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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Miskimen: Faith In Action By Pat Peterson When Tom Miskimen attended the University of Iowa he thought Christianity was either the biggest come on in history or the most significant thing ever to happen and he was bound to find out which one it was. He made his decision on what Christianity was and became an ordained member of the United Methodist Church this spring. Miskimen, presently on a year’s leave from the Iowa conference of the United Methodist church, is an outreach coordinator for Special Problems Center, 629 Eighth street SE, and Foundation II, 1336 C avenue NE. Cedar Rapids Native Prior to joining the staffs of the two groups. Miskimen, a Cedar Rapids native, worked in the Dubuque Urban Ministry program. Miskimen said during his studio at the Dubuque Theological .seminary, he was assigned to work with Dr. Boyd Mather and the Faith United Methodist church. lie said the area the church served had many lower income, blue collar workers who didn’t have any recreational activities. Miskimen said he got funds, $25,000, from the Dubuque city council to establish recreational programs and a recreational center in the area. He said the Urban Ministry project also pushed for some community improvements;, such as traffic signs where they were needed. Urban Ministry Miskimen said he really liked the idea of working in an urban ministry situation and he was being reviewed by his church board for a position in urban ministry. “I am more activity oriented - Faith in Action - type. There are many areas the church doesn’t touch where Tom Miskimen there are people who need the church. Christ was action oriented. He turned over a few tables to prove a point or two. Talks with Clients “The church is more than four walls and time schedules. A minister should not stop at the church walls, but go beyond them,” Miskimen said Ak part of the SPC and Foundation II, Miskimen said he talks with the clients of the programs. He said clients of the program are glad he is there because there is now someone they can go to and talk about religion, Cod and their lives without .someone thinking they are copping out with a religious idea. Miskimen said that people turned on to drugs are searching for the ultimate meaning of life. He said Christianity can help them search. It can show them that some one cares that they exist at all. “I don’t want people to get high on Cod alone, because once the glow of the conversion has worn off, there will be nothing left and the person will be just as lonely as before. “I want people to get high on themselves, not an ego trip, but an emotional and intellectual involvement with Christianity. Once they have achieved that, there is no way any one can stop them from leading a life, as compared to merely existing,” said .Miskimen, Luck, Groce Miskimen, who grew up on the near northwest side of Cedar Rapids, said it was luck, in the secular sense, and grace iii the religious sense that he found Christianity. Miskimen said he liked the social orientation of the United Methodist Church, an orientation much like his own. The similarity of feelings had a great deal to do with Miskimen joining the United Methodist Church and ultimately the ministry. Miskimen said the SPC could use help from some local churches. He said SPC needs towels, blankets, pillows, kitchen equipment and of course money. He suggested that church youth groups or adult groups could help the SPC. The Cedar Rapids Gazette; Saturday, Pct. 5, 1974    3 CR. Churches Note Communion Sunday Church Briefs St. Mark's Begins School of Missions Centennial Plans Set St. Marks United Methodist church will begin its church-wide School of Missions Sunday and continue the program for the four Sundays in October. The theme of the school 5 to 9 p.m. The purpose of the open house is to acquaint people with the Mormons and answer any questions about the group. * * * The theme or the school is Dr .Joseph McCabe chancellor I4* u M u H u ^ auu "Faith Amidst P.uralism and of C^Toh^ ' w.^.^ak S    ^ Btskup Archbishop    of Global Consciousness".    -lay at 10:40 a rn at First Chria- **■»*■. w'" sPea,: "* The first session will begin at !*an    on    " 12:15 p.m. with a potluck din- ^cw Bein8 • r r 1 * * * St. Wenceslaus Catholic church will mark its 100th anniversary Oct. 13 with an open house from I to 3 p.m. and a Centennial mass at 4 p m. followed by a banquet. Mayor Donald Canney, of 'Cedar Rapids; the Rev. joseph Kissing, Sherrill; Bishop Fran-! cis Dunn, auxiliary- bishop of Dubuque and Archbishop at the ‘Christ and the 0^I] h(>us®- The Centennial mass and ban ner followed by a film, “Future Shock”. * * * The adult and youth choirs of Cedar Hills Community Reformed church will join to present the musical, ‘it's Cool in the Furnace”, Sunday at 6:15 p.m. The musical is about Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. * * * A dinner to encourage interest and support for the Wycliffe Bible translators