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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lake Macbride doomed views on pollution Issue vary in Section b weather rain Likely through tonight. Highs today and monday 55 to to. Low tonight in upper 4as. Cloudy monday. Volume 90 number 287pioneer Homes in into the City s past in Section b Section a he techie Metic City final 25 cents Cedar rapids Iowa sunday october 22, 1972nixon considers associated press up new York times magazines Trade harsh words give Hope on Campaign Trail for peace Washington up North vietnamese Premier Pham Van Dong believes efforts to obtain a cease fire in Vietnam Are progressing and that the peace negotiations a Are in an extremely important phase a it was reported saturday. In an interview with Newsweek Magazine the North vietnamese Leader gave what appeared to be his general approval to a number of important elements in president Nixon a May 8 and Jan. 25 proposals for settling the War. Meanwhile time Magazine said saturday that United states and North Vietnam negotiators in Paris actually agreed in principle last week to a Vietnam War settlement providing for a cease fire formation of a new South vietnamese government and National elections. Time said it obtained an outline of the agreement from unnamed sources in Saigon. It said the Accord was worked out by presidential adviser Henry Kissinger and Hanoi sle due Tho. According to the sources continued Page 3, col. 6 by Don Mcleod a political writer in an unusually Sharp White House reference to George Mcgovern president Nixon Stop Domestic adviser said saturday he remembers in his youth a that the ministers son was the biggest liar in the Mcgovern the democratic presidential nominee is the son of a minister and a former methodist minister himself. John Ehrlichman head of the presidents Domestic Council commented to reporters at the presidential Retreat at Camp David md., that Mcgovern a Effort to portray the current economic situation a was worse than it was when the previous administration went out is patently false. A i remember very Well when i was a kid that the ministers son was the biggest liar in the class a Ehrlichman said. A a in a afraid that maybe we be got something of that kind confronting us in this political one a month swing Ehrlichman was being asked whether the september Cost of living increase would be damaging in the election. The government reported Friday that the Cost of living went up another 0,5 percent in september the biggest monthly Rise since last february. Japanese Soldier fights lonely War in Philippines Lubang Island Philippines apr two japanese infantrymen unaware that world War ii is Over harassed the Farmers and fishermen of this mountainous Island for the past 26 years. On thursday one of them was killed in a firefight with five members of the philippine constabulary. He has been tentatively identified As Kunishichi Kozuka. His Comrade believed to be Shiro Onoda was wounded but escaped. According to it. Col. Pedrito de Guzman a constabulary pre suppose they think they were aiding the War Effort to do he said the incident thursday began Between 6 . And 7 . As a Small group of Farmers was harvesting Rice. A fall of a sudden the two japanese appeared and opened up on the Farmers a he said. De Guzman said the Farmers fled and reported the shooting to the constabulary a five Man team led by m. Sgt. Napoleon Sotto went to the area on the Side of a Hill. A was soon As we got there the japanese started firing a Sotto Vinci Al commander at least 30, filipinos have teen killed by a of the troopers returned he the initial this be politically damaging Ehrlichman said a if people understand ifs just a one month Mcgovern meanwhile was having some Strong words of his own for Nixon As he campaigned through Pennsylvania. A we do not want a Leader who has his hand in the till his foot in his Mouth his Tongue in his Cheek and his eyes on the polls a Mcgovern said in Bethlehem taking the sentence verbatim from an earlier assessment made by sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts. Saying the break in and bugging at democratic party Headquarters was linked to the White House Mcgovern said a that is not the Way for a president to teach respect for Law and order in this Mcgovern Drew a big crowd to Bethlehem a civic Center Plaza which gov. Milton j. Shapp a Democrat called the largest in the areas history. Subdued by agents in Kutztown pa., a Man Rushing toward Mcgovern through a football game crowd was subdued by secret service agents and carried away by state police. The Man shouted a get out of Here you bum you no Good bum a As he rushed through the knot of people around the candidate before being collared by agents about to feet from Mcgovern. Maine sen. Edmund Muskie in Scranton had said Mcgovern is fighting for the presidency a against such hopeless Odds but seemed to retract that assessment in Bethlehem when be said a i say to you there a no such thing As hopeless Odds when the democratic party unites behind its candidate. Mcgovern Muskie and Shapp repeatedly attacked Nixon for his opposition to the 20 percent hike in social Security benefits his vetoes of legislation to fight water pollution and provide Day