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Cedar Rapids Press (Newspaper) - December 22, 1969, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage two Cedar rapids press capito1 editor publisher business manager photo editor women s editor Garden editor special adviser contributing writer contributing writer photographer photographer Larry Jordan mrs. Edward Jordan Leland regal Sally Knight Kevin Jordan Mary Brooks Marie Cornic Rev. Allen Van Cleve James Greiner John Thomas published biweekly on thursdays by Larry Jordan enterprises offices at 1631 b Avenue be Cedar rapids Iowa 52402. Subscription orders should be addressed to . Box 124. Dar rapids press press Christmas 1969 in Menotti s christinas opera Kamahl and the night the three Kings break their Jour Ney to rest in the Home of a poor widow and her crippled san. See ing their great wealth she sings All that Gold All that Gold i wonder if Rich people know what to do with their Gold do Rich people All that Gold All that Gold they Are a sleep. Do i dare if i take some they la Pivot miss these simple lines provide a clue to a Christmas of Paradox. It is a Christmas that perhaps More blatantly than Ever mixes Joy with suffering the Christ Mas of a nation so wracked by Hoth sharpening social tension and new Heights of wealth. The explanation of the Paradox out lined by so much of what we do at this time of year is that we do not know How to spend our wealth wisely. With respect to the suffering nobody should have any doubts. About a fifth of the children in America who Are now in school Are getting education that is below the minimum required for employment. Thanks mainly to the growth of fatherless families welfare Volls Are climbing steadily. Dur us the past three years the in crease has been More than 25 per cent. But neither Are our Joys a de Lusion. During the past eight years our Economy has enjoyed phenomenal but not unpredicted. Growth. Gross National product is up. Unemployment and sub employment have been sharply reduced. Even allowing for the Price increases and tax increases the spendable income of the average citizen in the United Stales has risen by one third. The difficulty apparently lies ii the Way the country allo Cates the wealth it has accumulated. The trouble is not a Sim ple matter of imbalance Between the Public sector and the private sector. The greatest imbalance comes within the Public sector. The major cities for example do not have nearly enough funds to finance adequately their schools and police departments but for the teachers in some suburbs the sky is the limit. Congress is niggardly when it comes to spending that takes dollars out of one set of pockets however bulging arid puts them in another Seton pockets however empty. The measly appropriations for Model cities and rent supplements. But for vague general projects sup posed to Advance the National interest generosity knows no Bounds. Hence the big defense budgets and As we now see the amply financed space program. The private sector has its imbalances too. Huge amounts Are spent for showy cars Homes and parties. Harvard and Stan Ford have no trouble going Well Over the top in very ambitious fund drives. But try to raise some Money for migrant work ers or the folks close to starvation in parts of the Rural South. These inequalities Are Magni fied by the mass Media. Maybe television s emphasis on Vio Lence does do some harm but violence is nothing compared to the constant showing of Beautiful people spending millions on dazzling clothes fabulous Homes and cars that stun the neighbors. It is hardly believable in this Day and age that families with next to nothing could Long be exposed to such lavish shows without seeking a Little More for themselves in welfare or crime. Which brings us Back to men Otti. This is a Christmas that mixes suffering with Joy and this is a nation of both great Prosperity and abysmal misery not because of abstruse causes beyond the comprehension of Man. To a very Large extent the trouble is that those of us who have been fortunate have also been selfish. Jordan is the maritime Rule regarding Power boats boats must stay Clear of sailboats and in powered vessels. Sailboats and a powered boats have the right of Way except when overtaking. Country leads in Coffee consumption w o r 1 d s greatest Coffee drinkers Are the ple of Sweden who consume 26.4 pounds of Coffee per person per year. Beginning in january 1970, e eligible men will be selected for military service on the basis of a National random sequence. Implementation of this lottery is a major step toward Reform of the selective service system although it does not Forrest All of the inequities and uncertainties which presently exist. For example it does not make any changes in the existing sys tem of deferments Aid it maintains the current Structure of some local draft boards still o operating without uniform criteria. When the House considered the Bill giving the president authority to Institute a lottery this year an Effort which i supported was made to open debate to these is sues but was rejected by a majority of the members they must receive Early attention by con Gress next year. The most significant Impact of the lottery will be to reduce the seven years of draft uncertainty a Young Man faces today limit ing the period of greater vulnerability to one year with a relatively realistic ability to assess the chances of actually ban g called within a year. On december 1, there was a drawing in Washington of 366 capsules each containing a month and Day of the year. The order in which these capsules were drawn determines the position in the National sequence for All men eligible for the draft and the or Der in which they will be called by their local boards. For exam ple september 14 was drawn first so All men born on septem Ber 14 Are number 1 in these Quence. June 8 was drawn lar.