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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Chanute, Kansas Romr cacti Fine weekend the Chanute Tribune single copy Price 7� Chanute Kansas saturday March la 1941 a pages 49th year no. Ii 5240,000 found by jobless Man and returned los Ang elks a of a a can c bag containing 1140 000 in Ltd a i Cli out of a brinks inc., armorer truck into it at reel a father out Hunting a Job found it anti called the i by Quot i thought it i kept that Moo i d ii Ever fee title to la a a a my tin kids in the late again. Said Douglas William Johnson. So j w Hen he works Quot he h hat Benn afm iut half the time in the last six months the neatly dressed i negro maintenance Manvi a bes windows and hauls away rubbish Ile averages when working Al pout Hoo a week Friday with his wife Helen is he drove to an apartment under construction where he had an appointment to see about cleaning tip the Debus. The Man he want to see a and to in at he Drogt e away the r ins a hag Lay in the Avreet in front a i by car the Brink it truck had been taking it from the touted California Bank to the Federal Helene Bank fifteen Monos bags were piled High inside the truck Tine apparently Slid of the pile hit a horizontal inside handle that released the door and fell into the fugitive captured after fatal gunplay c ape Gib a i \ t to. Cap Lage of tin by to is the desperadoes also beat up a a a Man sought in the slaying cd inuits West of Cape Girardeau Farmer after killing the policeman one policeman and the wounding identified bin Alf As Sammy Ayer and wounding the others in a wild of two others was captured about Tucker. 26, of Bakersfield Alif Chase that began Friday night j30 am Cost it today during an Tucker had been wounded three when they Wert surprised at a extensive manhunt. Tunes the patrol said. It we As i supermarket i an estimated 250 officers and que lion Only briefly before of Porge believed the fugitives to volunteers were searching for one fires took him to Cape Girardeau be a Trio thai escaped Jai in Sanjy or possibly two id hers. T the patrol said Tucker named Obispo Calif i the Highway patrol said the no of his companion As Douglas captured Man seized near the Slot Wayne Thompson. 27. Of St of show Hubert Bower a sixth grader at Murray Hill school and the son of or and mrs w f Bever 1310 w 2nd, displays the plaque or Wou Lur having the top exhibit Iii the Chanute science fair his Experiment involved Iii effect of coloured Light on plants. It Tribune photo sixth grader Winner of fair sweepstakes Midway plays for 3rd spot Senate of s Bills for aiding schools House Senate an exhibit by Kathy drip was division led with 33 entries Fob an Experiment which Demotis reef. A guard inside the truck strafed the effects of coloured lights named the top Winner in the j in Lowed by the elementary Dis bion sat facing Forward updating his on oat plants As compared with Tor High division. Second place with 3n entries and the senior records and did t notice the sunlight won the plaque for the was wan by Steve Alcock while High division with 23 exhibits a of Quot 6oora _ a a a a exhibit in the a night us Chanute Betty it la a the third Jud Horri Down. 42 m >., i. A a and. Pro Al Are with Leaden 1 d a a of judge it when i happened to glance the Experiment was prepared by Holster Junior High rom Pittsburg state College mod Hack through a rear window in Robert Bower Quot on of or. And first place in the senior High we top a re by Quot compartment mrs w. F. Bower. 1310 Vav 2nd school division a Quot awarded to a Fach Hajj he St ores of police and Fri agents Bower is a sixth grader at Mur Charles Gottlieb a senior. An Ennis a glut a ribbons and cer of re scouring the trucks past Ray Hill school. Try by Larry Hummer a Junior Deates route when Johnson telephoned Bower s exhibit was also the first was the second place Winner the Fri i be got something Here place Winner in the elementary Gas Carpenter a senior took you Folk Quot might be looking division. Second place went to i third prize with i entry. Mrs Johnson told a reporter Ane Kennedy also a sixth grader there were a total of 90 int be what had happened. At Murray Hill and third place in the fair. Hal Davis faculty and p m a a re was won by Vivian Bray a sixth Viler for the sponsoring by thy a we saw this bag laying in the grader at Hutton. Chem club said. The Junior High Street. My husband picked it up. And threw it in the Back of our i Only Rativo Quot t rot Man. Wounding him seriously Abdomen. During the Chase followed abandoned their own in Cly teenagers and a Farmer beat tile fair was scheduled to be open to the Public in the senior High school gymnasium until 2 Wagon. Wadro about a Hutchinson student photographers Queen up a miss it Anno a Hutchinson Junior station Block it Lino Quot d v got Hie lad Lei of me and j turned around and looked Wichita at it. I said. A do you know what Mcdonald. You be picked up theres $240, College student from i Birned was too in that hag he said �?