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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Chanute, Kansas In that week s a4-cou.nty notes by Dwight Wallingford District editor pole signs voters who have in the past depended upon political candidate signs banners and staring faces tacked on Fence and Utility poles along the highways in determining for whom to cast their ballot Are certainly in a state of indecision this year. No signs banners or faces Are nailed to the posts and poles. In election years past tattered banners faded posters and sagging mugs stared from nearly every Utility pole in the state Long before and Long after election Day. Under a new state Law Kansas Bas baited an old Campaign habit which had grown into a Gigantic blot on the landscape. Candidates have saved thousands of dollars in printing of the posters and banners to pay for a few advertising spots on television which clutter up nothing but the program scheduling. However a few posters Are seen prominently displayed on Home lawns. Householders by granting permission for displaying the posters add their testimony for the candidate. Not so with Utility poles. Speedier results in the dark Ages of communications before Telegraph and Telephone a candidate did not know for a Day or two sometimes for a week or so if he was elected or not depending upon whether he was in a local state or National contest. After Telegraph and Telephone Complete unofficial results could be tabulated by Early morning after polls closed election Day. Today with electronic computers planned sampling and with television and radio projected final results of election contests can be made accurately within but a few hours after the polls close. Thus the Glamour and excitement of Seesaw Battle with tabulations from alow precincts possibly changing the results Are now gone. Newspapers have been responsible for collecting and tabulating Complete unofficial election returns for decades. They still Are. Projected results on television could not be possible if it weren to for the thousands of newspapermen throughout the nation collecting and tabulating the unofficial vote totals. Thirty five jeans ago Hie Tribune office then on North Lincoln where the first National Bank now stands was a Beehive of activity on election night with hundreds of interested persons Nelling around in the office and in the Street. A big blackboard listing the candidates was erected and a running score of their votes were chalked up As received in reports from precincts and from the associated press. This went on until late at night. Usually the county was Complete and much of the state before Midnight. A Battery of persons answering telephones kept the people at Home informed of the election Progress. As electronic communications radio and television improved and expanded crowds at newspaper offices became smaller and smaller. People remained at Home and listened to radio and watched television for 6tote and National results and telephoned the newspaper offices for local results. Now election Day 1970, Only a few staunch election fans Aire expected at the Tribune office to await the election returns. The Tribune in cooperation with the Erie record will collect the unofficial Complete returns for the county precincts As it has been doing for years. The a wire report of How the election is going throughout the state and nation will be in operation As it has been for years. The Tribune will Cal the Neosho county results to the Apas it has been doing for years. In past years the associated press and United press International tabulated election returns throughout the nation. Radio and television networks received their information about the election from those press services. Things have changed. Now the radio and television networks Are at least sharing in the expense of the collection of election returns. A up National broadcasting system Columbia broadcasting system and american broadcasting system have formed an organization called the news election service which pays the election correspondent of each newspaper for his efforts in reporting the returns. Now the Tribune election correspondent Calls the a Bureau in Kansas City and also Calls the nes regional office in fort Worth tex., in giving election returns from Neosho county. Totals fed into computers speeds up the state and National returns. By to or la . Election results will be fairly Well apparent. Tuesday evening members of the Tribune staff will collect returns from the 24 Neosho county precincts. The a wire and a television set will bring election returns from throughout the state and nation. Returns will be Given Over the Telephone to callers but no returns Are expected until after 8 or 8 30 . Last unit twelve of the last 13 units of the Nee Wolfla Parade held at Independence today were Saddle clubs. The last unit who else the Independence Street department with t Battery of sweeper. Forecast Cool single copy Price Loe the Chanute Mam my Tribune Chanute Kansas 66720, saturday october 31, 1970 to pages 74th year no. 174 november selection a Linda Harris november Calendar girl is pictured on the Campus at Neosho county Community Junior College where she is a freshman. The 17-year-old daughter of or. And mrs. Calvin Tribune photo Harris 1122 n. Forest Linda is a physical education major and a cheerleader at acc pc. She was chosen for this months Honor by the Panther Booster club. Opponent bids for Job Wichita apr the Wichita Eagle reported that the democratic candidate for state insurance commissioner has offered not to Campaign against his Republican opponent if he would get a Job in the commissioners office after the election next tuesday. The newspaper said Friday Legal lease held key to conflict Topeka a conflict of inter amp to charges will not be filed against gov. Robert Docking Only because the