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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Did 1908 space ship cause explosion ? editor s note. Almost 70 years ago in the Remote wilds of Central Siberia a pow Erful explosion occurred that has puzzled scientists Ever since. What caused it John Baxter and Thomas Atkins found the Story of the 1908 blast to be a mystery Story one of the great scientific riddles of All time. In their Book Quot the fire came by Quot they chronicle the history of expeditions to the blast site and the scientific detective work involved in investigating the original russian sources of information. Was it a meteorite As the russians initially thought a Comet or was it a space ship from another planet this is the first in a six part series excerpted from the Book by John Baxter and Thomas Atkins new York times special features High above the Indian Ocean a huge object hurtling from space pierces the Earth a atmospheric Shell. In the almost airless upper altitudes there is no sound barely any friction unimpeded it races toward the Earth. In a Long sloping trajectory it rockets northwards at supersonic velocity across the asian Mainland High Over the Himalayan peaks. Drawn lower by Gravity it hits the thicker strata of the globes atmosphere. Intense frictional heat begins to build up. It first flashes into sight of Man Over Western China in the Dawn of june 30, 1908. Caravans winding through the Gobi desert halt and look in Awe at a fireball blazing across the sky. Deafening Roar it disappears Over the Border of Mongolia. Plunging into the denser air layers it glows with the heat of 5,000 degrees fahrenheit brighter even than the thin morning Sun. In Central Russia a deafening Roar terrifies the inhabitants of Small towns and villages the Only settlements in this Remote and deserted area. A powerful ballistic wave pushed before the descending object strikes the ground. Trees Are levelled Nomad huts blown Down men and animals scattered like specks of dust. At 7 17 a m. The Central siberian plateau near the Stony Tunguska River a sparsely populated desolate Region of peat bogs and Pine forests shudders under the Impact of a cataclysmic explosion. The detonation is of such violent Force that the seismographic Center at Irkutsk 550 Miles to the South registers tremors of earthquake proportions. Vibrations travel 3,000 Miles through the ground to other stations in Moscow and the capital of the Tsa Rist Empire St. Petersburg and the earthquake Observatory at Jena Germany 3,240 Miles away records Strong seismic shocks. Even As far away As Washington and Java seismographs Are activated by the immense blast. Causes Forest fires instantly a Gigantic Quot pillar of fire flares up into the Clear Blue sky ascending to such height that the blinding column is visible above the horizon to Star tied siberians in towns several Hundred Miles away then the air is wracked by a series of thunderous claps that can be heard for More than 500 Miles. The noise is so great that some herdsmen closer to the blast Are deafened others Are thrown into a state of dazed Shock that renders them speechless. Simultaneously with the Brilliant fire in the sky a searing Thermal current sweeps across the Hilly taiga or Northern Woods scorching the tall conifers and igniting fires that will continue to Burn for Days. Stunned citizens 40 Miles away in the trading Post of Vanavar shield their faces from the fierce heat draft. Seconds later a Shock wave generated by the blast rips through the Small Village gouging up pieces of Sod collapsing ceilings shattering windows and flinging people into the air. At a distance of 375 Miles to the South Southwest Hurricane like gusts rattle doors windows and lamps in kans a station town on the newly completed trans siberian railway. Within minutes two additional Waves of Shock strike the town. People working nearby on rafts Are hurled into the River while farther South horses stumble and fall to the ground. Quot Black rain Quot Falls near kans aboard the trans siberian express passengers Are frightened by loud bursts of noise and almost jolted out of their seats. The train is jarred and shakes wildly on its tracks. As the startled Engineer sees the rails ahead vibrating he quickly brings the train to a screeching halt. Eventually when the ground upheavals subside the locomotive proceeds to the nearest station where the Engineer and a station agent make sure that the travellers Are unharmed and inspect the whole train to see whether any of the freight has been damaged. As dark masses of thick Clouds Rise to an Altitude of More than 12 Miles above the Tunguska Region the entire area is showered by an ominous Quot Black rain a the result of sudden air condensation and the Fountain of dirt particles and debris sucked up into the swirling vortex of the explosion. Intermittent rumblings of Thunder resembling heavy artillery reverberate throughout Central Russia. Please turn to Page 20. Cedar rapid associated press up new York times City final Section a a volume 94, number 261 Cedar rapids Iowa a sunday september 26, \ 976 a 45 Cinti Eastern Iowa s leading daily Gazette photo by Ward t enter totter a Thon