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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa * n 'iiiM'i wimfHn. 1    •- e ..    *    iw*.    «    «    »r    f*4«►    ' IO He Cedar Rapids Gmtte: Ties., Pct. 8, 1>74 Poetess — ‘Hunger To    Die9 By Daniel Q. Haney DEDHAM. Mass (AP) -Anne Sexton, a Pulitzer Prizewinning poet who will he buried Tuesday, “had a terrible hunger to die.” says a close literary associate. Last Friday, Mrs Sexton s body was found in her car. parked in the garage, Us engine running. C ause of her death, at age 45. has not been ruled on by a medical examiner, but police have said it may have been suicide Maxine Kumin, a friend and confidant since the two met in a poetry class 18 years ago. said she is convinced it was suicide. “I knew she would die this way." she said “It wasn't a fear It was a conviction “She was so terrified of death that she would run out to meet it She wanted to be the master of her death” Mrs. Kumin, also a poet and winner of a Pulitzer Prize last year, said Mrs. Sexton "was c apable of jollity and fun But she was a tremendous extremist emotionally “We talked about death constantly Who else would have a folder in her file marked funeral?’ ” Mrs. Kumm said that several times she talked Mrs Sextbn out of suicide. “There have been a lot of attempts. But always there has been a note or even a poem,” she said. Mrs. Sexton had lunch with Mrs. Kumin Friday before she died. Together, they had reviewed a new poem by Mrs Sexton entitled. "The Green Room". “It’s about death.” Mrs Kumin said. “But they — her poems — are all about death." Mrs Kumin said she appeared depressed and had had an uneasy night But her outlook seemed less bleak than it often had before Mrs Sexton’s waiting, filled with allusions to death and madness, earned her a Pulitzer in 1987 for the book “Live Or Die ”. Mrs Sexton s first book. “To Bedlam and Part Way Baofc”. was published in IWO. It resulted from a nervous breakdown in 1957 which led her to begin writing as a form of therapy. Two other books, “The Awful Rowing Toward God” and “45 Mercy St.” are to be published within the next two years. Mrs. Sexton was recently divorced from her husband. Alfred. She left two daughters, Lynda and Joyce. Child Abuse Gels Worse During Economic Stress Gazette Wirephotos Unusual Jobs Women are entering fields they have never entered before. Carol Jean Bain, left, stands before the Affinity mine near Oak Hill, West Virginia, after competing her first day’s work as the state's first woman coal miner. At right, Carol Sturgill, 29, of Sheboygan, Wis., helps her boss, Tim McNitt, make repairs on St. Anthony’s church on Milwaukee's south side. Miss Sturgill, an apprentice steeplejack, has been on the job for two weeks. She couldn’t stand being locked up in a factory and took the job because it was a chance to work outside. Society for Women Features By Brnekr W. Krtfger United Pitts Inter national An Atlanta man rhythmically forced his two-year-old stepchild’s head under the bathtub water and drowned him because hi* was taking to toilet training ton slow ly. A 25-year-old unwed San Francisco mother brought her three-year-old to a hospital with a fractured skull and conflicting stories of how it happened In Chicago, a mother who had been arrested for living in a car with her five children left her two-year-old son with neighbors she barely knew for what was supposed to be a fqw hours. The child remained at the house several days. The neighbors said she brought him over covered with scratches and burns Child abuse is not confined to racial group, economic level or region of the country It is as common for fathers to be abusive as mothers. Economic Situation And some authorities say the present economic situation is likely to make the problem even worse Parents Anonymous, an Alcoholics Anonymous-like organization for abusive parents, said some 885 cases of child abuse were reported nationally each day in 1973 That year’s total figure was 250,000. Oregon residents reported 350 cases of child abuse in 1973, while Mississippians reported 91 cases, compared with 52 the year before Birmingham. Ala. had 144 cases reported for the first nine months of this year and Atlanta hears of some 48 child abuse cases each month Detroit police receive about four child abuse calls every week In San Francisco, 125 cases of child abuse were reported last year, but Jim Garrison, head of the San Francisco Child Abuse Council, said the number accounts for perhaps IO percent of the actual cases. Barbara Cundiff. a supervisor for the Fulton county. Cia.. Child Protective Services, says the economy is taking its toll on children with abuse-prone parents. “The economic stress that our society is going through now is creating a real stress rn the family.” she said. “lf you are under stress, you are more liable to strike a child or lose your cool than you would under a normal condition." Christmas Is Worse Early Van Lydegraff. head of the sheltered care unit of Oregon’s Children’s Services division, said the problems invariably get