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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Odar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Sept. 13, 1974    5 Federal CB Crackdown Seen By (’hark* Katx-rts DKS MOINES (AP) — Federal agents will < 1 ai k down on illegal use of citizen band radios in Iowa by truckers within a few weeks, according to a government lawyer. Iowa s first and only crackdown, the week of Aug. ll, netted nine alleged violators, said irst Asst. U.S. Atty. James Rosenbaum. Some of those cases should be disposed «f Pretty soon,” he said. adding that at least two of those arrested "said thev would plead guilty.” What local agents and Federal Communications Commission investigators will be looking for is operation of the radios without proper licenses and not using proper broad cast call letters. Authorities have said some over-the-road truck drivers use citizen band radios to alert each other to weigh stations that are in operation. or the location of police speed checkpoints Officials are concerned about tho use of radios to “avoid the Iowa speed limit,” Rosenbaum explained, “and not broadcasting in plain language “Authorities do not consider ‘Smokey the Bear’ and ‘chicken coop’ plain language.” Smokey the Bear is jargon for police and chicken coop is a code for a weigh station where authorities determine if truckers’ rigs carry too much weight There were four FCC agents in Iowa during the August investigation, Rosenbaum said — agents summoned from Kansas City and as far away as California He did not know how many agents would be assigned to the new effort and would not specify what date had been selected for the crackdown The FCC agents use monitors to listen in on citizen band brodcasts, the attorney said, and to determine the location of the people using the gear They also determine if what they hear is in violation of the law “This is the first place in the country where this type of thing was never done,” Rosenbaum said Alcoholism Unit’s Goals Are Outlined CHEROKEE (UPI) - The acting director of the newly organized state alcoholism commission said here Thursday the new agency will give Iowa a comprehensive approach to treating state residents with drinking problems Acting Director Juris Pontius said the new state commission. created by the 1974 Iowa legislature, combines all the previously-existing alcoholism treatment authorities in the state. Hr said the ald Iowa ram mission aa alrahalism and the alrahalism authority in (bf state office af planning and programming are being ab sorbed by the new agency. Pontius said the two agencies previously in existence often had “conflicting and duplicating activities,” but he said the new agency offers a comprehensive approach under the state health depart mcnt “The new agency has mare authority and responsibility for a more unified and comprehensive alcoholism treatment program in Iowa and increases the appropriations considerably from the previous law,” Pontins said in an interview Pontius and other state officials were here Thursday to explain the new alcoholism commission and its programs to Cherokee area residents. law officers and social workers. He said similar meetings will be held around Iowa. The acting director said the meetings give persons an opportunity to give comments and criticisms of the commission’s operations and also offer a chance to make suggestions on improving its work Commission Structure Set for Waste Disposal Rates, Contracts ELY — The Linn County Municipalities Assn. has voted to let a landfill commission work with the county board of supervisors to set rates and draw up contracts for the cities’ use of the county solid waste disposal site. Meeting in Ely Thursday night, the association decided the commission will consist of one representative from each of the municipalities participating and a member of the board of supervisors A sub-comnuttee chosen from the commission will serve as an executive committee to maintain close scrutiny over the operation of the landfill site at the county home farm Operating Own Presently, only three of the county’s 17 municipalities are using the landfill, which is a state approved site (Marion, Palo and Springville). The Law Enforcement Funds Approved for Buchanan By Donna Jones INDEPENDENCE - The Iowa crime commission has approved a $17,000 allocation for a Buchanan county communications project which will provide equipment for the new proposed joint law enforcement center for opera tions of the Buchanan county sheriff’s office and Independence police department. The approval was made Wednesday, according Don Parrish. Independence, vice-chairman of the Northeast Iowa crime commission Cost of the communications equipment, which* will include radio equipment for the Independence police anad sheriff’s patrol cars, will run about $22.(NNI The remaining $5,(NIO will be paid by the city and county Buchanan county voters at the June primary election gave their approval to spend $185.(NNI for a new law enforcement center building, to be constructed north of the Buchanan county courthouse. The new 50-by 80-foot underground facility will adjoin the courthouse One-half of the cost is expected to be federally funded and the remainder from local funds. Parrish said plans and specifications for the building are now awaiting approval from the federal civil defense division Once approved, officials will advertise for bids on the building Akers, Samuels to Central City Posts CENTRAL (TTY - Voters here elected Jerry Akers for the three-year term on the school board and Bernard Samuels for the one-year term John Erbes was elected treasurer The two-and-one-half mill levy for a ten-year period for repair and remodeling buildings was approved Culver Urges Openness by Soviets in Grain Dealings By Dorothy Williams WASHINGTON. D C. - The Soviet Union “must be com polled to deal openly and fair iy in the market” if. as reported. it once again tries to buy American wheat. Rep John Culver (D-Iowa) said Thursday Culver