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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather mostly fair through tuesday. Low tonight upper 30s to lower 40s. High tuesday Middle 60s. City final to cents volume 88 number 283 Cedar rapids Iowa. Monday. October 19. 1970 associated press up. New York time Lindsay backing Goldberg president in debate on Campus Columbus Ohio a president Nixon paid an unannounced visit monday to the sometime troubled Campus of Ohio state University and wound up in a face to face debate with students about the Vietnam War. The Oval in the Center of Campus was dotted with lounging students when Nixon stepped from his limousine walked across the Lawn and began shaking hands. Within five minutes at least 1,000 Young men and women had gathered completely encircling him and mingling cheers and laughter with shouted obscenities and anti War chants. One Young Man in White to shirt approached and said a you can take my draft he said he did not want to die in Vietnam. A winding Down a a in a winding Down the War boy a Nixon replied. After reciting his record on troop withdrawals he added a you watch us another Young Man stepped up and said a will you shake the hand of a hippie a Nixon apparently did not hear the remark and the youth continued a we done to about Ohio state football a just Stop the virtually All Nixon a conversations with students were Friendly. However a Small on the fringe of the crowd swung into a noisy obscene anti War chant with which Nixon has become familiar during his recent Campaign travels. A come Back Prezz As Nixon and his guard began making their Way Back to the White House limousine a male student cried loudly a come on Back Prez. Talk to someone who disagrees with you a although Nixon spent nearly 25 minutes on the Campus most of the students who clustered around him never got a glimpse of him until he returned to his and stood on the trunk. Then a cheer went up As he waved and began shaking hands. Even when in the thick of the crowd he had minimum secret service Protection for such an occasion. Earlier Nixon declaring a a in be never seen so Many close races a said he Hopes the be persuasive with crucial undecided voters. He urged voters to reject any candidate who has condoned lawlessness or violence. He told a crowd that swelled across the Lawn and Street on the West front of the Ohio statehouse a a there a the feel of Victory Here today. We re going to he bid for votes for rep. Robert Taft jr., seeking a Senate seat now held by a Democrat and for Roger Cloud running for governor. Crowd estimate police chief Dwight Joseph estimated there were 40,000 to 50,000 persons in the statehouse area. Nixon called it a this great crowd of 100,000.�?� there were hecklers in the crowd chanting anti War slow Gans in the background but the cheers drowned them out. A fall Over this country today we see a rising tide of terrorism of crime a Nixon said. On the Campus he added the Young engage in violence shout Down speakers. A my friends ifs time to draw continued Page 3, col. 6. Spiro Agnew will speak of . Airport Cedar rapids news vice president Spiro Agnew will Stop by the Cedar rapids municipal Airport a about noon thursday to put in a few licks for Cole Mcmartin of Cedar rapids the Republican candidate for second District congressman. His visit was announced Mon Day by Mcmartin who received a phone Call from Ernst minor an assistant to the vice president. Mcmartin said minor told him the vice presidents plane will land at the Airport a about noon for a visit lasting from 30 to 45 minutes. Vie Gold of vice president a news press office in Washington told the Gazette shortly before noon monday that the time of arrival is not yet definite but that it should be around noon on thursday. New life the vice presidents visit is expected to inject new life into Mcmartin a Effort to derail democratic congressman John culverts bid for a fourth term. Although or. Agnew is considered a controversial figure Mcmartin welcomed the visit saying it should help his Campaign. A for one thing it will get me some publicity a he said. A it can to Hurt me and it May whip up press aide Gold said the Vic president would be flying directly to Cedar rapids from Washington according to the present schedule which is subject to change. He was Uncertain where or. Agnews next Stop would be after leaving Cedar rapids. Vice president Agnew will be the second of four High ranking republicans to visit the District in less than a week. Montreal apr a Mas-1 or accused of terrorist crimes. Montreal gripped by inf insists terrorist manhunt Jay Republican new York up mayor John v. Lindsay monday in while refusing to free the 23 do used Democrat Arthur Gold men the government offered to Berg for governor of new York parole five of them and also