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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Chanute, Kansas Forecast More like tithe Chanute Tribune single copy Price 7e Chanute Kansas monday february i 1962 8 pages 70h year no. 264 Drifting Snow sleet cripple area of Midwest by the associated press thousands of motorists were tem crippling wind blown Snow and warily stranded As Strong winds sleet storms which battered the whipped the Snow into High drifts Midwest Over the weekend Leav on highways and streets ing a Blanket of up to two feet traffic was sharply curtailed of Snow and sheets of ice Blus Many schools called off classes tired into the Northeast today today. Church services were can effects of the damaging weath celled in Many areas sunday or in the eight state storm belts hundreds of secondary roads from the Dakotas to Michigan were blocked. Travel in Southern were widespread. Some areas Minnesota was virtually halted. Were virtually paralysed. Many airports in Minnesota and thirty one inches of Snow Cov South Dakota were closed ered Sioux Falls. S d., As the 1� Wisconsin up to 150 cars heaviest Snow of the season swept Quot Ere stalled on a single Highway Eastern South Dakota and South in Sheboygan and Ozark be Cou Western Minnesota. Ties. The storms spread into areas in set line ,0� be fishermen include North Dakota. Nebraska. Wiscont a pc and Couldren. Were sin. Loos Illinois and Michigan trap Al 0&Quot a a Rel hours sunday they Moi cd into Northern Indi Quot a Lake poof an Quot ear Oshkosh. Vav is., As a prospects brighten for launching Glenn Cape canaveral Fla. It a Atlantic recovery areas where a launch Between 7 30 a brightening weather picture Rne la col. Glenn s capsule 12.30 . Tuesday buoyed Hopes today that astronaut John h. Glenn or. Will be am. And launched toward a round the would descend. The first half of a split two Day the weather Outlook in the Cape countdown was started at 2 30 Ann veral Vicinity gave officials Ana and Ohio and headed North struck the blinding snowstorm area. Bev were eastward with heavy snowfall in ,. A. Dictated in the northeastern upper Rou t0 8aety by stat Coo lakes to Pennsylvania and new Jersey. Floyd tarns left it and Richard bail re put the finishing touches on the judge s Bench in the City court room on the first floor of the memo rial building. The remodelling project included new Light fixtures repainting Walls and a new tile floor. Tribune photo by in it is Erickson workers sedation department and volunteers colder weather moved into the violent wintry weather Secli nth Midwest. Which whipped across the nation s Nemr to Jure dropped to Zero in midlands from the Rockies creat parts North Dakota and to the monumental traffic jams left hand pitch teens in other Northern areas of the Snow Belt. South of the heavy Snow zone. A band of freezing rain or drizzle Juk seeks Power Over $2 billion new Industry talks Bright a visit with officials of an Indiana firm which has expressed the recount was finished some concern. A cold front pre Earth orbit tuesday after months 6 ., w Ith both the Atlas ceded by a Squall line was and of delays. Booster rocket and Friendship 7 arcing into Northern Florida this i it a morning briefing project spacecraft described As in a go a morning has Cou Flea e anger i Ai a morning meting i project e cloudiness in the Cape area Mercury officials reported Gen conc Ion. In a. A a a. A possibly delaying the shot for the really improved conditions in the officials were Root my for a thime j however officials were hopeful holes could be found in the Clouds through which the rocket could be fired. A Complete Check of the weather was due for about Midnight tonight after which officials were to make a preliminary decision. A we feel a lot More optimistic today than we did yesterday said la col. John a. Powers spokesman for the astronauts. A conservatively i would say i the Odds Are at least 60 40 in our Ai c a 1 to a.1 Vita. Powers said one change had Ash and us. Air Force officer quailed it the Natoiff Cen been made in the lineup of ship. Poised to recover Glenn. The air it. Death of Ottawa in her apartment is turkish mystery Izmir Turkey. Cup a Turk Matthews and miss Gross Law investigating miss i Orraine l the death of club Friday night friends said Gross. 27. Of and miss Gross left the club alone Cukr Rio a r0rr#.�tal a Ottawa Kan whose body followed is minutes later by Mal acan.t4r collation i a ,. 