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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Cloudy with ii chance of rain tonight and Wednesday. Lows tonight 40 to 45. Highs Wednesday, OO to 65. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 266 PRICE CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22, 1974 GOES ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES 1.2% Heist Haul Near $4 Million Dean Claims Mitchell Yearly Rise Okayed Spying Effort UfArct jn WASHINGTON ( AP ■—! Hiv mnmnrv far (Ignite will ho ■ »    I    HE 25 Years May ____ I WASHINGTON (AP —I His memory for details will be Former White House counsel jchallenged: 'Hie time, date, and •John Dean told the Watergate    place of meetings,    who was cover-up trial Tuesday that    there and what was    discussed, former Attorney General Mit-i A defense source said Mon-CHirACO mph — Pollee! ^ad intticatcd he had ap- day that Dean’s account of who daradid    cmnlovU    through    |,e'provcd the political intclli8cncc    [ attended a March 22,    1973, meet-,    . parade d    employes    thr    tugh    |1C    plan that resulted in the Water-    jng jn then-president    Nixon’s of-1 Prlces ^or food’ clothing and gate breakin.    mce jn the Executive Office mortgage rates pushed the cost Dean testified this was wheni building will be challenged. The of living up another 1.2 percent ""    m'!1 !'l,e(endants Plan »® contend *ha‘|in September, making the last Stuart Ma-Colson was in the meeting, if lo .. 4U . . n .. 112 months the worst inflationary surge in more than 25 years, the , ..    ...    ..    ..    ,    played in court This exchange government reported Tuesday. Authorities said five persons,] Dean described the    iuuu.    uhs cxcnangc WASHINGTON (AP) - Rising detector tests Tuesday to try to solve a weekend burglary at the Armored Express Corp., which may have netted the thieves nearly $4 cash haul in the nation’s history. The tape of that meeting was dergoing tests Tuesday and Chicago police Sgt. John Castans he met on March 28 million tho hippest Schell and Jeb ....   was    m    m minion, he biggest d deputy director of Pres- only momentarily n ,he nallons hlst°- idcnt Nixon’s reelection com-1 y    y‘ mittee. meeting hpflrd j the “ones with the greatest I near the close of more than four I *    ...    .    , [access to the vault,” were test- days of questioning by prosecu-1    Nlxon: A11 riSht’    f,ne’ Chuck ed Monday. Another 20 were un- tOP james Neal    Mitchell: Good to    see you. ' ^Cross-Examination    «•»»■ Ion*    were you in ■a ..i.    ••    11 ,    Defense    lawyers,    beginning    '    ,US,V    T-,    .    . inside &T" “ milepower of the average worker „uS"d &,r7e^‘ o a‘ Mitchell, jibout bis stay in    “    SS One investigator said the loss be8m ibetr cross examination o (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) spendable earnings — that is totaled $3.8 million from the1 .if"; . corporation’s 15 by 20 loot vault. ,, f ollowing Wilson will be Wit Company officials refused to1,!1®!" Hundlcy- Mltctrells ,dw-speculate. Castans discounted earlier re prices in September were reported 12.1 percent higher than a year earlier. This was the worst 12-month increase since 1947. However, the purchasing yer. Dean testified that at the . , March 28 meeting he turned to ports robbers set oft two explo- Mltt.hc„ and said, ..Joh„, I’ve .'"7e;a.rCa 10 divcrt p0llcc never asked you what happened . . . All Eve been able to do was piece together . . . the plan was U.S. Will Get No Bargainor! Mexican Oil Creating a Stir Gazette Ph-tfo by Duane Crock James McCune, 217 Fifth avenue SW, appeared to be creating quite a stir as he raked leaves at Ellis park Monday. Actually, most of the leaves were being stirred up by a tractor-mounted blower (not pictured) at the left of McCune. The blower is used to pile the leaves before being hauled away. McCune is employed by the parks department.    ♦ Blocks Nixon Papers Dealfe'9htsUn!t *    Denounces Racial Busing from the heist. j • • « THI I VC L/C VI I Cl I/IV IV    v*v»    »»uu “I think that was news media I piece together . . . the plan    was;    ^LAHOMA CITY    (AP) talk,” he said. “I don’t think we approved.”    i    e ^ won i get bargains    in ever believed there was a tie-in This was a reference    to    the Mexican oil, President    Ford has | with the other explosions.” j political intelligence plan.    *)een at his first foreign Authorities said the robbery He said Mitchell replied:    summit.    year. might have gone unnoticed had “Well. John, that’s prettyL.    