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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gasette: Tues., October 8, 1974 SSN. CHARLES MILLER (D-Burlington), candidate for lieutenant governor (left) cam* paigned his first full day ta Linn county Monday. During the day he delivered a campaign speech to the Associated Groups of the Elderly. Ray Lange, president of AGE, center, is shown chatting with Miller and Mrs. Miller following the Cedar Rapids talk. Over 20    in Congress Got Rockefeller GiftsMiller Promises Committee on Bills If elected lieutenant governor Nov. 5, State Sen. Charles Mill er, Burlington Democrat, will appoint the senate majority and minority leaders to a special committee on bills. They will select from the calendar the bills to be debated and, thus, do away with further “eroding of the legislative process,” Miller said during aFord Plans To Speak At Iowa Statehouse DES MOINES (UPI) - President Ford will address the public on the west steps of the Iowa Statehouse before speaking at a Republican fund-raiser here Oct. 24, Republican officials announced Monday. Ford is expected to be in Des Moines from about ll a m. to 1:30 p m. The $50-a-plate luncheon will be at Val Air Ballroom at noon. The event is sponsored by the Republican State Finance Committee on behalf of all COP candidates. day of campaigning Monday in Cedar Rapids. Miller said he is disgusted with the way both political par ties have changed the rules to make it easier to suspend the rules. This, in turn, makes it easier for the majority floor leader to bring up bills for debate without prior notice to senate members. Miller said the old rule requiring a two-thirds majority to suspend the rules should be reinstated, even if the majority party doesn’t have enough members for a two-thirds majority. Honored by Chinese TOKYO (AP) r- An American seismology study group led by Fraqjc Press, president of the Geophysical Society of America, has been honored at a banquet in Peking, the Hsinhua news agency reports. Turn that unused piano into a bike, car, or whatever you want to buy with a want ad!Television Listings 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCtG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa A—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WHIT, Lacrosse IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12—KUN TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des MoinesLeft Youths To Die, Scrap Man Gets 9-10 Years PHOENIX (UPI) - A scrap iron dealer was sentenced Mon day to nine to IO years in prison on manslaughter charges for abandoning five youths to die of thirst in the desert during an ii legal scavenger bperation on an air force gunnery range. Lewis Dykes was found guilty Sept. 13. Witnesses testified he hired |12 youths, ranging in age from 16 to their early 20s, for an expedition to the Gila Bend gunnery range last May. The group collected brass shell casings and other metal left by air force guns. The public is forbidden to enter the range, where air force planes practice automatic cannon fire, bombing and other assault techniques, shooting at ground targets. Witnesses testified that when Dykes realized the band had been sighted by an air force helicopter, putting them in danger cf arrest, he fled in the group’s vehicle, abandoning the o'hers to 120-degree desert heat without water. The air force did not know the men were dying on the range until some of the group walked out days later. When rescuers arrived, they found five youths dead. WASHINGTON (AP) - Nel son Rockefeller and his family have given more than $100,000 in recent years to the cam paigns of senate and house members now eligible to vote on his nomination to be vicepresident. According to federal campaign records, the recipients of the larges! Rockefeller donations are Sen. Javits and Rep. Peyser, both New York Republicans. Javits received at least $28,750 from the Rockefellers for his 1968 senate campaign and' the early stages of his present race for re-election. The family has given Peyser at least $35,500 in his three congressional races beginning in 1970. Reopen Hearings Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said