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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa weather partly Cloudy and Mach cooler wednesday night with diminish a Lur winds. Thursday partly Cloudy j and continued Cool. By i City final 5 cents volume 63�?number 253.Cedar rapids Iowa wednesday september 19, 1945. Associated press United press International news current comment lord Haw Haw will hang Truman can to set army size yet Macarthur estimate of needs cited major Norris is hired for Airport Post Cedar rapids news maj. William p. A a Bill Norris 25, of 311 Linden Terrace be on i terminal leave from the army air corps wednesday was named full time assistant manager of the new Cedar rapids municipal Airport a until such time As a permanent setup takes he was hired by Harry Boyd a nother big Day in washing ton tuesday. Major development so far As Lively Public interest is concerned probably was the shakeup of labor agencies forecast monday by Secretary Schwellenbac. Theoretically at i least the reorganization looks like a sensible one. By shifting the War labor j Board the War manpower commission and its subsidiary employment service into the regular labor department the president took a Long step toward restoring some order to a situation that has become badly confused As a result of a Buck passing policy of creating new agencies to take the heat off existing ones. Henceforth the responsibility and authority for dealing with critical labor problems will be pretty Well entered in the labor department As it should be. A nobody should assume of ��?o1 course that Mere revamping of governmental machinery is going to result in prompt elimination of the serious labor strife that is shaping up to threaten the Progress of reconversion. It will take More than governmental responsibility and authority to do that and there is no Assurance that anybody in or out of the government has what it takes or even knows what it takes for that matter. The atmosphere should be cleared a Little however by reduction of the number of More or less Independent government agencies that Are mixed up in the handling of labor disputes. A there is encouragement too in the hint that the administration Hopes to evolve a clearcut labor policy and that the policy will be formulated and expressed at the top level after full discussion by the president and his official Cabinet. Heretofore the absence of a clearcut policy at the top has been aggravated by the tendency of subordinate officials to sound off on their own initiative frequently to the embarrassment of other officials going their own Sweet Way in other directions. The result of this has been to encourage die playing of on bureaucratic group against another and to make the handling of a labor dispute an involved exercise in political jockeying. A ultimately a realistic gov. Ern ment labor policy will have to rest on a firm decision As to just How tight the government intends to set the brakes on in j we shall need for occupation and Flatiron. Pretty obviously there is to what extent that need can be going to be some inflation in and met through it.-----7�?.-- a Quot. And Robert Radtke tvs mores edition to what already has de or Tri Man Caw a Rock of entry referring to the anticipated and Kot it Ert Karen Des Moines Vei oped. In the Long Ryn its Cost or Juriman ,.d �1 Prev a so sent special election to determine to Quot Ere accused of breaking and ill be paid by debone and whether the Airport shall be ? aged by a commission or by the Council. Maj. Norris which was by finance commissioner l. D. Burgus who will continue As acting manager of the port without salary with the approval of the City Council. The action was taken at a special meeting of the Council wednesday maj. Norris at occupation units can t be decided on until Spring president. Washington apr acting Secretary of state Acheson said wednesday the United states government and not Gen. Macarthur is formulating american policy for control of Japan. Washington a president Truman said wednesday the a size or makeup of the army occupation forces abroad cannot be accurately determined until Spring. The president said the a a impression that a the Speed of demobilization is governed by our future needs for occupation and other forces is a not a no one now can accurately forecast what those needs Are going to be a he added in a statement by the White House. Or. Truman declared that there will be a no padding in our armed forces and that a no one is going to be held in the service a Day longer than is he added a Gen. Macarthur this week Hennt to Ftp streets commissioner Dave a is Dkl be is sep Williams said he Felt a Resolution that Only a month ago he is was necessary to employ an As mated he would need for that