~nol1 crowned miss Kansan news photo and darted shaking ail Over grabber Friday night Johnson said Quot i was knocked Carolyn Joiner of Anthony Oft my feet i never dreamed re runner up. Have my hand on anything like that a the bag a sealed but bore tag stating the gum it contained in its and no. The Johnson drove on Home he ailed a Friend David f Tav a Abbuehl files for Board Post strength of Laos leftists threatens peace Moval of the exhibit. A science magic show was conducted by the Obi Phy chem club and senior High science students in the school Audi Jon uni last night. I to or used cardboard boxes containing coloured lights in his prize winning expel intent. The three Bove contained Blue red or Orange lights. A soon a the oat a plants appeared above the toil. They Wert exposed to one of the t Siree coloured lights eight to ten hours each Day. A fourth Plant a was Given sunlight for comparison purposes. Bower kept daily records of the Progress of the oat plants chosen Vientiane Tao i apr leftist a he lao forces showing a a Trynz a lh.,i thrum it a a pm wed troops today Here today at the Chanute production it edit Assn building. Ten contestant Quot from this Aren plans sent a. 7 Dirr it a a 10 iwo of Hind thai the Lur. A former Chicago policeman. After Days City Lection filing from a show Down Battle for the Janti it us Jet eco Only to coloured Fay Tor said dont All the to deadline produced on More Scaboo Imbala Phou Koun Road Junction artificial lights lacked something Quot a a a Quot of was lire they to have every car in Boa re candidate and one change the rebel assaults drove gov found in mind Likht the a Plant Quot Ere entered. W Inners of the top the City on at your House within the lineup of City commission eminent defenders eight min Der the Blue Light grew the tallest a Ren a when my people on r 1 a it it Fri my wound o or it Lam it j Crotch around and the neighbor wonder or Don r Abbuehl added his Loring Kola Pou henge other Roy a log what von have dome Quot or name to the in Iasi of educational troops abandoned the strategic Johnson recalled. Quot late in the commission race. Vav. Road completely near muons Kus feb. 27 they we re charged in California with robbing eight supermarkets this if Whit happened Friday night according to police and tie Highway patrol reports a ipe Girard it super rivet manager reported two suspicious hooking men outside his store. Three officer answered the Call. Shortly after the officers arrived a the men sped away in an Auto. Police gave Chase in a squad car. I a second squad car joined the Pursuit and the fugitive Wert Topeka a api a a by which Topeka Lap a the Kamas mopped. Two officers approached would establish stricter qualifies Senate has tentatively approved their car one in either Side. Lion for unemployment com pen Bill which would provide state Herbert goes. About 67. An Aux potion Drew Strong Republican support of school textbook rental diary policeman was fatally shot support Friday and was approved programs and Quot tat a d for Public a he reached the Driver s win 63-37 in a preliminary vote in the Junior College and Washburn Dew. A Mas got cwt of the other Kansas House. I in orally. Side of the car and shot Donald proponents said it would Cor the text Wmk rental program a a a Wenden about 23 s regular a Lect abuses. Of Ponnu called i follows the re it Omav nation of a a too extreme and said the qualify gov. John Anderson it provides a he up would be the 12 2 million to be apportioned on nation the basis of Lap a Pupil to schools. Two Ite Miliran a Drys Njie Hgt a Quot Quot a Quot Quot a Quot Quot a i it Quot a 7 a Quot ,n0�?