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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Charleston, West Virginia Greater renders than the second paper the Charleston Gazette the slate you read or see the big ins up established 1873. Five cents. Charleston West Virginia saturday morning August 8, 1953 14 forecast Semi tired showers Satur Day. Highest 78-85. Details on fare 8 China warned not to resume War to gis Are released in fourth Exchange healthy men at China 16 nations pledge operation big switch9 efforts to put Down new red aggression United nations n. T., aug. U. N. Dis closed today that the 16 nations Here s latest prisoner list Mun san saturday aug. With troops in Korea have United nation command signed a pledge warning master list of american communists that if there is a renewed red attack on Korea change the War May have to be carried directly to red China the 16 also pledged their Cpl. Robert i. Banks son of or. And mrs. William e. Banks Cambridge my. Cpl. Daniel Bolden son of readiness to resume the Battle j mrs. Betty Bolden Roanoke a. Against aggression collectively pvt. Harold l. Grant husband in the event of a new comm aggression. The formal pledge contained in a declaration signed by representatives of the 16 nations in Washington july 27, 1953. The formal declaration was contained in a special report from the unified command to the Secretary general and included a copy of the armistice agreement signed at Panmunjom. Dulles signs korean pact Senate must ratify Mutual Security plan Seoul saturday aug. 8 Secretary of state Dulles and the key paragraph containing president syn Man Rhee today in in pledge of the 16 nations said Iti aled a Mutual Security pact and of mrs. Rosa Lee Grant Temple Tex. Pvt. Willie c. I Een son of William Green Edna Tex. Cpl. James f. Scott son of mrs. Juliette Scott Richmond a. Pfc. Jesse Hatter jr., husband of mrs. Bernice Hatter Al do Rado Ark. Cpl. Webster l. Johnson son of mrs. Bertha Johnson Dorches Ter mass. Pvt. Godfrey Jones. Jr., son of mrs. Alberta Jones of Scarbro Fayette county w. A. Pfc. Wilbert r. Gibson son of the pledge we declare again our Faith the communists the unit the principles and purposes nations command would meet any new attack on South Korea in violation of the armistice. The agreement which provides the u.n., and our consciousness of our continuing responsibilities in Korea and our determination of the korean problem. We affirm. In the interest of world peace that if there is a renewal of the armed attack we should again be United and prompt to resist. The consequences of such a breach of the armistice would be so grave in All probability it would not be possible to contine hostilities within the frontiers of Korea. Finally we Are of the opinion that the armistice must not result in jeopardizing the restoration or the safeguarding of peace of any other part of a u. S. Spokesman stressed. Mrs. Melissa Mich. Gibson Detroit pfc. Leonard Bell White Bluff Tenn. Cpl. Frank Grice brother of Lena Mathews port Arthur Tex. Pfc. Harvey t. Haywood Bro ther of Mary f. Haywood Phil Adelphia. Pfc. Jimmy w. Hitt son of mrs. Myrtle f. Hitt Margaret Ala. Cpl. Eugene Hughes Bro ther of mrs. Alice Hughes Madisonville by. Cpl. Amos Jackson jr., son of to r. Riv. Hums .it., juju i mrs. Leona Jackson Cincinnati. Aimed at. Bringing about the. Unification of Korea by. Force. The Korea was signed at 10 . 8 . Friday a joint statement said the United states and South Korea would walk out of a postwar political conference after 90 Days if they decide the conference is being exploited by the reds. The statement declared we will then consult further regard ing the attainment of a unified free and Independent it was the first time Rhee has publicly stated he would be con tent merely to talk in the event Anderson Battle jr., son of mrs. Christine Battle Bartow Fla. Cpl. Willie Roberts son of mrs. Maria Roberts Cheneyville la. Pvt. Robert o. Johnson son of mrs. Beatrice m. Johnson Palmer mass. Cpl. Everett e. Hodgeman son of mrs. Fannie r. Hedge Man Scottsville a. Cpl. Robert l. Rudisill son of mrs. Lilly Mae Rudisill Shelby however that this pledge is not the political conference failed. He repeatedly has threatened that South Korea will fight Oil j. Tiv h a we. A. Spokesman pointed out that the if necessary to attain unification agreement us Given above was of this War torn Peninsula. The statement declared Rhee first reached Back in 1952. Collective Dulles and their advisers had a co the declaration stresses that Exchange of views on the