state finance Council did not have an enforceable contract to lease a Bank building for state office space. Shawnee county atty. Gene Dander said Friday Only three members of the six Man Council voted to approve the lease and Kansas Law stipulates a majority is necessary to make a contract valid. Docking voted for approval. However Dander said if Hie continued on Page 9 weather the democratic candidate Wallace k. A a we ally Jones wrote Fletcher Bell assistant commissioner who is the gop nominee on sept. 2. The paper reported the letter said a i want a written unconditional guarantee that the Day after the november 1970, election i will be hired under the jurisdiction of the commissioners office to be in charge of the life insurance department to be office in Wichita at a salary of $16,000 annually for As Long As Fletcher Bell is in office. In a reply six Days later the paper said Bell wrote a i have not in the past nor will i in the future make a contacted by Telephone Friday evening Jones acknowledged he had written the letter but said All he wanted was the right to straighten up the fire insurance business. Jones said he met with Bell for two hours several Days be fore he wrote the letter in an attempt to gain the Job after the election because a i knew he was going to win the election and a a so i would make this business insurance asked if he considered his actions a a a deals As described in Belles reply Jones said a the Bell knows there was no attempt to make a attempts to Contact Bell were unsuccessful. Bell in his letter of sept. 8, wrote that he shared Jones concern about the misrepresentation by some insurance agents but added a a i do not believe that All or even a majority of life insurance sales involve misrepresentation but i am aware that some misrepresentations existed. A during my 13 years in the insurance department i have become aware that the question of misrepresentations have Leader of Street people files civil rights suit High Low 38 39 38 86 21 .65 temperature today to . 43 yesterday 62 year ago today 46 highest this Date 1950 lowest this Date 1930 relative humidity to . Barometer to . 29.20 Sunrise 6 46 a Sunset 5 25 precipitation today to a a .01 Inch. Forecast fair to partly Cloudy through sunday and a Little cooler. Low tonight in the lower 80s, High sunday in the Fife Kansas City ran. A George Kimball a Leader of so called a Street people in Lawrence has filed a $3,015,000 civil rights suits in . District court against sheriff Vern Miller of Wichita. Kimball alleges he was wrongfully arrested by Miller thursday night while addressing a mock rally of about 200 youths outside the Arena where vice president Spiro Agnew spoke at a Republican dinner. The petition contends Kimball was deprived of his Freedom of speech guaranteed under the first amendment. Miller said the arrest was made because Kimball was using a obscene and indecent language in his speech. Kimball was released under $200 Bond on a charge of violating a City ordinance against using such language in a Public place. Sheriff Miller also is a lawyer and the democratic candidate for Kansas attorney general. Kimball got his name on the democratic ballot As candidate for Douglas county sheriff when no one else filed for the position. He asks for $15,000 actual damages and $3 million As punitive and exemplary damages. Rallies for peace on election eve by the associated press Antiwar rallies parades and speeches were planned in dozens of american cities today in what was billed a a massive demonstration for peace on the eve of the nov. 3 elections. In contrast president Nixon will be honoured in Salt Lake City tonight with a a candlelight patriotic Parade which sponsors say is expected to draw several thousand persons. Nixon will be in Utah on a Campaign swing for Republican Senate candidates. Units from veterans groups labor organizations and school children will March in the Salt Lake City Parade sponsors said with state atty. Gen. Vernon Romney As Parade marshal. The Antiwar demonstrators said they would not interfere with the Parade confining their protest to such a a dramatizations As Selling apples on Street Corners and setting up soup lines to protest military spending. About 2.000 students gathered Friday night at the University of South Florida in Tampa in an Antiwar demonstration that included Rock music. A candlelight suspect charged in Woodson fires Yates Center Buford Anderson 22, of Yates Center is being held on two counts of arson and one count of Auto theft. Sheriff Donald Ward said $50,000 damage was caused by six fires at the Blackjack cattle co. North of Yates Center and a seventh Blaze at a nearby barn wednesday night. The loss included too tons of Hay and a Combine. Anderson was arrested in Hutchinson thursday night and returned to Yates Center Friday. Anderson has been employed by the cattle firm and his car was found abandoned nearby after the fires were discovered. We Ard said gasoline was used to Start the fires which were investigated by his office and the state fire marshal. Anderson was arrested in Hutchinson thursday on car theft charges. Police had received a report of a car theft in Hutchinson and four minutes later a patrolman spotted Anderson driving the stolen car. The vehicle stolen in Woodson county was found abandoned in the same parking lot in Hutchinson from which the car was taken. Anderson reportedly told Hutchinson detectives that he had taken two guns from a Home in Seward in Stafford county and admitted involvement in the Woodson county fires. Describing Anderson As Mil mannered and cooperative detectives at Hutchinson said they had no idea he might be involved with anything More than the car theft in Hutchinson. Anderson pleaded guilty Friday in Hutchinson municipal court to a charge of carrying a concealed Butcher knife and was Given a suspended 99-Day