~,n"1 tg.0&Quot c a to p nun an rear . Took cars successively from some Robert Behee of leaves <xtd0� programs. Ami oui Al or Voigli and Dicrov Bari nicer of broiled to Elen entry schools with a a u l i Vve Blier opposed the Hill it pc ill 20 or mor it it w1 and High schools for or and shot Heriot Al a sooner. Opt Wei we my. It win f Fth r Mer Chatman of Hayne county come up for final Corn Derat Ion. Two counties away from Capo i monday. J Anderson has said the state Lardeau. One Section would make a work support would i on a Caw time Chatman a shot As he fired or ineligible for Beret. To a. Re Baals my r a textbook rental pro at the fugitives from a Highway cer de Severance pay in a Lump Grain is established it would re patrol car in which he waa Riding sum. Quire Little financing he said. He was hit in the a Ide Asha rep. Hillard Murphy. Hie Bill for Junior College Ald leaned out the window if Chat said the proponent failed to show would appropriate $336,000 about Man had been seated in a Normal abuses exist. Murphy an Al ti36, More than recommended position said Apt. Of l. Vav Allis 55, in double overtime earlier fico official contended some Large by the governor. He might have been killed this year corporations a and the Bill pass-1 a Hurd measure Givin prelim Armp Fod of seeing three should Parsons go All the Way a because if would take away Mary approval would Grant $85. M n them wounded. He some Benefit v filch labor Union too to Washburn and Quot on has said on of he men a Quot is ing obtained at the bargaining table supported Aid or the Topeka f in thumb on his left hand. Verify but ii has said a his Bill St Mclain of rep. Robert Finney r hum do not provide enough state con apr red a a th1 on it a Boldt. Former president of the Ham tool of the institution basis of information supplied by Sas chamber of Commerce said other police source the fugitives to do so us fort Scott in 1922. One provision is designed to pre Anderson has said he believes ,.re believed to be Douglas vent an employer having to Fin a 1 10 an anti Tut on should Hayne Thompson 27 whose left Anre a strike against himself. A accompanied by a measure of thumb is missing Alvin Willis 22, Quot do Xuwu know any Case where co fur a Hill approved by of Joplin to. And Hammy a. An employer has financed a strike be provides one member Tucker. 26. Against himself Quot Murphy sol of it state a oar i brents Carl Spring chief of police at Quot no. The record i it pretty he an sex offi Cio member it Hutchinson Kau raid three men finn it replied Quot hut we think we no Washburn Board of regents answering the descriptions of might As Vivell have it Down in Bel Ore adjourning fur the v Eek Romp on Willis and Tucker tied Law end Friday the Senate passed and or fun manager of a Hutchinson the House also gave tentative sent to the House one of the arg sip it Rmark recently and stole approval to a no to permit the est appropriation Bills $.>6.3 from i Safe. I the cheers of hundreds of partisan Baskett All fans Fiorin this area still weren to enough to Lymm i the Midway jets Over their semifinal hurdle in the class b state tournament at Emporia last night. The jets fell before an cation it set undefeated team from amort roughest in the Cus 72-57. And will Plin Benton tonight at 7 30 for third place game Story on Page 6 the Parsons Vikings remained in Contention in class a state Competition by posting an easy win of or provi Oxly under Mfd St Josephus of Hay at Wichita last night. 64-41. Wyandotte with a 72 34 decision Over Mcpherson moved into the finals opposite Parson tonight searching for its fifth straight tournament title. Wyandotte downed Parsons. 57 tonight and bring Home the state title it will be the first time that trick has been turned by a Southeast Kansas league team since Chanute won it in 1933. The Only other of be team Ever speech meet Here today tile Southeast Kansas District Kansas Coop Council by the was held three places will enter the state later this Spring. Entered in the contest were Frank a White jr., Cedar Vale Highway department to buy right million allocation for operating fam in �?~0 it it blamed for a in Advance of the titties i the five state colleges the Kansas supermarket robbery in Joplin is needed for construction promo medical Center and the Blind and lot thu it necks a8� the ear the cents said thousands of dollars deaf schools could be sax de through this procedure were driving Here in Joplin March 4, weather m it it a i i 33 Johnson and Taylor agreed a Aisha Sci withdrew As a Candi a 22 Miks South. Johnson should Call the Fri in Date for the unexpired term and tin Junction control the North Stead. Four agents in three cars refiled to run for a regular term Wuth Highway in Central rom a re Nim were there almost immediately. There Are 16 candidates a Hie and lies less than Loo Miles North the Johnsons son a Richard. J get her eight Tor the three school of Vientiane my Only 40 Miles by. To it by j6 Clement 13, and Dorance Leboard openings six for the two South of the Royal seat of Luang t h aft. A were in school through what regular Tommis it Ion form Anc two Rabang pm a a a it -v�<,.