worse at Christmastime. "Tensions are aroused with Christmas coming on Maybe Papa is unemployed He feels inadequate because he wants to give his kids things and can’t.” To help get incidents of child abuse reported. at least Oregon, Mississippi and Michigan have laws which require doctors, dentists, nurses, schools, social workers and others who have regular contact with children to report cases of abuse or neglect. The San Francisco Child Abuse Council has begun a “hotline” for parents who are having trouble with their children vX* , .Svsiiife    $***• Fashionable Stores Have Been Indicted NEW YORK (AP) - Three of New York's most fashionable stores have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges they conspired to raise, fix and stabilize prices on women’s ready-to-wear clothing Criminal indictments were filed Monday against Saks Fifth Avenue. Bergdorf Goodman, Inc . and Bonwit Teller. Also named in the one-count indictment were Barrie Summerfield, vice-president and merchandise manager of Saks, and leonard Rankin, executive vice-president of Bergdorf Goodman. The stores are among the largest retailers specializing in the sale of women’s clothing in the New York metropolitan area and did about STD million rn business in 1972. the indictment says Fixing Prices The stores were accused of fixing retail prices of women's clothes by adopting uniform markup lists, starting fh the late 1980s and continuing to the present. Bridge UP I A 'ifpnoto Down the Hatch Queen Juliana of the Netherlands relishes a Dutch herring during a celebration over the weekend. The occasion was the 400th anniversary of the liberation of the city during Holland's 80-year war with Spain. NIXON HOI Ll) MAKE GOOD AMBASSADOR: JI LIE PHILADELPHIA (AP) -Former President Richard M Nixon would serve the country well as a roving ambassador, his daughter. Julie Nixon Eisenhower, says “Cd like to ms- him get invoh (*d in some way in helping the country as a roving ambassador, “ Mrs. Eisenhower told telev ision personality, Mike Douglas “I feel it would be really a tragedy if his gift for working with foreign leaders and for communicating so well in all his experiences in world affairs — if those weren’t put to use.” The Shufflers Winners of the rubber game played Monday at Norridge Park Christian church were North-south — .lo Carlson and Linda Ashton, first, and Pat Howard and Cran Elsea. second east-west — Mary Ann Boardman and Karen I .an* genfeld. first, and Diane Murk and Phyllis Denison, second Overall winners were Mrs (aristoi and Mrs Ashton The next game will Im* played at 9 Monday at the church ( •Mins dub Winners of the Howell movement played last week at the Collins building were Ray Beason and Cliff Billington, first and Wilbur Evarts and Tom ('ours, second. CARPET TO SET ' THE MOOD IN YOUR HOME! Quality at a reasonable price! CARTWRIGHT® ... Center Offers Aid to Unborn Children The indictment charged that as a result customers of the three stores “have been deprived of free and open competition in the sale of women's clothing.” The defendant stores also worked together to set dates for their respective clearance sales, the grand jury said Andrew Goodman. Bergdorf Goodman's president, said the indictment has been referred to the company's legal counsel. He said Hankin “has devoted his life to Bergdorf Goodman and is highly regarded by the community , the industry , and our customers.’’ Allan Johnson, chairman of Saks, said. “We haven’t seen any papers yet. It s a complicated thing — it involves gross margins rather than prices We expect to stand by Mr Sommerfield ” He added that the accusations involve actions taken by “a number of persons no longer with us." ( •operated Fully Geneseo, Inc., owner of Bonwit Teller and headquartered in Nashville. Tenn , said that it had been aware of the federal investigation and that Bonwit executives had “cooperated fully” with the grand jury. Arraignment is set for Get 23 in U. S district court, a Justice Department spokes-man said If convicted, the stores could face a $50.(81(1 fine and the defendant vice-presidents could receive one-year jail terms By John Spetz CLEVELAND (CPI) — A research center has launched a full-scale assault on high risk pregnancies in an effort to produce undamaged children. The Prenatal Clinical Research center at Cleveland’s Metropolitan Gene hospital combines highly developed obstetric and pediatric skills with space age technology to deal with expectant mothers with serious problems “Rich or poor, this county hospital and this prenatal center has the finest care you can get anywhere." said Dr. Mortimer G. Rosen, director of the center “We have made this unit and the entire hospital open now to any physician who says he has a major problem “Say he has an expectant mother with a diabetes problem. And another has a patient with unusual blood dotting combined with high blond pressure And a third had a problem patient from the inner city, which is a high risk area We can handle them all at once." their newborn are between 30 and 40 research programs at any given time The computer system, due to have all programs on line by the end of the year, is being put together by Dr Lawrence Chik, an electrical engineer with a biomedics background Rosen, 42. came here from the University of Rochester 14 months ago “Pediatrics has been ahead of obstetrics for years in regionalizing delivery of improved care," Rosen said. “Now obstetrics is getting into the picture “We’re dedicated to learning how we can prevent damaged children. We want them to tie perfect As it is often said. 