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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather mostly Cloudy through sunday Chance of rain or Snow. Lows tonight around 30. Highs sunday in 40s. By Cedar fat Nide # City final to cents volume 88-number 295 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday. October 31, 1970 associated press up new York time Nixon rips permissiveness More than 150 diem vie floods Saigon apr More than 150 persons were reported dead and nearly 150,000 homeless saturday from floods that washed away hamlets roads and croplands along a wide stretch of South Vietnam a Northern coastal lowlands. The worst floods in six years raised fears that the abandonment of hamlets and villages would Deal a setback to the government pacification program in the 188-mile-Long Plain where two and a half million people live. Officials recalled that during earlier flood disasters Viet Cong troops moved into villages As the Waters began receding and took control while Allied forces were immobilized. Virtual standstill associated press correspondents Michael Putzel and Rick Merron reported from the Northern cities of Danang and Chu Lai that floods appeared to be receding in some areas. But continued Rains were predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours. Allied military operations from the demilitarized zone to Danang and South to Quang Ngai City were at a virtual standstill. . Marine helicopters made Rice drops to persons still isolated but in no immediate danger. Some of the helicopters were shot at by the Viet Cong. One Sank in 12 feet of water and one of its four crewmen was missing. Marines drowned four . Marines were reported drowned when their jeep was swept off Highway i Between Danang and Chu Lai. Putzel who toured the devastated area in a helicopter said it looked like a the South China sea had moved Inland As far As you could see. For five to to Miles you see anything but livestock including water Buffalo beef cattle pigs and chickens washed Down the Danang River. Some were rescued and kept by South vietnamese soldiers. The flooding climaxed nearly a month of steady Rains followed by two typhoons and a tropical storm. Danang and Chu Lai received 18 inches of rain in the last to Days and Quang Tri City got 27 inches. Oops wrong City a photo vice president Agnew holds his hands to his head As someone reminds him that he is in Hammond ind., not Gary As he mentioned during a speech Friday night. . To sell planes vehicles to Pakistan Quot machiavellian ruse Quot a Thieu Saigon a president Thieu told his countrymen saturday that he will never surrender to the communists or accept a coalition government and that North Vietnam has no Chance to win the War. A the enemy has lost his initiative on the Battlefield a Thieu said in a state of the nation address. A the has lost practical continued Page 2, col. I new Delhi a the . Will sell Pakistan six f-104 Jet fighters seven b-57 bombers four maritime patrol Craft and 300 armoured personnel carriers it was disclosed saturday. The summary of the controversial Sale was in Indian press dispatches from Washington. . Embassy sources in new Delhi said the figures were Correct. The deports were based on a briefing by Joseph Sisco assistant Secretary of state for near Eastern and South asian affairs. Embassy officials pointed out that America had decided not to sell Pakistan any tanks despite pakistanis desire to Purchase them and that there Are no pending requests to Sanction sales of used . Arms to Pakistan through other countries. Several months ago . Officials in Washington were quoted As saying the decision to sell arms to Pakistan was made several months ago but announcement was delayed because of the need to consult with Congress. However authoritative sources in new Delhi said another Factor was the . Desire to wait until the Indian parliament recessed in september. It reconvenes in Early november Saigon acts against Tiger Cage Quot writer when members Are expected to raise the Issue. . Officials stressed that the Sale to Pakistan is a a one time limited exception to the arms embargo placed on India and Pakistan following their three week War in september 1965. Sisco was quoted As telling the Indian correspondents that if India made a request for arms from the ., it would be entertained on a Par with pakistanis and considered on its merits. Relies on soviet but Sisco added that there was no pending. Request from India. India has relied largely on the soviet Union As its main arms supplier while Pakistan a until 1965 a counted primarily on the United states. Since 1965, Pakistan has received arms from communist China and both american and russian officials have said they decided to Supply weapons to Pakistan to help reduce chinese influence there. The Indian government has strongly protested to the . Its decision to sell arms to Pakistan. A the latest american decision is against the interests of peace on