�, Hiim Johnson called Quot Mote excitement for the in exp re commission the Pat bet Loo guerrilla aet Ion Ltd my 7,f4 than Fie Ever had for anything Quot term. In flu cd oin Pietrz filings a Apa rent j v stalls the gov emment s had anyone mentioned a possible Kiev intended invasion drive into the ��, per Quot Armet a a it a a i to Gnu ii i�"1&Quot a a a be atty <miu0y and Reward he said no one had. Ile commission regular terms a Plaine Des Jarreth retie cd thu min. Not in re planned to Call the Man about halite Rush and Harold in w ii Quot to on child lying eastward along a a we re >9 a Quot a a a a of apartment Job. A a Quot a the vote w a 37-0 desperadoes was to ought the Millay includes $31 2 Mil pal of said. Also approved in a preliminary lion from the state general fund that car abandoned when they a w i Funn r i h a it a Bill to increase the Tut with the remaining 125 million of i a a a Onsager vehicle had a Scott us i i Vicki to i in pm a Ltd a a f Fol it it for a student provided by students fees and in a Buret Hole in it and there was and Vicky , Fredonia or Jui in col Kate and infer. A Rani Galen i twr.,. <1 ring an a 1 n Ltd unto. I he it y i m4 the Senate gave a 37-0 vote to a would be from 13 a to a Jujj t0 provide a second division the High school had an a court in the 40�?Th, 30th of i Mioi so Quot from it nerf Rah Tiff Virmal Raul Rirl the Tilhod on a seat the fugitives were last the teenager car. Returning to it after using the Farmers car briefly. Or Graf and Dav gtd Blum 11 a a a a a a Parsons and Jean Fuller Longton. Judges for the contest were mrs. Bruce bunds and mrs Hal Davis enrolment of Loo or less. Rom a Raj Bih judicial districts. Of Chanute and fan pc no of m 50 Quot it Quot a a enrolment m ,a5urp so ,0 lip a House. I they a Ere beloved to he of. Wert More than too. And from Cpd somewhere Between Marble it i i to so for Junior cold 2e the 40th District is Reno co in Hill and Fredericktown in Ajom Ouier Hills Ait a or Ltd Lra. To t ates cener. Lotus Schmidt fro Scott it Barman of the Contes. I the shocking development deep sea fishing on Ike $ schedule j i ans incumbents Althaber John qty to astr id Highway. _ w. I opium Lorn Mort head and loss of a big stretch of the Road Lorn i4i�t Var warm a. M Oil i Lehrack from the Dammi Stratiff capital of weather in Kansas is expected to a Ami weather i commission unexpired term a Vientiane to Rabang is the in., Jar my Sukdav. Given preliminary a in he includes Salin. Lung Baqi Nget and Madron coun Proval would raise the Pav of the Wori Date a and Lincoln Conn ties Leavenworth City court judge and Tes and the re a eludes Geary clerk and make it unlawful to i a Irris. Marion and Dickinson use credit cards. Counties. Sail like panel a measure introduced by the also sent to the Hon e a a his deeded for go carts Dave Evans appointed incumbent government s biggest military set Jcarl Tribble. Back since january. But system Palm Springs Calif 1 apis school Board a Floyd Naff Atte destruction by government sex president Dwight la Eisen Floyd Polit r. Paul Bio nne eke in troops made the route tat less to Flower h aves today for some cuu Bents Abbu by. Phil coopt a the advancing rebel Quot deep St a fishing in the Gull of or. Richard Vav Good Boh Ward the government said the North caltfornia., Bill a rav or Era sector around Sal a pod Beng Miami. Fla map a there a House education committee would to provide $1 million from the a Quot Hocking development in i authorize governing bodies of general fund for operation of the Kansas City map of you Amis weather Friday. J school districts to invest Idle adjutant general deportment drive a go Kart on the strew of walking across carpeted in Short term government the anti discrimination commis Kansan City you be got to suck a sliding a it mss Auto seats and Bonds. Pion and several other state Agen four foot Square panel on the rear the weather Bureau said today Nigist a time temperature probably would remain on the Hilly Side Bemoon to melt futures today were sex fleeced to tie slightly be brushing of the hair produced Low Friday s warm Reading w Ith Shock Quot from Static a dec Reify a traffic fatalities of i. A a of there will of four elimination he deny irm. With roil or. Upward and again Sun Tho Restivo humidity Droppo a to Rehfield Oil co an freq Upil in Chr primary March 21. To Tillery in command the