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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kidney transplants views of recipe doctors in Section a stylish or dangerous both used to i a sail Clops in Section c Section Ahrn weather warm Aud ii u in i d through tomorrow with threat of showers or thunderstorms. Highs today mid Kos Low tonight 65 to 70. City final 35 cents volume 91 numbed 236 Cedar rapids Iowa sunday september 2, 1973 associated press up new York times Uby Over Oil firms Cambodia reds near Large City phenom Penk a Cam Bodian insurgents attacking in Force overran two government positions saturday arid drove to within half a Mio of Kompton Cham cambodians third largest City Brig. Gen. John u. D. Cle land the top american military Man in Cambodia flew to the provincial capital 47 Miles Northeast of phenom penh with maj. Gen. Sostene Fernandez commander in chief of the cambodian army. As they were Landing in their helicopter a barrage of 105mm howitzer shells fired by the communist led insurgents from captured american guns fell in the City about 500 Yards from them. Del and and Fernandez were uninjured but seven civilians were reported wounded. Cleland is listed by the . Embassy As the chief of the . J military equipment delivery team. Congress has prohibited official . Military advisers in Cambodia. Victory claim on his return to phenom penh the Gen. Fernandez told reporters a the enemy has failed in its attack on Kampong alluding to the end of american bombing in Cambodia Lek weeks ago Fernandez said a the reactions of our soldiers have Given the enemy As bad a Law a via j blow on the head As the b 52 s a ments and increased Militancy them anywhere because if they covered were. Field reports said the insure among american workers gent Force near Kampong year unless the Cost Ham. Estimated to number a. Brought under control Many As 5.000 troops has Cap or a pc Day tured up to half a dozen . I member labor federation said the pressure of the prices is go have lost Confidence in that while a the unions Are not my to he reflected As the now Caid. I Willa a inevitable that some of them labor department figures to take the so Rike show that despite surging prices wage increases in madmen my said labors patience a Carat to us men it i go food Price declines seen unfit sept. 12 by Seth s. King maw York Tim Kiwi service Chicago the decline in food prices that began and when that gets on to the Market it should slow any Sharp Many mod prices that Beran who a a. Jcj i to. Last week was expected to con moved on and poultry Lune f in in until Fri i a Nii Inoc. Air prices began rising for both Tine until Price ceilings come off beef sept. 12. But the cheer this held for j Consumers was tempered of the belief among agricultural forecasters Here that retail food Large . Companies affected until they broke records in mid August previous dropping fast gasoline shortage Upit a photo chileans stand in line at one of the few Santiago Gas stations allowed to sell gasoline. Most stations Are closed for general use and Are available Only for priority transport because of the Long strike of truck and Tanker Drivers. Gas stations Are often guarded by police carrying sub machine guns to maintain order in the lines. Living spiral Means strikes Meany Tripoli Libya a the libyan government announced saturday a 51 percent takeover of the holdings of All major Oil hogs climbed to $56.50, double companies still open Ming hide costs would soon level off on what they were a year ago but pen Dently Here. A very High plateau and Stavey closed the week just above the decree signed by pre j there the rest of this year and it an j wholesale pork prices Mier Aldei Jasien Jalloul and most of next year Ebest indicator of upcoming Oil minister Ezzedin Mabrouk. Consumer reluctance to pay retail paces were dropping marked the fourth anniversary the highest prices in memory even faster. W of the revolution that toppled or pork and poultry pulled this was eng even King Idris and installed a Revol wholesale and stockyard prices the number of hogs Luti onary military regime head itj5, a slaughtered tor marketed by col. Moa mar khad Afy. Re Levels in mid August. Was percent below Jast year it was not known How the Brief beef Rise wholesalers in the Chicago arca companies would be compel and agriculture economists said they simply could not move previous takeovers Here were predicting a the a cuts at better prices be the khad Afy regime has uttered Brief Rise in beef prices after cause nobody would buy them. T0 Hook value of the i controls Are removed a week both wholesale and a a a a a a. A amount that from thursday. They also sex egg prices were leveling off and to it a 18 kept vvp1 Ltd the a i peeled the same consumer re there were signs that broiler Lual Naue for a purposes Lectance. Or inability to pay flocks were increasing after the companies involved these higher prices would soon cutbacks last saturdays takeover appeared bring retail beef costs Back Market analysts for the Amor of acc California Standard j close to today s ceilings lean meat minute were eau and texh.0 w h j c the there were indications this piously hopeful that Heel prices form vhf Oil group week that Many cattle feeders. Would soon Peak near the cur Mem and Swenberg. Which who had been slowing Down rent ceiling. Opera be in a a is partnership the fattening of Choice . Am Fth Quot steers while the beef ceiling re presidential orders that left inc Atlantic Rich mauled in effect were now mov Price limits on beef longer than