morning announced that maj. Norris will go on the City payroll thursday and that the Airport will be open to receive and service planes 24 hours a Day beginning at 8 . Munday. Calling the special meeting to order mayor Frank k. Hahn explained a Lou commissioner Burgus has asked for an assistant and i think its time we took some action on this matter. He feels he needs some Relief on that mayor Hahn then explained that Burgus wanted to hire maj. Norris As his full time assistant until such time As permanent organization is set up to manage the Airport. Labor dept. Reorganized by Truman jury returns guilty ruling in 25 minutes London apr William Joyce lord Haw Haw of the German radio was convicted of treason in old Bailey wednesday and sentenced to hang. A jury of to men and two women required less than 25 minutes to arrive at a verdict after Justice Tucker ruled that Haw Haw had left this country in 1939 a wrapped p in the Union Jack in order to carry on German propaganda. The Justice informed the jurors after listening to three Days of Schwellenbac gets web Legal Ai go Mentz that Joyce was Jewene Nowatn were veld not a British subject but never a associated press wire photo. Named to High court a sen. Harold h. Burton Ohio Republican was nominated to the supreme court late tuesday by president Truman to succeed associate Justice Owen j. Roberts. Purpose. Not faced yet. A carrying on our demobilization As rapidly As we can which we Are now doing we shall not really face the problem of the size or makeup of the occupation forces until next Spring. By that time we ought to know How Many men Distant manager. Mayor Hahn said it was not customary for the Council to pass a Resolution Ever time a department head wished to employ some help and since Burgus As a acting Airport manager wanted to hire an assistant no Resolution was necessary. Williams said he wanted to be sure the Council by approving Burgust selection of major Norris was a not stealing a March on the election in any Way a appear five Eldora youths stage riot in jail Eldora apr five a inmates of the Iowa training school for boys who Are being held in the Hardin county jail staged a riot tuesday night. They were removed to other cells threatened with tear Gas and put on a bread ported wednesday. The boys were Vernon Wood Nevada Harold Christie Des Moines David Perrin Ronald to. George Leasure Burlington Day would increase Between now and Christmas to not less than not As opa chief Bowles Hopes who Fortne Rel Zew i 22� Day january. So a can our excepting a amp a it or a possibly those persons who must. A Ress Secretary Charles g. Ross live on fixed incomes told reporters they would have the question therefore is a put their own interpretation on where it is politically feasible to j or Truman s news conference retry to Peg the new and higher15 . Plateau of wages and living costs the president observed a. That in an Effort to keep both elements tire that Macarthur had reduced from spiralling out of sight. A line has preliminary estimates and will have to be drawn somewhere commented that he was pleased to and a determined Effort made to now Macarthur thought he could hold it get along with fewer men. I a reporter told Ross that some he appointment of senator Harold Burton of Ohio to the supreme court vacancy is Likely to t mayor Hahn assured him that was not the intention. A none of us knows when a permanent organization will be set up a mayor Hahn said. A in the meantime we want to manage the Airport As it should be managed until such time As the permanent organization takes it was then decided by unanimous voice vote to employ major Norris. After the action Burgus said that a the last two or three weeks had been too much and that an assistant was needed adding a i intend to relieve myself of another Job monday the Job of tin can Burgus has been director of tin can Salvage for Jones Johnson Iowa Benton Linn Dela opa turns Down passing of higher costs to consumer Washington apr opa tuesday night rejected a retailers proposal that increases in the Cost of goods now coming Back into production be passed on to the consumer. Price administrator Chester Bowles said a Cost of absorption under which wholesalers and refused sheriff j. E. Davison Renji a Tarp must has nah in. In of those who attended the conference interpreted the presidents. Remarks As being sarcastic and Bedwell received in most quarters. 