-., so men with that birthday will rank number 366. To determine the order of selection for men with the same numerical rank a second draw was held this time of the alphabet. The letter j was drawn first so All men with a last name beginning with j will be called first within a Given rank. Those with names begin Ning with v will be called last for that same rank. This first drawing determines the random sequence number for All men who before Jan. 1, 1970 Are at least 19 years old but not yet 26, regardless of their present draft status. How Ever if a Man has a deferment he will not be placed in sequence until he loses his defer ment. When he does become 1-a, the number he received from this drawing will deter mine his order for calling that year. Thus if a Man is now 1-a, Between the Ages of 19 and 26, and if his birthday is november 9, he will be in the number 80 category during 1970. If his local Board gets to number 80 in 1970, he will be called. However if he has a student deferment until 1971, he will be number. 80 in 1971, when he loses his deferment and becomes editor s desk Christmas is that time of year when almost even heart is filled with gladness. There Are Many atmospheric scenes of the season that in spire a festive windowpanes with candles glowing blinking lights of a Christmas tree in a window. The wonderful sounds sights and smells of Christmas Are so easily Cut Evergreen a Basket of fruits and nuts cookies and pies Turkey roasting in the popping sound of logs burning Low in a Hearth a big package and surging with Street Christmas eve candlelight Light beckoning through the Church windows. How easy it is for the crunching sound of boots in the Snow to bring memories of Winters past. But above All these things shines the Light of Home a Haven of warmth and peaceful reverence so cherished in near Dawn of a Christmas morn. Christmas is More than a Wreath in the window or gaily Beri boned packages beneath a glittering tree. It is the family gathering together with understanding Trust and love on a Holiday that first began with a family Man woman and child in a stable. It is the eager faces of children still aglow with anticipation and rapture in whose eyes we see our ideals still shining our dreams still glowing our Hopes still Bright. It is Pride for a land so unafraid of ideas and ideologies that it encourages its children to believe in a myth Complete with red suit and Reindeer so Large in spirit that it makes a religious Holiday a Holiday for All men regardless of religion. It is the quiet peace that comes with the Joy of making others Happy of serving instead of being served. It is Faith and Hope that somehow sometime the spirit of Good will which still lives in the hearts of men May make the Promise of peace on Earth a lasting reality. We Veall worked hard to bring you a special edition at Christmas. We were hampered by the fact that new com posing equipment we Are installing was t available until one Day before the Friday press Day. So the entire paper had to be set in one night. We will take an extra week off for the Holiday and be Back on a new publishing schedule in 1970. The press will be issued on thursdays and Well introduce the Many features misplaced by our special Holiday articles this Issue. Best wishes . 1-a. If his local Board gets to number 80 in 1971, he will be drafted. If the Board gets to his number that year before he loses his deferment he will still be drafted when his deferment ends. In either Case however the individual will remain Vulner Able to the draft in a primary group for Only one year. Each year the local Board will begin selection with num Ber 1. Those Young men who turn 19 during 1970 will receive their random sequence number in a new drawing sometime before the end of that year. They will then be ranked in 1971, in order with those men who May have been assigned a number in this first lottery but Only became 1 a in 197l the revised system obviously does not remove All inequities nor does it eliminate every uncertainty As to whether or not an individual will be called. Howe ver it does reduce the time of greatest vulnerability to a year and it tells him where he stands in relation to other registrants with his local Board during that year of eligibility. If his birthday is drawn Early he knows that he is classified As 1-a, and that he will most certainly be called. If his birthday is drawn near the end he can be relatively sure he will not be called except under extraordinary circumstances. If his birthday is in the Middle Range it is not As Clear but at least there is greater certainty than there has been in the past. It is not possible to cover e very hypothetical situation in a general explanation of How the lottery will work. If an individual Young Man or his family has questions about his own e eligibility his local draft Board or his congressman May be Able to help clarify the situation. If there Are any such questions a Mong second District registrants i would be pleased to try to obtain answers for them. Christmas con t years past and Church ser vices of Long ago. Then the family returns Home to drink hot Cocoa. Afterwards they might watch the Story of the nativity reenacted for color broadcast on to or maybe organize an old fashioned Carol sing around the Organ an e electric fabrication instead of the old Type that required last minute decorating will be completed and the House hold including the pet dog and cat will retire to plea Sant sleeping on a Winter night. On Christmas morn the children will arise at an Early hour tugging on mom and dad to allow a pre breakfast glimpse of the living room and presents underneath the tree. Predictably the entire household will be attentive to the planned present opening by 7 a.m., with the children anxious to have Mother and dad household will be attentive to the planned present opening by 7 a.m., with the children anxious to have Mother and dad finish breakfast and join them in the living room. Nature provides Many signs of Beauty identifying the Christmas season the new Era of modern living has reformed the old fashioned Christmas into a different affair. We Pray that for each of you the Pristine Beauty of this season the Winter won Ders and merriness remind you of the True meaning of Christmas. We Hope that Bayberry candles will glow in your Homes this year

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