fled Anco Grace my their cattle to Market ahead on other meats were justified it did not appear to affect continued Page 3, col. 6 j of the Rush expected after sept. 112. By Friday live cattle prices. At midwestern stockyards were j most cd fid did to a around $50 a Hundred pounds a n ,. Washington apr Al the restraint Meany replied talked to eight reporters who i Meany said Nixon should be Sharp decline from the record kill Union s to Cio president George Meany that the Union did no to feel a that specialize in labor coverage. Impeached if he refuses an $56 paid earlier in August. Foresees bigger wage Settle going on strike would really get among other areas Meany order from the supreme court to beef prices should Settle sir Perisher the White House Back a Quot Quot i�1? a or some smaller companies such As Amoco and Aquitaine of France the libyan operations of British Petroleum were nationalized in december 1971 in re to ii in Wurl Batton for alleged British sup i a i urn to a a or port of Iran in its occupation of Ottawa up a the Lead three persian Gulf islands a on representing most by the i Mon of Arab too non operating pm who have shut Down can continued Page 3, col. 3 emirates operations of Bunker a Hunt i Iii i Iii n ii n i a a inc it Irma were nation the Leader of the 13.6-million a a a total a Herald i think America people by and 1�r8g. I Gai do a be wet i is ago lha a Quot the of he i. There appears to be More government legislation and re port for Israr a Hadaf has a of in the Normal pm lines now Tom in work t Srael Vns you. Tatty car at Wing leaves Taiwan Ltd Ca s Pacific commander Satur a Jyh president Nixon s handling hated during the first half of cd i conf inned Pace 3 col 5 a beet in the Normal Moe Ines now turn to War or it e. R. V is . Ahi Mere is a new in re Eli a Quot re of the un.,. Ita tapes Issue delaying indictments Jujj -. Hmm pm a off Lefiu tia a Washington up a the port on the watergate phase of for Cox. Said the prosecutor to shorten the negotiating committee chair Man i in san Francisco hmm to Brit a Day announced the pullout of of the Economy is wearing thin i the year averaged s ii percent i Legal a a a a a to obtain president to invest ligation without the would seek a a Maii re hard Smith said All on a spokesman for Standard the Only . Tactical Airlift and predicted it would be Quot Only slightly above the adm Nistra xon s secret tape recordings number of Days permitted for other Union Heads comprising Oil of California said Wing from i Taiwan. The Wing a question of time a a before to i Fiona a 5.5 percent guideline. A to delay grand Jur indict Cox Preo Arina both sides to file briefs and the 64-member general Confer Quot if you want to look at this includes More than one third operation shown so far in wage a Rudi it lilt it a mints in the water Kauz Cas a prepare for Oral arguments. A a committee reluctantly de the. Same Way As we do it Al . Military personnel in ,elllemenl5 this year comes to r fasl Quot cd of Loher bul Cox Ai several Steps ahead of p a k tided to recommend amounts to a confiscation of our the Island nation an end. Meany repeated his predict would not Stop the Senate com the committee in their separate Doyle saw this would Prim n Back to work Legisla Concession a Mittee from issuing an interim suits to get the tapes and he . Court of appeals to hand and b Par a Anent ear. To Nalion aviation follows report investigators indicated Hopes to have hts suit ready to Down a decision in september saturday. Rejection by our negotiators of saturday. Present to the supreme court it is not known whether the Union Lead is who the to. Rovern menus Mil recent legislation ending the nine Day ultimatum which was that the National strike risk up to two company must acquiesce in the years in jail and a $5,000 fun. Seizure of 51 percent interest in there was no immediate reaction from the nationalist chinese government. A not going to Laist bean urges skylab 2 Extension Nasa no lion of a recession by years end and said this is inevitable asked How he accounted for no matter what action the administration takes however he suggested that All wage and Price controls be ended and the Economy be returned to a free Market. Space enter. Houston api a Mission commander Alan bean told Mission control saturday that the record break ing skylab 2 astronauts wanted to extend their 59-Day Mission by a five or to Days a but space officials said this would not he considered Mon of the Mission hut was told later that an Extension has Quot a very Low probability because doctors want additional medical data before permitting any astronauts to stay in space for More than 59 Days. Or. William c. Schneider to the supreme court it is not known whether the special prosecutor Archibald when the High tribunal begins usual three judge panel or Cox told chief . District its fad term oct. I. Whether the entire nine judge court judge John Sirica this Sirica ruled wednesday that c0111�?T Bear the Appeal kith week that he does not want the Nixon should give him the tapes or Sale can ask that the in. Wev grand jury to consider further for personal inspection before it url Bear it no matter me tag and considered two a1 edit a i think what you would have indictments until he knows the judge decides whether to by a the appeals court rules the ter natives Defiance or would be a chaotic condition of whether it will have Access to order them Given to the grand rising Side is sure to Appeal to Janc a the Law jury. Nixon decided to Appeal supreme court Smith said the lengthy