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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weat h er~ Clcar tonight with lows Iii mid to upper 40s. C lear Thursday with highs in upper 70s. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 238 lf br (Cetin r t'nmcU CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON (AP) - Army Chief of Staff Creighton Abrams, the general who took command of U. S. forces in Vietnam at a time of crisis in 1968 and oversaw the policy re versal that led to American withdrawal, died early Wednesday. Abrams, who first won fame as a tough tank commander in World war II, would have been 60 on Sept. 15. The army announced that he died at 12:35 am. EDT at Walter Reed army medical center with Mrs. Abrams and his six children, including two army officer sons, at his bedside. ‘‘Cancerous Lung” H i s death resulted from ‘‘complications that developed during recovery from surgical removal of his cancerous lung” on June 6, the army said. Burial will be in Arlington National cemetery, the army said. Arrangements were incomplete. Of all the top American officials in Vietnam during the dozen years of that complex war, perhaps none was as realistic, pragmatic and forth-right as Abrams. Few emerged with their reputations less scarred. When Abrams assumed command of U. S. forces in Vietnam on July 3, 1968, there were 5 4 3,0 0 0 Americans in the country, many of them survivors of the Communists' de- Maddox Primary Bid For Governor Fails army officer By Associated Press    Dye,    a retired Lester Maddox, a symbol of Rom Atlanta, southern segregationist definacei    Nevada a decade ago, has lost his bid to | T _ become Georgia’s governor for Nevada, former Gov. Paul the second time    I    Laxalt easily captured the Re- W. Mr, rn    'h    , a    „    publican nomination    for the U Maddox, 59, who led a 12-can- I didate field in the Democratic primary on Aug. 13, was defeated in the runoff on Tuesday by state Rep. George Busbee, who had the support of black civil| . Ll ,    .    i i~    ,    .(nomination rights leader Julian Bond and most of the party’s moderates. With 2,017 of the 2,196 pre- ! tincts reporting, Bumbee had 1513,299 votes, or 60 percent, to 1340.869 votes, or 40 percent, for Maddox. Tearful Bush to China as Envoy S, senate seat held by Democrat Ry Gazette Leased Wires Alan Bible, who is retiring.    DES    MOINES    -    Mary    Louise Laxalt will face Lt. Gov. Harry Reid, who won a three- Smith of Des Moines will be nominated by President Ford to way fight for the Democratic become chairman of the Repub-His main chal- bean National Committee, GOP longer was Maya Miller, a polit- sources in Des Moines said ical newcomer who campaigned Wednesday. as an environmentalist.    if    elected,    Mrs.    Smith, 60, Shirley Grumpier, 39, a Las would be the first women ever “People are quicker to turn out to vote against somebody than they are to vote for somebody,” a tearful Maddox told campaign workers. Busbee, 47-year-old majority; leader of the Georgia house,; said after winning by a comfort-; able margin: “I do think people' have made it clear they want four years of sound, stable gov-' eminent.” In addition to the Georgia Vegas businesswoman, won the G.O.P. nomination to oppose Democratic Gov. Mike O’Cal-laghan in the gubernatorial race. Rep. David Towed, Nevada’s (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) to head the Republican national committee. She would succeed Chairman George Bush of Texas, who has been chosen to become U.S. envoy to China according to party sources. Mrs. Smith would be the fourth Iowan to hold the na-t i o n a I chairmanship. Others were the late Harrison Spangler U. S. and East Germany Set ^edarRap*ds1942-44, john Formal Ties T. Adams of Dubuque in 1921-22 and James F. “Ret” Clarkson of Des Moines in 1891-92. Great Trust Gal Iani ry in Action AP Wirephoto Sgt. John Hoormann of the New Orleans police department probably figured the safest assignment on the force was to receive the department's medal of valor. However the officer's face was one of anguish when he accidently got the point of the pin from his wife during the ceremony. Crop Damage Called Light Re^®wL^®; By Al Swegle    lenough to cause “some damage;the country than in cities where Jack Frost, making his ap-! to the top of some plants.”    (weather records are kept. j    McHlsflGlcl vastating Tet offensive South!Pearance more than a month! The Clayton county soil dis-: The most severe frost damage Vietnam’s political system' was early> was more active in East‘ J trict office reported tempera- Tuesday was reported in north- Gazette Leased Wires in chaos in the countryside. ,lfc!-tlilL/netbTbXlure readings ot 29 dcgrees at westcm lowa' official<y thc WASHINGTON - Sen a t e,CMms were wen to ame away !»