sentence. Authorities said he had no previous criminal record. News digest san Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon calling next tuesdays election a a probably the most important and decisive Senate election in american history has appealed to the nation for a vote of Confidence in himself and his programs. Chicago a vice president Spiro t. Agnew hammering Home the message of his chief a half a continent away says election of Tough Law and order candidates next week is the Only Way to a sweep out the garbage of demonstrators out of society. Washington a the Justice department is sending several new recommendations to president Nixon in an attempt to curb mounting terrorist bombings and attacks on police. Saigon a president Nguyen Van Thieu told his countrymen today that he will never surrender to the communists or accept a coalition government and that North Vietnam has no Chance to win the War. Santiago Chile a Salvador Allende who becomes Chile a first marxist president next tuesday has named a 15-Man Cabinet that includes three communists and five other terrorists. Detroit a under a news blackout the United Auto workers Union and general motors corp. Go into special a probing sessions today in a new phase of Hie 47-Day-old strike. Intercepted letter dear Cha ally a fair in love War and politics. Yours Nute Washington a the civil service commission detecting signals of massive layoffs in Federal employment is looking for ways to help thousands of government workers find new jobs when the storm hits sometime after next tuesdays election. Los Angeles a Charles a a text Watson accused of leading two murder missions in which Sharon Tate and six others died reportedly May commit suicide jail officials say. New York a parents police and civic groups Are on the Alert today for vicious halloween tricks on youngsters a such As poisoned Candy and apples spiked with razor Blades. Nearly $700 to Unicof a total of $694.35 has been collected in a trick or treat for uni Cefi so far the year. Freda Betts Royster Junior High school algebra teacher and head of the Unicof drive said today several collection Cartons have not yet been returned. She expects approximately $700 in collections this year. There were 325 collection Cartons distributed among 400 to 450 students for the 1970 drive. Unicof is the United nations International children a emergency fund. Money collected for Unicof helps mothers and children throughout the world. Miss Betts said. It pays for food Medicine school supplies Vitamin pills and other needs. Started origin any As an emergency fund for victims of War miss Betts said Unicof has become a permanent Agency of the United nations. March was held on the Campus Early today and a Parade through downtown Tampa was scheduled later in the Day. The police armed with rifles and shotguns arrested some 30 of the youths and routed about 200 More when they failed to obey a 2 . Curfew and leave a football Field where the Friday night rally was held. In Chicago the sponsoring oct. 31st peace action committee said up to 25,000 persons were expected to March through the downtown area to attend an Antiwar rally in Grant Park. Jerry Gordon a Cleveland attorney Are coordinator of the National peace action coalition which called the demonstrations said other protests throughout the nation would be linked to a recent grand jury indictment of students at Kent slate University. A we feel that Nixon is trying to throttle the student movement a he said a to turn them into vegetables and to sterilize the the student indictments were returned by a Portage county Ohio grand jury in connection with disorders which led to a confrontation with National guardsmen in which four students were killed and nine wounded. Gordon criticized Nixon a campaigning for Republican candidates As a a last minute smear and fear campaigns which he said was designed to Avert voters from a the real issues and problems that confront in new York the peace action coalition scheduled a lunch hour Parade Down seventh Avenue from Columbus Circle to Bryant Park for a rally similar afternoon marches and rallies were planned in los Angeles san Francisco san Diego Seattle Portland Detroit Philadelphia Boston Columbus Ohio and Atlanta. In Elpaso tex., scheduled speakers in a rally at the University of Texas Branch included Rennie Davisa defendant in the Chicago 7 riot trial. Sponsors said another 10,000 demonstrators were expected at a rally at the state Capitol in Austin although police predicted the number would be much smaller. Kate Millett feminist and author of a sexual politics a was on the list of speakers for a rally at Independence mall in Philadelphia along with Steward Meacham former director of the american friends service committee and Jan Crumb founder of a Vietnam veterans against the a scheduled rally in Trenton n.j., was cancelled Friday because of recent racial turmoil in that City following implementation of a school busing plan. In Waterloo Iowa permission to use Exchange Park for a two hour rally was held up until organizers posted a $500 Bond to cover the Cost of any damage. Spokesmen for the los Angeles oct. 31 out now committee said they expected several thousand persons and no violence at their rally. Fund drive moves up contributions to Chanute United fund have reached $19,361.28, climbing toward a budgeted goal of $25,760. Chanute citizens use the fund to give their a fair share so that service organizations May have an Opportunity to operate More easily to serve the needs of their participants. Nine agencies Are included. Volunteer workers Are hoping to close the 1970 Campaign soon and ask cooperation in reaching the goal. Anyone not contacted personally who wishes to contribute by mail May Send his contribution to United fund Box 264, Chanute Kansas 66720

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