1 m Mikl. Cd a. To. A Way we a i t it i y a i \ 11 c i in the area�?500 Miles East of found saturday morning in her thews. Apartment in Izmir. An autopsy failed to disclose the1 a heavy thud in miss Gross interest in locating a Plant in cause of death. There were no apartment was heard Early sat Washington a president High priority improvements. Ken Irea encouraging Paul Slons of violence on the body of inlay by the building owner. He the rep t Brennecke. Chairman of the facials said. Said he and another tenant went Bermuda a where Glenn would come Down if he made Only on orbit instead of the hoped for and sleet pelted areas from North Kennedy today sent to Congress Nedy said. Without the necessity Mem sections of Illinois and Indi legislation to give him Power to of waiting tor congressional Ach a Surv of Imit Ana and Southern lower Michigan trigger up to $2 billion of Public Hon Wrich a May be too Commerce new in Gross was a teacher upstairs and were met by mat a relaxed As he can Glen Dusty committee said today. The i a. Dependents school. Thews who told them miss Gross planned to phone his wife and to Northwest Ohio walking was works projects in the Early stage the standby plan part of the Brennecke was one of a group it col Edward l Matthews of was not feeling Well but would be parents tonight More going to to Northwest Ohio. W a in my was it three Point program urged by that Rentto Indiana of Nav by the air Force who was in the All right. Bed about 7 or 8 o clock. Plane to discuss possible location apartment at the time of death the owner said Matthews came if he completes three orbits As in a downstairs later and reported planned. Glenn will land in the. A a miss Gross was seriously ill. Atlantic about 800 Miles Southeast Bodier City manager J. Treacherous in Many cities hit by Al and business slump the ice storm. In Iowa. The Northern half the state was covered with Snow a Parsons Mao. Ronnie Curtis. A a a a a up 10 a a Ltd a to res5.i�, tagged a Deer near Altoona Early a a a up is ice covered the Southern saturday with his compact car. In an accompanying letter Ken Kennedy in his economic message a. M la apart in Al Ine time of1 0f Nedy said the standby authority Jan. 22. Has been hailed by most y Jim Bjes it i w g r a be a Tufa for Shock w would be a an invaluable anti democrats but attacked by Fie Rit a a j Hospital sunday. Publicans As a potential invasion it would permit a speedup of of congressional authority. Half. Provide Grant and loan funds for the states to activate their own five storm related deaths were Curtis works la Wichita during ported including four in Chica a Quot Quot the week and was on his Way to 8�. And one in Iowa. The deaths a f Ca i Parsons for the weekend when Quot Ere attributed to Over exertion q0 % to�0n he unexpectedly came upon two while shovelling Snow. Deer in the Road about 3 30 A a he managed to miss one but his c to r car struck and killed the other. A Rector Only apparent damage to the will meet tuesday car was a Small Dent in the Grille. A meeting of chamber of com Merce directors and committee with $10,000 at Barnard Barnard. Ran Hayes and Fred Montague who piloted the plane. They returned to Chanute the same Day. Quot we think the people we met were impressed that we were interested enough to Fly to in the other requested measures were standby Powers to reduce i income taxes subject to v Eto by Congress and permanently in Dian them Brennecke the three. Kennedy said would Saj j permit the government to act a _ a More promptly More flexibly and More forcefully to stabilize the the administration Bill set out la formula which would permit aria a Safe president to Start the works 1,200 attend Neosho Valley help child in school a new series. A help your child succeed in school a by Leslie j. Nason . D., in University of Southern California starts today in tile Tribune on Page three. Parents will want to read this series of solid advice from an expert educator Ling to Turkey. The owner said he went Hack of the Cape up to the apartment and found some cloudiness was predicted miss Gross dead fully dressed on in the Cape canaveral area by the floor. Tuesday morning. But Nasa miss Gross had taught in Izmir weather watchers were rooting for since last september. She be it to thin out so Glenn can blast came interested in Turkey while off about 7 30 a in. Est. Good her brother. Kenyon Gross was visibility is a must to permit film in the air Force there. The Broth ing the rocket during the critical or now is a student at Kansas Early phases of its flight. State University. Project Mercury officials will a University of Kansas Grad make their final go or no go donate miss Gross taught school vision based on the latest weath four years in California before go or at a Midnight briefing monday. There were three postponement has helped thousands of j miss Gross was adopted by last week after such eleventh hour grades. The mrs. Earl Gross when she was weather checks three weeks a Small child and grew up in fridays. Bucklin. Kan. She received a technical Crew p Ane o Der luncheon last week by William a. N7 y Quot a t in me action was Neeoma to t a. M. R Yerkes planning director for stolen from a Belot Raul Elator attain the goals of the employ was i acted at the annual in brie to Ellsion ment act of 1946 a Barnard woman reported purchasing Power. Seeing four strangers in town late _ maximum wound up at the Parsons state 3 of to follow up discussion of thieves than one percentage Point and a Hospital and training Center sup information presented at a Cham a w a. A Ter he or ident determined