what a the action on Campus these Days Why Teeter tottering. Students from Delta Delta Delta sorority and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at the University of Iowa will have teetered 168 consecutive hours by 3 . Friday. Through pledges the students Hope to raise $4,000 March of dimes. Pillows in place the students Teeter around the clock. Pictured in the Drivers seats Are Jeff Ingleby Bettendorf Junior and Sarah Hoefing Manson Junior. A laundered Ford funds Story probed by prosecutor bipartisan support for tax Cut in Gazette leased wires grand rapids Mich. A the watergate special prosecutors office is investigating whether funds from two Large maritime unions were Quot laundered through Republican committees Here and covertly paid to president Ford while he was in Congress according to local political and Federal officials. Charles Ruff the special prosecutor apparently began this investigation on aug. 19, the Day after Ford was nominated As the Republican presidential candidate by issuing a subpoena for the records of two Kent county Michigan Republican political committees the new York times reported. At about the same time according to Federal sources he also subpoenaed the records of the Marine engineers beneficial association Meba. The special prosecutors office already had reviewed through subpoena the records of the seafarers International Union Siu in an investigation begun in 1974. A gone Over once before Siu and Meba have pumped millions of dollars into political campaigns across the country to encourage support for maritime legislation. Though Ford represented Michigan s Inland 5th District when he was in Congress he received substantial support from the two unions. What has perplexed Many in the Republican leadership Here is that ruffs inquiry appears to be going overground already minutely investigated by the Federal Bureau of investigation the internal Revenue service and the House judiciary committee when Ford was appointed vice president in 1973. Quot i cannot imagine what anybody expects to find in those records a Edward Mcbain Fords personal accountant said in an interview. Quot the irs the Fri and the House committee people were by Louis Harris although president Ford won the first debate by a Clear 40-31 percent Jimmy Carter still holds a comfortable 50-41 percent Lead nationwide in the contest for the presidency. But in a four Way race which would take account of the potential Impact of the Independent candidacies of Eugene Mccarthy and Lester Maddox Carters Lead Over the president decreases to 46-39 percent a seven Point margin. Measure vote shifts one of the most important consequences of the debate was that it tended to firm up both the Ford and Carter support. The number of Carter voters who now feel Quot very strongly about their Man has jumped la Points from 35 to 46 percent. The number of Ford voters who feel Quot very strongly for him has gone up from 31 to 40 percent. Here literally weeks going Over the same ruffs investigation appears to be concentrating on the to years Between 1964, shortly before Ford became minority Leader in the House and 1974 when he succeeded president Nixon. Please turn to Page 3. In this special Harris Abc news poll 1,516 voters previously surveyed in person during july and August were telephoned in the 36 hours following the debate. This technique allowed vote shifts to be measured and provided a Way of finding out Why they took place. In All 72 percent of the electorate heard the debate with 98 percent watching it on television and the remaining 2 percent listening on the radio. While Only 69 percent of the voters with an eighth Grade education witnessed the debate a higher 79 percent of the College educated did. Viewing was highest in the Midwest and lowest in the South. A 69-26 percent majority of the voters Felt that the debate was worthwhile and 63 percent say they Are Quot certain to watch the second debate on foreign and defense policy october 6. Washington apr the congressional joint economic committee says another tax Cut May be in order next year to pump up the Economy. While republicans and democrats on the panel agreed in a midyear economic report issued saturday that further tax reduction May be needed they disagreed sharply on the role that Federal spending should play in economic recovery. The democrats headed by sen. Hubert Humphrey chairman of the committee said that holding spending at current Levels would restrict economic growth. Ford favors tax Cut but the republicans echoing president Ford said spending above current Levels Quot would be destructive of the private sectors ability to continue creating new jobs at the High rate experienced in the past tile democratic proposals on taxes were not specific and mentioned a further tax Cut Only As one possible course of action next year. On the other hand the republicans in a summary prepared by rep. Clarence brow of Ohio urged enactment of Fords proposed increase in personal exemptions from the present $750 to $1,000 per person. The gop went a step further in calling for tying tax rates to the Cost of living. This Quot indexing plan would keep a persons taxes level even though inflation