<■*«•    -    --.cc. military forces were reeling;^ far^ers with    latc    r]anted Elkader Wednesday morning, state crop reporting service said Democratic Leader Mike Mans-(blacks    and    college students at-already has been named    as the from severe casualties, anti    tvvo degrees colder than the frost damage from the low tem-'fjejd of Montana said Wednes- I e rn p    t i n    g to patronize the (East German envoy. President london Johnson a ^rost was reported in scat-night before,    'peratures    Tuesday    is    “expected    day    that    he    will    make    a    strong WASHINGTON (UPI) - The ; runoff, primary elections were    S. and East Germany formal- “The position of chairman of held Tuesday in North Dakota    established diplomatic rela- the Republican national cornland Nevada.    ti0ns    Wednesday    and agreed to mittee is one of great trust,” Maddox had served as gover-'exchan8e of ambassadors, end-    Mrs. Smith said in    a    statement nor from 1967 to 1971, then was in8 29 years of cold war enmity.    to The    Gazette by    telephone elected lieutenant governor , An agreement was signed by from Washington Wednesday af-! under a Georgia law prohibiting] representatives of the two coun-| ter noon. a    governor    from    succeeding    (fries in a simple    and brief cere-1    “I am honored by President himself.    The    governor    for    the    mony at the state department.    Ford’s intention    to recommend I last four years has been Jimmy \ smiling Herbert Suess |me *or consideration by the full signed thc agreement for East committee. Germany and    Arthur Hurt-    I know that    if elected us man, assistant    secretary of    chairman by thc    national com- statc for European    affairs, mittee    that    much    will    be    made after! for the f k    the    fact    that    I    am    a    woman A1f. .    .    _    .    in    - the first to be asked to serve A tough not announced for-1    chairman #f (he Kepubljcan decade ago when as owner ofjmally, state department of-    nati0nal    committee. (Atlanta’s Pickrick restaurant he Trials say former Republican    r-TUg*    however    is    not the I became a symbol of southern ton. John Sherman Cooper I resistance to integration by is-Kentucky w" be nominated as d    <Lhair- suing dubs    to    his    employes.    The ]    ambassador to the Communist    b _ WASHINGTON — Senate|c}ubs were    used    to    drive    away    slate. Suess, a career    diplomat,; (Carter, a moderate considered. lone of the leaders of “The New/ j South” of white and black coop-j oration. Bitter Campaign Maddox’ career was forged a! (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) tered lowland Maddox eventually! By Wednesday’s action, the U. areas Tuesday! The Linn county soil district | to be light.”    I ••Bitch” for reinstitutine waae'sold lhe restaUran.'; ..    £    has„gh;e"    up morning, but reports were office reported scattered frost in    non eh Stave    land Drice controls at the eco-1' Bu.f ? and Maddox spent Pe n ying erm ny. “fairly widespread” Wednesday low lying areas, including frost    8    8    •    ...    (much    of the three-week cam- The L. S. had never recog- , in Delaware Fayette and Clay-on windshields    “Nearly 75 percent of the corn nomic summit meeting later paign attacking each other for ;nized the legitimacy of East later, American forces had pre-1 Jon clarities *    y j®    is    in or past the dough stage! this month.    (using    dirty tricks. Maddox, Germany, officially known announced he would not run again because of divisiveness in the U. S. over his war policies. When Abrams left, five years ceded him. Viets Mourned Frost Damage the other hand, wjn_ compared with the average of “It was colder this morning than yesterday,” George Carl-} On — ------ —- •    ”    tho neshiek county reported more    pc re tm,    int said Tuesday. “I would hope everything I charged that Busbee had dis-the German Democratic Repub- In Saigon, South Vietnamese!    atomist told I frost occurred Tuesday than on] said Tuesday.    [summit,    Mansfield    told report-flacks outside his restaurant! With the formal diplomatic officials^ Wednesday mourned;^ ^ {t Wednesdav ’ Wednesday there. One farmer “Some 44 percent of the corn.ers a day after the chief eoor-with the caption:    “Lest We.link between East Berlin and Abrams death.    “    *    near castajja reported soybean js in or past the dent stage com- dinator for the summit, L. WU-1 Forget ”.    Washington, all members of the “It is with great emotion we “Soybeans Nipped" damage from frost Tuesday. |pared to the average of 68 per- ljam Seidman, said long-range Busbee denied the charge. North Atlantic Treaty Organize-heard the bad news, said the. bad use scraper on Although thc frost damage cent. The corn condition is!anti-inflation legislation is un- . *n ^e. Republican gubcrnato- lion recognize East Germany, chief spokesman for the South my windshield this morning, but has been minor, state weather    mostly fair to good with some    ...    ,    . ,    1Q7C.    r*al    primary,    Macon    Mayor    except    Canada. Vietnamese government,!^ donH expect much damage observers warned Wednesday    lodging occurring now.”    likely betore    1975.    Ronnie    Thompson,    alaw-and-    The    agreement establishing ^ NguyenQuocCuong.    t0    the corn Some late planted that “a hard (or killing) frost! J cr0_ service said thc out.    “Can't    Wait”    (Order    candidate who once gave the embassies calls for mimed!-; -It is a loss for the Viet- soybeans in the lowland areasiusually follows ‘scattered frost’ look for soybcans remains bet- "We just can’t wait too long ’shoot t0 kl11 orders t0 bis,ate talks to settle the question of namcse people and especially (got nipped, though.”    by anywhere from one to two    ter than that for corn although    SQme    action js taken be- those who have fought in Viet- 1 Another soil conservationist, weeks on the average in Iowa.    |]ow areas may bave suffered nam and those who have Lyle Jackson of West Union, The record low temperatures]^ damage Monday night, known Gen. Abrams personal- said a light frost was “generally!set Tuesday morning across the. . , officials Wednes- widespread” in Fayette county northern Midwest may ackson been even colder in rural areas, ua*    a.,™*,,* severe (as temperatures are cooler in'888688 cep    g ,    .,    .    ,    .    .. , tributed a 1964 picture showing!lie, following its establishment crop service wou\d not be depending on the|Mfldd()X brandishing a pistol at by the Soviet Union in 1949. iy. “He will always be remem-Wednesday morning, bered in the heart of every Viet-,sa>d the frost was namese as a gallant soldier who fought brilliantly with the Viet-1 namese soldier for the cause of: freedom and democracy.” It was a different kind of assignment — and certainly the * toughest ever — for the rumpled general whoso public reputation ^ Tom Fruohling    (reject had been built largely on battle- \    .    ...    low. AMES —Winterset automobile (dealer Harry Reed somewhat    look    Over    Firm Relieved Bastogne    suprisingly resigned from the Later, after he took over the cause inflation and uncmploy-l ment are both increasing,”; Mansfield said. Although Ford has flatly ruled out reimposition of wage-prict police in a crackdown on crime.(any financial claims held by the (held a slim lead over Harold U. S. against the East Germans. | Mary Louise Smith Reed Cites Conflicts, Quits State Posts the bid since it was not ‘Hard To Tell” Youth Surrenders After Trying To Hijack Jetliner with Razor BOSTON (AP) — A young talked of going to Florida    or; State police    Maj. Edward Kee- black man demanding variously Africa, Newpher said, but    of- hon said later the money was est " T " 7" r7    77    %.ru-    o    k    I from $10,000 to $100,000 ransom ficials told him the plane was picked up by    police. He did not SenateJ. Republican Whip    Hob-|[(>r |he poor surrcndew| disabled, which it was not. .elaborate. I ort Griffin o ic igan M Wednesday after holding an “Hi.rhk f.'mntb.niir'    Stillier    said    no    further    dc- first major test for congress on ■-    -    b    ‘Hienlv    Emotional    .... caused by record low tempera-Mansfield said he be- lures-    lieves the President “will hold Temperatures plunged to 26 himself flexible” to take what-degrecs in parts of Minnesota.'ever measures are necessary to 27 at North Platte, Neb., and to dca! with the situation freezing or below in northw iowa Eastern Air Lines pilot hostage field heroics. “It has hurt some, ert Ixmnsberry of Des Moines, Iowa secretary of agriculture, “but whether ifs going to be • i „ . lits cooperation with Fords anti ,    .    ■    t , said Rob-1. .p    ...    .    ..    aboard    a    jet    mer    at    IvOgan    In int ation program will be on hist.    .    .? He had been the tank officer Iowa highway commission and Hawkeye Truck Equipment Co., widespread damage, its hard to who relieved beleaguered Amer ican paratroopers at Bastogne in the 1944 Battle of the Bulge and won Gen. George Patton's (Continued: Page 3. Col. 6 ) the department ol transpor-1 another bid was submitted tation Wednesday.    the commission. In a letter to Gov. Robert to | tell yet.” Both lx)unsbt*rry and Min-caiH    .hat    hk ^isinn    Reed said this was without his    11€Sota farm officials said soy- Ray, Reed said    that■    his ■dec is    on    knowiedgc and he t00k    .. immo.    bcang appeared t0 have suffcrod was based on a    possible    diate stcps to assure    that this    morc than corn from the sudden OI interests    did not happen again.”    frost and freeze. He reportedly had been under This bid was also unsucccss-heat since an article in the Des;fu} Moines Tribune last week noted Heed described hi that he had sold cars to the gov- as “complex,” and said, “there ij y {jK emor at cost.    is always the possibility that Submitted Bids    or*‘ of my employes might .....,    j*..