will be held Monday at the Holiday Inn. Wycliffe, an interdenominational mission, specializes in Bible translations among tribal groups. * * * The Church of Jesus Christ Nicholas Berry, political science teacher at Cornell college, wilt .speak Sunday at IO a.m. at Peoples Unitarian church on “Significant Trends and Issues in Our Politics”. * * * quet is by invitation only. Czei?i Design St. Wenceslaus has preserved on its wall the old Czech design with its many painted murals, depicting Bohemian legends and tales relating to the martyred king for whom the church is “A Thief in the Night”, a film named. Because of this it is con-about Bible prophecy, will be sidered unique and it also em-shown Saturday, tonight, at 7:30 phasizes its distinction as the pm. * * * During October, the church broadcasts scheduled at 4 p.m. on KCRG radio will originate from St. Mark’s United Methodist church. The Rev. Lee Roy Collins is the pastor. ♦ * * The film, “No Place To Hide”, will be shown Sunday at 7 p.m. at the only authentic Czech parish in the archdiocese. The first church was built in 1874 by the Rev. Francis Chem-lar and the present church was built in 3904.    i Av/#'**:"' St. Wenceslaus Church In 1894, the Rev. Francis Ko- the grade school was closed in Rev. Clarence Prana, who has pecky founded the first parish 1969.    served the church since 1968. school. A high school was;    Divided    the parish has become more opened in 1921 and five years    ...    social oriented in an attempt to ...... _    ^    ^    later    St.    Wenceslaus    high    school    The    parish    was    divided    in    more completely fulfill the Interdenominational Hearne duly accredited. In 1955 1912. The mission. St. Ludmila s, needs of the parish and commu- of Latter-Day Saints will hold church. The film is the story of st- Wenceslaus joined the other was opened in 1915 and was at- nity. an open house Friday from 8 Neeky Cruz, former warlord of east. ,side parishes of Cedar fended by the priests from St. AJtcr dosing the grade school, a gang in the New York Bronx. * *    * Robert C. Lamar, pastor of First Presbyterian church, Albany, X. Y., and moderator of tlje United Presbyterian church, will speak at the annual alumni reunion of the Theological seminary of the University of Dubuque Monday at    8    p.m. in the    Chapter room.    Aquinas    Institute    of Theology. * *    * The Gospel group. The Alpha Omega from Des Moines, will Respect Life Observance present a program Sunday at is sponsored by the United system, better food production HuJhwhlshe1’ f*lal chalrman to 9 p.m. and Saturday from I    —    ■        ----- Bishop Thomas I To Highlight Anniversary DECORAH - iowa Methodist Bishop James S. Thomas will be the guest speaker at the centon-, nial celebration of the Decorah United Methodist church Sunday. A, tw<Hiay celebrate'will be a rn. and 7 p m. at First states Catholic Conference, an held bf ginning with an open Assembly of God church. |______________J_j Four Churches Host Covenant Player Members The international repertory drama group. The Covenant Players of Encino, Calif., will present programs at four area churches. Several members of the group will present a program at 9 45 a rn. at the Prairie Chapel United Methodist church and at ll a rn. at the United Methodist church, Springville. Another part of the company will be at Knox United Presbyterian church at IO 30 a rn. The Calvin - Sinclair United Presbyterian church will host the group Sunday at 6:30 p.m. The prime purpose of the group is to offer drama as a means of communication. Rapids and Marion in the con-|^cncesIaus for four years. In former school facilities were struct ion of the central Regis 1922 St. Ludmilas was made an developed into a day care high school. St. Wenceslaus high independent parish.    center, offering pre-school ser- school was closed in 1958 and Under the pastorate of the I vices to the needy. Rachel Hackman Is New YUMA Head Rachel Hackman, 1624 Wenig DUBUQUE — The Arch-'organization of the American diocese of Dubuque and other bishops.    , dioceses of the I nned Slates, The 1974 program deals with road was elected c a,rman I of YI MA, an organization for young, unmarried adults. Other officers include Willis Gordon, program chairman; will join in this year’s Respect the riSht3 of thc unborn, thcj Life observance beginning Sun- men^ally retarded, the aging, day.    those in prison, as well as those The Respect Life observance ri&hts of a quality health care house .saturday, tonight. A tour to the Washington Prairie Methodist church will be conducted at 4:30 p m Saturday. An evening service of remembrance will be held Saturday at 8 pm. with greetings from former pastors and a re-enactment of the church’s dedication service which was originally conducted Dee. 21, 1874. *    *    * Richard Messner, musician, former professional athlete and director of development for Grace college, Winona Lake, Ind., will speak Sunday at 7 p.m. at Grace Brethren church. * *    * The Cedar Valley Bible church will hold its monthly pol and distribution and some form and Maxine Slykhuis, secretary- of amnesty to reconcile those ttcasurcr who could not in conscience YI MA holds one dinner meet- take part in war, as well as in* a month with a Blble stud> euthanasia, gun control and or rc,i8ious sPeaker for the ^ poverty. The celebration and dedica- luck supper Sunday at 5:30 p.m. tion service will bn Sunday at Pnor 1°    "    P    m    service. 