the subcontinent a the foreign ministry said oct. 9. Saigon a the South vietnamese information ministry has refused the press accreditation of an american correspondent because he took two . Congressmen to a detention Camp for political prisoners. Don Luce 36, led reps. Hawkins a Calif and Anderson a Tenn on an inspection of the a Tiger cages at the con son Island political prison last july. Reports of conditions in the cages sparked an International controversy. Luce a accreditation As correspondent for a religious news service expired get. 19, and the National press Center said sat urday that it had refused to renew it. A we Are unable to re accredit or. Luce a said Nguyen Ngoc Huyen director of the Center. A recently he went to con son Island. As you know con son is a restricted area. He went without government permission and he wrote articles As a correspondent. A the violated government regulations. We hate to take measures against anybody but we had to do something. He sent out articles damaging to our Luce commented a i believe this is the first in a series of moves to throw me out of Vietnam. Or. Huyen indicated that my visa probably would not be renewed when it expires feb. 14.�?� rail corporation measure signed san Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon has signed a Bill creating a government corporation to improve Railroad passenger service the White House announced Friday. Plane with 49 hijacked Miami apr forty nine passengers who boarded a National airlines flight from Miami to san Francisco found themselves in a Havana hotel saturday victims of a Hijack. The plane which had scheduled stops in Tampa new Orleans and Houston was diverted at 11 05 . Friday 20 minutes after it left Miami International Airport. A National spokesman and Federal aviation administration officials said they had no details about the Hijacker. Capt. Carl Greenwood the Pilot made his third unwilling trip to Havana. Greenwood a 23-year Veteran with National was the Pilot of a san Francisco to Miami flight hijacked july i. The first time he visited Havana unwillingly was several months previous to that officials said when he was aboard an Airliner in a supervisory capacity checking out another Pilot. Greenwood 50, lives in Miami As do the other Crew members. Girl 15, Dies at South Tama game danger to Kent guard questioned new York times service new York a Justice department summary of an Fri investigation of the Kent state shooting differs sharply with the conclusion of an Ohio grand jury that guardsmen fired because they feared they were physically threatened. The 35-Page report was obtained from an unidentified source. It said that in interviews with the Fri most of the guardsmen who fired at the students did not say they did so because their lives were in danger. A rather they generally Sim ply state that they fired after they heard others fire or because after the shooting began they assumed an order to fire in the air had been Given a the report said. Internal use a Justice department spokesman said the summary of the Fri probe was intended for internal use in the department and for congressional state and local authorities. He could not say it had been Given to the grand jury. The Justice department summary said. There was a some reason to believe that guardsmen fabricated claims that their lives were in danger. Claims by guard officers that there was a sniper that Stu dents were encircling the troops or that the troops had run out of tear Gas were All untrue. Six. Of the. Victims were a merely spectators a five were taunting guardsmen by shouting or making obscene gestures and two were probably encouraging other students to throw stones. One student admitted throwing two or three stones. Only one guardsmen Lawrence Shafer was injured seriously enough to require medical treatment and his continued. Page 2, col. 7. Time to quit making heroes out of thugs Phoenix Ariz. Up president Nixon said saturday that it is time to quit making a automatic heroes out of those silent majority of americans of All Ages and of every political persuasion to stand up and be counted against appeasement of Rock throwers and obscenity who protest and Brand them As the a same thugs and hoodlums today s Index Church. 3 comics. 7 courthouse a. 2 crossword. 7 daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features. 6 financial. La Marion la movies 8 sports. 9, to. 16 television. 