*    make a sale, however minor in Also it has been reported    d0Ilar amounts, which could be (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) Stock Slide Highly Emotional* ,    ....    . jinands had been made ami it Newpher described Collins as was unknown whether the man tensional airport,    authorities    j “highly emotional”    and    incoher-    wanted to fly anywhere    in the reported.    ent at times.    commandeered plane. “If    he de- Thc man was identified as1 A state trooper said the sur-.mands, we’ll go where he says,” Marshal Collins, 20.    of    Provi-    render came after    the    hijacker    'stiffer said, but he would not deuce, Ii. I. FBI Special    Agent    ^ad an hour-long    conversation    say how much fuel the    plane was with a FBI agent “who spoke1 had. >■> i*    lames Newpher said he Continues barged with air piracy and hE language.    James    Cauficld of Bolton, a would be arraigned later in the Thc twin-engine plane, a 7 passenger, told Eastern officials NEW YORK (AP) — Con- day.    ;a m shuttle from New York’s that a voice was heard just as tinued pesssimism over inflation Collins surrendered. NewpheriL,a Uuardia airport, had just ar- the plane reached the gate to Although high temperatures Iand ,hc general stale of the j said, after talking by radio with 111 Bost°n « h<-n the hi-reached only in the 50s as far!economy pushed the stock mar-,a black FBI agent for several Jac^er rushed the^ cockpit and (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) business I goutjj as NashviUCt Tc1u1m Tues- ^ s h a r p I y lower again hours National Weather Ser- Wednesday in active trading. vice was optimistic a warming    7s . ^    ^ trend would start Wednesday. average of 30 industrial st ne s .    at 2 p.m. was down 20.34 at Record low’ temperatures for1 truck firm owned by Reed’s (considered brother, and owned by • regulations. Reed himself, has submitted bids to the lowa highway coni-!    Embarrassing mjssjon    *    Such    an occurrence, he wrote In his resignation letter, Reed I Ray. "would be embarrassing | tablished in claimed that when the first bid me Personally and to you as    Lakes    region was submitted—at the time his chief executive.'    The    u.s. agriculture    depart- brother had contnd of the busi Reed, a Republican, has    ment    had warned earlier    that ness — he made the family con- served on the highway commis-    crops    had been slowed    by    heat Inection known to the other com- sion for three years. He recently land lack of moisture this sum-  ...■■    I. );’ 99. souk* 13 points below a a violation” of state ca.r -v 111 7e season "°.rc Sl] four-year closing low it reached   _I    uesday    rn    the    upper    and    mid the were es-upper Great ........    .    .    ..ast    week.    Declines    swept    to a die Mississippi valley’and on theL j jead over advances on the northern plains, and new low! marks for the date Minor Cuts Newpher said Collins Creighton Abrams rnissioners. And, Reed added, he voted to was appointed by Gov. Ray to a (mer, and an early fall could four-year term on the DOT. reduce crop yields. confronted the pilot. j The hijacker, in his 20s, or-1 jdered the passengers and all of( .    wasithe crew but the pilot off the? armed with a straight razor and!pjane a rusty nail, as well as an ax or!    .    r . „ hatchet he found on the DC-9j    Ltc    s    oor jetliner. He said the pilot, Capt.i John Stiffler. Eastern airport' L. E. Whitaker of New York [services manager, said the hi-City suffered minor cuts from jacker then demanded $10,000. [the razor and    nail    and a head (The money    was spread    out on; wound from    the    side of    the the runway    after the man dc-1 I hatchet.    i    manded to “see its color.” j Authorities were reluctant to] After this was done, Stillier Significant sign on a fine car: discuss how the weapons were (said, the man’s only comment. “This status symbol for sale, .smuggled aboard.    was,    “Give the money to the! Owner unfortunately changing; Collins first asked for $100,OOO, poor people of Roxbury,” a pre-] status.’    Coovriqht    [then reduced    the    demand to [dominantly black section    of BOSSIO,OOO. And    at one point    he (ton. New York Stock Exchange. Toil ii    Chuckle Today s Index Comics ....................5D Crossword ................ SD Daily Record ............. SA Deaths .................... 3A Editorial Features ........ 6A Farm ....................IOC Financial   .............. 61) Marion ................... 2It Movies ................... IC Society ..............8B-11B Sports .......•    •....... 1D-4I) State .................. 1C-3C Television .................4B Want Ads ............ 8D-UD ;

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