10:30 a.rn for both the Decorah and Burr Oak United Methodist congregations with Bishop Thomas speaking. A noon dinner and an informal reception in the church basement will follow the service. The Decorah Methodist church was erected in 1874 and dedication of the educational unit w as in 1961. The Rev. David Ash is present pastor of the church. * * * Mrs. Carroll Luckey will be honored Sunday at St. Mark's Lutheran church at 7 p.m. at a family night reception. Mrs. Luckey, who has served the parish for eight years as secretary and director of Christian education, resigned and will bt* moving to Bowling Green. Ky. * * ♦ The film “The Christian the Home: Its Problems and Priorities”, will be shown Sunday at 7 ---- p m aj Kirst Covenant church Let a want ad help you solve The film looks at the problems your buying or selling prob- of the home and suggests an lems! Dial 398 8231.    [swera that might change homes. KENWOOD PARK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH INVITES YOU TO JOIN US IN WORSHIP and STUDY WOII.D COMMUNION DAY—SUN., (K T i WORSHIP SERVICES al» JB aid ll M MADAY SCHOOL at I JI aa* II M Nursrry through Senior High AIU I T EIK CATION OFFERINGS I JI aa* II M I. A CHAMBER!.AIN—Minister Vt HHY HABER Minister of Christian Mut ation Kenwood Park Presbyterian Church JUh and A Ase. N E. Open House Planned At New Facilities Open houi'je of the new facilities of the Church of God of Prophecy at 3211 Edgewood road SW will take place Sunday from I to 4 p.m. Tile $70,600. two-level structure features housing on thc upper story for Pastor Michael R. Boots anti his family and basement level educational facilities and chapel. The congregation was organized iii Cedar Rapids in 1957. When you run a classified ad . . . plan on being home to answer your telephone! gram. The next meeting is Thursday at 5:45 p m. at Bishops downtown. For further information 'call 362-0970 or 366-7049. Ten Cedar Rapids churches will join with other churches around the world .Sunday to mark World Communion Sunday. The youth of two churches, First Presbyterian and Christ, Presbyterian church will participate in a bike ride for hunger' Sunday. The youth will gather in Greene Square park Sunday at 11:30 a m. and leave for a 16 mile ride to Lake Macbride. Church Aid Available to Resisters By George Cornell AP Wellton Writer NEW YORK (AP) - For all those Vietnam war resisters, out there, wherever you are, the telephone number to call to get church advice about your situation is code 317, then 635-8259. It's free. A special counseling service, set up by the National Council of Churches to aid those affected by President Ford s “earned re-entry” program, said many of them are poor, out of touch and needed the Ire? number. “Nobody knows where many of them arc,' a spokesman said. “A lot of them have been living underground and have no idea about where to go to get help.' Advice The counseling center has been set up in Indianapolis, near Fort Harrison, the center to which all deserters must first return, and will accept toll-free calls around the clock from those seeking legal and other advice. Asked if putting out the free number might not result in a lot of “nut calls,” the spokesman said, “Al! we have to do is hang up. It’s important that the number be available to so many involved wrho need assistance.” For those living in Canada, tile toll-free number is aide 800. then 665-8885, for the office at Winnipeg. The Rev. Richard Kdimer, director of the program and head of the council’s Office of Special Ministries to the Vietnam Generation, said the service does not imply church endorsement of thc Ford reentry plan. Concern The help simply is being offered out of “pastoral concern” of the council s 32-member Protestant and Eastern Orthodox denominations, he said Besides information and guidance to any war resisters, the indianapolis office also will • —Provide housing and counseling for families of descriers w ho wish to be rn Indianapolis during the four days of legalities required for a deserter to go through the process at Fort Harrison. —Provide legal counseling and assistance to deserters presenting requests to the armed forces for a reduction of the 24 months of alternative service required under the presidential program. The money earned from the ride will be donated to Church World Service and Emergency Mission needs. First Baptist church and Church of the Brethren will hold Communion service at 10:50 a m. The churches will hold a Love Feast at 7 p.m. in the Brethren chapel. Firs* Congregational church will hold Communion at IO a.m. St. Andrew