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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Extra Cost for muscle higher insurance in Section a phonics program for children teach it yourself in Section c Section a weather a fair and warmer through monday. Highs today in upper 60s to Low 70s. Highs monday in 80s. He Cmar hayride City final 25 cents volume 88 number 268 Cedar rapids Iowa sunday october 4, 1970accidents claim associated press up new York times iowans soviet sub role off . Coast by Neil Sheehan new York times service Washington the controversy Over whether the russians Are building a submarine base in Cuba is in the View of military analysts obscuring a significant Advance by the soviet Union in nuclear striking Power. For More than six months the russians have been operating new Polaris Type ballistic missile submarines off the Eastern coast of the . And possibly in the Caribbean. This fact alone would have the Yankee class submarines Are the first of a Fleet the soviets began building three years ago with the objective of eventually Matching the . Navy a 41 Polaris missile submarines. While still not nearly As advanced As the Polaris boats which can hurl multiple nuclear warheads for about 2,500 Miles the Yankee class submarines Are an effective counter to the Polaris subs stationed close to the soviet Union in the Mediterranean. First detection non no re ported offshore periodically but Yankee class submarines the been enough to nullify whatever a a president Kennedy gained inv1dence of several non military strategy by going to c a marines has been the Brink of thermonuclear War eight years ago to Force the re. Moval of land based russian or St detected moving into missiles from Cuba. E Esler Atlantic six months to a year ago the military an soviet intentions and aside from the questions of whether the russians Are building what amounts to a naval base at the cuban port of Cienfuegos and whether the Nixon administration should have made an International Issue of the matter the analysts believe the pattern of soviet activity in the Caribbean clearly indicates that the russians intend to use Cuba to serve the submarines and to keep them on station off the . For extended periods. Each of these submarines termed in the Yankee class by the . Navy carries 16 ballistic missiles whose atomic warheads can be launched from underwater at targets about 1,500 Miles away. If these submarines moved in close to the North american coastline away from their Normal cruising Range far out in the Atlantic the missiles could cover every City from the East coast to the Kansas Colorado line and All of the population centers of Eastern Canada. Range from South from the Caribbean their Range covers an expanse of cities and Industry from Elpaso Texas in the Southwest to Topeka in the Midwest to Pittsburgh and Washington. Closer in from the Gulf of Mexico the missiles encompass most of the . Heartland in an arc that swings from the Southeastern Corner of California to North Dakota and to new York. Closing of two streets is slated Alyss said. Since then two and possibly three of them have operated there on and off they said. The Pentagon announced last april that one Yankee class submarine had been detected cruising 1,200 to 1,500 Miles off the East coast. Since then the defense department has said nothing about the periodic operations of several Yankee class submarines much closer to the coast. None have so far been noticed in the Caribbean but the analysts pointed out that they could have operated undetected. The analysts believe that the appearance of these boats and a More definite pattern of soviet naval activity in the Caribbean Are directly connected. Visits to Cuba two Cedar rapids streets will be closed starting next week for construction. Second Street be Between second and third avenues will be closed monday for installation of new steam water and sewer pipes. Traffic from the Alley Between second and third streets will be kept open. City officials said he work should be completed in one week but that the Street will be closed As Long As necessary for completion of the work. Half the Street will be reopened when possible. The bus zone will be moved to the East Side of third Street be. Sixth Street so will be closed at the Milwaukee Railroad tracks for repair of the crossing and replacement of rails. Exact Date of the closure expected to last about one week has not been determined by the Railroad. Southbound traffic will be detoured West on tenth Avenue South on ninth Street and East on sixteenth Avenue North on fourth Street and West on eighth Avenue. Twice this year soviet naval task forces including a submarine tender have visited Cuba for about a month calling at Cienfuegos and Havana. The tender that accompanied the most recent task Force which arrived at the beginning of september has remained in Cienfuegos Harbor although most of the other ships have departed. The military analysts believe this Means that the russians intend to use the Large Harbor at Cienfuegos As a sheltered Anchorage for a tender that will service the Yankee class submarines. Aside from the tender the soviets need Little More than possibly a Small facility ashore to House the submarine Crews and provide them with recreation. Recently the Pentagon reported evidence of construction activity ashore at Cienfuegos and a White House official followed this up with a warning to the soviet Union against install Ting a strategic submarine base in a Cuba. Subsequently after hearing secret testimony from defense intelligence officers sen. Frank Church a Idaho termed the evidence of construction activity presented a a inconclusive and cautioned the administration