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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri.. Sept. 6, 1971    9 Mama Mew Marion Council Awards $8,233Sodding Contract Bouslog Is Elected to Area Education Agency Bv .I a net Janes District 7 of the new Area Education Agency, meeting in convention at Linn Mar school, Thursday night elected John bouslog, Marion insurance agent, to be its representative on the* board The AKA board will take office Oct 7, with it s service's to begin July I. 1975 It vs ill replace the present Joint County school system Its boundaries and director districts will be the same as those of Kirkwood ( (immunity college There will be nine director districts with no at-large1 members board members are elected by convention of the school boards of each district Alburnett was the only district Joyce Hutchins Linn Selective Service Registrar Joyce A Hutchins has been appointed registrar for Linn county’s selective service system Miss Hutchins, formerly employed by Marion high school, will tie available in the local board office in the Cedar Rapids federal building between 8 a m. and 4 JU p.m. to provide registration service and assistance to Linn county residents. Men are required to register with the selective service board during a 80-day period beginning JO days prior to their 18th birthday In Linn county, the following registrars were previously appointed and are available for registration. James Morrow. Marion high school; Lois Straw Mt Vernon high school; Richard 'Thomas, Cornell college. Mt Vernon; June Smith and Raymond Cull. Alburnett Community schools; Mary Ann Serbousek and Alan Maas. Prairie High school. Cedar Rapids; Robert Meyer ((“titer Point Consolidated schools; James Whalen, Springville high school: ti. Lynn Millard Central City Community schools, and Elizabeth Hanna. Linn-Mar Community schools. Marion. Sues over Dogs’ Death After Prison Term NAPLES, Italy (UPI) -Gioacchino De Blasi, sent to jail six years ago in a dispute over the killing of his 396 dogs. is still fighting mad This time, however, he’s taking to the courts instead of his shotgun Municipal officials ordered the animals exterminated in a gas chamber in 1968 after one of them bit a neighborhood boy De Blasi then shot and wounded veterinarian Corrade Volpe, whom he accused of the killings He was convicted of attempted murder and spent six years iii prison Now that he’s out, court sources say, he plans to sue the officials who ordered the dogs killed. Postville Council Sets Election Dote with a quorum represented of lls Iniurd Pl INTV I LLL The Post Ville city council has set Oct. 9 as a special election date iii which voters will decide whether or not to renew a franchise with Interstate Power Co for a 29-year option The council also voted to iii stall two more fire and storm warning sirens in the city, iii addition to the one already iii service    . (Ins Meyer and Les Mar lowe were appointed Im the planning and zoning commission Fire Officials Rapped For Indoor Barbecue MUNICH. West Germany (UPI) — The management of a chemical works has complained to authorities about certain culinary practices of the plant’s fire marshals A sufety engineer said he found the firemen grilling hamburgers over an open fire inside the plant over the weekend —iA iBiii ■■ ■■    " 11 1..............- -J U" Family waul uds J lines 4 lites 1 dollars l.asl Votes Casting their 8 7 iwrcent vote was Richard Meyer Ken Hoffman cast Linn Mar s IS H percent. John Vernon, alternate. cast Marion’s 41 I percent and Barbara Bjorenson cast Cedar Rapids’ TI I percent. Kaih district votes in accordance with the percentage of their population based on tin* most recent official population figures Wayne Engle, Linn-Mar board president, served as convention chairman and Sin* Holmes from bunt County served as secretary. Parts of Cedar Rapids lie in six of the nine director districts with two of Hie districts KHI percent in Cedar Rapids The AKA will provide all services now provided by tin* JCSS in the areas of student services, such as education of the severly handicapped, media resources center, and additional services, such as inservice training, teacher certification, and research. 73.061 Students The .'is local school board represent about 75,IMM! students The present $8,400,0110 budget of .K SS will only be increased by about $1,(100 The AKA will add five districts in Jones county lint two districts iii Cedar county will move to another AKA unit. Since the legislature used J( SS as a model to set up AKA iii the 15 area community college districts little change w ill In* noted here. Additional services may be added by petition of HO percent of the school boards or the boards representing HO percent of the students Once a serv ice is added all districts must participate financially iii the service. ♦ ¥ * YMCA — Saturday's activity schedule at the Marion YMCA is: Non aquatic — Saturday fun club 9:JO, junior high gym 18:38. adult gym in win. family gym J. gymnastics club 4. jxiol — pre-school lessons 9. youth recreational swim Id JO, junior high recreational swim noon. adult and family swim I ♦ * a Sew and save Sale McCall patterns. 