sub korean truce is a collective inject of unification which they Hope achievement and expresses a establish a preparatory foun Precia Tion to All countries which Dation for coordinated efforts at participated in the resistance political aggression and which made sup the Rhee Dulles statement said portions contributions other United states recognizes the those of combat troops. Right of sovereignty of the re pub among those mentioned in o Korea to Deal with its prob latter category Are Denmark but it added that South Dia Italy Norway and Sweden. Korea has agreed to take no n. A pvt. Arthur o. Jernigan of mrs. Julia e. Jernigan Field n. C. _ pfc. Tom Hemphill mrs. Emma Hemphill White s. C. Gel. Tommie Hampton husband of mrs. Felman Hampton Chi Cago. Pvt. Willie j. Rudd son of mrs. Josephine Rudd los an Geles. Pfc. John o. Robertson son of Osker Roberson Rocky mount n. C. Cpl. Robert Johnson jr., Fos Ter son of mrs. Mary Williams Richmond a. Pfc. Robert i. Brooks husband of mrs. Flossie a. L. Brooks joke shout from trucks group s Light quips make Sharp contrast to atrocity stories Panmunjom saturday aug. Allied War Cap Tives came Back today from the miseries and hardships of red korean prison Camps to the warmth and Bounty of their own people As the big Post armistice Exchange rolled through the fourth Day. They Rode out of the korean Northland in rumbling Molotov trucks led in column by rus Sian made jeeps. Some of them joked and bantered As they waited for the Call to Clam ser Down from the vehicles of their captors and join their own Side. Where is the mess sever Al americans shouted. Say who s leading the National another yelled the Yankees still Lead ing the the lightness of their quips con a trusted startlingly with the Depriva-1 tons and cruel treatment described by others released from communist Captivity during the past three Days. 25 in first group the first 100 captives released today included 25 americans All negroes. Most of these were from the 25th division s 24th regiment which was in the korean fighting almost from the Start. Ninety americans in All were on the list to be freed. The second group included turks South koreans and americans the latter All negroes too. All except one of the first americans released appeared to be in Good health. That one car ried a Cane and limped. Found guilty of second degree murder in the death of an Elk River Coal and lumber co., employee Jennings Roscoe bail is shown As he awaited the verdict in a Clay courtroom. With him is his wife Ella Mae. Gazette photo by Ferrell Friend Turnpike needs additional fund the foreword to the action to unite Korea j reids Ville n. C. Tion stresses that the armistice Mii tary Means for the agreed pvt. Leroy Broom son of mrs. A military agreement Between of the political confere military commanders adding ence it is intended to make Possi at the same time Dulles and final peaceful warned the communists that an unprovoked armed attack against South Korea in violation ble and assumes that this end will in Good Faith be n command including please turn to Pago. 8 col. 5 reds to execute 10 n. Koreans i us Sun Irwi in reviewing the two Long years f to armistice would be met by of negotiations for an armistice the the foreword stated the intransigence of Dulles. Secretary of the army Noi s was responsible for the St ambassador Henry tinted loss of life and destruction i Chi f d it t and for the Lona e e United nations and ing the armistice negotiations department officials a successful conclusion. Here Dulles and Rhee conferred four times. When ratification is Complete the declaration said our governments will promptly negotiate agreements to cover the status of such forces As the United states May elect to maintain in until then the status of u. N. Forces in Korea will remain in the statement said. Mattie w. Newton. Albany a. Cpl. Albert Dixon husband of mrs. Annie Mae Dixon Chester a. Cpl. Jerry l. Carter jr., son of mrs. Eva Lee Carter Ogden Utah. London saturday aug. 8 Moscow radio today announced death sentences have been in on the subject of unification the posed on 10 top North korean of declared facials accused of plotting armed j the armistice contemplates that the please turn to Page 8 col. 1 through the nation the worst strike France has seen in 27 years. It please turn to Page 8 col. 7 France crippled by major strike Paris aug. Stag gered under a crippling wave of strikes today at the Peak of her lucrative tourist season. Walkouts by about workers snarled up the vacation schedules of thou Sands of american and other