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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- tartly cloudy aud cool tonight.Sunny mid wormer Sunday, Divvs tonight in HO*. Highs Sunday in 60s. VUU \||, 92 N, Mm ,, ,, , (tilt Coelar llnpitb Att Ut CITY FINAL IS CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES —UPI Telephoto KIDNAPED — Barbara Hutchison, kidnaped American diplomat, is shown being held under armed guard in the Venezuelan consulate in Santo Domingo. At the ,right is guerilla leader Radames Mendez Vargas. Next to Miss Hutchison is Consul Jesus Gregorio de Corral. Death Threat to Eight Hostages BULLETIN NEW YORK (AP) - A woman hostage in Santo Domingo said in a telephone call if die terrorist demands are not met immediately “we will all die, in a matter of minutes ... of seconds.” The woman identified herself as Ambrosina Ares, a Dominican secretary in the Venezuelan consulate. of the pro-Castro Jan. 12 Libera-! tion Movement seized other persons, including the jVenezuelan consul, Jesus Gregorio de Corral, and his vice-j consul. Valdemar Alvarado. Portuguese Chief Bows To Leftists LISBON, Portugal (AP) - Bank Robbery In Reno; Loot Tops Million WASHINGTON (UPI) - Betty Eord, the nation’s First Lady, underwent more than three hours of surgery Saturday for removal of a cancerous right breast. President Ford and the family were reported optimistic of the outcome. The breast was removed after a team of doctors determined that a small, suspicious lump was malignant. Mrs. Ford, 56, was taken into the operating room at Bethesda Naval hospital at 8 a m. EDT, less than 48 hours after a routine medical examination. She was wheeled into the recovery room three hours and 45 minutes later. “The operation concluded at approximately 11:15 a.m.,” said a White House press spokesman, Bill Roberts. “The President visited briefly with Mrs. Ford immediately after the [operation. “Are Optimistic” “The President and his family are optimistic on the outcome of the operation.” A grim President left the hospital a short time after seeing his wife and headed for the eco-, nomic summit in downtown; Washington. President Ford learned that the lump was malignant from President Ford leaves Bethesda Naval hospital with law, Gail, after visiting his wife. —UPI Telephoto his daughter-in- RENO (AP) — Three men seven'President Antonio de Spinola!armcd with revolvers and wear-buckled under strong leftist .    ..    „    ,    .. , pressure and called off a mass ing Hallowcen masks robbed a demonstration by his supporters downtown bank of more than $1    Dr.    William    Lukash,    the    White Saturday.    I    million,    authorities said.    House physician, who tele It was the first test of force Police said the men. who were    Pb°ned him in    his Oval    Office    at between left and right since the .wearing aqua-colored overalls Federal Economic Efforts Being Merged Under Executive Board “Fully Aware” “We are fully aware of the April 25 coup, and the left ap-j and were of medium build, dis-implications of kidnaping Miss peared to have carried the day. j appeared after leaving their get-Hutchison. If this operation fails Spinola said the demon-'away van across the street we are dead men,” said Mendez stration, aimed at “leftist ex- from the sheriff’s office. would “not be conve- Vargas, who was convicted of a;tremists, wuuiu nm ut tuuvc-i was a professional job” SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) — !!^ P^ane hijacking to Cuba but nient because of disturbances said Police Chief James Parker. I later freed.    ;    in public order earlier today.” <•!» nhvinnslv u-« ni-mn^ vm- .vpntv-thrpp leftist suer as    *i____*_______________;    ...uu    ^___I ,l obviously was planned very Twenty-three leftist guerillas Saturday threatened to execute an American woman diplomat and seven other persons held hostage in the Venezuelan consulate unless the U. S. paid $1 million ransom. The kidnapers said the consulate was wired with bombs and He said the seizure was neces- The left, with the Communists!meHcujousjy »* sary “because the Dominican    in the forefront, had issued a' government has remained silent    call to their followers “to take in the face of demands for a    to the streets to prevent the democratization of the nation.”    Fascist demonstration.” If demands were not met for Thousands of Portuguese from the freeing of prisoners and “$1; rural areas and suburbs of Lis-million ransom from the Ameri-    bon had poured into the capital can imperialist government,”    despite militant leftist attempts    robi^rq    took"vrrtiralR    alf the the kidnapers said they would I to isolate it with roadblocks.    