'It is the right of every infant to be not only well born but born well.’ ’’ MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER HONORS MISS GIBNEY A miscellaneous bridal shower was given Saturday evening by Jan Marg, 2905 First avenue, Marion, for Miss Susan Gibney, Oct 19 bride-elect of Ronald Churchill. 1284 Sixth avenue. Marion. Twenty-five guests shared the courtesy Parents of the engaged couple are Mr. and Mrs. John F Gibney, 848 Thirteenth street, and Mr and Mrs Marvin Churchill, 1785 Valleyview drive, all of Marion. Center Capacify The center presently can accommodate six extremely ill expectant mothers at one time prior to labor “And it can handle a whole floor of mothers in for tests.” Rosen said The hospital’s neonatal intensive care nursery has a capacity of about 30 beds. The medical background of each prospective mother is recorded on a disc in the memory bank of the hospital’s computer for instant retrieval In addition, the mother-to-be's blood pressure, labeontraction pressure and other signs are continuously monitored as are the heartbeat and brain waves The electrolyte balance of the fetus can be obtained intermittently. “We monitor the baby's brain waves during labor." Rosen said “We perfected the technique and this is probably the only place in the world this can be offered to any woman during labor ” There is also instant feedback on whether drugs administered to the mother reach the fetus and whether certain stresses reach the fetus* brain. Statistical Prognosis “The system when complete will be able to give us an exact statistical prognosis for any pregnancy. It will take into account the vast range of lab tests, the patient’s background and tell you the risk in that pregnancy.” the doctor said “In labor we can again take the risks and evaluate them and make a decision as to whether the pregnancy should be terminated or allowed to continue or how to treat it Running parallel with the actual care of mothers and Anniversaries Not to Psi amount Theatei Open Mud & I hoi s Iii 9 The Blackfords To Be Honored Mr and Mrs Harry Blackford route three, Marion, will celebrate their Hilt Ii wedding adversary Sunday with a family dinner at the Middle America restaurant. Williamsburg Mr Blackford and the former Josephine Atwater were married Get 14, 1914 They have three children Pauline Gilmore of Cedar Rapids arid Raymond and Gerald Blackford of Marion There are two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren r Betty Ford Is Making An Excellent Recovery WASHINGTON (IPI) -Betty Ford continues to make an excellent recovery from her breast surgery, according to her doctors Dr William Fouty. chief surgeon at the National Naval Medical center in Bethesda, Md., said Monday the First l-ady “is up much of the time now and moving about the suite as she pleases.” She got a telephone (all Monday night from her husband. who was aboard Air Force One flying back from a speaking trip to Burlington, Va Togetherness UPI Wirephoto Separate but equal jobs are not enough for Mike McCulloch, 24, and his wife of I 5 months, Kathy, 21. They joined the San Diego police department together and are police academy rookies with three months’ training to go. BLOWN-IN MINERAL WOOL I INSULATION T#4ay - Nsrs Hum Em fetors MIKKI IMlVIIHM rljl HK lilt VT > GREAT RUINS GAS Insulation Dapt. 1101 Spcond Av#. S.E. J MMAT^A Phon* 363-1 ISA or 363-4647 ON THIS DATE in 1984, Hurricane Dora hit a long stretch of Florida’s east coast with 125-mile winds. Jolly rime THE (WHOLE GRAIN FAMILY SNACK u a Zenith -In Hearing Aids A Name\bu Can Trust And your Zenith Hearing Afd Specialist is one you can trust--to determine if a hearing aid will help, to assist in selecting the Zenith aid most suitable to your needs and to perform all necessary services to insure your satisfac- 10 Day Monty-Back Guarantee Your trust deserves Zenith’s guarantee of satisfaction Try any Zenith Hearing Aid at home, at work anywhere lf you are not completely satisfied, you can return it to your Zenith Hearing Aid Specialist within IO days of pur chase and your money will be fully refunded (Except for custom-made earmold ) And ask your Zenith Hearing Aid Specialist about Zenith's 5-Year After-Purchase Plan Batterie* for all makes of hearing aids TBKfj The Quality goes in before ti p name goes on rn, t •dica I Medical Arts Surgical Supply 2740 First Av*. NI Pfciiwi 244-41 ft# STOM MOUtfti I a.m. tm 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Saturday Hours: f a.m. HH Naan A I ;

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