cooperative. E its meat ration. Ber luncheon last week by William both trucks and some t was were that the action was needed Toa in a. Yerkes. Planning director for Ina Amble of Altoona sends a the Kansas Industrial develop at a a comment on or. Carl Vernon Niento commission on Urban Himberg of Syracuse University turned up As Verne Hansen other chamber activities this them by. But none of this towns a to a factory worker in Rockford 111., week will include meetings of the 207 residents were aware of the Winst after dropping out of sight for water resources committee and definitive Rani. 99 nearly seven year then deciding the new Industry committee. The the thieves broke open both the to remain Verne Hansen. Her comment new director of the Neosho try cars Are damaged Watkins Hall scholarship at . $250 in tools stockholders meeting Here Friday Walter Bradford of Altoona and _ dry in b we i Quot n a of a _ Paul Huff of Mccune a Ere re Frederick. I of action and mtg Olden elected to the Board. Venue us a Frank Thurman. Is of Trie Mere water resources committee was to Back and front doors of the Bank meet this afternoon. And smashed the Interior so they could drag the Safe from the vault a record was no doubt set last week when the absent minded professor let go for seven years. He had his motives All rights with teachers Par what it was who would t like to ditch the of Gal and three kids. Disarmament Appeal made by mrs. K Barger of Earlton. Association involved in a non injury collision of news tip president conducted the business a Quot a n her about3# it a a Day at Star Drill Complete the first half of the 14-hour prelaunch countdown today then pick up the count again after Midnight if the decision is made to try for a launch. Out on pad 14. Launch Crews loaded the kerosene he fuel Back into the Atlas rocket sunday afternoon. Nasa said the rocket and the capsule were a technically ready for the countdown and much has been said and written Over the past weeks about the tension Glenn must by experiencing. But the astronaut told report a a in a not a bit nervous in a. L undersheriff Lester marts said tools valued at $250 were stolen i about 1,290 Parsons attended the of acid it a5 Thurman in a weekend break in at the Star meeting which included a tour of parking place drilling co., 202 it. 4th. Police said Fred Clagg 817 w. Main is the the Dairy processing Plant and the estimated damage to the today and out the front door with the Winner of last weeks $3 news tip egg department Here. A luncheon Ron of he Frederick i956 Jordi the break in was discovered my Winch and Cable. The Winch lifted award for his Call notifying the was served at the High school. A a the t of rear of the Reik Rte 1 yesterday. Officers said ers. The Safe into the pickup. J Tribune of a transport truck which j. E. Mapes. General manager. Tell Man Chevrolet at Hoo. The tools were taken from the com relaxed As can be a i the Winch truck was found had overturned East of the Assembly in his report _ Pany s no 3 building where a about to Miles away near Asher damaging four new cars it was that the cooperative had sales in of i ,.jrv window was Jimmie to gain in _. _. Ville carrying. Excess of $5 million last year. He Crawford Verona jury trance soviet i Clem Abercrombie Bank presi Clagg was the first to Call about said the association with Branch is Bema empanelled also filed with authorities Over i a Iii Dent said a time lock would open the Accident. The tip resulted in operations at Miami okla., Joplin 51 r the weekend were reims its of 1a# Del the Safe this morning. A picture of the overturned trans and Pittsburg has 166 employees. Pittsburg apr the first a breaking at the Bill Bailey vv6sl s Al Hlll he said it was the first time port which appeared in fridays an auditors report placed share grand jury in the 95-year history of residence 0n East 4th with a a give that boy a for Axcel Lence a b for brains. C for cunning. New York api a speaking for ducking and f for his fun English that came through Clear the Bank was robbed since it was Tribune Ture unless of course the world Jet Mina Khrushchev appealed in founded in 1890 the loss is in a the Tribune offers a weekly will forgive him for breaking the a special broadcast to american sure. Award for the Best news tip re representatives from the uni strict court today. Maje investigation said women for International unperceived. Persons in Chanute and varsity of Kansas. Kansas state a petition bearing More than entry gained through a w a. a j residence on ism won a a holders participating equity county was being a ,22-caliber revoked listed As miss Lon Trot $3 the year at $94,000. Panelled in Crawford county Dis ing t undersheriff Lester marts. V i standing and Complete disarm Summit Appeal on fires serious or Freak happenings guests serious traffic accidents and human interest events. Call the Tribune collect at the Aastra White hens of mrs. Men Marion Mintz 3, have gone into the soviet premieres wife. Big egg production or. Mintz re whose