Luthern church will hold Communion service at 8:30 and 10:45 a m. St. Paul s United Methodist church will hold (Communion services at 9:30 and ll a m. Trinity United Methodist church will hold Communion at 10:45 a m. First Presbyterian church will hold Communion at 10:30 a m. Hus Memorial Presbyterian church will hold Communion 'service at 9:30 a.m. Anniversary Set Bethel Church KEOTA - The Bethel United Methodist church here will {celebrate its 130th anniversary Oct. 13. The morning worship service will be conducted by a former pastor, the Rev. Don Collen. There will be a basket dinner and informal reception following the service In 1945, after a mission pastor was sent to the area, the first church, a 16 foot by 18 foot log church was constructed. By 1848 all mission help was withdrawn because the church no longer needed the aid. Also in 1848 a second, larger church was built. The two churches were southwest of the present , church, which was built in 1866. Davenport Marks Start Of Holy Year Three Ministers Honored in Victor VICTOR — Three ministers LJfJ w Ypr^r vvho celebrated anniversaries /    were honored last Sunday at St. DAVENPORT - The first ob- John’s Lutheran church, rural servance in the Diocese of Dav- victor enport of the Holy Year pro- Honorcd werc (hc ^ ; claimed by Pope Paul VI will be , ...    . Sunday at 4 p m. at John O'Don-    mund Wci5S'    Marcn8».    M,h “• nell stadium here.    niversary of ordination; the According to diocesan of-(Rev. Clemens Schroeder, Hub-ficials, the purpose of the rally bard, 45th anniversary, and the is “an assembly of our whole di-1 r e v . Immanuel Kitzmann, jocesan family around our bish- osage, Seth anniversary, op to give witness to our faith    _    J.    i    u and to commit ourselves to re- The Rcv- Leonard Aurlch’ newal and reconciliation in con- Williamsburg, second vice-' junction with the world-wide president of the Iowa East dis-Holy Year of 1974 and the    trict of    the    Lutheran    church, j Roman Holy Year of Grace of    Mjssourj    Synod, gave    a brief „    .    .,    ..    ...    talk. The three were connected The program at the rally will ...    4    e.    _    .    , include a procession of clergy service to St. John s conand representative laity, songs, gregation. prayers, scripture readings andi Pastor Weiss served St. a keynote address by the Rev 1 John's from 1951 to 1971 when Hugh Calkins, OSM.    he retired. Pastor Schroeder Father Calkins is currently was pastor of St. James Luther-Catholic chaplain at Elgin state an in Victor and filled in at St. hospital. Elgin, III. Only Failing Horses Get A's WASHINGTON IAP! - In most areas grade A is good But the agricultural department warns that in horses, at least, its bad A department announcement reported some persons have bought horses marked with a brand or lip tattoo “A” in the belief it was a certified grade A horse Not so, says the department: That mark means the horse reacted to a test for equine infectious anemia, or swamp fever. John’s during an extended vacancy. Pastor Kitzmann’s father was pastor of St. John’s from 1894 to 1920. Cmdat Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance..........366-7654 F B I .......... 402/348-1210 Fir# .................398-5343 Highway Patrol.....364-5171 After Hours ......363-5629 Police .....   398-5353 Sheriff ............. 398-3521 Medical Society ____365-2527 (H you hova no phywc*®») Foundation ll .......362-2174 (Cm** hole, ! p.m. w>iAh^>Q Information, Referral 398-3955 (To loom who con ho Ip) (Clip and carry in yow billfold) GALILEE BAPTIST CHURCH 1947 Washington Ave. S.i. 9 30 AM Sunday School 10 40 AM Morning Service 7 OO Evening Service Wed. Service 7 OO PM Jesus Christ is a divider of men. Either we want Him and His will (as revealed in the Bible), or we reject Him and His will. John 7:37-43 NEW! CHILDREN'S LIVING BIBLE IN 5 COLORS Buy Yours at tho I CEDAR BOOKSTORE 3519 First Ave SE Phone 366-71 89 ATTEND GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH THIS SUNDAY Sunday School 9:45 A M. Morning Service 10:50 A M. Evening Service 6 30 P M. Wed. Service 7 30 P M, Independent 440 So. 15th St. Don Martin Paster Home of Grace Christian School Grace Gospel Hour Sat. 9.45 AM KTOF Free Bus Transportation Phone 377-5032 Fundamental Monon, Iowa DON’T WAIT BE SURE TO PICK OUT YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS SOON WE HAVE A URGE SELECTION BUT THEY WILL GO FASTI SO HURRY GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL SCRIPTURE TEXT CAROS TODAY OPEN TIL 8 MON. AND THURS. CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE “Your Headquarters For Christian Items" 529 4th Ave. S E. 363-8697 ALPHA SUNDAY ONLY 10:45 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. NO ADMISSION CHARGi > FIRST ASSEMBLY GOOD NEWS BAPTIST CHURCH Don't    /^m^\    Miss This SUNDAY Sermon — “The Last Days” Services 9:45 Sunday School 10:45 Morning Service 7:OO Evening Service Meeting in the YWCA 318 5th St. S.i. ;

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