against a inflammatory military analysts say they Are j not sure what the new construction at Cienfuegos signifies but they say it could be a Small facility for submarine Crew housing and recreation. If it is not they note that the russians could accomplish their purposes by keeping a Large tender and one or two More ships in Cienfuegos and building nothing ashore. Today s chuckle optimism is the ability to refer to a my when there Are still 35 More payments due on it. Copyright . Youth one of Day s victims swerved off the Road into a ditch then Back onto the Road. The Accident occurred on a Steep Hill about one mile off Highway 94 Northwest of coving Lowa news saturday was a Day of death for Iowa motorists Asio persons including a Cedar rapids youth were killed in five separate accidents four of them ton. In the state. A single Accident parked claimed four Young iowans near authorities were unsure of the town of Cumming while three Des Moines residents were killed near Springfield. To. Two forms of debate clashes Between participant s in the Rev. Carl Mclyn tire s Quot March for Victory Quot and Yippie demonstrators in Washington saturday were mainly verbal top Phot but sometimes physical photo at right. Win War crowd exceeds 15.000 Washington a win the War marchers thousands Strong paraded their Vietnam Victory banners Down Pennsylvania Avenue saturday. The Rev. Carl Mclyn tire led the Way a Victory chant on his lips and a Bible under his Arm. . Park police estimated the crowd at Mclyn tired a Washington Monument Victory rally at 15,000 to 20,000 people. The fundamentalist radio preacher had hoped to present South Vietnam a vice president Kyas the featured performer at the rally but he was absent. By did Send a statement declaring his people were a determined to stand firm in the face of communist Kyd a wife second Choice As a stand in did no to make it either. The by message was read by Tran Khoa hoc second Secretary of the South vietnamese embassy. Crowd claim the crowd was Only a fraction of the 500,000 people Mcintire had estimated would rally in support of a win the War policy in Vietnam and a crusade against communism everywhere. Mcintire himself claimed there were 250,000 people on hand. A my words Here today Are the words of the vietnamese people who Are determined to fulfil their aspirations for peace in Freedom and who Hope to have the continued assistance of the american people and of other Peoples in the world who cherish peace and Freedom a the by message said. The South vietnamese Vic president said he would have come himself but for indications that his appearance might stir unrest and violence. Minor skirmishes there was in fact Little trouble at the rally Only a few minor skirmishes Between marchers in hard hats and Youthful counter demonstrators. One group of men in hard hats took a North vietnamese Flag away from a Long haired youth and burned it. Washington police said 52 persons were arrested for failing to obey orders to move away from the rally site. Mcintire said president Nixon a is responsible himself for the strategy that is keeping or. By from speaking to he also said Secretary of state Rogers tried to Block the by visit. A a we Are not a War or a pro War rally a Mcintire said. A we Are a peace through Vic tory resolutions the crowd at the Monument adopted a series of resolutions offered by Mcintire saying american prisoners of War should be rescued before any More . Troops Are w i t h d Rawn and declaring there should be a no Compromise Retreat or to each the crowd shouted approval a and the Small contingent of counter demonstrators yelled american flags fluttered in the warm october sunlight. There were Confederate flags too. And the banners of christianity and of nationalist China. Rock festival More than a mile away on the Lawn at Rock Creek Park about 500 Young people some waving Viet Cong flags turned up for a Yippie Rock festival. Some smoke marijuana others sipped wine As they lolled on the Grassy Bank at the rally site a Stilt Walker performed in an Uncle Sam suit his hands bound his placard asking a auntie my hands in Vietnam Uncle signs some hand lettered some mass produced read a Susa done to forsake Little Vietnam a a sky is the key to Victory a a Freedom is everybody a at the Monument grounds hundreds of red White and Blue balloons were loosed to float Over Washington. Rally organizers had to let them go a half hour ahead of schedule continued Page 3, col. 6. The Cedar rapids youth Larry Rosenberger 17, son of or. And mrs. Gerald Rosenberger 4813 Center Point Road be was dead on arrival at mercy Hospital after a one crash on gravel Road Northwest of the City late saturday afternoon. He was a passenger in a driven by Jack d. Simpson 16, of 6523 Boxwood Lane be. Simpson was uninjured according to Iowa Highway patrolman Al Deeringer. Other passenger another passenger Craig Chi Fos 15, of 605 forty first Street be suffered a Bruise on the Cheek. He was treated at mercy then released. Authorities Are still investigating the cause of the Accident. They said it appeared the enthusiastic Irish Welcome for Nixon Limerick Ireland a president Nixon Sun tanned and relaxed flew into Ireland saturday after joining British prime minister Edward Heath in support of a 90-Day Extension of the Middle East cease fire. The president nearing the end of his nine Day tour of five nations received a Small but enthusiastic Irish Welcome. Heavy Security precautions were in Force against demonstrators protesting the use of this pro american but Neutral nation As a site for Nixon stalks sunday with his top advisers on Vietnam. A Cluster of demonstrators tried to disrupt the reception when the presidents motorcade