for eign visitors and paralysed every one of the negroes carried a skin drum. Another wore a red and White Cap a colourful contrast to the drab Blue prisoner garb. The freed prisoners were rushed on to Freedom Village for medical checks fresh food clean clothing and the Start of the Long journey Home. One briton asked How it Felt to be coming Back answered we Haven t realized it strip off clothes another said the British repatriates included men from the 8th Man Hussars the King s own scottish Borderers and the Leicestershire regiment. One Young British repatriate shouted to a British correspond it let s make it dirty i favorite East London gathering spot. Some turks began slipping off their chinese uniforms american guards stopped them. One Turk walked into an ambulance holding up his pants with his hands. Despite warnings some South korean repatriates threw away their clothes. Plotting for rebellion and United states. Two other North korean officials were jailed. The sentences were handed Down by the military collegium of the North korean supreme court following a purge trial in the red tradition with All 12 accused confessing guilt. Former Justice minister Lee Sung Yop accused As the ring a phase of the nation s Public serv ices. Socialist communist and Cath Olic unions joined in spreading pigskin it the North South football game Leader in the purported plot head inc takes pleasure in announcing the list of those sentenced tithe float entry of the seven up die. Bottling co., inc. In the com i was a protest in Advance against economies Premier Joseph Lan Iel s government was rumoured contemplating at the expense of work ers on the Public payroll. Mail piled up at strike bound Post offices telephones went dead and trains ground to a halt. Tele Grams were undelivered garbage piled in the streets bus and subway service in Paris halted mines were idled. Electricity went off and on sporadically cooking Gas flickered wanly and please turn to Page 8 col. 1 mountaineers again 8carbro, St. At bans soldiers released estimate far Short of Mark Bond Issue scanned by John g. Morgan writer for the Gazette Turnpike yesterday the West Virginia commission admitted that it la need More Money than it has for building the two Lane super toll Road Between Charleston and Princeton. That Means that an original Cost estimate for the biggest project in West Virginia s Road building history of its Mark and another Bond Issue will be necessary. The commission would t make a Public guess As to the amount of the proposed second Bond Issue but said it has Al ready started gathering figures to ire used in arriving at the practical mathematical fact to be made known in october. However the commission quickly said yesterday that its financial standing As of now is Good in every respect and will remain that Way until next Spring when the additional funds will be sought. Commission counsel and accountants expressed full Faith thai the Money would be readily obtainable and pointed out that the principal underwriters for the project have promised the same support that they gave the first Bond Issue for the entire the underwriters Are Bear please turn to Page 8 col. 3 please turn to Page 8 col. Also doomed the broadcast said Mercial division of the sixth were Cho Yun Nyong former annual pigskin pageant to be Heldi the dead went unburied. Deputy propaganda minister Friday night on Kanawha the strikes some of which Start Hong Wong former foreign my Boulevard starting promptly at ister and vice Premier Rhee won g . Cho former Deputy propaganda chief of the korean communist party and six others. One of the jailed officials got i 15 Yean the other 12. I the Pyongyang radio monitored in Tokyo announced last night that he 12 had beet prosecuted for spying and plotting to overthrow the red regime. Man vote that a in rep 8 s Yeigiu uie Toimi num Gynce reports mat a great f Mountain state soldiers was in Progress in the communist freed since nhe korean War Pris North Oner Exchange began. Oddly both West Virginia gis turned Over to Allied authorities by the reds at pan the communists released two the North korean heard in Tokyo asserted the 12 turn to Page 8 col. 3 inside today astrology Beauty clashed columnist comics Crown d Dorothy Dix u Pix it y Seu 14 health 1 markets 9-12 obituary j patterns 7 radio to 8 Robb 7 sport 2 i Munnom in the latest Exchange were named Jones. They Are pvt. Orville g. Jones of Aman Daville a Section of St. Albans. Pvt. Godfrey Jones. Jr., of Scarbro Fayette. County. Orville Jones name was near the end of the Long