opening the Way for his own promised the kidnappers Safe up photo. Security a a machine gun carrying Canadian Soldier stood by a limousine on Canada s parliament Hill in Ottawa monday As members arrived for a House of commons session. Quebec separatist terrorism has prompted stringent Security measures throughout Canada. Congressman Gerald Ford of Michigan the . House Leader conducted a press con continued Page 3, col. 6. First 2 Kent Case arrests Kent Ohio up a sociology professor and a drug Pusher were the first two persons arrested monday under indictments handed Down by a special state grand jury which investigated the shooting deaths of four students at Kent state University. Or. Thomas Lough 42, an instructor at Kent state surren dered voluntarily at the county courthouse in nearby Ravenna. He was indicted on a charge of inciting to riot. He was released on $5,000 Bond. A charge of first degree riot was served on Richard Felber 21, of Akron in a cell at the county jail where he was awaiting Transfer to the Mansfield reformatory on drug charges. 20 to 40 years the indictment also accused him of attempting to Burn prop continued Page 3, col. 3. State preparing consent orders on .,4 plants by Jerry else Gazette staff writer four Cedar rapids wet processing industries and the City of Cedar rapids Are to receive state consent orders setting Forth requirements for correcting water pollution control problems. R. J. Schliekelman technical Secretary for the water pollution control commission told the Gazette the consent orders will relate to overloading of the City water pollution control Plant by industries the City a responsibility in expanding sewage treatment capacity and in the Case of one Industry the need to cease waste discharges into the Cedar River. Schliekelman the state commissions Legal counsel and state hygienic lab limn Logist Randy Shobe were in Cedar rapids thursday and Friday to meet with industries and City officials. Interviewees industries interviewed were p e n i c k and Ford Wilson Sinclair Quaker Oats and Cargill. Cedar rapids fifth so called wet process Industry general Mills was not included Sadat will accept one truce Extension Beirut apr president Anwar Sadat of Egypt said monday that his country would accept an Extension of the 90-Day cease fire with Israel provided serious negotiations aimed at ending the Middle East conflict get under Way Cairo radio reported. The new egyptian Leader warned however that Egypt a but we will not accept More than one Extension a he asserted. He told his commanders they were facing a a treacherous enemy and must take All necessary measures to face him. Sadat was quoted As saying egyptian a hearts and minds Are open to a political solution to because it has stayed below quantities specified in its sewage treatment agreement with the City Schliekelman said. State reviews of Wilson Sinclair Quaker Oats and Cargill pertained Only to sewage treatment Plant overloads Schliekelman said. Penick and Ford has the Only River discharge problem he said. That firm is to receive consent orders pertaining both to overloads and the discharge. Schliekelman said his visit was prompted by the need to review Industrial waste loadings and by a City Resolution asking for state action relating to the Penick and Ford River discharge pipe. City Resolution the City passed the Resolution concerning Penick and Ford oct. 7, four Days after an estimated 10,000 Gallons of starch material flowed from the Plant through a storm Drain pipe and into the Cedar River. In its Resolution the City referred to excessive volumes of biochemical oxygen demand Bod which Are being a regularly discharged into the red Cedar River which is polluting said Schliekelman noted that the oct. 3 discharge at the Penick and Ford Plant was attributed to an error in turning a valve on newly installed equipment. Faulty sewer he said the regular discharges referred to in the City Resolution have been traced to a faulty waste or sanitary sewer in the Penick and Ford Plant. He said the Industry has agreed to resolve the situation. A they Felt All the time that they had this thing whipped but a broken sewer line was leaking a Schliekelman said. Runaway strikes Mother carrying child special to the Gazette Rowley a a Rowley Mother was hit by her own runaway Early monday As she alighted from the vehicle to carry her Young daughter from the Auto into the House of a Babysitter. The Highway patrol said mrs. Allan Nielson 28, thought she had moved the gearshift lever to Park but instead it was in reverse. She was knocked Down on top of her daughter and dragged a Short distance. The hit a tree. Mrs. Nielson was found by the Sitter mrs. Donald Walztoni and two neighbors mrs. Kenneth Nielson and mrs. Catherine Cameo. She was taken by Buchanan county ambulance to Virginia