reached Limerick but police moved in on the group and Nixon did not notice the incident. Bomb blast Early sunday morning a bomb exploded beneath a Bridge Nixon a motorcade plans to Cross monday. Police said the bomb was a crude homemade affair and did Little damage to the Bridge in the Northern Dublin suburb of Dru Conda on the route to the Airport. It took two hours for the presidential motorcade to trave 35 Miles from Limerick to Kil Frush House the quiet country mansion where the Nixon will spend the weekend. Crowds gathered at numerous Roadside stops. A Young Man stepped Forward at one crossroad and introduced his Bride of a few hours. Nixon took two roses from a bouquet presented to his wife at Dublin a Shannon Airport and gave them to the Bride. Well after dark thousands of people swarmed across the Road in front of Nixon a near the Village of Hospital and stopped the motorcade for to minutes. The president got out of the and mingled with the Well wishers while a bagpipe band played nearby. A great country to a welcoming crowd at Kil Frush he said Ireland was a a great country vigorous full of life and Good humor. I like to see the Irish Flag and american Flag together. That a the Way it should Ireland was the third country in a single Day on the presidential Odyssey. From Spain in the morning he flew to Britian for lunch with Queen Elizabeth ii and prime minister Heath and top officials i from the two governments conferred on Middle East peace efforts and other International issues. Nixon and his wife Pat then flew to Shannon Airport where Irish prime minister Jack . Inmates still holding 23 hostages new York a three Hundred prison officers regained control of a Brooklyn jail saturday night and rescued unharmed three guards held hostage by rioting prisoners who had seized the facility in the fourth rebellion at City prisons since thursday. Wielding nightsticks the helmeted officers retook the fourth and fifth floors of the nine Story building last Refuge of the rebellious inmates at the Brooklyn House of detention who seized the building earlier saturday. As the guards moved to the fifth floor inmates set fire to blankets and sheets and pieces of furniture and hurled them through broken windows. Some 50 persons gathered behind wooden police barriers near the jail and cheered the prisoners. 23 still held the three guards at the Brooklyn jail were among 26 guards and other jail employees being held hostage at the four facilities including five detained since thursday at the House of detention in Long Island City Queens where the first outbreak occurred. All the other hostages were reported unharmed. Relative quiet was reported at the other three prisons late sat-1 urday night. Earlier in the Day the three hostages were seized by 240 prisoners on the fifth floor of the modern Brooklyn jail while outside about 3,000 cheering onlookers mounted nearby rooftops to shout encouragement. Outsiders arrested several guards and firemen were injured by rocks and other missiles tossed from the roofs. Six persons were arrested. Tear Gas was used inside the prison to contain rebellious prisoners on the fifth floor. No new violence was reported at the Manhattan House of detention and the House of detention in Kew gardens Queens where rioting broke out thursday and Friday. In Long Island City on the spot bail hearings were held in the prison in an Effort to Speed the release of five hostages parked partially on the Road had anything to do with the fatal crash. They said no one was around the parked vehicle. Patrolman Deeringer said Rosenberger suffered a severe neck laceration when he was thrown into the Windshield. The did not overturn. The Accident happened about 4 30 . Larry a. Rosenberger was born in Cecar rapids june 20, 1953, and was a Junior at Kennedy High school. Ile is survived by his parents two Brothers Steven and Michael both at Home and his maternal grandparents or. And mrs. Anton Tresnak of Cedar rapids. Services Are pending at Turner Chapel East where friends May Call after 4 . Sunday. The four fatality Accident near Cumming occurred when the carrying the youths hit a Box Culvert on interstate 35 and rolled into a ditch. The dead were identified As Barbara Albright 17, and Mona Epping 18, both of new Virginia and Steven Rice 20, and Steven Musselman 19, both of Des Moines. Three persons from Des Moines were killed and a fourth critically injured saturday evening in an Accident involving three cars and two dump trucks 16 Miles North of Springfield mo., on . 65. The dead were Orion e. Skidmore 62 his wife Gwen 61, and Lloyd r. Ommen 61, Driver of their . Ommen a wife Myrtle 53, suffered head injuries and a leg fracture and was reported in critical condition in a Springfield Hospital. Trooper Edward Spear 24, gave the account of the incident a driven by Sharon Stafford 24, of Springfield hit a railing of the Pomme de Terre River Bridge and she was injured. Spear parked his patrol and went to help her. John Phillips 42, of mount Vernon mo., in a dump truck drove Down an embankment into the River to avoid hitting the patrol . Ommen stopped at the scene. Continued Page 3, col. I today Index Section a Laie news i a 29 deaths 3 editorials a Cly Hall notes in report card is Section b Iowa news political Calendar 3 school Days 4 Frank Nye s political notes a television table you and Iowa 7 Marion 10 building. 12-15 movies 14,1/ record reviews 17 Perm. Ii if Section c social. 1.22 around the town. 1 new books.2 Section d sports .1 outdoor Iowa a financial i new York stocks. 10 wants ads 12-22 crossword. 21 Parade Metaline 1-20 comics. I continued Page 3, col 3. Continued Page 3, col. 2.

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