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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Oct. 2$, 1174 JL Consumers Find Credit on Purchases Under $500 Difficult to Obtain COUNCIL BLUFFS (AP) -Iowa s now consumer credit »*< I is h;iv mg a severe impact «»n the economy of Council Bluffs and probably other communities in the state. The average consumer is finding it difficult to get credit un purchases under $500 be cause of the act Some Omaha businesses are refusing credit purchases to Iowa residents and are cancelling advertising contracts in Bluffs media Inflationary times are creating some of the problem, but most financial experts agree the law was passed too hastily this summer by the Iowa leg Mature under adjournment pressure.Whipped Through The hill whipped through the legislature in 72 hours and there are very few legislators who read the bill entirely.” said Ross Russell, president of the Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs. The consumer credit act damps a 15 percent flat rate ceiling on consumer loans and an 18 percent lid on revolving credit up to $5(KI. and 15 percent thereafter Before passage of the law the ceiling did not exist, tint most loans fluctuated around the 18 percent mark Small businessmen in I tie Bluffs say they are feeling the crunch because they cannot afford to maintain the massive accounting procedures required iii operating a loan repayment procedure Instead, the small business man sells the purchase contract to a lending institution One such merchant is Herb Bode, a furniture and appliance dealer who says he has been advised by one finance dealer he will no longer buy contracts “They are faced with a maximum interest rate of 15 percent and at the same time ha\e to borrow the money to buy the contract at the prime rate of ll percent, with only four percent remaining, they lust can't take the risk of pee pie of defaulting on the loan But, he said. he had also been informed bv a Council Bluffs bank it will not buy contracts under $5(HI either Frank Moran, vice presi dent of State Bank and Trust. said it is too costly for a bank to make a loan under $5(MI Too Costly It costs us $24 52 to put a loan on the books ll we make a loan for I2IHI and get $5 iii interest costs, we are losing $18 52. said Moran Moran said tie is encourag ing persons with smaller loans to put them on credit cards Bode went on to say that if a person does not have the cash, he can inst about forget buying smaller items Iowa residents, who go to Nebraska to make a purchase are finding a stone wall when it comes to getting credit Cancelled Advertising Larry Elias manager of Freight Sales Co. of Omaha, has cancelled advertising contracts with Iowa media because of the credit problem “No finance companies will even look at our contracts." he said “They have shut us off completely." Russell feels It is up to the legislature to make corrections in the law “There are some pretty big problems in the law because terms are so vague, he said, adding if the legislature responds to public pressure to clean up the bill, he feels it will be April or May of 1875 before things would begin to improve for business UNI Program Merges Cultures ( MMR L ALLS — It s an odd match — the dense forests of Asia and the fertile fields of Iowa Bul the cultures of these differing lands merge at the University of Northern Iowa where a ten-year-old Asian studies program exists. .lust being out-of-place has not discouraged the core of faculty members who have continued to feel the need for such diversity at I NI To them, it is not at all strange that UNI should have one of the few Asian studies majors in the country, even though the lands studied lie at the other end of the globe As part of the introduction to a course, I will sometimes ask how many of the students have never seen a map of India. Usually about half will raise their hands." according to Dr Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi, associate professor of political science — and an India native — who took over this year as chairman of the program. Natives of Asia Behind the unusual match are eight faculty members from a myriad of departments who comprise the Asian st I ies committee. They are natives of Asia, a strong plus in providing .first-hand knowledge of the area, while another is on leave this semester doing reasearch in India The courses offered under Asian studies revolve mainly around India and China, although more general courses cover the entire Asian scene. For those with the urge to pick up something of the language, special classes are available in elementary Chinese and Hindi. Surprisingly, it appears the Asian studies program enjoys a unique popularity on the UNT campus Vajpeyi’s course in Indian culture this semester has over WI students enrolled, while other instructors report similar-size classes The fact that the study of other cultures is part of UNTs general education requirements adds to the incentive, but it does not alone account for the enthusiasm. Fascinated It appears many students are simply fascinated by the idea of studying lands they’ve never seen and