2 for the price of I All fabrics 10% off Orphean Limited-Variety.—Adv it it it Sell Building — Mr and Mrs. Hugh Gordon have auld their commercial abuilding at 1055 Sixth avenue to Barry B Smith. 2J40 Third avenue Possession was given Sept 2 Sale was made by Kensinger Realtors. Miller Calls for Anti-Trust Investigation KORT DODGE - The Dim-ocrutie candidate for attorney general. Tom Miller of McGregor. Wednesday called for a major Iowa anti-trust investigation concerning the pricing of fertilizer and propane Addressing the Iowa Punners Union convention. Miller saki. “One of the top priorities iii the attorney general s office should tie a major investigation into the prices of products purchased by tile farmer Ile pointed to several examples ut N|H‘cific products which. Im* said. should be scrutinized — such as price increases tor fertilizer and propane iii the last year and the prospect that the price of seeds will go up sharply Miller said it appeared all one Ii.is to do is declare a shortage iii the supply of a product and prices immediately go up The impact of these increases “has anti trust implications and should he Hives*igated. he declared There is something new happening everyday iii Hu* classified ads . . nee for yourself' Z&nge/tis For the Finest Marion Council Okays License For Book Store By Larry Tanner Marion’s council Thursday night approved an amusement license for the Adult Book and Cinema store, 24J Sventh avenue Mayor William J Grundy issued a statement concerning his position on the business and tho issuance of the license Grundy was nut of low ii Thursday, but Mayor Pro Tem \ ictor L Klopfcnstein read his statement Grundy said: “Since I was elected tit tile office of mayor by the citizens •if Marion. I feel compelled tit speak out in their behalf iii regard to the so-called adult book store. VI ill Spread “I hear some people say if you just leave it alone it will go way However. I believe if you don't fight an infection, ii will spread “Aside from the question of public morals, which may or may not he a proper subject for political concern, we do have questions of public health and safety as well as the reputation and atmosphere of the community to consider “It is my firm belief the majority of the citizens of our community do not condone such an establishment. “Since the recent supreme court ruling has taken away the right of local government to establish their own ordinance relating to obscenity, and have* ruled all existing ordinances on obscenity as being in violation of the federal arid state constitutions, the only road left open to local citizens is to exercise their freedom of speech on behalf of the majority of our citizens Law \dupted “To replace the laws ruled unconstitutional. the Iowa legislature adopted house file 11(12 which became effective July I, and is entitled an aet relating to the dissemination and exhibition of exhibition of obscene material to minors and lascivious acts with certain minors and providing penalty. “I would be extremely naive to think materials and books and pictures sold and distributed to an adult book store will not conn* into the hands of minors as well as consenting adults “The consenting adult who brings these materials into the house down to the local corner is undoubtedly going to expose all of the younger members of the family or group, intentionally or unintentionally. “I believe the citizens of Marion should Ik* aware of the fact the issuance of a license for this type of establishment will Im* done extremely reluctantly and si dev as a result of the legal question involved ” Marion’s council awarded a sodding contract Thursday night to the Blue Grass Enterprises firm for the 1974 sodding project being done iii conjunction with the 1974 peacing program The firm’s Iud was $8.23J Mi and was JK percent under the engineers estimate Only other bidder was Mid-America Nurseries, Inc., with a figure of $9,298 Councilman Floyd Kmiuons opposed the project because he felt it was too costly. He felt seeding should take the place of sodding. A standoff vote killed a proposed non-assessable sidewalk project for 1974 Councilman Hurley VV Hall spoke iii favor of the project and was joined by Km mons arid Edward Begley Opposed Idea However the other councilmen, Klopfenstein, Laurence L Martin and James Galligan opposed the idea of the city paying the entire cost The tie vote killed the project The 1974 paving project No I work was accepted by tile council The project cost $341.