words were easily under ported today and displayed one of Stanable despite her accent. The prize products. Called on americans sunday night to Lay Down their arms and be Paris apr president Charles the egg exhibited weighted 4�?Ti friends with the soviet Union. Gaulle today urged the worlds he 1-4100 Between 8 . And a ounces was 6 j inches in Cir a War must not be allowed to nuclear Powers to destroy All monday through Friday and Cuni Ferince one Way and 6 j break she said in her Iol a r nuclear weapons and to join Between 8 . And i . Satur inches the other. Mint said the minute broadcast beamed by u3 destruction or control of ail Day. At other times Call he 1-2972 flock has produced several Large Moscow radio at 2 30 . Mon Means o their delivery. Or he 1-0726 this week s Winner eggs one with three Yolks. Day Moscow time. A this can be t1 e French president said pc ill be announced next monday done through general disarm prance is ready to meet with the _ the four county area Are asked to University Federal marketing and boo names was presented dec. La phone or brine tips to the Tribune Mist ration. Wichita Bank for co requesting a grand jury to hives the a of a pm Eck Hwik belonging soviet unusual happenings such As operatives and area Banks were Ligate indefinite charges against tit Mac Allf a Thurman of re Emu. Control a a in s in Berlin apr the soviet un-,10�?~j Ion has told the United states and its Western allies they have no unnamed county officials. Weather ment under strict International mrs. Khrushchev said she was h19 replying to american women who a had written expressing their con-57 41 Cern about the danger of War 40 u especially a nuclear conflict. Echoing her husband s line she conference on disarmament rence saturday night. Top re a urm Tod i pm. Yesterday. Saturday. Year ago today. Highest this Date 130 lowest this Date iwo relative humidity i p a barometer Reading i .i 30 27 inches falling. Por coast generally fair and a she also echoed the soviet pre traffic fatalities warmer today and tonight tuesday partly Miers Call for opening the 18 , vie Day the Nat it on disarmament conference Topeka it apr Kansas traffic in Geneva March 14 at the sum death log United states Britain and the. Soviet Union in a disarmament Lowrence Farmer conference for this purpose. Killed by Bull Gaulle s proposal was con-1 trained in a letter to Premier Lawrence has. A Khrushchev replying to the so Bull killed Frank Molby 59, at his nurse Margaret Wood reported to Viet leaders suggestion of a sum farm 12 Miles Northwest of Law Day. Teeth Are checked for 2,623 students a total of 2.623 Public and a dents to Erie thursday afternoon were the Vocale and Banj will present i i to Ochial school students checked by local dentists last a program there at 2 . Other thursday and Friday in the an trips have been made to valid Waysl a Nual school dental clinic school and Humboldt. 1 to mrs. Judy Thurman of Chanute aircraft in he berm condors from her car while it was parked Mer hed ruled East Germany on South Santa be saturday. Mrs. The official East German news Thurman told officers she had re Agency adn reported tonight moved the Billfold from the purse the Agency was quoting from and went into a store to change a he note Han Jed to the i Bill. The purse later was found at Western allies in Moscow sunday a Coin operated laundry nearby rejecting their protests against apparently discarded after hav ing harassment of Western planes in been searched and w As returned the air corridors by Sov Iet Jet fighters. Adn reported that the Moscow note to the United states said the soviet government could not understand the american complaint. Arnu elementary school is plan 52 said governments should dump a Geneva next month. There were 2,374 Public school Ning a special Assembly in of for Algeria a fall weapons into the Topeka apr mostly Clear Mil level. Skies and a slow warming trend Are ahead for Kansas until mid if you done to get your Tribune week at least. Phone your Carrier of he can to be 48 hours to 9 A a for february�?21 for 1962-55 monday i Library prank becomes complicated i Holdrege. Neb. French 18, Phillipsburg has., was injured fatally saturday in a car temperatures dipped into the reached dial he 1-3400 after 6 comparable 1961 period�?58 j truck Accident on . 