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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I i Mrs. Charles Mitchell Anna Ellen Mitchell, 73, of 424 Sixth avenue SW, died Thursday following a short illness Born Sept. 3, HMH, in Anamosa, she had lived in Cedar Rapids most of work of hor life,    The    layoffs GM Announces New Layoffs But*— (Continued from Page I.) The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Fri.f November 29, 1974 pointed out that the world popu- HdttGry Is ^©"©/©Cf ©of lation may well reach 6.5 to 7ill    I    A    c    I    S* I •    / DETROIT (UPI) — General billion people by the end of this #7 Cf WK© V© /yTQQ jCOIif wf)/©# Motors Corp. Friday announced century,” the s e c r e t a r y ex-    ' a new round of layoffs and plant plained    Donald P. Hattery was re- closings for January that will “j expressed my judgment e,ected President of the Hawk-put another 24.000 employes, out that agriculture will be able to pye Area Counci1' B°y Scouts j. . . feed that many people — of America, for 1975 at the exec* include elimina-|evcn (bough it does mean dou- utive board annual business IWIATHt*»010CASI® Rain is expected Friday night in the Pacific northwest and the eastern Gulf coast, changing to snow and rain throughout the Ohio-Tennessee valleys. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. She was married to Charles tion of second shifts at two as‘ bling food production here and mee,lng this wpek in Amana Mitchell March 8. ISM, in s<'^ly, plants- new Productio" I abroad in 25 years’ time. How Other council officers elected Marion and was a member of    four,'),h"rs and ever. at some point in time a are Presidentelect. Peter Be- r 01 short shutdowns at .six more, continued erowth of nnnulatinn zanson; vice-president-opera-Trinity Lutheran church. They will brins GM'a total ““oT* wutti ib " s • ,)on McKce; Surviving besides her husband number of indefinite layoffs in widespread famine and starva- President-supp°i~t, Phil Cline; are two daughters, Mrs. William Sanchez, Metairie, I.a.; Mrs. Robert E. Moneypenny, Cedar Rapids; a son. Harold equal to the more than Mitchell, and a sister, Mrs. Dan! industry workers who were on Dwyer, both of Cedar Rapids, IIndefinite ,ay°ffs durin£ Iast vice - president - camp development, Dale Sawyer; treasurer, and three grandsons. Services:    Trinity Lutheran church Saturday at 3 p.m. by the Rev. Richard Thompson. Burial:    Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner | chapel west until 9 p.m. Friday and at the church from IO a rn. until 2:55 p.m. Saturday. The January to 64.000 workers. i tion-rrlated deaths.” Industrywide, almost 112,000    „    , auto workers will be on indefi- w '! ,.S9I<    ”ul    Howard    Cherry,    jr. nile layoffs in January, almost    . ( a'r . 1a    any P°pu a- New members elected    to    the •    ■    15,000    !°"'of W' ®r    anything else,,Mecutive board aro:    (;a|vin that increases at an annual rate Knj h,    Ro|to John of 3 percent will rn Ilk) years be.|oton „    Ludwjg, Father 17 times larger    than the start . Robert Rolzhammer and    Bill lnRnumb<’r ’    Oglesby all of Iowa City “Population has been increase winter’s energy-crisis sales slump. Despite the cutbacks, GM ex peels to produce 385.000 vehicles in January, compared to 370.000 last January when it was cutting back .sharply because of slumping sales. A spokesman said the number of indefinite layoffs could climb higher than 64.000 in January as The Weather Patrick’s Hicjh temperattfm Thursday, low tam oerafuras ovemioht and inches of pre deflation Anchorage 35 31 L. Angelot Al Al Atlanta . SS 34 Miami . 