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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa riff A - ft *,x\t    i ^ W •? ? "M ' 0 Living on ‘Holler-Poin’ D/ef fir nr By Bick West WASHINGTON (tipi) _ While sojourning recently in I exits, much of which appears incapable of sustaining human life, I found the natives sub slat InK on a strange and wondrous plant called the jalapeno. To the untrained eye. jalapenos look like ordinary green peppers But they apparently have qualities somewhat comparable to manna When one dines at the Dairy Queen in Big Springs, Texas, as I did on a memorable evening, one dines on jalapeno* burgers Bean Dip When one graces among the canapes at a Texas cocktail party, one ladens one s tortilla chips with jalupeno bean dip. The native diet also includes jalapeno corn bread, jalapeno relish, jalapeno cheese, jalapeno . . well, there’s no need to recite the entire inventory. Suffice to say that I don’t recall eating anything iii Texas that wasn't made with jalapenos Jalapenos are to Texas as rice is to the Chinese, potatoes to the Irish and garlic to the French. The name is Spanish and is pronounced holler-pain-oh. In the idiomatic translation, the word means “to holler ‘oh!’ in intensive pain.’ Which is what one does the first time one takes a bite of jalapeno. I asked a native how this allpurpose nutriment came to be so bountiful. He said there were several different accounts. including the following: “Rio de Chili” It seems that one of the early Spanish explorers PFC Juan Caliente led an expedition across the region in search of the legendary- “Rio de Chili”. Somewhere in the area. according to the legend, there was a river in which chili flowed like water WIN AT I BRIDGE By Oswald k Janies Jacoby South started to make the automatic play of dummy’s queen of spades at trick one. Then he stopped, saw that he just might need an extra entry to dummy and won in his own hand It was well that he did. As it was. dummy's entries lasted just long enough to bring the slam home South drew trumps with three leads arid continued with the ace and five of clubs. NORTH A Q 7 f 7643 ♦ A3 + Q8742 WEST 4 J 109432 ▼ 952 ♦ J8 + 93 EAST A 65 ? 8 ♦ K 109654 ♦ K J 10 6 HOLTH (D» 4 AKS f A Kyj IO ♦ Q 7 2 4A5 Both vulnerable West North East South 2f Pass 3* Pass 4+ Pass 44 Pass 4 N T, Pass 54 Pass 5 N T. Pass 6+ Pass Bf Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-JO Dummy’s queen lost to East s king and a spade came back The trick was won by the queen which South had been careful to keep in dummy. Now hi- ruffed a third club, entered dummy with the ace of diamonds and ruffed the fourth cluli to set up the last club as a winner Ile discarded dummy s three of diamonds on the last spade; ruffed a diamond with dummy's last trump; discarded his last diamond oil the last club and was home with the bacon The bidding has haen Wool North FIs st South 14 Pass 2a Pass 3a Pass 4 N T. (’ass ia Pass 1 Y ou, South, hold AA K Q J 1054 f 85 ♦K 24 32 What do you do now'' A - Bid five Mtrump to ask for king* TODAY’S QU Elmo N Your partner bid* *ix diamond* to abow one king What do you do now’’ A aa* or Tomorrow < abelite, of course, was riot aware that the “Rio de Chill” was only a legend. Otherwise, he would not have wasted all that time and money looking for it But at tin- time it certainly/ sounded as plausible as Ponce de Leon's “fountain of youth" and Coronado’s seven cities of gold (Those early Spanish explorer* were frightfully gullible.) Iii any event, Caliente carried in his saddlebags several pecks of jalapeno seeds, which he intended to use iii trading with the Indians But as he rode along, ho realized that other people would someday be passing that way and would in* in need of sustenance And so he scattered the seeds upon the ground, thut they might take root and proliferate Historians tend to doubt this tale They insist the jalapeno was spread by bird droppings But in the annals of Texas Dick Wait folklore, Juan Caliente will always lie revered by his nickname — Johnny Popporseed The Cedar Rapids Gazette: FrL, Sept. 8. 1*74 Fascist-Rocist Plot Suspected Against Priest ROME (UPI) - Italian prosecutors and Zambian police are investigating a possible plot by Italian nonfascists and Rhodesian white supremacists to murder a Polish missionary based near the Zambia-Khodesian border, Italian newspapers reported Tuesday. Reports in Rome’s ll Mes-saggero and other papers said two package bombs were mailed from Italy to the mission post of Father Stanislao Nowiski at Kabwe, Zambia Both bombs exploded before they reached the missionary, one injuring four persons last Feb. 7 and the other killing a postal employe on F eb 12, the reports said The newspapers said the public prosecutors of Rome and Brescia were working with interpol and Zambia police to determine whether Italian neofascist extremists might have sent the bombs in exchange for receiving weapons from a Rhodesian racist group_ ON THIS BATE in 1914, the first battle of the Marne began in World war I "'N MU LE KOF FS V/i aero* of avarythiaq for tba bom# in downtown Cedar Rapids OPEN SATURDAY 9 ’til 5 Immediate FREE DELIVERY of these items and others now in stock Just Arrived! A train carload of smooth, sanded pine unfinished furniture Save 20% on every to 40% piece! 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