cash    the    bank had on hand. “eliminate all the hostages. Tanks and armored units; It has been U. S. policy not to ringed the presidential palace1 1 arker sa,d the men ap-thelpav ransom demands. Balaguer! where the demonstration said he was inclined to give safe scheduled to be held. the White House. Ford flew to Bethesda by helicopter to be with his wife after she came out of surgery. “The results of the biopsy performed on Mrs. Ford were unfa- her right breast way,” said Roberts in a brief [statement to reporters an hour An estimated $1,044,000 wasiafter the operation began, taken but the exact total will not be known until an audit Monday, bank officials said. Virtually AII The FBI in Las Vegas said the “AH Right” “I just returned from the hospital where I saw Betty as 6he came from the operating room,” Ford told delegates to the economic conference. “Dr. Lukash has assured me that she came through the operation all right.” That drew a round of ap- 36 they threatened to blow it up   .....-    --—- —    -.....  p    .    ..    , with all the hostages inside if It has been U. S. policy not to;ringed the presidential palace    ■"    aala lne ™ " police or troops entered the pay ransom demands. Balagueriwhere the demonstration was|b ‘nJ    "    a"h J”?', bUilding    ,    ,    „    u    conduct"wt"of'the tuniryt ^o a^y^af reported to ,hp First Na,i°"al ,,a"k °f Ne-lptau*. “If, been a difficult n^fLtVeZbli^refsT^i'^ Pallas, but declined to have arrested scores, including vada until shortly after the 6:30 hours,” Ford said. “Our faith nmi ('    release    any    prisoners.    some    identified    as    extreme rightists apparently trying to carry arms to the rally. * I "”7 ,,,lu u,c UI    “Great    Spirits” Robert Spinola reportedly has been S(S^aa^ operations officer, Mars    .dating jer late engaged for weeks in a power Kay Bennett- iUld told her. “If i Nancy Howe. Mrs. t Ord s e[for, ”    d    t    v-ni I cut; IL Arri IMI trill ham “ friPIld ,'lnH MTSMia SPCrPtarV.L. osing time Friday.    will    sustain    us.    Betty    would    ex Then one of them jammed annect me to be here.” Cordoned Off    | cS^^mTSTheTally"'>» ‘*0 the back of the as-1' U. S. Ambassador Hurwitch met with Balaguer       ... ~ t~..w Friday night but neither com-    struggle with Premier Vasco    you say a word, ITI kill you mented to newsmen afterward.    Goncalves’ leftist coalition of    V,was    taken uPstai**s    and Army sharpshooters occupied Communists, Socialists and cen- . into a vault with eight , rooftops near the consulate dur- trist Popular Democrats.    ot, er, CJ?5 ing the night. The area was cor-; The leftist had for days de- ‘‘handcuffed an(i The    guerillas    sent word    to    doned off by troops.    ncunc0<| ,he ra|| aj ;| f.ascjst    Inoone was    harmed, police said. President    I o    a    q u    i n    Balaguer    jan j. Liberation Move-    plot to launch an ultra right ment takes its name from the    movement. day in 1972 when four leftist un ideal prisoners. “If police try to attack us, we will blow up the building, it is completely mined," Radames Mendez Vargas, leader of the band, told UPI in a telephone interview. One Each Two Hours They were hogtied” but through a mediation team headed by Archbishop Hugo Eduardo .......... Polanco Brito that they would j Aground leaders and an es-start executing the hostages, Amated 16 police were killed in one every two hours, beginning a gunfjgbt on the highway near at ll am. CHT Saturday, 21 san{0 Domingo’s International hours after the seizure    airport. Irater they extended the deadline to 4 p.m. Police said four men waving machine guns kidnaped Bar-; bara Hutchison. 47. a Delaware KOCkv LOSS The men scooped cash from (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.) WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- the American people and to the)Inflation fighters and energy idem Ford Saturday announced congress a program of action savers. the consolidation of all federal j which will help bring balance . said ®acb ^amdy should ...    ...    .    „    i draw up a list of IO ways it can government economic effort,,and vitality to our economy.” save energy and fight inflation under a new executive board Ford said he has also issued and (0 exchange lists with and named a labor-management    an executive    order establishing    neighbors. committee from outside govern-    a U h 11 f    “ous<:4 Labor‘    He would also be glad to re- vorable.    An operation    to remove !ment t h . him . th    Management    Committee com-    ceive suggestions at the White hpr rieht hreast is nowr under- ,    •    ,.    posed cf eight labor leaders and House from individuals he said her neht    breast    is    now    under    tion’s economy problems.    ^    executiyes whjch    House trom individuals, he said. He announced the steps he is    wijj ac|vjse bjm on major eco-    Participants in the conference taking at the windup of a    two-!nomip    DOiipips    „ t'anicipams rn tne comerence day economic summit confer-    argued eaijer over    which once He delivered the sDeeeh    “Man    to    Man”    programs should be slashed as after visiting his wife in fiJ He said the committee recon, ban Bethesda Naval hospital. Inundations “will not only be    ^ f*?ht ,inflat.,on- .    . Ford said Treasury Secretary sought but given to me man to    .d    JJJ? William Simon would serve as man and face to face.”    J? strong    bid to be spared fur- hk nrineinal cnnkpcm'in nn    aaa-    tber reductions. But    two COn- principal spokesman on    eco-    He    said    John Dunlop, a Har- eressional sookesmen    one from nomic policy. Other members of 1 v„rH ,inivprsitv AAnnomics    nro-    gref ai sP°kesmen- one    irom the executive board are cabinet , university economics    pro    each party    took exCept10n. m .    n j T ,v .    ,    1 fessor, would serve as commit- officials. Budget Director Boy j ,ce coordinator.    “Even    Larger" Ash, and Alan Greenspan,;    .    .    . .    4*1,r    ,    .    *.    ^    »• chairman of the Council of Eco- Another action announced by Were we not to act now nomic Advisers    Ford is the appointment of Al-(Ash said of budget-cutting, “this [bort Rees, a professor of eco- year’s nearly IO percent growth Executive Order    j nomjcs at princeton, to direct Ford said he has already is-[the newly-established Council on sued an executive order consoli- j Wage and Price Stability, which all government economic j congress created at Ford’s redomestic and interna-1 quest. in federal expenditures would inevitably be followed by even larger growth next year and the year after.” Ash said he was not suggest- friend and personal secretary^ tionaj ’ undcr new Econo{nic|' Ford said hc wiU send|ing any drastic slashes in im- Sits’’    tho    Policy    Board headed by Simon, congress a plan for action to Portent programs. Later the de- g eat .prt. efore Ford praised the delegates for keep federal outlays for fiscal fense dePartrncnt said it could 0IRrawas* oerformed bv Navv lheir c™11**6111*011 10 the strug- 1975 at or under $300 billion. | stand no further cuts in its fund- Pmt William Ffii.tv rhipf oflgle 3gainst infla,ion and said'! He said the administration is in*y ,1 v * j t *1*. “Now it is my turn.”    working    on a national energy1    pre-summit    confer- surgery at the Bethesda facility.    |h(, days immedjateiy nr0Fram dpsicnpd assurp ad. cnees, we found sentiment gen- erally for budget restraint, and (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.) against working on a national energy) immediately isogram designed to assure ad-ahead,” he said, “I will offer to equate internal supplies and re- duce dependence on outside Claim Canning Equipment Faulty S20-Mi I lion By Associated Press Federal agencies are investigating complaints of faulty J home canning equipment, following reports from some areas to; sources. “At This Minute” I “At this very said. “Secretary Kissinger certainly not for drastic slashes in all programs,” Ash said. Eroded Power Defense Secretary Schlesinger minute,” hejsajd ^ Pentagon belt already was pulled tight and the defense and native who heads the U S. In-    ’    ^    y    P,ained    anywhere    from    80    ,0    9(1    said    man>' of ,hc Problems were sealed foo6 but Dr. George formation Service hen, as snt WASHINGTON (AP) — The .. p p *’    percent    of    lids    in    a    given    batch    due    to inexperience and the list york a microbiologist at the! drove through a quiet street in    j    spoil    .    J    '    ’ the exclusive    enr,f,nn    nfl    v cost turing Co. of Sand Springs, turer, said: “We find if    lids!are from women who seem Okla., to recall its lids but it aren’t sealing, it’s because    peo- know what they are doing, who]Secretary    Simon    are    exploring;establishment    was    suffering refused.    pie aren’t following correct    can-have been canning for years.” j with their    counterparts    from    from    eroded    purchasing    power “This is terribly frustrating to ning procedures.’’    \jrs    Sisson    said    she    was    ^our    maj°r industrial nations a,as much as industries or indi me,” said Miss Wyatt, who reported that consumers com-  ....... '    nomic    distortions.’ An additional app^iintment an- did not seal properly. “The of unsuccessful canners includ- j University of California, saidLn,?V,nced    ,^ord    was w “iiiR f»wcuuic».    Mrs    sisson    said    she    was     ..r    35    muc ;- Tony White of the Washington!worried about the danger 0f ,coordmated plan t0 copo wlth viduals. 1-state attorney general’s office botulism from improperly- the vvorld cner8y crisis and eco- “purj Further reductions cannot be made in the defense budget without drastic effect on the worldwide role of the U. S.,” Santo Domingo. Naco section °L.    