73 70 Bismarck    I*    3    Min'apolis    27    2A Chicago    34    30    N. Orleans    43    43 Oonvtr .. 74 a .00 New York MMM Ouluth .    24    It    Phoenix .    70    40 Honolulu    04    72    Seattle .    47    34 Houston    Af    42    Washington    52    35 M — Missing • Order Probe Of Aerosol Propellants WASHINGTON (UPI) r- The National Academv of Sciences gait, 76. Monday at 10:30 at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Visitation after 7 Saturday at Witt’s where Rosary will be household aerosol cans i rn agt layer that protects us from solar radiation. It was learned Wednesday that the academy’s governing body acted last Saturday on the recommendation of a special Saturday at IO at St Catholic church. Vinton — Howard W. Mack, 86. Tuesday at 1:30 at White-Phillips. Marengo — Muriel Mc-Kusker. 88. Sunday at 2 at. McAninich’s, Victor. Keswick — Joe Zommeron. into the possibility that gases C. R. Weather i^Wh^cheJ “ Harde" High Thursday ........  33    what Cheer — Nellie Whyle,I    ma.V    damage    the    atmosphere’s 1/>W' overnight ...............24    34 Saturday at 3 at    What    ozone Noon Friday ................ 31    Cheer Christian church.    Hard- 2 p.m. Friday ............... 3ft    en’s. Precipitation .............Trace!    Elkader — Louis G. McTag Total for November ..... 4    26 Normal for November ......2    36 Normal through Nov 3175      .JI Total for 1974 ............. 43.93    beld Saturday and Sunday at 8. five-member panel of scientists Barometer, rising ......30.37    Waucoma — Alfred    David    who    agreed    the    matter    poses    a Humidity at noon    78°7,    Zmoos*    Saturday    at    2    at    St.    serious threat to the environ- M ind direction and velocity a” pieton. Emereon-M’ilnes:"' ^ m“"' a"d 2 pm. K rn 6 mph.    Kalona    - Chris Beachy. 71.ja'^    chtimm #f Rev. Allen Van Cleve Burial casket will not be opened after the assembly line cutbacks are ; the service. Friends may, if; felt at plants that build parts. they wish, make a contribution    *    *    * to the church memorial fund. Ford Motor Co. said Wednes- --I    day    that after Thanksgiving it Iona Scoff    j    will    lay off another 3,700 Iona Blagdon Grande avenue ,_________ in a Cedar Rapids hospital. *<**■ The week-long furloughs She was bom Sept. 25, 1890. in h»‘gin Monday. j The move brings total indefi-; to Samuel Blagdon May 28. 1910. Scott. 84, of IBI! worker* indefinitely, and 4,150 j. r Kugcne Clark a spokes! J?8™ f® R( SE, died Friday more will he out of work for a K f * ke d J10, , armstrong, ri.wnii .i    week.    The    week-long    furloughs    "    „    C.C.    Birr,    Cl Larry McConahay was elected    Hon    Hafterv mg at about that rate in some chairman of the Wauhawk dis- countries,” he said. “Everybody trict. which includes Iowa City. -    ----- agrees that this is a problem a|| of Johnson and Washington ard Phillips. Dow Prouty, Allen which we cannot escape, for counties and parts of Cedar and Dpmiinc George Ross Robert even now it ,s generally held i„wa counties. Frank Pfaff.l" g' ‘ Tu    ‘ that around 400 million people, I Kenneth Hastie and Ronald Vernon' Kellh    and mostly in areas of high popuIa- w alder were elected fromiGene Youn£ tion density, are already mal- Cedar Rapids. Jack Lorence of1 Also re-elected    were    Tim nourished ’    Marion was elected Chairman. Brandt. Willis Bywater, Allin “Crude Insult”    of Wapsiketa district, which in-j nakin. Charles Gay, Vern Goed- The dispute arose after Thurs-i'.^Vj^"’ north Linn anrl ken. Lyle Jones. Fred Moore, day’s New York Daily News!    frAm    ,    n    ..    Vern Naggatz, Byron Ross, Dr. quoted Blitz on the Pope.    