list. His nearest of Kin is a Sis Ter mrs. Neomi k. Williams of Amandaville. The youth s parents Are dead. Mrs. Williams bad already gone to bed when a relative called to Tell of Orville s re lease. The relative had heard about it on a late newscast. That was one phone Call i did t mind getting out of bed to mrs. Williams said Hap pity. She said Orville who is 20, enlisted in the army when he was 17 and was captured in novem Ber 1950. Since then she had received Only two letters from him the last in july. Orville also has two Brothers both living in the Charleston area and three other Sisters. He was a member of com Pany c of the 25th infantry division s 24th regiment. Godfrey Jones was one of the Pleam turn to fare col. 4 representing Parkersburg As miss Parkersburg news at the 1953 North South football game of which this newspaper is a sponsor will be miss Diane Fisher daughter of or. And mrs. Francis p. Fisher 1s05 Maxwell and. Miss Fisher was graduated the class of 53 from Parkersburg High school where see was a staff writer on the school paper member of the Quill and scroll and Marcato glee club. She was also a student assistant arid a member of the Chere a Nous sub Deb club. The 17-year-old miss will arrive in Charleston thursday morning aug. 13, along with the 19 other football Queens. They will be feted at numerous luncheons and dinners and will participate in the three main highlights of the extravaganza then a style show pigskin pageant and the football game. Half time ceremonies this year s classic will be different from any seen in previous years. The Queens will make their last Public appearance at the Victory Ball. Twenty newspapers including the Gazette jointly sponsor the North South game. Engineers checking All charges levelled by Section inspector by Wallace e. Knight staff writer for the Gazette the West Virginia Turnpike engineering firm of Howard Needles Tammen and Bergendoff is making a Complete Check of All charges of neglect and mismanagement levelled thursday by an inspector on a Section of the Highway a spokesman for the consulting Engineer organization said yesterday that All statements made Noble s. Gardner of Charles ton the inspector Are being investigated. The spokesman project Engi Neer Carl s. Peterson added that Gardner s statements sounded simply like the work of a disgruntled we have no detailed answers to Gardner s charges As he said but engineers Are checking every Point he yesterday also marked Gard Ner s resignation from his Post As inspector for Gannett Fleming Corddry and the firm which is supervising construction of the North end of the Pike. Gardner said he was quitting Lis Job in and added hat he had Felt for some time hat my time on the project was objections listed the inspector s criticisms Cen tred on construction of the turn Pike Between Chesapeake and Miami on Cabin Creek and specifically cited the following 1. That main truss rods were left put of a Culvert on Slaugh Ter s Creek at Chelyan. 2. That in two cases footers foundations for Bridge piers were out of level. 3. That Bridge abutments in to places were being made with out pilings and would cause the Road to Sag eventually. 4. That pier pilings for a Bridga across Slaughter s Creek in one Case were resting on underground pipes or had been twisted out of line when driven against the pipes. Gardner reasserted the state ments yesterday but Peterson Tiad the following to say concern ing them 1. If truss rods were left out of a Gardner should have noted it and stopped the work in time. It was a part of his Job to catch such errors. Please turn to Page 8 col. 2 police rout Berlin reds food station raids spark three riots Berlin aug. 7 rioted in West Berlin late today but police commandos and water Cannon crushed attacks by 900 ret storm trooper s against american it fed Relief for hungry tsasi1 Ger mans. Three bloody riots flared simultaneously at of bad give away Points in the u. S. And French sectors More than 400 police commandos reinforced with water Cannon charged the defiant go munis demonstrators. Thirty rioters five with broken were hauled off to jail Back to near by soviet territory. The West Berlin police who rioting communists at the food distribution centers last tuesday were tip Ped off. In Advance that the reds planned new trouble today. The hottest Battle was Pri Lizeh. Allee French sector police blasted -500 violent red there with water Cannon Hig pressure nozzles mounted on revolving turrets of trucks and then closed in with flailing clubs. Please turn to Page 8 col. 1 jurors find