3others thought he was sup a Man of High intelligence and an p�rtm8 Macarthur s estimate open mind Burton has had Broad Ross said it was up to the re experience in the private practice porters to do their interpreting. Of Law and in both the adminis la Tractive and legislative Fields of the House tuesday unanimous gov emment he should be a by passed a Bill designed to make worthy successor to Justice Owen american men want to be in the Ware and parts of Buchanan and Roberts. Incidentally his appoint army or Navy. The idea is to build Cedar counties since oct. I 1942. Ment May open the Way to the j up and keep a regular army so after the meeting mayor Hahn Senate next year for Ohio a former j that the a a citizens army can Dis explained that it made a big Dif govenor Bricker last year s in band and Quick. Ference to flyers who land at the successful gop vice presidential the measure sent to the Senate port How they Are treated. Cedar candidate. Includes incentives for enlisting. Rapids intends to see to it that appointment of Robert Patter backers of the plan think it has they Are Well treated so they will son to succeed Henry l. Stimson so Many inducements that a big come Back again and so they will As Secretary of War also should enough Force can be mustered from be telling the world about the prove popular. Patterson has done volunteers. The present peacetime Cedar rapids Airport he sex a Good Job As undersecretary and Legal size of the army is 280,000. A will Uke Over his new duties with i the Bill would blow off this Ceil a full knowledge of All the Back Jing until the armed forces have ground. Shaken Down their occupation do. Ties to a Point where a new fixed retirement of secretory top can be set. Stimson Calls for an express some phases of the Bill merely Sion of gratitude from the people bring army inducements up to he Bas served so Long and so Well. Those the Navy always has sex _ a a _ Stimson is erne of All too few men tended. Notable among these is the 5250 a month As assistant Man prominent a Washington since privilege of retiring after 20 years Ager will be on terminal leave the turn of the Century who really the army limit was 30 years earned respect As Earnest Able statesmen. To several top ranking jobs under several different administrations he brought a studious planned. He said hiring of maj. Norris will play a big part in such a program since the major 1s a Veteran of the army air corps and knows aviation and the needs of aviators. Maj. Norris who will receive of an automobile. They have been in jail since about sept. I. Others Rob store. Meanwhile two inmates who escaped from the school tuesday Bruke into Joshua Huffman a general store at Union tuesday night and stole two Complete sets of clothing tobacco Candy cakes cheese and miscellaneous articles and less than $5 in Cash. School authorities said they were Arnold Block Dubuque and James Stewart Cedar rapids. During the jail riot the youths threw mattresses around and made a general disturbance Davidson related. He and Deputy Fred Wehrman ordered them to quiet Down. They did no to so the officers shut off the lights. When the boys continued they were removed to upstairs cells and threatened with tear Gas if they did no to behave. Davidson said that although the youths refused the bread and water diet the discipline would be continued. A a vocational education program is suggested by Jessie m. Parker Des Moines apr Jessie m. Parker state superintendent of Public instruction declared wednesday that a in general the continued on Page 4, col. 3. Tail stores must absorb any increase in manufacturers prices was the a a Cornerstones of Price control. Of a a retail reconversion pricing committee an Industry group last month attacked the plan As a uneconomic unsound and Bowles had agreed to take the groups arguments under study. The final answer Given in a statement by Bowles was that wholesalers and merchants will be required to absorb the increase As Long As the resulting retail Price remains a generally fair and opals policy is to restore washing machines refrigerators and other new goods to the Market at their 1942 prices or Only slightly higher. However some increases Are being allowed to manufacturers to compensate for higher costs of labor and raw materials. Other Concession. Other concessions to volunteers include from the army air corps until oct. 22 when he goes on inactive status. Deferment Given High school boys Washington apr boys who entered High school before reaching 18 will be allowed to postpone their induction until they graduate or until they become 20, whichever is earlier. This was announced tuesday night by selective service Headquarters. However if such a boy drops out of school or makes unsatisfactory Marks he can be drafted immediately. It was also announced that students who entered College before they were 18, and who Are called for induction May finish out a Quarter or semester. And wac Warren conciliation head. Washington apr president Truman tuesday merged three labor agencies into one and handed Secretary of labor Lewis b. Schwellenbac Broad Powers to Cope with