4 want ads. .11-15 special to the Gazette Tama a Eva Davenport 15, a resident of the Mes quake Indian settlement died Friday night while attending the South Tamase Polk High school football game Here. Authorities said the girl daughter of or. And mrs. Harvey Davenport sr., was seated on the top Row of bleachers on the West Side of the Field. She apparently suffered a convulsion and fell backwards to the ground. Tama county medical examiner or. C. W. Maplethorpe jr., said today that investigation of her death is continuing. Or. Maplethorpe who was at the game said she died instantly. Or. Maplethorpe said he was informed that miss Davenport was an epileptic. He said he is investigating the probable injury she suffered in the fall. Survivors include her parents two Brothers Garry of Tama and Harvey jr., a technical school student in Milwaukee and a sister mrs. Darrel Wana tee of the Indian settlement. Services have been tentatively set for sunday. The body is at Mason hand funeral Home. Deported due to miniskirt Blantyre Malawi a president Amuzu Banda disclosed Friday that a White couple have been ordered out of Malawi because the woman wore a Short dress. They Are the first to go following attorney general Bryan Roberts a get dressed or get out speech earlier in the week. Miniskirts were banned in the african country three years ago but the ban was not strictly enforced. The Tough broadcast by Roberts was described As a final warning. It sent european women scattering to dress shops for Maxis or midis. That have always plagued a Good a a it a about time we Cut out this nonsense about repression being the cause of Nixon said in his toughest Blu test statement yet on violent dissent. A was Long As i am president no band of violent thugs is going to keep me from going out and speaking with the american people wherever they want to hear me and wherever i want to go the speech prepared for delivery at a . Rally in Phoenix was the presidents answer to the a haters who surged past the barricades and began throwing rocks at his limousine in san Jose Calif., thursday night. A fair Justice he said it was appeasement and permissiveness rather than the Vietnam War and repression which encourages the violent minority among the nations youth. He put Forward his own approach for dealing with the problem a a the Strong application of fair american Justice a a if a Man chooses to dress differently or Wear his hair differently or talk in a Way that repels decent people a that a his business a Nixon said. A but when he picks up a Rock then it becomes your business and my business to Stop Nixon said he could see the hate in the faces and hear the hate in the voices of a a mob of about a thousand haters who gathered outside the san Jose rally. A Many who brought their children were terrified a he said. A others were incensed at the insult to their elected a about time a there is no greater hypocrisy than a Man carrying a Banner Freedom from fear he said a Law and order were code words for Freedom from fear rather than racism and repression. Nixon said the permissiveness of some people fed by a fashionable trend to portray the american society As sick has continued Page 2, col. 5. Tell France lift veil or face action Brussels a France has been told to relax secrecy about its supplies and sales of enriched uranium a including some that could be used for nuclear weapons a or risk being brought before the european court of Justice on charges of treaty violations. President Franco Maria Mal Fatti of the european common Market executive commission has Given France until the end of november to comply with a treaty set up by the european atomic Energy Community. The pact requires its signers to furnish yearly reports on Mineral prospecting production reserves and investments. Next step the next step in the procedure normally would be court action but a French spokesman said there May still be delays and the Case could be dropped entirely. The Community which deals in nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes is made up of France West Germany Italy Belgium Holland and Luxembourg. Its Supply Agency has exclusive rights to contract for fissionable that says a peace in one hand materials which normally Are while hurling a Rock or a bomb with the other a Nixon said. A it is about time that we Cut out the nonsense about repression being the cause of violence. A violence in America today is not caused by the War not caused by repression. There is no romantic Ideal involved. Lets recognize them for what they Are not romantic revolutionaries but the same thugs and hoodlums that have always plagued a Good Nixon said a creeping permissiveness in Legislatures courts family life and universities have eroded the strength of american society. He called on a the great today s chuckle nothing improves a appearance woman a than a Many a. My r hmm More copyright used in electric Power plants but can be further refined for use in bombs. Malfatti says France has refused to make the reports since 1964 and has traded in uranium without telling the organization. But France says the sections of the treaty cited by Malfatti Are no longer in effect and have never been fully enforced. 