message    from not lack of air in the vault [close. But we thought it would * lex*can Presklent Luis Eche- snuffed the fire.    be    two    or    three    times    re-! ver[laa scries of conferences    .. . ,, .mn,or! ”    on both sides of the border Thc ,a,)or department said The firebombs went off Mon- moved.    ,    A t Wlc w'    mftnlk*c    i?    nprr«nt    in dav morning but the fire “Two or three times removed .. h‘;s Mexican-American <ast month s 1.2 percent in-burned itself out because of the from what?” Neal asked    —<• ford received a pledge crease following a nae of U I ack    of air    in tho    15-bv-20-foot ‘from the (reelection! com-.0    feeess    to od    produced south    percent in August, pushed the vault said U Edward Neville of mittee,” Dean responded.    of    «he border, but was told    he    government's consumer price Ihe    police    tomb    aod arson ! It is exited to take most of    «-l have    to pay    Arab price*    for    .nd« up ,.^5.^ That mean ■    I the week for the remaining de-    "•    11 cos . 5i5i.su lo nuy a vanity weekly pay adjusted for inflation and taxes — rose 0.1 percent in September but was still at the lowest level since December, 1970. Price increases were spread across almost the entire economy last month. Food led the way, posting its biggest rise since February. Consumer prices have already risen 9.7 percent so far this In 1973, prices rose 8 8 percent, the worst in any year since the end of World war II. and services that in the 1967 base* WASHINGTON (AU) — A led- access to them “for the sole Nixon’s lawyers have asked ural judge has at least tempo- purpose of preparing to testify rarily blocked the White House jn    Watergate    criminal from carrying out an agreement .o give former President Nixon trial.” If Nixon’s health prohibits ° .    ...    ....    him    from    coming to Washington custody of his White House |Q sludy ,hc    and    ^ papers and tapes.    ments,    Richey said in Monday's At t e same ?,me .    ?« order, copies may be made and that all of the materials be sent to a federal repository in California under Nixon's custody as called for in an agreement re- B OST ON (UPI i “Only two of the 13 bags ignit-Tcnse l«w.vers t0 finish cross-    Market    Price    cost^°$H)0 cd.” Neville said    [examining Dean, trying to crack At a hastily arranged joint . . his credibility as a witness. news conference with Echever- Peri0<*‘ “Without Air    During    slightly    more than four na at a Tubac, Ariz., country; Although most of the news “They just couldn't burn with- days’ testimony as the lead-off i club, Ford heard his guest say was bad. fame prices declined Th out air,” said another investiga- prosecution witness. Dean, testi- of the oil expected to flow from in September, including such e tor. “If they had, the robbery fying in the same flat, matter- major fields recently discovered items as gasoline and fresh vealed by President Ford the    Congress on Racial Equality might not havc ^en discovered.    of-fact manner    he exhibited be-in Mexico: “We will sell it to    fruits and vegetables, same day he announced he was    Monday came cut against court-|investigators would think the    fore the .senate    Watergate com- whoever wants any of it at the    Over-all food prices went up pardoning Nixon.    ordered busing to desegregate money was destroyed in the    mittee in June,    1973, made par-1market price — the world mar-    an adjusted 1.9 percent in Sep- harles Richey indicated he will'" T' 7T‘W’ ‘‘‘7,    .-----  In    lhc meantime Nixon’s law- (itv schools. saving it prefers fire.”    jocularly    damaging assertions ket    tember compared to a 14 per- tackle the cetrturies-old question s    m    ln    ^a'dorn'a-    U.    in    papers    filed Thursday, blad; f,jmr()| jn    The    loss    was    discovered    atter,.^t M, « ItaUen^n ^    S    incrcaSe 7    ^ af lust who owns presidential    Access to Courts    a^ed    for    a    temporary    re-    a smoke detector alarm sound- John Ehilichman.    ndilealled it would like to join month> The index for non-food tho President or the The unshot is that the match- strainin8 order banning the    hoods.    cd early Monday and firemen Implicates Mardian    !-,e Arab-dominated Organiza- COmmf>ditie.s increased I pcr- P    White    House from releasing any The CORE statement put the arrived at the scene. They found He also linked Robert Mardian _10n more of the Nixon materials ex- SrouP in direct conflict with the the vault filled with smoke, but to the effort to limit the inv ardian ’{on Petroleum Exporting cent following an August rise of nvesti- Countries. The I . S. is hopeful 1.5 percent while the cost of ser- papers government.    