postwar Industrial strife. Or. Truman shifted the War labor Board and War manpower commission to the labor department. He also wiped out the office of economic stabilization from under William h. Davis shaggy headed new dealer who had served previously As War labor Board chairman. Davis duties were handed Over to reconversion director John w. Snyder. Davis made no immediate statement but the president said he would have nothing to do henceforth. The implication was that Davis Long desire to resign would be fulfilled. The president at his news conference disavowed a statement recently attributed to Davis that the government had a program to increase wages 50 percent while holding Down prices. Or. Truman said Davis was not speaking for the administration. Davis has taken the position that the remarks attributed to him were a misinterpretation of what he said at a news seminar. Unprecedented Power. Schwellenbac genial bespectacled former Senate colleague of the presidents was Given unprecedented authority to speak for the government in future labor troubles. His first act was to appoint 42-year-old Edgar l. Warren chairman of the Chicago regional web As head of the u. S. Conciliation service which Schwellenbac will build to new stature. At present there Are Only 250 conciliation commissioners in the service. Warrens first Job will be to determine the governments role in the critical Detroit automotive situation where strikes and threatened strikes Are endangering reconversion of that Industry. To work with Board. The labor Secretary talked with web chairman George w. Taylor and told a later news conference that he was confident he and the Board could work harmoniously for the remainder of the boards existence. It will not vanish from the Industrial scene until after the labor management conference in november on which both president Truman and Schwellenbac Are depending for a substitute for web. Schwellenbac said his principal interest was in getting the authority to Deal with disputes in any stage. Some disputes like the current one at the Kelsey Hayes wheel Plant in Detroit which reportedly crippled production of continued on Page 4, col. 4. The less owed allegiance to the British Crown when he left the country because of the Protection afforded him by a British passport. This was despite his american birth and the fact Joyce later took out German citizenship. Joyce will make an immediate Appeal his lawyers announced. He stood quietly while the trial ended with dramatic suddenness in his sentence to death. When he walked away toward his cell he gave what appeared to be the nazi Salute to friends in the courtroom. When the result of the trial was heard outside bomb scarred old Bailey a waiting crowd of londoners raised a cheer. The convicted Many a brother Edwin Joyce a British government worker made the sign of the Cross when the sentence of death was passed and after the prisoner left the courtroom he Knelt in silent prayer. Private charges he s railroaded by army officers americans prepare to Issue new list of japanese War criminals Tokyo apr Gen. Macar sources said Are it Gen. Toshi a resignation two Days ago of he is a Veteran of air fighting thurs Headquarters announced Shiro o a Bata and take tora Ogata. Mamoru Shigemitsu As foreign Over Guadalcanal and other South i wednesday it would Issue a new a we named by minister was the fips of was., l trave pay for 90-Day fur Pacific areas. On oct. 20, 1944j lengthy list of suspected Jap mar Arthur on a list of members conscientiousness and a steadfast laughs for those who re enlist. He landed an army p-63 fighter criminal while re so Friar no Ann octet a but adherence to principle. If the rest 2. Free mailing privileges. Plane on the new Airport and took or indicted a uni Moi Mac Lnu a of the world had stood with him 3. Continued 20 Kerrent extra off the next Dav. Hee no in it liable japanese sources predicted it was understood american Washington apr a 37-year-old Buck private testified wednesday he was being railroaded by army officers after he encouraged other soldiers to Contact congressmen regarding speedy releases. Private George l. Mark who was a Barber Supply Salesman in Cleveland until drafted four months ago told the Senate military committee that he and other soldiers at nearby fort Belvoir va., had a Cut grass with he said this was done to keep the men Busy. Chairman Thomas a Utah remarked that if army officers or the War department attempted to Stop soldiers sailors and marines from writing or contacting congressmen a that is a violation of Good discipline of the army of the United Mark said he was being railroaded from nearby Belvoir to Camp Shelby miss., later wednesday partly because he had told Washington newspapers about the Bayonet grass