-881.37 Both the city and abutting and adjacent property owners paid for the project The bid of the E and S Electrical Contractors, Inc., Cedar Rapids, for $8,921 was accepted for the underground wiring work proposed iii city jiark The underground wiring is the first phase of work proposed by the park hoard to renovate the park in the downtown area Library Carpel The firm of Appleby and Horn Tile Co was paid $5,571 as 99 percent of the public library carpet project contract. Total project cost is $8.19(1 The contract and performance bond of the Montgomery Elevator Co.. Moline, was ap-proved for the library elevator installation Contract calls for the spending of $211,728 on tin* project The council also approved the payment of $4.BU 82 to B A Westbrook Construction. Inc., Marion, general contractor on the project. The council retained 111 |M*rcent of the general contract. $8,754.71! for J# days according to law Bought Vehicles Approval was given to the purchase of three vehicles for city use Two 1974 Pinto station wagons were purchased from Boh Zimmerman Ford, Inc., Cedar Rapids, for the jinn* of S3.573 each. A 1974 Vega station wagon was purchased from Rapids Chevrolet Co.. Cedar Rapids, for $3,498 82 The city’s garbage and refuse ordinance was amended to establish a 50 percent exemption to persons who or totally and or permanently disabled although not 85 years of age Eirst reading of tin* amendment was approved Final approval was given to an ordinance establishing one- mmmm good ... special! Good Fri, Sat. and Sun. Sept 6, 7, and 8 Real Vanilla Ice Cream (Flavored with pure vanilla) 97 Vt Gallon Reg. $1.20 “lf it comes from a cow . . . iii better if iti Dairy Maid!’ it You can help control pollution Think Ecology . . . buy your milk in glass! Only clean, sterile Glass Bottles are used by Dairy Maid. New Fall Hours Starting Sat. Sept. 7th All Stores Open IO a.rn.-9 p.m. • 1526 First Ave NE    • 2030 Sixth St. SW • 541 I Center PC Rd NE    *3219 Mf. Vernon Rd • 408 Edgewood Rd NW    • Phone 365 3206 SE way t Puff ic easterly on the east-west ally way and one-way traffic northerly on the north half of the north-south alley in the block surrounded by Seventh and Eighth avenues and Tenth and Eleventh streets Appeals Board Approval was given to the reappointment of Don Mark and Dick Blok, local contractors, to the building aj peals hoard Grundy recommended tin* men he reappointed Final payment of $3,887 90 was made to thi* Westbrock firm for its work on the Legion Memorial swimming pool improvement project Bowman Woods VHI final plat was approved The council denied a rezoning request of R-3 residential til ('-2 commercial for land on Blairs Ferry road owned by Sarah VV Fay, Robert L Finley and Betty K Finley The city asked the appli-eants to submit a new zone classification proposal Ford Will Make Address to U. N. WASHINGTON (AP) -President Ford is tentatively planning to address tin* United Nations General Assembly Sept 18. following the precedent of recent Presidents in addressing the world organization. sources reported Tuesday The address probably would be on the day after the ll. N opens its fall session and could be Ford s first major foreign policy speech since assuming office. Past Presidents'John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon have addressed the General Assembly. Ford s aides have advised him to take the first possible opportunity to do the same, the sources said Japanese Line Grounds Jet TOKYO (AID - All Nippon Airways grounded its six Lockheed TriStars Wednesday after two of the big planes developed oil pressure problems A spokesman for the airline said a TriStar on a flight from Fukuoka with 185 persons on hoard made an emergency landing on its tail engine Wednesday at the Tokyo airport after the oil pressure dropped on tin* two-wing engines On Sept I another TriStar carrying a full load of JOH passengers lost oil pressure on its wing engines on a flight from Sapporo to Tokyo That aircraft also landed on its third engine. The planes have been grounded temporarily for study of tin* problem, the spokesman said Asks to Return Death Penalty for Hostage Crimes DES MOINES (UPI) - Cit-mg the need to protect “innocent victims,” the president of I he Iowa Police Chiefs Assn Thursday culled for reinstatement of (he death (tenuity for persons who use hostages in committing crimes Wendell Nichols, police chief in Des Moines, said the rapidly increasing