continued Page 3, col. 5. Sive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte gave Montreal the appearance of a City at War monday. The search went on for the terrorists other Kidnap victim British Trade commissioner James Cross. Army and police helicopters flew constantly Over the City. Local and Royal Canadian mounted police spot checked on the Busy streets. Roadblocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes Lead ing out of the City which has 1.2 million people and is Canadas largest. Security checks were increased at the u. S. Border particularly in new York Vermont and new Hampshire. The Canadian army the mounted police and Quebec police expanded their operations under the War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Trudeau last Friday. Trudeau pledge Trudeau himself pledged that the Law forces will find a these vicious men and bring them to Justice a in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian he predicted More terrorist violence but declared the government will not Back Down. The prime minister flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects to Laportes family and to Confer with officials. Two warrants warrants were issued for the arrest of Marc Carbonneau 37, a taxi Driver and Paul Rose 27, a teacher on charges of taking part in the kidnappings. Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early sunday. A letter in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of exe i cution at the hands of the Quebec liberation front Fly. Police raided a Frame Bungalow in St. Hubert monday morning a half mile from where Laportes body was found and said it May have been used by his killers. There was blood on the floor. Tightest in history police officials said Security in Montreal and the surrounding areas is tighter than Ever before in history. Up to this morning 326 persons have been arrested in an Fly communique which led police to Laportes body in a Montreal suburb saturday night said he was a a executed because the government refused to comply. Govt. Offer conduct for themselves to Cuba possible switch to the demo or Algeria if Cross and Laporte Craf c Pard where he is consid were returned Safe. After Laportes body was found Trudeau s government announced that the offer of Safe conduct to Cross kidnappers still stood. Police released the text sunday night of a letter from Cross reporting that he was a alive and in Good but he ered a formidable presidential possibility. The mayor once considered a contender for the Republican presidential nomination has Long been at Odds with Republican gov. Nelson Rockefeller. His endorsement of Goldberg warned a the Only danger for a Jarnier sup eme Coart Justice and ambassador to the u. N., was considered a vital first step if he wants to take advantage of his growing popularity among democrats and switch his Ambi continued Page 3, col. 7. My life is if the police find out where i am and want to intervene. The Fly will not give up and i will be the first dead. A the authorities will never. Find the place where i am held Lons a democratic party. In Captivity. I am prisoner like but Lindsay insisted he was the Fly members and prison a a Republican and i intend to ers in remain a the letter and an Fly com a Urban survival Munique were found in a Church i sunday he announced at a news con a to appearance Ference broadcast live Over the i City radio station that he was Trudeau went on television backing Goldberg and state sunday night for the second sen. Basil Paterson of Harlem democratic candidate for lieutenant governor a because they have expressed the strongest Sherman Good a endorsement for Urban survive a1.�?� Lindsay a four term Republican congressman became a National figure when he was elected mayor of predominantly democratic new York in 1965. But his Strong anti War stand and generally Liberal views won a stronger following among democrats than republicans. He noted that Goldberg a stood above party lines to Back him for re election last year when he lost the Republican primary and ran As a Liberal and ind Epen killed in . Plant Accident Cedar rapids news a Cedar rapids Man was caught Between a tractor and a truck and crushed to death Early sunday at the Waconia sorghum co. Plant while a fellow employee attempted to learn How to operate an end loader on the tractor. Sherman Gooding jr., 22, Mccarthy Road was standing behind the tractor when it lurched Dent. A a in a convinced by the backwards pinning him against i issues in this Campaign that in a truck. Dependence is just As important police said Eldon c. Kil Berger Fairfax was showing Gary Lee Hoefle Center Point How to operate the tractor when Kilberger threw the tractor into gear causing it to go into reverse. Police said neither of the men on the tractor knew Gooding was behind them at