Members    from    Cedar    Rapids    ■ Herb Scott Iowa city. Glen Responding to the report. L7I7/ f<I nlZ. J I    i G a b r 1 e I. Monticello; Robert. report u ,    . I,.    m “IG a d r i e I, Monticello; KODeri Spokes-l^lrL^ * Ksop’ Harold I George, Don Goodman, Donald Robert Barber, ppnner Anamosa; Roy May- gram to Ford: fu Gar* **uan Gor” hew, West Branch, and Jack tez. John Gerber. Dean Gesme, has ordered an investigation Bennett. Neb., ami was married J™'    kXtoS    * * J    ’    M— i    I_ Ll. .J. •    .    ...    I    llqu'L'Oho    A CAO I aiiY\r>11    oHvicrvmt . After his death, she was married to George Scott Nev, ll, 1938 Mrs. Scott was a retired    , employe of Wilson and Co. scheduled to be laid off tempo- Surviving are two daughters, Mildred Boom. Cedar Rapids, and Lucille Brown, Medford. Ore.; five grandchildren: nine with some 21.400 other workers " reslSn Mowing las crude, dan. Charles King. Newell Lash. ”awj;eye Arf    adv,?ry off next week in temporary fur-1 P°mted insult dlrocted at Po|)c M«™an Lipsky, Mike Martin. ^    ” Baister. Bay loughs and still more workers,Paul VL spiritual leader of the Forrest Mvklebv. Robert i Bender’Brooks Booker. Richard worlds Catholic?..” rarity later in the month. The' Btaggi wired Ford demanding Ford blue-eollar work force is that Butz be fired “for his anti- 178.000. Catholic, anti-Italian remarks lite firm said that previously j1™nee™'ng Pope Paul VI " ereat grandchildren' and two announced one-week shutdowns    Butz can speak this greai-granacnuaren, ana two,    „cc«r«ki.r    wa.v    and    remain in your cabi- brothers, Clifford Dukes. Med-of    assembly JJp    s net.” Clark told the President, ford. Ore., and Edward Dukes, w0lJ!d ,ake effect Dec 2. Auburn. Neb. Services: Turner chapel oast; \^Clt£PQQt©—— (“Catholics, Halo-Americans and the starving people of the world ------ Mykleby,    Robert!.,    ..    «. u O’Meara, Thomas Parks, Allen ^Ie.1'in^’    Grl^* - Peremskv, John Petersen, Rich-    G    ^raus. T)r. M. ______ |D.    Marr.    Alex    Meyer, George Newland. Clyde Peremsky, Roy Rook, Ed Sears, Fred Skola, John Swaner, W W. Summer- will, Owen Tisdale, Charles Vys- kocil. Henry Walters, David Weichman and Ted Ruffin. The executive board is the Christmas Tree Shipment to Gls Abroad Periled A at 10:30 am. Monday by the Sun rises Saturday, 7:14; sun Sunday at 2 at Upper Deer sets, 4:37. Year Ago Today — High, 52; low, 37; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecd** Saturday Creek church. Visitation at Pe-I terseim’s. . Hopkinton — Jerome E. Bon-ert, 21. Monday at 10:30 at St. Paul Catholic church, Worth-jington. Catholic Order of Foresters Rosary Saturday at 8 and parish Rosary 7:30 Sunday at Kramer's. Bismarck  PtCldv    23-12 Chicago .........Snow    32-22 j Cincinnati  Cloudy    36-21 Cleveland  Cloudy    34-21 Des Moines    Clrng    29-16 Spot* .v.vino^ III6-Say Bangladesh ; X,nfflsCiV Cloudy    28-20 S+orm Kj||s 20 the panel, said he believes the investigation by the National Research Council’s climatic impact committee probably will lead to a recommendation for restrictions on manufacture of (Continued from Page I.) Linwood. Friends may call at ligence plans Turner chapel east. Glen S. Miles Glen Squire Miles. 83, formerly of 1602 Eighth avenue SE, a . though there was discussion in a general sense and I was aware of a general intention for a (legal I intelligence capability,” Hackman said. the propellant gases known asi,i[c| jd^, o( Um, 00un( • ll I A l»A t % «”» mKaM f EUREKA, Calif. <AP) ... will all know how poorly they Vietnam veteran who has been IRoverning board of Council are esteemed by your cabinet.”    