use of hostages to carry out crimes such as prison escapes, rob-benes and kidnaping will prompt the public to demand a return to capital punishment for such offenses. Nichols is among about 158 police chiefs and their assistants attending the association’s annual convention here. He said the three-day gathering w ill conclude Friday In an interview, Nichols said “saving lives” must be the firs! consideration in dealing with “culprits” who take hostages in committing crimes However, he said he favored reinstatement of the death penalty to deter the taking and injuring of hostages. “The use of hostages iii crimes is going to do more to bring hack capital punishment than anything else.” Nichols said. “I think legislative bod irs will be mandated by the people to bring hack capital punishment for certain crimes ” The Iowa legislature abolished the death penalty in 1985. Council Accepts Bid for Sewer Project VINTON — The V inton city council held a special meeting Thursday night to receive bids for storm sewers and water mains for the Hillside subdivision in southwest Vinton The only bid received from Barber’s Excavating Co., Cedar Rapids, $11.808 58 was accepted by the council Engineers estimate for the project was $18.47(1 The council received several items of good news. Mayor Win Watson received a letter from the Iowa department of enviromental quality which stated the sanitary sewage project had been accepted anil that Vinton is on schedule to receive federal funding for the new waste treatment plant Gordon Kunz. director of public works, announced that 12,200 pounds of wire had been delivered for the electrical interconnection with Iowa Electric. The city had been waiting approximately a year for the necessary wire and will now be able to proceed with the project. Every body s doing it Selling idle. but no longer needed items with classified Ads! © 1974 by NEA Inc Cfi* -XCt/ifor y- “You can t believe what you read The idea thtat men s hair styles are getting shorter is establishnyent propaganda'" Way to Fame Still Lies in Hula Hoop Skill ANAHEIM, Calif (UPI) -Yes, there are still hula hoops and hula hoop champions twisting and gyrating their way to fame as they did back in the 1950s, The regionals of the national hula hoop championships were held at the Disneyland hotel, and two teenagers, a girl and boy, beat out some one million boys and girls aged 15 and under who began the competition Deann Deluna, 14, Los Angeles, and William Johnson, 15, Indianapolis, outpointed seven other regional champions in the competition to earn berths in the runoffs and a chance at a SI .(NMI U S. sav ings bond. The contestants were judged on the basis of a two-minute freestyle routine with judging by three former national champions. The national finals will be held in Philadelphia. Commission Awards Relocation Aid AMES — Three Linn comity residents Wednesday were awarded relocation assistance claims by the Iowa highway commission for land taken for use in road work <\ Fred House was given $4,123 for property along U S highway 30 For Interstate 380 construction. Mathew Aldrich was awarded $2,892 and Kila Dolan $8<NI Authorization Given For Land Ccintracts AMES — The brava highway commission Wednesday gave authorization to enter into contracts for acquisition of right of way for Eastern Iowa road projects. Among those to be reimbursed for land are the folbewing: In Keokuk county, for Iowa highway 78 improvements Jess McPherson. $3,012; Raymond Byers, $2.BOO; Winn Farms, Inc., $15,125; anil Edna Shy. $4,550. In Linn county, for U S. 30 work Adelaide Kolek. $18,835 Monona Man Hurt While Loading Steps MONONA - Merrill Bande, 80. Monona, was seriously injured early Thursday morning when he was strung in the head by clamps which sprung loose from cement steeps he was loading. Baade, an employe 'Of the Prairie Sand anil Gravid Co., Prairie du Chien, was taken to Lacrosse Lutheran he (spital where he underwent surgery for the injuries Construction Starts on Waukon Liquor Sttore WAUKON—A target diite of Nov I has been set for opening a new state liquor store in south Waukon Designed to he a self-service facility, it will replaces the present uptown store The state will have a 20-year blase on the new building. Berger Construction, of Waukon, has begun preliminary construction of the facility. .iv ext Sp plant now! Over 50 TYPES To Choose From! EVERGREENS Freshly dug from our own growing fields. ★ SCOTCH PINE ★ MUGO PINE ★ BLUE SPRUCE . . . and Many Other Favorites! WEEKEND SPECIALS FROM THE GARDEN CENTER 3 cu. ft. bag Redwood Bark____ All Rose Bushes ........ All Potted    $050 Flowering Crabs .. O S349 $050 ea. 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