with which they may be barely familiar There is. Vajpeyi feels, something mysterious about the region which attracts students in Iowa A more logical rationale behind the odd mixture is sometimes suggested, and it involves increasing U.S. trade with Asian nations and the employment opportunities in the field after graduation. However, this is not the sole purpose behind the program, Vajpeyi said The real benefit, he feels, is a personal one The occupational reward is there as well, but it most often arises when Asian studies arc combined with heavy emphasis in yet another field. Think It Over "When students ask me about entering the Asian studies program. I ask them what they want to do with the major after they graduate." said Vajpeyi, who is also on the board of directors of the American Institute of Indian Studies "If they say they will use it to find a job. I advise them to carefully think it over I don’t try to mislead them.” But, hi* adds, there are types of employment where Asian studies major can be helpful, including international corporations or foreign service There are teaching jobs. too. but may require additional graduate training. More important, the program seems to lie fortunate in having a number of excellent instructors, as was evidenced in the comments of another professor called in to evaluate the program last year. Dr Jackson II Bailey of Karlham college Work Stimulating "Concern about career opportunities bulks large," he reported, "but students say they find the work so stimulating they would continue it regardless of the job prospects." Piloting the Asian studies major is a group of professors whose interests, kike their nationalities, span the globe In addition to Vajpeyi. they are Dr Emily Brown, professor of history ; James (I. Uhadney, assistant professor of anthropology; ( hen Hsi Ling, assistant professor of history ; Dr Jonathan Lu. associate professor of geography; Dr Richard Newell professor of history who is on leave this term. James Robinson, assistant professor of religion, and Dr Nathan Talbott, professor of pol it lea I science and Far Eastern studies. Benefiting the program even further is a special library collection of nearly 20,WK) volumes dealing with the nations and problems facing Asia Related Activities In another move last year. the Asian studies committee began to introduce some related activities outside the classroom which have generated interest An Indian motion picture drew enough spectators from the campus and community to fill the screening room. “I had no idea there wore so many Indians and people who had visited India and continued their interest living in tho area," Vajpeyi said Tho success, however, has given rise to other ideas In the planning stages is a charter tour taking students to Japan. Taiwan and Bong Kong There is yet another benefit, for faculty grants are now being sought from the American Institute of Indian studies, of which UNT is one of 28 member universities and colleges across the nation The Asian Studies program at UNT is the fruition of a $158.(HNI award from the Ford Foundation in 1884. but while the match may be unusual, it is apparently well-accepted Also in his report. Bailey noted "The strength and well-established tradition of Asian Studies at UNI is immediately apparent to the visitor A visit to UNI confirms its reputation as a pioneer in the field and a potential source of leadership in higher education in the midwest " Iowa 2000 Report Ready For General Distribution DES MOINES (LTD - The final report of the Governor's Conference on Iowa in the Year 2000 was presented to Gov Robert I). Ray Monday by the office of planning and programming, which coordinated the conference. The report, which is now available for general distribution. contains recommendations from the state conference on the year 2000 at Indianola last June. It also gives background information on the Iowa 2000 program and lists recommendations for continuing projects. Recsmmendatisns The program was designed to give Iowa residents a chance to offer recommendations and suggestions for the state's future, and nearly 50. OOO residents took part in the series of local, regional and state meetings In a letter transmitting the report to the Iowa legislature Ray said “Iowa 2<MM! has been an exciting and significant effort Even though these conferences have been concluded, the effort has not For now Iowans will continue to think aland the future of their stat*1 ((insider Future “Iowa 2000 serves lo It Pays ta Advertise Politico! Advertivetnoot Politico! Advertisement My commitment to preservation of family farms is based on sound economic facts of life I don t believe those who say conglomerates will be able to produce food more cheaply Giant conglomerates haven t made the price of od any cheaper, and we can t expect the food conglomerates to be any more generous with the American consumer I AGRICULTURE think we need a national family farm act stricter monitoring (but not regulation) of international commodity deals and an increase in price supports We also need a new Secretary of Agriculture and a thorough housecleaning