shipping    Christmas    trees to ser    1 Ifc works wtth the    odler    3,500 *    * *    vicemen    overseas    for    several    iadult voluntM'rs and    more    than It isn t    the    first time    Bud    ;yearJ s>ys g ^    in    mjU,    111.000 Scouts. tongue has spawned con- njip, threatens to end his proi- - troversy.    ec( Butz, 65, has a long-standing Douglas Allan said Wednes-reputation for blunt and some- d (hat mn8t    ,he    back. times offhand remarks tha    Kwnpry    bas    sent    on Ford Pardons Eight Deserters, First Reports fluorocarbons. “My personal feelings are it really is .serious ami drastic ae ried Friday in a Cedar Rapids nursing home. He was born Sept. 30, 1891. 2;”1 ii™ a,_.so.me "f atHitary planes, but .ha. the Draft Evaders Milwaukee........Snow    28-1 Mpls.-St. Paul ...Cloudy 29-14 Omaha ..........PtCldy    28-17    By Associated Press Writer St. Louis    Cloudy    30-17    * 12.foot tida! wavp eWf>Dt I stralosPhpre thaf no on° has Sioux Falls..........Fair    25-6    u    I00t    liaal    Ha'e    Rwept    thought of yet,” he said in a across the small islands in the telephone interview from his of- Mississippi Stages (Flood stages In brackets) IaaCrosse (12) 4.9, no change Lansing (18) 8.0, no change Dam 9 (18) 13 3, rise .1 McGregor (181 6.9, hchange Guttenberg (15)    4 4, change. Dubuque (17) 7.5. fall .1 Davenport (15) 4.9, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 2 3, no change center of the Bangladesh “cyclone alley,” and first reports reaching Dacca Friday said 20 no people were dead. daman testified that after he his administration associates    rtJZLS J LZr ofS‘tanffdinS197 Th*toTt-veraL'~ Ti l<>aSt °ne 0CCasi0nRemits use of military traits-! WASHINGTON (API - Pres-f .(aff in 19/3 he took several _ himself.    nor    tat    ion for non-military *denf ^ord P**oted full pardons lion is going lo be MCMMryljfcT^    wcorduiy    Whw    the    Mixon administra-jcarK0 Re said the cost of ship- Friday lo eight convicted mUi- wtthm a year or two toprotect l(ore jn Robi^for ,6    hor"e aa“d^td °"e “    Pin«    the    lrecs by commercial 'ary descriers and draft j the ozone layer unless there u Surviving are two daughters. I    Nixon* cli iisilalieran intramural battle^ fre,gbt would ^ about evaders and gave clemency lo some completely new factory Hu* Cemra, Cl,g    andj^Zman took the stand in'!" whlcl\Bulz wound up on the,wm    to others. about the chemistry of theirs    c.___,.Ha,dei™aJ1 u,ok ,hf    in    losing    side,    a reporter asked, Allan and several other veter- Holding a ceremonv to mark !:^^^V™^cov:r4uo .^^^h'm    Hou.se had ans wbo jncwp#ra^    the occasion.    FortI    said. "Let us after former Atty Gen Mil-1^Zclse* there are some ‘"to. Operation Christmas in 19711 ZZ*™** grandchi dren„ a great - Kreat-|che||, anotber one o( the {ive    jn    |hfe    adimms'ration .. ^ ^ to ra.se the mon- ««    .«»    anm#s^ grandchild, and a sister, Lella; fendants. completed three days Pflughaupt. Coggon.    |on the stand Services: Turner chapel east' p.m. Monday by the; "Day and Night Rev. Gene Burry of Vinton. Haldeman. who described his Ora Marie Sweet. Cedar Rapids; a son. Earl F., Marion; six grandchildren:    16    great- fice at the Kitt Peak national observatory in Tucson, Ariz The concern is that the gases! used in hair sprays, deodorants. I a/ j insecticides and the like are; no In the Philippines, the toll in building up in the upper atmo- Burial:    Cedar    Memorial,    job    at    the    White    House    as    “the the wake of Iyphoon Irma sphere where they can destroy prjends may call at Turner east lone person totally available to (climbed to eight dead and much of the ozone laver.    