Tuesday that publication of reports about Rockefeller’s gifts to aides and public officials “could well reopen senate hearings” on the vice-presidential nomination. As far as he could ascertain, Mansfield added, the gifts have “all been legitimate,” but he said the reports are bound to raise questions. »However, Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsyl vania, a member of the senate rules and administration committee that held hearings on the nomination last month, indicat ed he saw no reason for resumption of hearings. “I see nothing that has impaired the integrity of Mr. Rockefeller in any way,” Scott told reporters. Rockefeller still faces hearings on his nomination before the house judiciary committee. 20 Others At least 20 other incumbent senators and congressmen have received between $500 and $22,000 in campaigns earlier this year, before the Rockefeller nomination was announced in August. The 22 recipients were iden tified in a spot check of cam paign records since 1968. Because campaign laws did not require full disclosure before 1972 and because comprehensive lists have not yet been compiled for this year, there may be some recipients who did not show up in the spot check. The largest congressional campaign contributors in the Rockefeller family are Nelson and his brothers, David, Laurence and John D. III, all of whom give exclusively to Republicans. A few members of the family, including John D. IV and his sister, Sandra, have given to Democrats. Nelson has given to Javits, Peyser and five other G.O.P. incumbents: Senators Mathias of Maryland, Young of North Dakota and Dominick of Colorado and Reps. Kemp of New York and Cohen of Maine. Sees No Conflict The largest contribution was $8,500 to Javits in 1968 and the smallest was a $500 donation to Dominick’s campaign on July I this year. Javits also received $12,000 from other members of the family in 1968 and so far this year has been given more than $8,000 by Nelson’s brothers and a sister-in-law, Mrs. John D. III. A spokesman for Javits said the senator sees no conflict in his receipt of campaign funds and the upcoming confirmation vote. Although Javits expects to vote in favor of Rockefeller, he will await the outcome of confir mation hearings before reaching a final decision, the spokesman said. An aide to Peyser, who has received $12,000 from Nelson and $23,500 from other family members, said the congressman and former governor are old friends and have long supported each other. Peyser’s district includes Pocantico Hills, the huge Rockefeller family estate in Westchester county. Ground-Breaking for New Brenton Bank Set A ground-breaking ceremony to launch construction of a four-story $2 million Brenton Bank and Trust Co. building will be held Oct. 17, Donald C. Neber-gall, president of the bank, announced Tuesday. The building will be constructed at the corner of First avenue and Second street SE. The bank, a part of Brenton Banks, Inc., Iowa’s oldest registered bank holding company, has been operating in a temporary building at A avenue and Second street SE since July of 1972. Nebergall said Tuesday it is hoped the building will be ready for occupancy late next year cr by early 1976. He said final plans are being mapped for the ground-breaking ceremony and that construction will start immediately. Chairman. Iowa Beef Co. Found Guilty NEW YORK (UPI) - Currier Holman, co-founder and cochairman of Iowa Beef Processors, Inc., the nation’s largest beef company, Monday was found guilty of conspiring to bribe union officials and supermarket executives in the metropolitan New York area. He received an unconditional discharge. The firm was fined a total of $7,000, payable Oct. 21, on both misdemeanor charges. In announcing his decision, Manhattan supreme court Justice Burton Roberts, who heard the case without a jury, told the 62-year-old defendant he was being lenient because “I like you. I like you as a man. You have been a victim of circumstances.” However, Roberts said, Holman and Moe Steinman had indeed formulated “a plan to bribe labor leaders and supermarket officials” as the price for introducing IBP’s boxed-beef products