cutting and Lack of morale among soldiers at the Engineer Post. A i know my Goose is cooked a said the private who has a wife and three children. A but i done to mind because somebody has to speak for the Ordinary sen. Johnson a col who has been critical of army and Navy demobilization plans expressed sympathy with Mark. A this Soldier is being sent off not to Siberia but to Mississippi a Johnson said. A this certainly is a warning to other soldiers on what to expect if they Contact members of b-29 s try non Stop of ,500 Miles generals picked Crews head for Washington from North Japan. Washington apr one of the three b-29�?Ts attempting a non Stop flight to Washington was scheduled to land at Minneapolis at 3 15 . Wednesday to refuel. Washington a three american super fortresses carrying High air Force generals and picked Crews roared across Canada wednesday on an attempted 6,500-mile nonstop flight from Japan to Washington Over the great Circle route. The four engined planes were winging at 20,000 feet at an average Speed of 236 Miles an hour. The historic flight which will take the planes a Quarter of the distance around the Globe in a single hop began shortly after 3 ., cwt tuesday from Mizu Tani Airfield in hokkaido northernmost of the japanese Home islands. The Crews hoped to land in Washington around 4 30 . Wednesday or some 25% hours after the Takeoff. The War department said the flight would demonstrate a the current and future potentialities of reds held record. Not Well within toe Cabinet the japanese sources said. Konoye Obata and Ogata they had taken no act a recalled had been Vocu with against him in order to give the japanese government time to to prove its Contention he was not Nese Conquest of Manchuria 15 heretofore has been allowed Only there overnight i Oak i Kimi years ago it might never have m wartime. He is toe son of or. And in. A Monst tin its resolve suffered the recent costly War he during debate the House wrote j. N. Norris 311 Linden Terrace old on the Ron overed a a nor played an important role in win into the measure a provision per head a �?o3ss? japanese predicting the de for one Day a second Tokyo Cabinet resignations said a wide said toe new list of japanese la Tell. Here s bad news 1 Quot ii i a a. ,. Newspaper the English language Gap existed Between Higashi Kuni wanted for questioning will be a a a today s Index Nippon times. A. Jano the three they expected to much larger than the original one muting those with six months. J service to enlist for Only one and Herx bad news for Dit ional year. It had been two fond husbands who have years. Also tacked on was a re been planning slyly to set them auction in the enlistment age from selves in solid on the Home front 18 to 17 but Here there was a come Christmas by slipping a qualification. An enlistment can neat pair or More of Nylon Hose be annulled if a Parent who had into Santa s bag. Not been consulted objects. The word goes out from leaders Cash Benefit also was provided. In the Industry that less than one up to now those enlisted men of pair of nylons will be available toe three top grades who Volunteer by Christmas. A fellow is going for additional hitches had been Alto look pretty silly sneaking a Lowed $50 for each year of Active single Nylon stocking or even one duty since the last re enlistment and a half stockings under the Date. Now this is extended to All Yule tree. And hell have to get grades under commissioned offi a up to the counter before Christ cers. The three lower grades had Mas eve if he Hopes to do better been allowed Only $25 before. It the War minded segments of the japanese government since 1937, Konoye As two time Premier. Brig. Gen. Elliott Thorpe chief of american counter intelligence today s Index comics. Courthouse. Daily record. Deaths. Editorial features. Farm. Marion. Mea women in service movies. Radio. Ration Calendar. Sports. State. Women features. Is. 4. 4. 4. I .12 .14 Lull. F. 4 .14. 3. S the paper was ordered 30 min leave the government utes before press time to withhold j they described Higashi Kuni As publication not because of object personally interested in the Grad tio Nable material but because its Ual democratization of Japan editors had failed to submit for both As a Reform step and in com american censorship a printers Oliance with toe wishes of Mac proof of an editorial on toe recent change of foreign ministers. The sources who spoke of important Cabinet resignations said vice Premier Prince Fumi Maro Konoye probably would Lead the list. He is a minister without portfolio. The other Cabinet members without portfolio who May step Down at the same Tim the Arthur and said Konoye and the others had opposed the premieres attempts to smooth relations Between the japanese and