JljH out -d rsi< mv it»*    \,*\nn; Assoc*ated Fress survey I company refused to recall the od his wife. “She lost the whole [tbat as long as the food is heat-1 William Seidman as assistant tol^hiestafer stkL showi’H tho problems come onjjds ,jnd | don.t km)W that batch bi'cause she didn’t tighten1^ pr0perly, botulism is unlike-!tbe President f°r Economic Af-1 Senator Musku showed the The kidnapers forced her into Rockefeller more than $20 mil- top of a nationwide shortage of another car and drove her to ]j0n in just two months this canning equipment that is frus-the consulate, where they joined sdmmer according to compare-*nd‘n£ consumers trying to the rest of the band.    .    live figures for t Once inside, the commandos; ________trust from which he gets nrinAin .I SaVC f 110(1 ^ bV PUttinR UP th°ir *    own fruits and vegetables. the lids at tile right time, said. At the same time. White added, “oldtimers say the quali- Muskie (D-Maine) fol- t Today s Index I come. On June hulk of it there’s anything we can do about it. I’m not sure we have any basis to take legal action.” Harold Metsker, a plant manager for Kerr, said: “We had ty of lids is lower than usual.” major manu-jsonie problems. They seal for; Helen Sisson, California bai-, facturers of canning jars deny us> bup the women iii their son officer to the U. S. Con-    'nTvkl    Ford    said    in ^ie ,inai man of the house Republican porttolio, the that the equipment is faulty and homes have had some difficulty (timer Product Safety Commis-    pp g ••ti Iv in t 9rpn’» -a-iT ana'ysls* however, councils and conference, said he thinks the aid she had 400 com-;01 1    ,: J „ ,u . commitees cannot win the warjbudget can ^ cut $6 billion L- m- Officials of the he I ly. Housewives won statements that responsible for the failures ‘‘Everyone I know who has used this year's supply of Kerr lids is fairs. He said Seidman would j0Wcd Schlesinger with the as-also be a member and executive jsertion tbat *«the defense budget inpvnpriPHAA ic direct°r of lhe new Economic is one budget that represents a inexperience is|Policy Roard^ responsible for substantial increase over the coordinating implementation of 1974 fiscal year budget.” economic policy.    Kep.    Anderson    (III.),    chair- 28, it in a dozen common [claim consumers aren’t follow- Comies Church Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Financial Marion Movies Sports Television Want Ads 5 3 5 2 2 4 ll 7 6 IO 7 12-15 stocks, was worth $126,8 million. ing directions. Housewives On Aug. 23 it was worth $106.2!who’ve been canning for years million.    jare    skeptical. And since then it may have    llet.a„    Rofust.d dropped another $5 million.    , _Jane    Wyatt    of the Oregon de-. partment of agriculture- saidlamo"dod"“'ructions to rec- Most of the problems havejsion, s been one of two things they don’t screw the bands down tightly enough or they don't use enough heat.” Metsker said Kerr had 9. Pan Ani Layoff HONOLULU (AP) American World ing off 395 flight based in the lf. S., an executive of the financially-troubled airline said Friday. that ommend that women tighten the ..mv complaints were pouring,..,    ...    .. „ . lf* into ht-r office about lids that lids,a second t.mo af er pro-Airways is lay-    „    cessing    to eliminate the trouble lghl aUendan,s   oiled food    “WM* Batch” .•it her I plaints from isis Angeles alone.    ^ur^|againSt tof,»,ion “That’s Doubtful"    pie who have bo'n canning for    Spirit of People “Women have complained or ^ >ears should know how “The most important weapon that they have had as many as t0 process fruits and vegetal jn the fight against inflation isj 500 jars spoiled because of im- hies."    the spirit of the American peo-j proper sealing,” she said, ad-    New    Type    pie,” he said. “Ihis spirit is no ding that she had taken it up Nea, Custer assistant attor-‘secret weapon Kerr, which claimed *b1’ ney general in charge of the and that half of that can come lout of defense funds. She said the department had A Utah representative of Ball asked the Kerr Glass Manufac- Corp., another major manufac- with Kerr, which claimed "the women don’t know how to use” the equipment. “That’s doubtful,” Mrs. Sisson said. “Many of these complaints secret weapon. It is renowned all over the world.” .    ...    1    He urged the delegates and Idaho consumer affairs agency, .,    ..6 . . . . . 6    .. , ,    , .    • j j ® ..en!the nationa television audience said he had received about YJ)..    ,    .__• istenmg as well as all Amen (Continued: Page2, Col. 7.) cans to join him in becoming Toddies Chuckle During his lOOth-birthday interview, the salty centenarian told the reporter: “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care (rf myself.” copyright rn.Mm. 1 ...a J ;

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