Union the company a interest and a accept prices going wild up and Down the tapes. A for a few weeks and then i Sam dash chief counsel for the ruling by Sirica who gave Cox said there was an think they would Settle Down a i the Senate watergate commit he said Itee told a reporter the commit Day to do so. The 79 year old labor Leader tee could Issue an interim re James Doyle the president until this thurs Keck a a in obtaining the tapes because the grand jury is due spokesman continued Page 3, col. 7. We have decided that the second course is the l Ourse of Smith said a one does not adduce a claim by disrespect for the Law a however. Continued from our a tip Page 3, col 4 Nixon Agnew meeting remains a mystery bean told Mission control that skylab director said extending Gazette leased wires there had been discussion be sky i a 2 a never was really fore the Mission was launched Uraj it a serious consideration a july 28 a bout kit Ping us up adj la of is a a or he Here another five to it Davs or Pond la. Planned sept. A ,0 my am Ned a c Rah splashdown. Before doctors would commit a we Hope that it happens that astronauts to spend More than Way a said the commander 59 Daya m spit speaking for himself and his Kjier apr saturday bean Gar Crew mates or. Owen Garriott r0jf my aimed a Bat and Jack la Usma. Quot Sere Allt by 0f Pom Ofui cameras at tile awfully healthy up Here heeling Parth m a it Hoto pass that car i Ltd them from White Winter a hound Mountain to the awful Good bean asked Mission control to Cheek into a possible Hevleo l Odd of x Huekler it s wonderful to belong to a Amily with a teenager Iii it. How else would you get to know your faults car till it Iii 011 Ink dunes of Hie 01 id s largest desert. With their spacecraft passing overhead at four Miles a Sec Ond. The astronauts took pictures that will in used for mapping weather studies Mineral exploration Ami agricultural research in South America and Northern Africa Washington president Nixon and vice president Agnew met alone for two hours saturday discussing allegations that Agnew received kickbacks from Maryland contractors but what the two men said at the meeting remained a mystery. Quot the vice president brought the president up to Date on the matters concerning himself a Gerald Warren Deputy White House press Secretary said after talking to the pres ident. Quot it was a Good discussion a thorough discussion a however neither Nixon nor Agnew gave any indication of what was said j. March Thomson. Agnew s press Secretary said a it was a relaxed discussion and they took their time it was just the thing to do on a saturday morning a a Thomson confirmed Warren remarks and said Quot they had a very very satisfactory meeting together.1 Thomson saw there was a nothing of a major special nature to the meeting a contrast the Bland assurances of the official spokesmen were in Sharp contrast to the intense Public interest entered on the meeting Between a president whose administration is still reeling from the effects of the watergate disclosures and a vice president faced with possible criminal indictment. Other sources said later that Agnew a did All the talking during the session White House aides indicated that Nixon was sitting by and a just going to let flu thing White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler Denim that Nixon had a a contingency list of possible candidates for vice president should Agnew be forced to resign. The meeting which was requested by the vice president several Days ago began at to 40 a in. In the presidents Oval office which Nixon usually reserves for ceremonial purposes. There were no is Alf members present no lawyers Only the two men who rarely see or talk to one not Lier. Not discussed neither the president nor the vice president told their aides specifically what was discussed hut both pointed out matters they said Wert not discussed Warren and Thomson said they did not discuss the possible resignation of Agnew should he be indicted the constitutional Issue of whether Agnew should claim the same immunity against prosecution that Nixon has claimed in the watergate Case a that the Legal recourse is impeachment not prosecution nor a contingency plan for naming a vice president should Agnew be removed or step Down after his two hour conference with Agnew Nixon met alone with his senior Domestic advisers Counselor Melvin Laird and Bryce Harlow Ani White House chief of stiff Alexander Haig that discussion presumably. with the political Reper Lus Stotis vow Agnew investigation. As Well As the admin a stratus legislative plans when Congress returns next tuesday. Afterwards Nixon headed for a weekend at Camp David md., with hts family Agnew s weekend designation was Ocean City my where he planned to rest and relax with his Amity and friends decision near the meeting attracted an extraordinary amount of attention because the Federal investigation has reached the critical stage in which attorney general Elliot Richardson must soon decide if he has not already whether to take the Case before a Federal continued Page 3, co 8 today s Index i action a pm no i. X it dim i editorial of Cav Ami Mal it t attend on Yaw la Taa it Ca la Section a Awa Newt of rom Ava Partite Nan i t in a 1, inn t tint mar in t to tall Haw Vara hat a Ian maw in Iai a a tar a Plaat of Arm ii diction c Tat Tai. Iuar Nan in Tama 1 a Boot 1 t Rara. Ii sit t Ion d Saart. A a a oat ban to mat o a a Lacr lava a Waul am a Cru Mil la Para Cavatina 1 in cantle. Ii

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