als stay in Washington but only Richey said that    although he under limited access    by    court or    which    might    be    acjum ^.i^leading to    federal    _    sn=l    hc    hard‘    playcd    h3V“    aa'in    August ments of Nixon's    presidency, of Nixon's claim of    executive!subPwnaed    for    cnm,nal    P™*    S°U"    J?.5“    “•*?..!“    '"8    m0Ky were scorched, but,ly mentioned at all the former President can have    privilege over them. copt for those already under Na ACP w hic ii filed the class the fire had burned itself out. gation of the Watergate break- its neighbor will not join the vjces rosc j i percent, the same James Earl Ray Opens Battle on Guilty Plea with the economies of the rest of cutions already under way.    dents. The NAACT has consis-    no money    was destroyed, police I The prosecution supplemented    1 be world by quadrupling the I This would have banned the    tenlly sllPP°rted the order.    said.    Dean’s testimony with the play-    Price of oil in the last year. White House from giving Nixon    “No    Alternative”    Officials    of    Armored    Express.;ing of tapes of five presidential For ms part, Ford told the materials to anv of the federal    a,  ..................... a division    of Purolator Security, conversations and a recording    ne w s conference something wand iurips still investieatine • Ma,ry, Denniso"’ a^),n8 na‘Inc.. Tuesday were attempting of a telephone conversation be- Echeverria presumably wasn’t grand juries investigati g tlona, diredor of COre, said, (o determinc the cxtcnt of the tween former White House spe- h?i py to hear ......... Average weekly gross earnings last month were listed at $159.41, compared with $148.83 a year ago. Over the past three months that the United consumer prices increased at a MEMPHIS (AP) Earl Ray looked fet‘! that busin8 bt‘(‘ame loss, estimated at between $1Jcial counsel Charles Colson and:States has “not seen any change seasonally adjusted annual rate I pH inpnurt MnnHav that th*Nix. 1SSUC 3US€ uo a n3 e and $3 million.    IE.    Howard    Hunt,    one of the Wa- in the attitude of Mr. Castro” or of 14.2 percent, up from the 109 Ion motions*might be a dIov in l° achie,Vf, (Jual,ty education „We know (hey ROt a good siitergate breakin defendants. the Cuban government and “it percent rate in the second - As James attorney, Arthur Hanes of Bir-.the offing to frustrate proseeu- ^corec^ for desecreaa- m 1111 ° n • prwbably T' "I ^ ““I? .    ^    not    fxpwt.ed    ^    atti-    quarter,    the    government said. . minaham Ma and Forman finns    .    . L caUs ,or fltseRregdI maybe a lot more - but we mony is likely to take many tude toward Cuba should on without gingham. Ala., ana roreman tions.    j|ion through community control Counter Action because the most obnoxious fea ture of segregation is not the    .j won’t know exactly how much lorm.s. until Tuesday,” a police spokcs- cmotion. his attorney opened jhad    t0    taktc adequate the battle Tuesday to win    '»    PrePare    a dcfens« ,ur counter action bvovrooDof freedom with a declaration that lia;    I    jr.    P , (act that blarx ani! while chil- .. .. theorjzcJ ,y,a! tw0 Do,, ...ne    nn/i    KoHnrrnri    He said Ray s former attor* scho ars and journa lists had am nnt sift ino nnvt rn narh    i neon zee uidi mu Ray was hounded and badgered i    *    ■»    temoorarv    u    ™    ,    8    bombings    in the North Side area into pleading guilty to slaying nt-vs r ^u,lt>    acorn Iict ol asked Kicney tor a timpoiaiv ,olhcr shesald    Armored    Express    of- nr \Liini,.iwk;in.t lr interest because of their rights restraining order directing the    llrit    v.hit*>K control wncre ine Armori(1 r^prtss oi Dr. Martin Luther King. jr. ^ royaitic, (rom ,he workf of govemmobt t0 keep the matcri- ^ Mart —^Uy' ,ice U lot'a,cd may have ^ to take many t u d e . (Continued: Page 7, Col. 2.) Bernard Fensterwald of Washington, D C., told a federal court hearing that Ray and one of his former attorneys. Percy Foreman of Houston, locked in over whether Ray should pead jrom j. Author William Bradford Huie, als in its custody and in Wash-who wrote about the case.    ington    until the broader ques- fpa|Urp nf segregation carried out to divert police Dennison said she will request Today's Chuckle ' as ^ as in thcir own is the from thc robbcr 0 ,    .4    .    . . f .    , ..    a    feature of segregation which is______ Ray s attorneys made a brief lions are decided by the courts, intolerable appearance before McRae en    Richey's order, which fob „    Monda>‘ Thc> presented a mo-    lowed four hours of oral ar-    a„ immediatc    ,.nd t0 the    buSinB a Iierce    ainus*    „on ,0 dlJa„ow a deposition    gumenls by five sets of lawyers    ordcr(,j bv Judg(>    w    ArlhuJ    . oreman who they allege Mondav morning, did a little iii carri,lune 21 The ludcc now ii i ,    ,    .    . guilty to the assassination    was tbe archltect the    Hhat ^ sides‘skcd faut as he j" .^' lone ranee Kh^l    Y,lh*    “    P    V Finally,    Fensterwald    said.    pIca ,ha, ,cd (o , w.vcar ^    predjcted carllcr nol en0U|.h t0 draf,ink a    ,unt    sfho°' a first edition.    on*. Ray’s    resistance to    the    plea,    sen|ence yielded and two days later, on  __________________ make either exactly happy. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) March IO. 1969, he admitted to firing the rifle that killed King on April 4. 1968 Fensterwald's state in cut opened an evidentiary hearing before U. S. District Court Judge Robert McRae on whether Ray is entitled to withdraw the plea and stand trial for murdering King. Soviets Warn of 'Weather War f UNITED NATIONS (AP) The Soviet government warns that mankind could bf* subjected to such environmental horrors as artificial tidal waves and ultraviolet bombardment through holes in the Ray, 46. gained Hie right to the hearing this summer when] ozune layer unless “weather the U. S. supreme court declined war is headed off to interfere with a circuit court:    Soviet    Ambassador    Jacob of appeals ruling that his claims1 Malik introduced a resolution of a coerced guity plea required in the U N. General Assem-judicial review.    bly’s main political committee Fensterwald said Ray had Monday to send a Soviet-been a victim of illegal acts by) proposed convention against public officials in that he had such warfare to the Geneva been denied the right of counsel, his mail had been opened by authorities and evidence that bore on his innocence had been withheld from him. Fensterwald said Ray’s first Disarmament Committee to be put into final form Malik said scientists had concluded that weather warriors could: — Create "windows” in the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere letting deadly ultraviolet rays through to "selected parts of our planet.” Set off a nuclear explosion inside the Arctic or Antarctic ice cap, producing an iceslide that would "cause tidal waves capable of wiping . . . whole areas from thc face of the globe ” Stimulation of tidal waves by ‘‘dumping voluminous blocks of bedrock from the continental shelf into deeper parts of thc ocean.” Creation of “acoustic fields on the sea and ocean surface to combat individual ships or whole flotillas.” “Cynics may say that these are all fancies from the science fiction of Jules Verne,” Malik said. “Rut researchers reliably prove that there is no guarantee against these possibilities becoming a reality detrimental to man.” The proposed convention would forbid use of “meteorological. geophysical or any other scientific or technological means of influencing the environment, including the weather and climate, for military .. purposes.” It would specifically ban military rainmaking. Malik said the I S. defense department estimated that American cloud seeding over Indochina boosted rainfall 30 percent above normal in some places, causing floods, land- of slides and destruction roads, dikes and bridges. He also noted that a Soviet-Ameriean agreement signed July 3 at the last Nixon-Brezh-nev summit meeting in Moscow called for steps “to overcome the dangers of environmental modi! nation techniques for military purposes.” Other sponsors of the resolution are Poland. East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bul-g a r i a , Mongolia, Kenya. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Barbados. The U. S did not join in the sponsorship, but the U, S. representative at the committee session. »Scn. Symington, (D-Mo.), called Malik's ‘‘a superb statement.” Bigger Break for Home Buyers WASHINGTON (AP) - The government announced Monday that home buyers will get a larger break than originally anticipated under new federal legislation providing low-intercst loans. Government officials had said last Friday, when President Ford signed legislation earmarking up to $7.75 billion for the home loan program, that the effective rate would be 9 per* j cent Rut the department of housing and urban development announced Monday that recomputation of a complicated formula tied to the treasury’s borrowing costs has pegged the initial loan rate at 8 5 percent. Todays Index Presidents Ford of the U. S. and Echeverria of Mexico stroll in Nogales, Mexico, Monday. Comics Crossword 22 Daily Record 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features 6 Farm 12 Financial 23 Marion ll Movies 15 Society 1(1.11 Sports 17-20 State 4.5 Television 21 Want Ads____ 23-29 ;

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