Miner guilty in 2d degree Young picket verdict without show of emotion in court by Don Seagle staff writer for the Gazette Clay aug. Ros Coe bail the unfortunate Vic in of a situation he did not was found guilty of second degree murder today. Deathly quiet gripped the courtroom when a jury com used largely of Braxton county Farmers announced its ver dict at p. M. But there was no demonstration. Bail with his Young wife by Lis Side listened to the verdict without emotion. His conviction could mean a prison sentence of not less than five nor More than 18 years. But the verdict against the 23 year old striker does t mean Case has ended. His lawyers retained by the United mine workers of America made an immediate motion that the sen tence be set aside As contrary to Law and judge Charles a. Duffield jr., set aug. 21 As the Day he would hear arguments on the motion. Bail will be free on Bond at least until then. When defense lawyer Hill it Townsend described bail As the unfortunate victim of a situation he did not he was speak ing of a Long and bitter strike at the Elk River Coal and lumber co. Operations at Widen 20 Miles East of Here. Sought Itow backing bail was one of the men who left their jobs at the company last sept. 20 in a strike designed to Back up demands that the ump be made their bargaining agent. As a direct result of the strike a company employee Charles Frame 29, was shot to death on a Rainy morning last May 7 when a Convoy of motor cars he was Lead ing was fired into. The state indicated bail and two other pickets for Frame s murder. The other two men Are scheduled to be tried later. The jury in this Case was summoned from neighbouring Braxton county after judge Duffield de please turn to Page 8 col. 6 inquisitors Junior Grade i lire run by Tats is exposed Columbus Ohio aug. Police to Day disclosed the fantastic Story of a torture club tin which two children of 10 and 11 imprisoned younger playmates and burned them with heated curtain rods. Patrolman Joseph Chan non said the existence of the Skeleton club in John j. Cornwell 111 in Cumberland Cumberland md., aug. 7 of condition of former West Virginia gov. John j. Cornwell stricken by pneumonia last month was described by a spokesman today As Border ing on not so the 86-year-old Cornwell who was West Vrginia s world War i governor is in memorial hos Pital. He was brought Here july 24 after contracting pneumonia. The Hospital said Cornwell has thrown off the pneumonia but still has had to spend most of the time in an oxygen tent. Cornwell observed his 86th birth Day july 11 at his Home at rom Ney w. A. _ his term As governor was 1917 21. He later was general counsel for the Baltimore and Ohio rail Road. Cornwell also is publisher of the weekly Hampshire review at Romney. Sunday s state Magazine Tion will feature the Story of a real Boom site of the atomic Energy Plant near Portsmouth o. Thousands of workers from West Virginia and Ohio will flow into that Section in the next few months As Well As West Virginia s Black bold Coal. Tomorrow s Gazette will also present the Success Story of Essie former president of the state banking ssoc., the Man Watib wanted a William Maginnis. The Gazette s historian tells the amazing Story of the brutal punishments handed out by the to. So army around 1848. Other features in the state newspaper tomorrow will in clude l. Anderson gives a bit of Friendly advice to television stations in his weekly column in Anne Howard gives you Louis Bromfield s advice on How to keep your Lawn Green Mary Carroll Chapman is at her rope s end in the you can t win John har Idali reports on the activities of those fascinating Little Wrens in signs along the col Ben Jamin of Lewisburg reminisces about characters from his old Home town of Harper s ferry in this week s prize Story and Many Many More. Southeast Columbus be came known after a father complained that his 7 year old daughter came Home with rope Burns on her wrists and Burns on her hips. Channon said a 10-year old boy and an 11-year-old girl headed the club. The father of the burned girl said her injuries came apparently when older Chil Dren heated curtain rods and touched them to the girl s clothing. The clothing was burned but did not ignite. The girl said she was tied in a garage by club members. Channon said a 5-year old boy also was treated in this manner. A 9-year-old girl was tied up but escaped before being burned Channon said. Charleston senators game St. Paul 6 Charleston 2. Tonight St. Paul Here 8 p. No

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