into the lucrative New York market. Holman will serve no sentence and pay no fine. Prior to Roberts’ sentencing, Holman, in a quiet statement said, “Judge, if I’m guilty — and you seem to think I am — I should pay whatever price guilt should carry.” He added, “I disagree that I’m guilty; I disagree with your assessment of the facts, but whatever price I have to pay for what I’ve done, I’ll be glad to do it.” “In a certain sense,” Roberts told Holman “you were a victim of the extorionate practices of certain individuals.” The judge identified the Individuals as labor union and supermarket officials who were “crooks and fixers . . . sharks and barracudas.” The judge depicted Holman as an honest businessman whose zeal for introducing a revolutionary packaging concept which would save consumers 9 cents a pound on beef products had led him to believe that dealing with extortionists and racketeers was the only way to do business in New York. “Sadly, like a modern Dr. Faustus, Currier Holman sold his soul to Moe Steinman.” Roberts said. Steinman, a vice-president for labor relations with the Daitch-Shopwcll chain, with reputed organized crime connections, sold Holman on the idea that he could overcome the refusal by butchers’ unions to handle IBP’s boxed-beef. “Moe Steinman was a shady character, if there ever was one,” Roberts said. “He looked like a gangster in a grade *B’ movie.” But after IBP agreed to pay Steinman substantial commissions for using his influence, “almost miraculously union opposition ceased,” Roberts said. Close to $1 million in payoffs and kickbacks was authorized by IBP, the judge said, because of IBP’s dire financial condition and Holman’s conviction that only an opening in New York could save the company from disaster. “If IBP was to survive, it had to sell in New York. In order to sell to New York, it had to join the corrupt system there,” Roberts said. “It was as simple as that and, of course, Holman knew it,” the judge said.More Workers To Do Audits, Says IRS Head DURHAM, NC. (AP) r- Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Donald Alexander says the IRS will assign more than 3,000 extra employes to audit income tax returns next year. Alexander told law students at Duke university Monday that 2.2 million returns were audited this year, an increase of 417,000 over last year, and that the IRS expects 83 million individual returns next year. He said each will at least be scanned by an IRS employe.Harmony Hawks Place Second In Competition Tile Cedar Rapids Harmony Ha w k s Barbershop Chorus earned second place honors in Central States district competition at St. Louis Saturday. Under the direction of Len Bjella and technical assistant Chuck Traylor, the Harmony Hawks were competing against the top 15 choruses throughout the seven-state district to determine the single district representative to international society competition. The Harmony Hawks narrowly missed in their attempt to succeed the Pony Expressmen, St. Joseph, Mo., winners of three successive previous contests. The competing choruses are judged for their performance of two songs based on judging categories of harmony accuracy, balance and blend, and stage presence. The Harmony Hawks are the Cedar Rapids chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. Two Cedar Rapids quartets, also competing in district competition, were among the top ten finalists and provided good Harmony Hawks representation in the quartet finals. The Certain D’s, comprised of Chuck Wors-fold, Dave Bryant, Dean Kruse and Dick Kruse placed sixth, and the Olde Time Harmony Music Company, comprised of Dave Dicken, Ted Bey, Larry Pinckney and Bob Colon finished fourth. Advertlttmcnt Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Do false teeth embarrass you by coming loose when you eat, laugh, ,r.r talk? A denture adhesive can help. • FASTEETH*gives dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hold. Makes eat-' ing more enjoyable. For more security and comfort, use FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. TuvMila ii MU hi 6:09 "7—News, Weather, Sots. •—Eyewitness News 2— Action News J—News, Weather, Sots. 4—Action News ♦-A O Clock Edition (-News, Sots , Weather IO—News. Weather, Sots 12— Desianino 13— Eyewitness News 6:30 7—High Chaparral 9 — Hollywood Squares 2—To Tell Truth 3—Candid Camera 4—Hee Haw A—Iowa Football • A—Consequences 10—Let s Make a Dcol 12— Secrets of Oeep 11—Let s Make a Deal 7:00 9 -Happy Days J—Candid Comera 3-Happy Days A- Adam I? I—Good Times IO-Adorn 12 12 — America 13- Adorn II 7- NBG Movie— "Where Have All •People Gone?" •—ABC Movie—. Hit Lody" J M*A*S*H 3-ABC Movie — Hit Lody ' 4- M*A*S*H 6 NBG Movie — Where Hove All Peoote Gone?" 