6 a half teens Over most of the state Early pm j a it fatality from last Friday mile East of Holdrege. Today As Clear skies replaced a. Clouds that had covered the state saturday and sunday. Winds were still northerly however holding temperatures Down. Overnight lows were from 15 degrees at Hill City to 24 at Wichita Sterling has. Apr Ster and Pittsburg after highs sunday Ling College s disciplinary commit from 29 at Concordia to 51 at tee will meet late today to con Pittsburg most sunday afternoon Sider appeals by parents of three maximums were in the 30s. Students who were expelled for the three students slipped into punishment. said Genevieve Metz of temperatures today were pre shuffling 120,000 reference cards the Library the night of feb. 9. I the alternative. Mccreery said. Akron. Ohio editor of the colleges Aljon Elk its guidance counsel diced for near 40 degrees in the in the school s Library. Or. William Mccreery president included a $1,200 Fine plus a pc a pc West and in the Jos elsewhere. To _ n of or a a the presbyterian College said Sion from school for two weeks nights lows will be similar to r., a is the boys a apparently intended Only while the boys work in the Library Cate is a stated policy on Early today with about 15 degrees s a it Sej sea to switch a few drawers or books to help straighten tip the cards phone a in the Northwest and 20s else i a a p a y 1 5r, 4,s but the idea of shuffling the cards plus being made ineligible to rep a the flights of soviet aircraft Over the territory of the German democratic Republic including the so called air condors can in Molby s wife called sheriffs of students and 249 parochial Stu Servance of Washington a birthday Paris apr the French said no Way be regulated by the . Flyers and they had to shoot the dents checked. The checks re thursday afternoon at i of clock today secret talks with the Al authorities a the note said a enraged animal to recover the sealed that 512 students apparent the program w ill consist of Spe Gerian nationalist rebels have cording to adn. Body in a feed lot. By had perfect Teeth and another Cial numbers by the kindergarten ended leading to speculation a Western planes flew the North --816 were All right with corrections second Grade both fourth grades cease fire May be near. But a corridor today in a deliberate crash fatal but29u were found t0 have Cav and the sixth Rade the put a Gram re cd spokesman insisted Neotia counter to another soviet Effort to cities 61 had malocclusion and committee of the school Council Lions still Are going on Reserve the air space there for apr Tom 1,518 had fillings. With Patty Lawman As chairman a French announcement said three hours below 7.500 feet. West the third and last in a series is in charge. The conclusions will be brought pm spokesmen said there were be of Goodwill Tours boosting Chanute or. Alvin Proctor Dean of Grad f before he government. France incidents. Junior College will be made by uate studies at Pittsburg state col Lorte Man negotiating team a military and commercial Iran senior High and Juco music Stu siege will speak at a meeting of r Vod a Paris from he aids and ports thrust through the Berlin _ the Junior College my Owca at a Quot statome with 1>res,Dent 9 40 Friday morning. His talk ii Harde a. A a titled a six impossible things be arriving at his Headquarters in informants said Tunis from the talks with the the Western operation was a French rebel foreign minister signed to assert Allied rights in american College less will be Aad a Mahlab told reporters a one face of the renewal of Harra Sinf administered to High school Stu got cations Are going on in very tactics by the Reci air Force. Hamburg corridor Over communist East German territory the declined to elaborate. State offices. Statement did not a _ _. Tests should Register for another. To Rule out the to close thursday test to be Given at a different to 0f a cease fire soon it indicated further contacts with the French a what we would like to adv Are necessary before final agree where. By tuesday readings will Burgh pay were expelled for the came to them while they were in resent the College in any Active be from five to to degrees higher. Minoh to 3 or to there. Ties the rest of the year and being the 5-Day Outlook indicates a up tile cards As a it i j by did no to think it through i put on some sort of probation for some precipitation by mid week Pra a guess and to see How serious it a period of time a Sci May. Apply for a refund of part Mutt can be announced. Of his registration foe if done with Jet it toll Petrei government Topeka apr a state offices will be closed thursday because of Washington a birthday. Is David Lingle was a member of in free weeks Follo a the tests expected to meet soon to discuss Anderson in Chicago the Sterling College ambassadors the Royster Junior High drum the secret talks. It also was i Opeka apr gov. John aft a group of students who tour the and Bugle corps is planning to per thought Likely the rebels would Derson left today for Chicago to country to sell their College and form at the half of the final game Call a meeting of their Parlia attend a committee meeting or around up top prospects for admin of the Southeast Kansas Junior ment. The National Council of the Federal state relations sponsored and again near the end of the College officials estimate it will could be a expulsion of the Gingles and Sion. Buss Lingle was a member High league tournament Here sat algerian revolution which must by the Council of state govern Neek. U4t anywhere rom no weeks to. The College head said la Par Zimmer followed by Ursula iof the football team. Urday night. Have a a it on any peace . A

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