in the (JSDA With that we can make family farming a good way to make a living once again Poid for by Bloom for Congress Committee Joseph Hauer, Chairperson | Michael ■ Blown Democrat for U.S. Congress Liquor Prices Go Up Friday DKS MOINES (Al*)- The prices on 188 items iii the state's liquor stores will go up Friday and price on 22 items will decrease, says state Beer and Liquor Control Director Rolland Gallagher He said the changes are due to price changes quoted by distributors However. Gallagher added, distributors also have increased prices to the state on 58 other items, but those changes won’t be passed on to Iowa customers Gallagher said the states method of rounding off liquor and wine prices to the nearest dime higher prevent tin1 increase on the 58 items Increases on the IHS items rang*1 from IO cents to $1 WI said Gallagher Brices on HO of those products will go up IO cents, and only one product, the Jim Beam Executive bottle. will go up $1 HO — from $18 IO to $18 70 Decreases on the 22 items range from IO cents to $1 20 The largest price drop is for a fifth of Courvoisier Cognac,* which will go from $12 50 to $11 JO Brices for the stales two biggest sellers — Seagram's 7 ( rowii whisky and Jim Beam bourbon — will not change, said Gallagher Ray Predicts Rockefeller Congressional Confirmation strengthen our awareness of the need to constantly consider our future. Iowa's future. and to think about our actions Monday in the broad context of the years and decades to come.' he added Topics discussed at the Iowa 2000 meeting and contained in the final report include economic development, energy, life enhancement and natural resources IEBN To Broadcast Response To Ford DES MOINES (UBI) - The Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network (IEBN) will televise the Democratic response to Bresident Ford’s Iowa visit Thursday at 8 p rn I FBN officials said Democratic gubernatorial candidate James Sctiaben will spejik for the first three minutes of the half-hour program, with retiring Sen Harold Hughes giving the rest of the party s statement Democrats requested I he time after charging that the Bresident s statehouse speech here was not nonpolitical as originally billed ON THIS DATE in 18H4, Bolivia broke diplomatic relu lions with Czechoslovakia ami accused the Czech embassy in La Baz of inciting a n ti-govern -ment riots DFS MOINES (FBI) - Despite some apparent decline in support for the nomination, Gov Robert I) Ray Monday predicted that vice -president designate Nelson Rockefeller would be confirmed by congress Warns Antifreeze Is Dangerous To Animals A MKS ll IMI - Ail lima State university veterinarian warns that dog and cat owners should be particularly eau lions when winterizing cars, trucks and tractors Veterinarian Johnny Hoskins says ingestion of anti freeze from open containers can result in kidney failure in dogs and cuts After antifreeze is ingested. Hoskins says. it is absorbed by the body and ethylene glycol, a major component of antifreeze, changes to calcium oxalate crystals in the blood As these crystals are excreted, the kidney becomes blocked he says Hoskins says the problem can tic prevented by covering and disposing leftover antifreeze, adding that the |w*t owner should take extra precautions to sec that pets do not drink antifreeze. The ISI veterinarian says if a |M*t is sighted near an open container the owners should watch for signs of illness and the local veterinarian should tie consulted The governor admitted that some questions have been raised by news media and congress regarding gifts and tax preparations by Rockefeller At this moment, however, I think he still would be confirmed," Ray said “You can be sure that when he is through being interviewed bv the congress, the questions about him will be answered ." Ray said there has been no evidence to show that any of Rockefellers actions have been carried out improperly On another subject, Ray said he hopes Energy Chief John Sawbills preddietions that there will tx* adequate supplies of gasoline and heating oil this winter barring a new Arab oil embargo are true. But, the governor said a possible coal strike and predictions of a cold and snowy winter in Iowa make it ‘impossible' to perfectly determine the situation “We hope his optimism is based on good solid evidence," Ray said “We do know that there is the chance for a cold winter and a possible coal strike which could force users to go to other sources of fuel " School Breakin ARLINGTON — Entrance was gained through a window in a breakin discovered Saturday at the Arlington attendance center (if the Starmont school district An adding machine, telephone and typewriter were missing In addition. school authorities    reported vandalism to school buses Begin your day the classified ad way sell “don’t needs" fast . . call .188-8234: —GOT THE EXPENSE ACCOUNT BLUEST Dial 363-8563 BILL MURRAY 364-0364 Executive Home You must see this newer 2 story home in a desirable S.W. location. Complete with 4 bedrooms, 2 V? baths, fully carpeted, huge patio, swimming pool and much more. 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