pushed him into a higher tax bracket. Campaigning along the Mississippi River on saturday Ford promised to recommend another tax Cut next january if he is elected. A debate replay the economic prescriptions offered by the Republican and democratic members of the committee sounded like a replay of last weeks debate Between Ford and democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter. Quot steady Progress toward full employment should be an urgent goal of National policy Over the next four years a said the democrats. Brown for the republicans blamed today a 7.9 percent unemployment on the Large numbers of women and teenagers entering the labor Force. The solution is not More Public Job programs As advocated by democrats among people who saw the debate Carters Lead Over president Ford is a narrower 48-42 percent while among voters who did not see it the democrats Lead is a much wider 52-37 percent. However to conclude that the debate produced this difference in Carter support might Well be misleading since the debate watchers were drawn disproportionately from the most articulate educated and higher income voters. Early Lead gone for Good following this first debate Carter holds a Clear and unmistakable Lead nevertheless his enormous Early leads of 39 Auld 25 percent reported by previous surveys have obviously evaporated for Good and the Campaign has become something of a horse race. The seven Point Lead he holds in the four please turn to Page 3. But Quot legislation that provides employment incentive subsidies coupled with required training programs a Brown said. Javits hits gop a Bias sen. Jacob javits of new York accused his Republican colleagues on the committee of displaying a Quot profound Bias. Against governmental action in any form and contended As did the democrats that the nation can fight unemployment and inflation at the same time. The committee democrats whose party controls Congress this year and is expected to remain in control next year said the projected 4 to 5 percent in am Ana a machinist Union members at Amana refrigeration went on strike saturday Midnight after earlier in the Day rejecting a tentative agreement Between the company and Union negotiators. Members of machinists local 1526 set up picket lines Early today after the old contract expired. John Elam business agent for local 1526, said the tentative Accord was rejected by a substantial majority of the 1,200 Union members who voted. The 1977 crease in economic growth for 1977 will not be sufficient to Cut unemployment. They suggested a Quot a supportive budget policy a meaning Federal spending at a sufficiently High level to create jobs and including a possible tax Cut. A a Federal Reserve Board monetary policy that prevents any Rise in interest rates. A a package of Job training and employment programs that emphasizes productive opportunities in the private sector rather than make work government jobs. A a program to reduce shortages of critical materials and elimination of other factors that contribute to inflation. Local represents some 1,700 persons out of about 2,200 at the Amana Plant. A spokesman for the company said the Plant would remain open. Quot we will be operating one shift for sure and possibly two a the spokesman said. The Amana Plant produces freezers refrigerators and microwave ovens. Union members first rejected the tentative agreement terms then voted by an even wider margin to go on strike. Please turn to Page 3. Done to miss. Enjoy them enjoy them while you can a those warm sunny Days of fall. That a what a group of people were doing last week in pictures that can be found on Page Iba. No Pompon girls a number of terms Are no longer in use in the schools and some of the questions asked prospective teachers in earlier years Are definitely taboo. Both actions Are tied to Federal legislation barring sex Bias in education. Story on Page 12a. How about bed race readers today can attend both a bed race in Iowa City involving both riders and pushers and take an inside look at an underground Stone quarrying operation at Stone City. Bed race pictures Are on Page 6b Quarry pictures Are on Page 3b. Child awareness the Many aspects of child awareness a developing potential children Slegal rights detection of child abuse abuse Laws Etc a were covered in a workshop at Kirkwood Community College last week. Stories on All these topics and More will be found on pages 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17c. Index weather continued Chance of rain today highs in 60s. Clearing tonight mostly sunny monday. Lows 40 to 45. Today s chuckle any teenager can Tell you what a wrong with today a parents a they think they know More than their children. Copy room late news City Hall deaths Iowa news building farm financial food social around town sports crossword 8-9 12 Section a 1,3,24 editorials 5 report card 3 Section b l l i Marion 8 16-20 movies 24-25 21-23 political Calendar 8 12-15 political notes 4 9 to listing to Section c 1-26 new books 2 2 travel 25 Section d 1-10 want ads 11-25 24 Harris Abc news poll Carters Lead a comfortable Amana machinists reject agreement go on strike

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