care centers for working mothers and for the watergate burglary and bugging incident and charges of widespread political espionage within the administration. Air search a up telephoto coast guard of. Cmdr. Hugh Huleatt scans rugged mountains of the chif cat Range Northwest of Juneau Alaska during the search for demo. House majority Leader Hale Boggs and rep. Nick Begich. Japanese soldiers on the Island to Miles Southwest of Manila or since the end of the War. Scores of others have been wounded he said. A they shoot at the Farmers to drive them away de Guzman said a then Burn their crops. I Mcgovern also needled the skirmish j president for his reluctance so Sotto said the japanese started far in this Campaign to make moving to the other Side of the Hill. As the constabulary pursued them the japanese opened fire again. Continued Page 3, col. 6. Public political appearances. He told his audiences that he was glad to see some pro Nixon signs a because that a about As continued Page 3, col. 3. Says egyptian officers jailed in coup attempt London a the British broadcasting corporation reported saturday night that about 300 egyptian army officers have been arrested after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow president Anwar Sadat. It said the attempted coup was staged a week ago and that word of it reached London from sources in Eastern and Western Europe. The rebel officers the bbl said were protesting what was described As Egypt a failure to wage full scale War against Israel. Another ground for protest according to the report continued Page 3, col. 2 searchers re examine reds hit . Radio signal reports wound 18 americans Anchorage a a report of radio transmissions monday that May have come from the missing plane carrying House democratic Leader Hale Boggs a discounted earlier in the week a led searchers saturday to concentrate their Hunt on an area near Juneau. Five California men All citizens band radio operators told a news conference Here that evidence indicates they May have talked last monday with Pilot Don e. Jonz who reported he was combating 70-mile-per-hour head winds and was Low on fuel. Jonz was Pilot of the Cessna-310 that vanished on a 560-mile flight from Anchorage to Jun eau with Boggs rep. Nick Begich and a Begich aide aboard. Air Force maj. Henry Stocker coordinator of the massive five Day old search said a Day Long interview of the radio operators a helped us to better understand previous inconsistencies based on our initial information and although the general area we re talking about has been searched repeatedly an intensive search of that area will some 50 planes were in the air saturday and Stocker said the Hunt would focus on the Mansfield Peninsula about 12 Miles Southwest of Juneau. The radio operators said they continued Page 3, col. 7. Saigon apr communist led forces sunday fired More than 50 rockets into the big Allied air base at Bien Hoa 15 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The . Command said preliminary reports showed that 18 americans were wounded. Initial reports also said to South vietnamese were injured in the pre Dawn attack. One . Truck and one South vietnamese helicopter were damaged. It was the most serious attack on a major . Installation since the communist command launched an offensive in the Saigon Region oct. 5. Senior military sources say continued Page 3, col. I i Nader report hits Miller Des Moines apr Ralph Nader a detailed report on performance of members of Congress gave Good Marks to several members of Iowa a delegation but was sharply critical of sen. Jack Miller. A Jack is Tricky a the Nader profile on Miller started off. A the is an absolute master at explaining away. He can vote for a Bill and at the same time seem to be against it a he knows How to play the amendments Iowa a other senator Harold Hughes was described by the Nader investigators As a one of the most respected Liberal leaders in the informing citizens issues that otherwise might be a with Schoolboy enthusiasm forthrightness and indefatigable Energy the 65-year-old congressman plunges into Active from the realigned fourth District in South Central Iowa. A Okyi studies every Bill which comes to the floor and assesses on human rights and but Millers voting record the cd j report said a contradicts the every amendment offered due senator ,. The Hon d me the report said. A a in pieces of Cher isolation which 23 ing debate a the report said Ite historical studies of the Overall. Kyin a congressional r a ted age five wet he . Capitol building and Bat voting record is rated conserva vote j for a Miller then is a Strong sup u Vuci to the last decade on key issues to review Bills list for cuts Thurmont my. A pres ident Nixon working on a review of 132 Bills sent to him by the departing Congress has decided on a list of possible veto prospects a top aide said saturday. One of them May be the 530.5 billion health education and welfare and labor Bill he said. A i would be very pessimistic Over the possibility of that Bill surviving a said John Ehrlichman Nixon Stop Domestic adviser. Ehrlichman pointed out that the Bill As passed by Congress is a something like one half billion dollars Over the presidents the Bill now in Nixon a hands for the two departments