fighting a a is per cont jaw one in a above 101 a a -kan.a. Solving companion will be ebon among candidate Lur regular Coni-1 Quot car muons Kos it we my to Topeka and Amego recon Ltd ii a Dora Alt Jime Low. Homer s companion for the nine Mission term and two among i guerrilla Quot tie with no heavy 71s Friday while Goodland had Miami average annual after u ses on either Side the afternoon Low of 62 overnight noon humidify is m per cent. Vientiane remained quiet there Reading ranged from 24 at Good of land to 40 at Pittsburg. Companion for the nine Ini Quot Ion term and two Day stay near la Paz Mexico school Hoard candidates. Lenten guideposts attitude is changed with Aid to Mother was no Public announcement of land to 4&Quot a the setback. Royal military sources said the outcome would be doubtful for a few Days the Strong rebel offensive came after leaders from two r a Laie ban factions met in it Cambodia and put Forward a program Tor St Abd pay Ixo Sis for Chanute teach Chanute using Laos observers of the ers approved by the Board of edit the Bottom see Wasser for insurance. Pm. 119 24 to Tofu in �?0 during March 16 during l?46l �?83 comparable i960 period-71 my a it it you in iwo soon. J this in Asur a v 11 a the the City Council passed an Ordi Coli a Csc appropriation closely Nance to a hat effect Friday traffic followed Anderson amp recon Ragsda councilman Harry a is said Lions. The go Kart a a to a serious traffic Hazard and carrying a a hideous if you done to get your Tribune Odd sign would make it almost phone your Carrier of he can to by ludicrous for them to appear on i reached Call too after 6 pm the Street a boosts and adjustments in teacher salaries presently ranks near non degree teachers by on a in to in salaries paid to payroll earn no More than or Hoo per year a a of for o St Joo the two former neutralise Premier cation monday night for the 1961 teachers among other class a $$,300 on the salary schedule they holding 1.7 graduate Horn to Sou Anna Houma and the Gin jog school year will help to make school of similar enrolment in Are therefore encouraged to of Cene a top of $5, Atter eminent strongman. Gen. Thoumi Chanute More competitive in of Kau As. Fisher said. The pay Ain a degree year expelled due. Nosavanh were drawn into their taming and holding teachers. Supt raises amounting to several Hun i feet pointed out thai their not o years Cav her comenti Buford Fisher said today a. A a. A a Njcj. Niche the maximum Nisi Quot would takeover the country. The total boost in salaries in cases will give Chanute a Little mile schools who do not hold de by make Leader a a Ini had Knelt shivering by that morning everything had before the fireplace trying Des Taj bin it Raj Zefir the gone wrong. I stood in the wings Pera Tely to Kindie a flame but of the High school stage waiting achieving Only smoke trom the Souvanna who is recognized by Der the salary schedule has More bargaining Power for the auditorium to fill for my Green Damp logs. He communist bloc As the Legal de on present teaching staff will i her added that the average program of biblical monologues. The pro ram was scheduled for or nil or of Laos was Roi sorted to amount to approximately $41,000, 0f a it 14 400 year which died dollars pm year in some presently 13 teachers in the t a fifth nine teachers wig hid Al it was a freezing february Day in Eastern Washington state but my urn pc a at 930 am but the Dean who had Dun Gen shocked by the Magni Fisher estimated Ender the old t h e Point a Why do do All this was Quot boding booked my Little show had left a it la it Arni buildup he saw schedule raises of approximately town unexpectedly leaving no in or no a Buckie visit to the rebel si5,000 would have been Given i auctions. With ditto ult it i had contacted a teacher but she knew us nothing of the props i had written an for Uidel a. She Only asked held Arena from his exile in Cam Midi a. My Elf gloomily. Long the in Day me further by saying Quot Don t to in inc Rule a it mountains pre iou the train St i tick a Dis once Ted v de a Resit j0q Many Dalton a Hun i a a a i a hotel Man confused if your audience u be program Are not and on a Day like Washington Ai Small a til com pulse a. A Hje a a a gov and mrs. John m i peeked out through the curtain ml8jf0uri a tved at their hotel in added expense How tin increase will affect the tax Levy Here will depend on legislation currently under consideration at Topeka f a pointed out. Since a or it Mill tax Levy will Rara approximately $ 11 boo in taxis from the Chanute school