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Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street t1 10-1 -Noon Edition -Noontime . -News, Weather ti—In School 13— News 12:15 3—Town and Country IO-Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:39 /— Jeopardy 9—Let s Make a peal 2—As the World Turns 3—Let’s Make a Deal 4—As the World Turns A—Jeopardy I—As the World Turns 10—Jeopardy 11-Electric C 13—Movie ompony 1:99 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Gam* 2—Guiding Light 3-Newlywed Cc - „ Jim* 4—f r   , 10- Days of Lives 11—In School Guiding Light -Days of Lives Guiding Light loot. .apt. Kangaroo Kangaroo 8:39 9— Morning Show 9:99 7—Name That Tune 9—Mike Douglas ?-Joker's Wild 3—Cartoons 4—Joker's Wild A—Name That Tune I-Joker's Wild 10—Name That Tune 12— Sesome Street 13—Nome That Tune 9:39 7— Wii. .mg Streak 2— Gambit 3— Reed Farrell 4—Gambit A—Winning Streak A—Gambit IO—Winning Streak 13—Winning Streak -High Rollers - All My Children res Movie Con Cannon 3-Wide World of Entfrtalnment A —Tonight A - CBS Movie— ■ cannon' IO-Tonight I? - Great Zoos 13—Tonight 19:45 4-Mod Squad •It" 2-Century Theater **4-Vg Valley 12:99 7— Tomorrow 19:99 u 9- 2-Now You 3- All My Children 4-Now You See It A—High Rollers A-Now You See It IO—High Rollers 12— in schoo* 13— High Rollers 19:39 /-Hollywood Squares 9—Brady Bunch 2— Love of I tit 3—Brody Bunch 4 Love of Life 6—Hollywood Squares A—Love of Life IO—Hollywood Squares 13— Hollywood Squares 11:09 /■—Jockoot 9—Password 2—Young and Restless 3— Password 4—Young and Restless A—Jackpot A— Young and Restless 10—Jockpot 13—Jackpot 11:39 J— Celebrity Sweepstakes 9—Split Second 2— Tomorrow 3—Split Second 4 Tomorrow A—Celebrity Sweepstakes -Tomorrow' Celebrity Sweepstakes -Celebrity Sweepstakes Wrdnrnday Afternoon 12:99 7 -News, Weather V—Eyewitness News 2—News, Weather 3— News 4—Family Affair 1:39 /—Doctors 9-Girl In My Life 2— edge of Night 5-Girl In My Life 4—Edge of Night A—Doctors A—Edge of Night TO—Doctors 2:99 7—Another World 9—General Hospital ?—Price is 3—General 4—Price is A—Another A—Price Is IO -Another 13—Another Hospr Right Hospital Right World Right • World World 2:39 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9-One Life To Live 2— Match Game 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game A—How To Survive a Marriage A—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive 0 Marriage 3:99 7— Somerset 9— At0.000 Pyramid 2—Tattletales 3—110,00# Pyramid 4— Tattletales A—Somerset A— Tattletales IO— Somerset 12—Supervisory 13—Somerset 3:39 7- Room 222 9— Gflligan's Island 2—Or. Max 3—Moyie 4—Mike Douglas A— Jeonnle A- Bewitched 10—Lost In Space 11—Bread. Butterflies 13—Floppy 4:99 7—Bonanza 9—Lucy Show A—Mery Griffin A—Mike Douglas 12—Mlsterogers 13 Mery Griffin 4:39 9- Mod Squad 2—Partridge Family 4—Hogan s Heroes IO-Daniel Boone 12—Sesame Street 5:99 7—Dragnet 2— Consequences 3— Newsfeatures . 4—Gllligon's Island 5:39 7—NBC News 9—ABC Ne»-2—CBS New* 3 ABC News 4-CBS News A NBC News •-CBS News IO—NSC New* 12— Electric Compony 13- HBC News YVETTE MlMIEUX ■ I 116 IME Hit Lady Pnd 6he Never M166E6 The hit lady wants out, but doesn’t know that when you work for the mob, quitting isn’t all that easy! Tense drama co-starring Joseph Campanella, Clu Gulager. ABC TUESDAY MOVIE V THE WEEK 7:30PM TU? CAUTION High-interest Investments can be risky! Make sure your savings are insured. Insurance. That’s important protection. Because without it you could loose more than promised earnings or hoped for gains. You could loose your original investment. 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