the time. Now a Lindsay said. A anchored to past he did not mention Rockefeller by name but said a the dominant forces in Albany have been anchored to the past. They have resisted change every step of the Rockefeller backed the regular sweeps against the Fly which at St. Luke a Hospital seeks Independence for French speaking Quebec through revolution. Laporte 49, was abducted As he played football with his children on oct. To. Five Days earlier Cross also 49, was taken from his Montreal Home. The Fly made seven Ransom demands among them release and Safe conduct to Cuba or Al Gooding was dead on arrival Republican candidate against graveside funeral services for Gooding will be conducted at 2 . Tuesday at Shiloh cemetery by the Rev. A. F. Frank Hauser. Gooding was born aug. 26, 1948, in Illinois. He is survived i Lindsay in the mayoral election i last year. Lindsay said the Goldberg Paterson team a offers the Best Chance to end our annual role As a beggar for survival in Albany a the state capital. He denounced what he called. A a. A a National swing to the right by his wife carmelite and his cd new York stale must hot Mother Darst of Missouri. Friends May Call at the Brady Geria for 23 persons convicted mortuary after 6 . Monday. Syria strikes at guerillas today s club Kle thanks to women a lib. We now have he Story As Well As history. Copyright would accept Only one Extension the Middle East conflict. Said Penick and Ford has of the original cease fire which a but that does not mean we c Iet and Tais private sewer line Beirut a syrians new military ruler is cracking Down on the palestinian guerillas the previous marxist regime sponsored Arab diplomatic sources reported monday. They said Gen. Hafez Al As sad of the air Force syrians defense minister has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerillas and asked the Central committee of the Palestine resistance movement to suspend its membership. Saika guerillas returning to Syria from Jordan Are being disarmed at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern Syria the sources said. They reported Assad has put Syria under military control paralysing the baath socialist government. House arrest have fled the country possibly to Northern Lebanon. Bagdad radio said Atassi has gone to his native City of horns in Central Syria and is under House arrest. It also said syrian troops tanks and armoured were laying siege to Saika Camps to Miles from Damascus. Assad a coup is believed to although local baathist Lead heard against that trend and added that Goldberg Paterson a is the one gubernatorial ticket that stands against that trend. A he emphasized that except for Goldberg and Paterson he was supporting the Republican ticket statewide mentioning if. Especially sen. Charles Goodell. Ers rushed to Damascus from j throughout Syria trying to work out a Compromise Between military and civilian wings of the party the capital was reported Calm. Army tanks and armoured vehicles remained on their bases. Meanwhile jordanian tanks have resulted from the syrian i and palestinian guerillas in Tan invasion of Jordan during the Northern Jordan battled sunday a for control of villages on the caricature burned new Delhi up some 300 University students monday burned a caricature of president Nixon in front of the . Embassy in protest against reported . Arms Aid to pakis civil War there last month. He opposed the intervention and refused to give it air cover As a result strafing jordanian planes did heavy damage to the invaders. Assad reportedly uncovered a plot by Jadid to oust him and moved first. Battle in Jordan Assad is 40, a staunch Arab guerilla Supply route from Syria. The guerillas said 60 tanks shelled four villages and they replied with mortars machine guns and rockets. Guerillas said troops Cut the Road from Ramatha to Irbid in violation of the peace agreement signed last tuesday by King Hussein and guerilla nationalist and has worked for j Leader Yasir Arafat closer co operation among the the pact permits the guerillas Arab countries in the fight to move men and supplies along today1 s Index is due to end nov. 6. Sadat warned that Israel definitely a he said. A we must would try to get the cease fire j show the world the True face of extended every 90 Days As a Israel and the imperialist Assis matter of routine. J Tance it is will keep the cease fire going in �?~thtllation.5 working a at ssi ,0 Resig Quot continued Page 2, col. 2. Jadid marxist Leader of the by a rival Wing of the baath ire assert government control in baath party was reported to party. It villages. Campaign Trail comics. Courthouse. Crossword. 19 daily record. Deaths. Editorial features. Farm financial. Marion. 20 movies. La society. 8-10 sports. 13-17 state. A 4, 5 television. 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