Dis a w Hen Tro t an increase of afloat in Mills Dalton of would in required to cover the per Chanute teachers will receive next year will still fall quite Short of the Quot Tate a school average depending on the amount of raises if any approved by other comparable schools. I nth was one step Hoo behind. Llu i a to oilers had also fail i in tic id because of a move Onliest Ward in Ltd a a a a it so at us w it flout receiving full credit for experience a a so because of the ii ital Ion of the sch Dule w ill place each six of these w i obtain de the to a penance brackets will Ben 0j trek30 teacher in the Correct spot on Tho salary schedule. Some change in pay received Fogt a added duties were also approx Gix to ten year experience group pm coaches and their Asim Tant in who would have hit the limit by it b an j Gaj received $ i0 boosts. Wild re j so the three faculty supervisor of crees frees by a St fall leaving even in the non degree category. Fifty five of the to teachers in the Chanute system this year hold Bai he Lor s in Grees. Fisher said. Two of these will obtain their master Quot dog Lees by next fall. Thu Rev four presently hold master degrees none is the 34 have earned 15 graduate hours to qualify of it trom the added step. Also benefiting will be four it a five More of the 19 teachers in the the salary schedule Rai by 5200 per year the minimum for the top pay bracket but three bases Tor non experienced teach will have done i by next tall. It who hold degrees a Leach in salary schedule also or with a Bathe it s degree will provides an additional Reward Tor Start at $4,000 per year of experience. Teachers in each catch land found that Quot to Vas Riri it Thida a Why were told a we have no with operating expenses also he holds a masters degree he gory automatically receive a Sim exp genre to audience we Small a few Stu Wery Ationo for climbing a four Mill Levy increase will Star a $4 200 the teacher raise each Yea or a specified the breakdown in a up Briciu it of Basnite teachers shows there Are 22 with five years experience or under 19 Viii a a tit ten years expel Lence is in the it Ltd is cars experience group 13 in tin the elementary athletic program serving without pay this year will lie Given is >0 each next year. Male Tea hers receive additional pay of $200 per year there Are currently 37 male teachers and 66 Feii Iii teachers in the Chanute system. Additional pay is also give Der lying in a he font Quot. Teachers tracks no one visitors a scattering of another step Vas 16 to 2o years group seven in tis 21 to 25 years group and 23 who 0r Mac department Heads have More than 25 years teaching and rum corps str Citurs. School admin tailors and super the Rev cd for. Schedule Al visors Are not placed on the Sal degree 0 coir cd a in thu Lily which Ary so bed Alf. Salaries paid to the had existed for some time Lind various school principals next year after Dalton insisted a a Check is anticipated to cover total school who a a masters degree Phi Quot numb r of veal i was made and it was found that cos s on next years budget. Teach 15 hour of graduate work in his added at the top of each Mary Leader was injured hut 1 it Worth Iez Quot i said almost a Dalton had checked in ers salaries account for 84 per Field will be Given $4,400 to Start category. ,1 had taken hours to make Rel a ahead w them and was Given the cent of the total Chanute school a after eight years experience the nations in the amount of pay Wall Range from $,vn0 to 17100. Pair. It reservation of the governor and operating budget. Any additional intentionally overlooked Are Bachelor degree Holder will raises which a teacher could re he Range in the pay of copes it arriving late 4 Montt mme to 1 r0imalice i n can Iii the junket wife. State Aid received however can those team Bis without degrees or hit his maximum pay of $4,800 chive in one year in the past pre mrs will he from $5,l0r� a i 0. Had found no was atone to the a the hotel fixed them up with he deducted Horn this expected Anc kind teachers without de-th., Reward for experience with vented 19 teachers from being in Hie superintendent salary has continued of Page 9 Luther Maccomo Duom Ami Taxa. Grera arc no longer hired. Since a Mast it degree extended the proper it pot on the the Dulc been set at found my w a ii tic count it Hutel unmet i Aion to the then up at his wac. State Aid received the hotel fixed them up with be deducted from other accommodations i Treaso. Expected any flee. Art no Longn

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