is Only about $9 million below the figure in the earlier Bill which the president successfully vetoed. However it does include discretionary authority for Nixon to reduce the spending to $29.3 billion. Lengthy review Ehrlichman talked to reporters outside the Gate of Camp David where Nixon is spending the weekend and has already held a lengthy review with top economic advisers on the pending legislation. Ehrlichman said a it still looks possible that the president will be Able to hold government spending to a ceiling of $250 billion but Ehrlichman conceded a a it a very Tough to president Nixon signed legislation authorizing the government to set standards for construction of front and rear car bumpers in a Way to minimize damage in Low Speed collisions. Nixon said the new Law represented a a significant Victory for the american consumer this time is the Effort to Roll Back the soaring costs of automobile it was one of 14 Bills the president signed at his Camp David md., Retreat. Pocket veto the White House announced that Nixon pocket vetoed another measure a one that would have set up a National environmental data system and created environmental centers in each state. A rider on the Bill would have allowed the agriculture department to buy the Klamath Indian Forest lands in Oregon and add them to the National Forest sys continued Page 3, col. 6. Ties against special interests of Tive the trucking Industry a the report said. Relentless crusade Iowa crash wire photo Dubuque county sheriff s deputies remove the bodies of two men who were killed saturday evening when their single engine plane struck a 400 foot television Tower plummeted through dense fog and crashed in a farm Field about nine Miles South Dubuque. The two were identified As Richard Fissel 36, of Centerville Ohio and Glenn Reynolds 49, of Hillsboro Del. They were journeying to South Dakota for a Hunting trip when the crash occurred. The Nader report said rep. Ii. R. Gross Republican from the 3rd District is Best known for his relentless crusade against excessive Federal spending. A Only in the area of defense spending does Gross swerve from his anti spending course a the report said. Gross refused to be interviewed by the Nader team a Point a Smith s voting record Over of Defonse Spe dog and generally opposes Domestic reflects a varied pattern of cd such Asna Gisla Tive theory Quot the Nader re ional insurance it the Nader reports released late saturday have the stated purpose of informing citizens ,. On How Well their represent of Quot a a a cd a a he report lives in Congress function. Is unusual Foi the Nader organization mailed individual reports on Iowa a two senators and four of tile the Nader re port said. A the had voted consistently in favor of Nasa space Agency appropriations but voted against both the $134 million budget for the set supersonic transport plane and against restoring $72.5 million for the Washington d. C., Loyal Republican transportation medical mass care Viron ment the poverty program a the report continued. A the generally votes for education the report said Miller a has both the expertise and the position to influence tax legislation a it is not unusual for la. R. Gross to be unavailable or uncommunicative to some of his i constituents request for his of a time a said the Nader profile on i Gross. Thrown together states seven congressmen the associated press in Des Moines. Reports Wen not received on reps. John Culver the Nader profiles compared Democrat and William Scherle and discussed the voting and Wiley Mayne republicans terns of reps. John Kyi Republic Nader profile on rep. Lican and Neal Smith demo Fred Schwengel Republican frat the two congressmen from Iowa a 1st District said he j thrown together by last years a is not known As a Leader omit Congo Ess Ion Al redistricting major Bills but As a legislators which Cost Iowa one House seat committed to pounding away at both Are seeking re election Jas the Only tax lawyer in the looking at lir voting record Senate. A but according to one of Iowa a senior senator the former administration official a Nader reporters wrote that a Miller is a Loyal Republican and generally supports the Nixon Miller was quoted As saying be believes a in driving Down the right Side of the Street on taxes and spending passing to the left to Dfcia s chuckle what used to be to station Breaks have now become compound fractures. Copyright the report said a Miller lends to dilute his influence by concentrating on Small details and ignoring Broad managers dream the Nader report concluded that Miller is a a Campaign managers dream a a Good Vo-1 Regetter a better fund gatherer and a candidate whose major j positions remain unknown to the average the profile on Hughes says he continued Page 3, col. 4. Today s Index Section a lit now. I i. Death. 3 editorial report card. La City Hall Nota. A Section a Iowa Newt if political Calendar 4 telex Lien tabla prank nya t political note i Marion i building. 10-11 movie 14. It record review it farm la of Section c social. 1-34 around Tho town i new Book. 3 travel. 13 Section o sport. It outdoor Iowa 4 new York Stock a financial i want adhi j crot word 23 Parade Magazine i 24 if j

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