing area but. Forts Powers but we do believe that peace offensive. Finally spotted the Clearing. Speaking on the Abc Tele that government can if it s of a gut the More time that has vision radio program meet mind to make a decision for elapsed without any private in the press the Michigan con said Bandy on the Abc that u. S. Effort. Sessman said the bombing television radio program is was being favo Rabiy received the m must not continue if Defi sues and the closer top officials Here Natell but said Johnson is the Barry Goldwater 1964 re please turn to Page 2 col. 4 one who must make the Deci please turn to Page 2 col. 5 and swooped Down. The Stretcher and the Clearing with a please turn to Page 2 col. 6 Geria s four regions and the Federal regional Parlia ments. He said military governors would be appointed in the four regions and would be responsible to the Federal Mili tary government for maintain ing Law and order. The federation of Nigeria is made up of the four self gov gov Smith said sunday that he gave his Advance approval for the Purchase of a second state air plane by the state Road commission he made the statement on a Saz television program Dur ing which he said the state of May be looking for an Addi error s office and Joe Board of Public they Are in the name of com Mission Smith said All state air planes Are on Call by the governor the Board and other depart ment Heads. He went on to say that the plane will be a great convenience to Many top offi Tor for weeks. The guerrillas have overrun several outposts in actions apparently intended to let the inhabitants know that the communists regard this As their territory. They have dominated Quang Ngai province for years. . Air Power also was brought into play against a Viet Cong battalion 20 Miles West of Saigon. Navy and air Force fighters came in with a total of 18 sorties Between 9 . And 3 . Forward air controllers re ported seeing 40 Viet Cong dead and a d d e d the belief there were p a p s Many More dead in the heavily wooded areas. The Jan. 20-23 lunar new year cease fire was. Reflected in Battle ire ports from the is. Mission and vietnamese government Headquarters Light contacts were made with Small Viet Cong groups but otherwise the communists had crawled into lairs beyond detection. . 1st infantry division troops continued so bring Viet Cong tunnels and caves in operation Buckskin about 20 Miles Northwest of Sai tonal million in taxes approximately one year from in the wide ranging discus Sion the governor also said he did t consider that revenues from the transportation privilege tax were included in the estimates for the Fis Cal year budget. That comment is in direct conflict with a statement by gon a Branch off from operation crimp which has been planes win be on Call of he gov dosed out Thev stirred up a Brief fire fight sunday morning and sustained Light casualties from Small arms and mortars but had no re port on what damage they inflicted. In the same Vicinity the Viet Cong launched four attacks on government outposts or positions a vietnamese military territory of Lagos. Nebulous Sims air a Public land corp. Dealings curious by John g. Morgan staff writer the Public land corp. Is a curious state Agency with authority to sell or lease Miner als under the Beds of navigable streams and to engage in a asks various property deals involving vast acreages. It full exercise of its Broad Powers the Agency has for 99 years an 81 acre tract of Coal under the bed of the Ohio River in Mason county. Sold outright 11.7 acres of Coal under the bed of the Ohio River in Marshall county. Outright 3.8 acres of Ronsi 7 Coal under the bed of the Mon to delay River in Marion 1-64 request Dunbar planning director Charles w. Macqueen has asked the state Road commission to delay its request for approval of 1-64 construction through Dunbar. In a letter to commissioner Burl a. Sawyers. Macqueen listed five items upon which the Road commission and the municipal planning commis Sion have not been Able to agree. Two weeks afro the submitted to Dunbar City coun cil copies of an agreement which Insl be signed by City officials before construction of the Highway can be Girt coun cil referred the matter its City attorney Janil sry Board turn to Page 2 cd. 3 county. Pc records show that the 99-year lease agreement was entered into on oct. 1, 1946, when the late gov. Clarence w. Meadows was the sex offi Cio chairman of the corporation. It runs until sept. 30, in the year 2.045. And is renewable for another 99 years. Appalachian Power co. Originally obtained the lease and later assigned it to Central Coal co. Of new York a subsidiary. The big Utility company paid an initial or the lease and agreed to pay a royally of five cents a ton on All Coal re moved from the 8l-Acrc tract to Date no Coal has been mined in the leased area. Consolidation Coal co. Of Pittsburgh bought the 11.7 acres under the Ohio in mar shall county and the 3.8 acres please Ima to Page 2 col 1 helping hands place bandaged it. Col George Eyster of Cocoa Flau on a Stretcher after he was shot by a Viet Gong sniper in action at South Viet Nam. Easter died hour later. A wire photo by said the Revenue estimate from the tax was included in. The budget. The tax was declared unconstitutional by the state supreme court last year and an Appeal is pending. Estimates of the value of the tax Range from is million to million annually. News broke last week to the effect that the Road com Mission has the second plane on order. Plans to buy the air Craft at a Cost of circumvented legislative action which denied the Board of Public works for a plane last year. Smith said at the television news conference sunday that he had talked sometime ago with Road commissioner Burl a. Sawyers about buying the plane. He asked me if i thought we should go ahead and i said the governor declared. Smith made it Clear that the Purchase request did t come before the Board of Public works and that the Board did t approve it. He said the discussion about the plane was Between him and Sawyers who presented the problem of transporting the engineers and the highly priced technicians across the state to construction jobs. The governor was asked this question by Harry g Hoffmann editor of the Char Leston Gazette and the Sun Day Gazette mail do you think it was proper to buy Thi air plane in View of the specific rejection of the proposal by the Smith answered the proposal by the legislature. I am swe. Was aimed at and my understand ing was feat the Purchase of vials and added spokesman reported. They in my understanding is that for eluded. A mortar barrage on the Price we re paying for per the Ranger train sonnet a budget of right at ing Center. Government Cas please turn to Page 2 col. 4 please turn to Page 2 col. 3 defended British tailoring labelled sissified by James Bacon Hollywood British tailors want men to dress like girls a famed movie stylist said sunday in defense of president Johnson s Mode of dress. A controversy Over the pres ident s clothes resulted from an attack by tailor and Cutter so called Bible of the British tailoring Industry. The Trade Magazine said Johnson As a style setter added up to a fat round inside existentialism a reporter goes to a Inich to Charr people Are Par hired a existentialism Irith its in life i.? absurd and ultimately Page 33 amusements comic Page .---18 crossword Puzzle 18 editorials. Columns .14. 15 Gazette want ads .20-2? Goren on Bridge 5. E obituary. Funerals 4 sports pages 16 of television 3 the gazetteer 19 women s activities .9-11 w. Eastern clothing designers and White House aides quickly sprang to the president s de sense. Now Hollywood is in the act. By Devore who dresses Jerry Lewis Dean Martin William Holden and most of the male stars in town also makes shirts for president Johnson. Sato Devore the trouble with British Tail ors is they dislike seeing a Man dressed like a Man. They Are overwhelmingly in favor of the effeminate look in styling something the presi Dent most certainly does t affect. The president dresses the Way a robust vigorous out Doorman should dress and this is probably what bothers the British Laii ors these so called stylists Long have been trying to introduce styles which would make All men look like their Sisters. They abhor clothing Wurch makes a Man look athletic and Manly instead of like Little Sis sies. London s position As a style setter went out with the heyday d the Prince of Wales in the 20s and it was a mow he Duke of win for wow Seth a Tyle. Not the Laii ors who followed his orders. The British do make Good that s about As or As they go re Adays Selling for

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