Amerigo vex cents. Can the Cabinet has been criticized by the japanese press for delay in solving problems such As food and housing shortages and increasing unemployment. Of 47. All but two of the infamous Cabinet which started the War were on the first list and Thorpe said their omission a was a clerical the next list is expected to bulge with names of japanese wanted for interrogation concerning tortures of Allied prisoners. Tokyo newspapers wednesday said Higashi Kuni will Send an a envoy of apology to China because of War crimes committed against that Republic. There was no elaboration. More oils soap but less sugar Washington apr More oils and soap will be available to civilians in the last Quarter of 1945, but sugar supplies will be Shorter for the next six months. Secretary of agriculture Andersons estimates vegetable Oil shortening cooking and salad oils up la percent. Household and bar soaps up 5.4 percent. Sugar Down 28 percent. Anderson said tuesday night there would be 67 percent More fats and oils for use in paint varnishes coated fabrics and linoleum. There will be More butter available because the government has withdrawn from the Market. Margarine supplies Are expected to be about the same. Anderson did not guess whether opa might be Able to Cut ration Point values on edible oils. Johnston elected to will Hays Job new York apr Erie a. Johnston president of the chamber of Commerce of the United states wednesday was elected president of the motion picture producers and distributors of America inc., succeeding will Hays who resigned Citer nearly 24 years service. U.s., Britain franc org greek elections London apr the govern ments of Britain the United states and France issued a joint statement wednesday expressing the a firm opinion that elections for a provisional Assembly in Greece should be held As soul As exact mileage of toe flight was contingent on the weather. Under Good conditions it would be some 6,500 Miles. Early reports indicated this route was being followed. Army air Force officials dug into records to find that Only one flight exceeded the non Stop distance being flown by the b-29�?Ts. That was in november 1938, when two single engine Vickers Wellesley planes flew 7,158 Miles without refuelling from Ismail a Egypt to Darwin Australia. The time on that flight however was More than 48 hours. The b-29�?Ts left japanese soil within 19 minutes of each other beginning at 3 01 . Tuesday. Aboard and in command of the Lead plane was it. Gen. Barney a Giles Deputy commander of United states strategic air forces in the Pacific. The second was in command of maj. Gen. Curtis e. Lemay chief of staff of the 20th air Force and the third under Brig. Gen. Emmett of Donnell commander of the 20th�?Ts 73rd bombing Wing. Veterans. Their flight Crews were composed of veterans of the b-29 Campaign against the japanese Homeland who Are eligible either for discharge or extended furloughs at Home. Each plane carried a Crew of 12 to permit rotation during the Long trip. The War department said Mizutani Airfield was chosen for toe starting Point because it is one of the few in Japan which has the Long Concrete runways necessary for b-29 takeoffs. Giles began sending humorous and descriptive messages on toe flight when the planes roared into Alaska Early wednesday. In his first message Giles said a fall present Over Nome at 20,-000. Can see nothing from Here to Stop us. May have to squeeze out a couple of Gas cells to make it. A while flying off tip of Kamchatka three russian p-63�?Ts flew alongside and performed acrobatics. Over own House. A a weather Man in Lead ship gave us unpredicted head winds for first 1,000 Miles. He changed it to Tail winds when told he would be thrown overboard unless he did something about a message picked up when toe planes were 135 Miles from Fairbanks asked that mrs. Clyde h. Smith wife of capt. Clyde h. Smith one of the navigators be notified that Smith would be Over their House in Fairbanks and that Giles a was sorry he could not drop a outside temperature 20 below Zero a Giles declared. A inside like a living room. Crew sleeves rolled in another message picked up Over Fairbanks the general said a Crew enjoying sight of Northern lights dancing around the plane. Lights give rapidly changing and Smoky look to the sky and Moon also doing its Best. A Crew find lights Are similar to and much More enjoyable than search lights Over a message picked up in North Way last Point on toe Alcan Border said a on Board Gen. Of Donnell a plane is capt. Kermit k. Beahan of Houston Texas who aimed at and hit Nagasaki with atomic bomb the Only bomb he dropped on Japan. The Jap have concurred and he is being sent Home on rotation after that

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