urged that Agriculture Secretary Earl But/ “promptly call in the Soviet negotiators and warn them that the congress will move to block future sales unless they agree, first, to an overall limitation on their wheat and other grain purchases this year, and second, to report all sales transactions to the department as they occur.” The Cedar Rapids Democrat made the recommendations to a house foreign affairs subcommittee as he testified in support of food aid proposals made by the foreign economic policy subcommittee he heads Limit Sales It is necessary to limit wheat salt's to Russia “to avoid the steeply-inflationary experience of the last Soviet wheat deal •‘Open dealing is required to assure that ail of our farmers and not just the major grain companies are aware of market effects Culver said the United States department of agriculture monitoring controls installed after the 1972 Soviet wheat purchase are too general and fail “to disclose export destinations or even the identity of buyers ’, What s more, he added, the Soviets have refused to permit reasonable inspection of their own 1974 crops lie also took issue with earlier lestirnony of an Overseas Development Council economist calling for a cutback in moat consumption Beef Ts Table “We need to move more beef to the dinner table, not less.” Culver said To relieve the livestock emergency, we should move to increase grain crops next year, he said, adding “This will require an increase in the existing target price and loan rate to offset increased production costs, as well as emergency and extended soil conservation assistance to restore the effects of this year’s erosion. "We must also reduce and reallocate non-essential fertilizer applications and do everything possible to expand fertilizer production, both in this country and abroad ” GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS F«f Ntwv Sports, lookktoptng, Gentrol Infor motion ond Offutt Not I it tod Below UR (iKototion Subscription Dept Mon thru Sot Bom to J p rn Sundoyt lintd I? Noon Holidays ll 0 rn to J p rn Wont Ads Mon thru In lorn toSpm Sotutdoy until I? Noon Ditpioy Adverting Bom lo 5pm Monon Offuo 398 8?11 J9N 8131 JNB 8234 tvs tm tvs 843(1 FREE GOBLET with $50 deposit! Your choice of three elegant style* - FREE with a qualifying deposit in a Find National Savings Account (ti Certificate of Deposit. Additional goblets available id Ix-autifully reduced prices Start your collection today! (Limit. One free gift per family.) First National Bank of Marion other municipalities are operating their own sites, or renting private ones. However, by July I. 1975, the state department of environmental quality has required that all municipalities and rural residents haul waste only to state approved sites. Still to be worked out by the commission are such items as how fees will be charged, whether by volume, weight, gate fees or jter capita permit fees Agreements Other items to be decided include weighted voting, and whether cities in the southern part of the county can work out agreements with Cedar Rapids for use of the larger cities’ disposal site, Most representatives of the municipalities present agreed that the commission would continue to give them a voice in the establishment of policy for the operation of the landfill The county engineer’s office will be in charge of the day to day supervision of the landfill Same Balked However, some representatives balked at committing themselves to signing contracts or even giving verbal agreements without knowing cost estimates Most of the member* of the advisory commission have already been chosen by the cities, and will meet sometime within the next month in an effort to work out some of the details. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. IO. and candidates for county and state offices will be invited to attend. Mt'iuU'i F.D.l.C Linn County Clinic For Well-Elderly In Center Point CENTER IM HNT—A Well-Elderly clinic will be held here for Linn county residents over HO years of age starting Oct. ll. The clinic will provide a screening process and health counseling service by the Linn county public health nurses Screening tests include blood pressure, urinalysis, hemoglobin, and tuberculin skin tests It will be held once monthly every second Friday from 9:30 to noon. No appointment will be necessary. The clinic will be held in the Center Point library located on highway 150 The free services are not designed to take the place of the family doctor, but to supplement his services. Patients requiring medical attention will be referred to their personal phyusician. The Community Health committee of the town’s Community    Betterment program and local Jaycees are sponsoring the clinic. Transportation will be available by making reservations 24 hours in advance with SEATS - 398-5805 Antique Show At Iowa City IOWA CITY — An antique show and sale will be held Sunday from IO a rn to 5 p m at the national guard armory. Iowa City. under the sponsorship of the Iowa City Kiwanis club Tickets may he purchased at three downtown locations — Bremers, Kirwan furniture and Wayner’s — or at the door Sunday Foil is the BEST time to improve your lawn! 4 p < n For a greener lawn this fall and next spring, too! Scotts Turf Builder Promote* thicker, sturdier turf that ramt* wood invauoin. Long-lasting feeding. Apply now for a better lawn this fall, and next spring, too. J}    15,000 Sq. Ft. Bag Rag. $20 95 ... Now    M8.95    J J T°0f<    ‘13 44    t 10,000 Sq Ft Bag Reg $14.95 . . Now    I    J ► I ll J M off 5,000 Sq. Ft. Bag Reg. $7 95 . . . Now ‘6.95 It weeds your lawn as it feeds your lawn! Scotts : Turf Builder Plus 2 Controls dandelion, plantain, clover and 38 other lawn weeds. 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Ai»la Bar, Downtown Strait Floor ond Downtown Socond Floor SATURDAY HOURS. CEDAR RAPIDS: KILLIAN S DOWNTOWN 9:30 AM TO 5:00 PM . . LIND ALE . 10OO AM TO 5:30 PM MALL SHOPPING CENTER. IOWA CITY: 9:30 AM TO 5:30 PM ;

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