15 of 26 Legal action if brought would be heard by the court in Luxembourg. It has ruled in favor of the commission in 15 of 26 cases. It was set up As part of the common Market. On minor Points the Market countries have shown they would rather comply with the courts decisions than be branded scofflaws. But there is no1 Way the tribunal can compel a j member to accept a decision against its will. Anti War rallies on voting eve by associated press anti War rallies parades and speeches were planned in dozens of american cities today in what was billed a a massive demonstration for peace on the eve of the elections. In contrast president Nixon will be honoured in Salt Lake City tonight with a a candlelight patriotic units from veterans groups labor organizations and schoolchildren will March sponsors said with state atty. Gen. Vernon Romney As Parade marshal. Anti War demonstrators said they would not interfere with the Parade confining their protest to such a a dramatizations As Selling apples on Street Corners and setting up soup lines to protest military spending. About 2,000 students gathered Friday night at the University of South Florida in Tampa in an anti War demonstration that included Rock music. A candlelight March was held on the Campus Early saturday and a Parade through downtown Tampa was scheduled later in the Day. Expect 25,000 in Chicago the sponsoring oct. 31st peace action committee said up to 25,000 persons were expected to March through the downtown area to attend an anti War rally in Grant Park. Jerry Gordon a Cleveland attorney and coordinator of the National peace action coalition which called the demonstrations said other protests throughout the nation would be linked to the grand jury indictment of students at Kent state University. A we feel that Nixon is trying to throttle the student movement a Gordon said a to turn them into vegetables and to sterilize the Gordon criticized Nixon a campaigning As a a last minute smear and fear campaigns which he said was designed to divert voters from a the real issues and problems that confront in new York the coalition scheduled a Parade Down seventh Avenue from Columbus Circle to Bryant Park for a rally. Other Sites similar marches and rallies were planned in los Angeles san Francisco san Diego Seattle Portland Detroit Philadelphia Boston Columbus and Atlanta. In Elpaso scheduled speakers at a rally at the University of Texas Branch included Ren. Nie Davis a defendant in the Chicago seven riot trial. Sponsors said 10,000 were expected at a rally at the state Capitol in continued Page 2, col. 6. Ray proud of record confident by Harrison Weber Iowa daily press Assn. Des Moines Money problems have plagued Robert Ray during his first term As Iowa a 33rd governor. Sensing a citizens revolt to High taxes Ray has been rid last of three articles on candidates for governor ing the Crest of a Campaign wave to a hold the line on state expenditures. It has brought a new dimension to state government forcing departments to Cut Back and economize in a manner unseen around the Rotunda in at least two decades. Even with an annual budget in excess of $500 million Ray finds it exceedingly hard to stretch the state Dollar to cover All of the states Basic needs. He set up priorities then Robert Ray scrounged around for the necessary funds. In doing so Ray stepped on some political toes. The classic example is when he asked the 1970 legislature to Transfer $10 million out of Road funds to cover an expanded water pollution control program. There have been other shifts too. This has Given his opponent Robert Fulton an opening. The state is going broke cries Fulton. Not so replies Ray. A a we re not broke. We re not going to have a surplus of any sizable amount we be known that All along. We inherited a government that had an empty Treasury. We re in the Black and Well be in the Black at the end of the biennium next june 30. A we will have paid All of our Bills and we will have a balanced budget. I think that is a pretty Good record when we consider that the level of spending had gotten awfully High $112 million of a surplus Money was spent As Well As $100 million in new taxes. A people were looking for More and More instead of How they could do a better Job a Ray says. The Des Moines lawyer who was Republican state chairman before becoming governor thinks that philosophy has been reversed at the state level. Latest Flap but the latest Flap on the state not making timely payments of school Aid to local school districts has brought into focus for him and others the question of whether local government is As efficient As it could be. Ray estimates that local property tax collections this fall should have netted $138 million to support the schools. Assuming All of this Money was collected by the sept. 30 deadline it should have been relayed to local school treasuries by oct. To. Obviously it Wasny to transferred promptly. Meanwhile democrats Are charging that half the school districts Are paying interest on overdrawn accounts and warrants so Ray finds himself and the state in the Middle of this financial squeeze. What effect will this have on the voter a a we la find out continued Page 2, col. 8.

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