I    until    I    p    m    Monday.    The    casket    I    the President day and night,” It is the ozone, a form of ox-|wjj| not ^    after    t^e    ;    testified that he listened last Cedar change at C.R. (13) 3.5, no rescue officials rushed aid to nearly 300.00ft ,ygen concentrated 15 to 3ft miles; persons whose high. that screens out nearly all. homes were destroyed or dam- of the high intensity ultraviolet) Coralville Lake aged on the main island of radiatlon from ,he sun- 11 has Pool level Friday  683 29 Luzon. I year to two White House tape recordings of conversations be- replied. Ibecn estimated that Mrs. Roy M. Webster !*ween Nixon and former WTiite House Counsel John Dean. He ey or persuade congress to allow caused differences over the _ ,    „ militarv’ shipments on a space- v*etIia,T1 war.” o F un at SeH    available basis. Thev said! NotinR that sl8ninS ceremo- On another occasion, he pub- Operation Christmas has sent n,es often mark end oF a bely poked fun at himself when, over 8.00ft trees to servicemen Pr°jec‘P ford said his signing of despite his philosophical opposi-; abroad in past years    f^e Pardons and grants of condi tion to farm subsidies, he won “The job has to get done,”h*onal clemency “represent the White House permission early in | said Allan, who left Vietnam    of a difficult task of 1972 to temporary increase in 1968 after his fifth helicopter1 adnlmisterinR clemency.” spending at a time when farm- crash “We started a tradition    e,£ht persons received ers were grumbling about sag- and we don't want to have to fud and unconditional pardons, ging income    stop    the clemency granted the other “I’m spending money like a He said the trees are provided 10 was conditional on fulfillment Birtns —St. Lukes Irma struk Luzon Thu .d creaJe (he in(idence of skin ■ of Cedar Rapids, died Friday! |97j and tbeolh<"r afterwards Butz drew a flood of angry eels and military unitsInSpain ',he 10 als0 wb<‘ Riven ,ul1 NOV. 2S - To tho families of »"h winds reaching 115 milesjcanwr in the US. by anywhere|after a long illness. Bom Dec. Ha|deman sald he spcnt two consumer letters two years ago |la|v Sicily Turkey Greete Pardolls Durel MtoM. 2861 Lewellen per hour and initial reports esti from 8 (MIO to tens of thousands! 13. 1884. at Cedar Rapids. shededious davs fbortlv More his when - after a sharp increase Arabia. Japan. Okinawa Guam Kord    on    ,he    flrst    18 ........... was married to Roy M. Webster resl    tion    |jstenjng    t0 a ,ape in meat prices - he said public the Philippines. Korea. Taiwan (’asesJ0    hlm    from    ,be on Feb. ll. 1927. at Waterloo ' ade on March 21 1973 Tben ,y j, was • about „me- farm and Panama are expecting ship- Pr™dentlal Clemency Board She was the office manager,^    rP(Urnocj    to Washing- prices had risen after years in ments this December of six-foot , e. names °* mfn m_ “*A immediately reduction in ozone a 5-percent I/ira E. Webster 89. of 825 0[Said be ,irtened l0 one 0f them drunken sailor.” he told a re- by the forest service as pan of ?f Penods of alternate service would in-i avenue NW. a lifelong resident iMore be resigned April 30.1 porter.    thinning and reforestation proj-1 ^P0*1 completion of that service KZ.nZncedaaUZr;    ma,od crop damage a. $6 m,|.|of cases a year lion. The storm weakened Fri-I dav as it headed out to the Births — Mercy NOV. 29 — To the families of aav a* 11    001    10    ,m*    '    9""'    ~t    ^    i    for many years at the Souvenir lion'from'California the follow-fthe doldrums ^n-2 AU^Vnfdri^!!!.    Ta    i    I    ontinued    from    pa£e    I-ead Pencil Co., and was *!jng jujy ^ _ at Nixon’s siig- Later, he stirred more con- Norwav a daughter    !    .    (7    cIone    he    owned    more    petroleum    re-    member of the Cedar Christian'gPStjon _ took several tapes to sumer ire when he said beef c.    roared    inland    Thursdav    from    serves than ajj 0f the Axis coun- church.    his    Cieorgetown house.    prices    were    rising    partly be- *,r®s    oF    Bengal    on    mo: tries put together.    is    survived    by    her    hus-    sajd    ^    listened    only    (cause    housewives    were “bidding 10:45 p.m. Thursday. Nu!-;southeastern coast near Burma ; Despite his wealth he    lived hand    n0    a j^p( J5 1972 tape at that, up” the price of a then-limited sanre call Eighteenth street and 1 c**'t— r.-i  ---M    1    Mi    ‘    ■    1        —----11---41 C avenue NE. nance cal^is’ineteenth street and!Four *slands without out-!worp tjps j|p avoided soci- home side communications Friday. Iety, bought medium-sized cars The fate of thousands of other, and. as long as he was    able. islanders was unknown.    I    drove them himself. I^rge areas were flooded , For vears he brought his j Sixteen fishermen were re modestly He bought ready-to-j Arrangements are pending ! time    I    supply j ported Mlod on ^Sonadia. one.wpar sui(S generally blue, and! f Cedar Memorial funeral; jn t(1P sept 15 conversation,! firs. Munitions Blasts Kill Eight Viets The names of volved were not available. Board Chairman Charles (iood-ell said last week that 62 cases were being examined and Ford presumably will get recommendations on the others later. Best Friend" C avenue NE. Iowa Deaths Millersburg — Stephen R Humphrey, 86. Saturday at 1:30 at the Millersburg United Memorial Services The mainland appeared 1° lunch to work in a paper bag In Methodist church. Burial: Com- have been spared the full force’later vears his secretary served muntty cemetery, Deep River of ,he ioo-mile-an-hour winds. jhim lunches that generally in-1 Visitation Friday evening at Powell’s. Troy Mill* — C. Elmer Webster, 83. Sunday at 2:30 at United Methodist church. Visitation at Murdoch's, Walker, after 3 Saturday. Team Evaluates State Prison eluded beef bouillon, red cabbage slaw, cherries,, pecans, Snicker. Mildred Beaman Turner chapel east at noon Friday by Dr. Arnold Herbst and Cedar Chapter OKS. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Thompson. Mary Parker Immaculate Conception Catholic church at IO a.m. Saturday SAIGON (AP) — Explosions      - (ripped through a big ammuni- ^hr Ctdtir ftttpirU Criticism over the consumer, tion dump at the Da Nang air , .    .    .    ..    .comments left him unshaken, base Friday, killing at least I original 'ValPr£a e~ mvef He insisted only this week he is;eight students and injuring hon. On    21,    Dean claims;the “consumer's best friend"!more    than IOO civilians, field he warned Nixon 0 a growing because his policies are aimed!reports said .Dean claims Nixon congratulated him for containing the fcitobilihtMl In I M3 bv Tn« Oot*H« Co Ona cubusntd daily and Sunday ai SOO Third ave SE. Cedar Booid*. Iowa 52404 Second cloit pottage paid at Cedar Rooidt, Iowa dates, celery, onions and orange]bv, ^ Rev. William P. Leon- ard. Burial: St. Patricks ceme-| juice.    tery    in    Anamosa.    The    parish Although his income was re- Rosary w*n rec'itcd at 7:30 cancer on the presidency    I at increasing food production.    The reports said several _ .j -. |-    Butz.    one    of the administra- homes, a school and a textile Ford To Hold “CWS    tion s most frequently interview- factory were heavily damaged Session Mondoy Night    ed and flu°t<>d officials, is eon- in the blasts Two South Viet- WASHINGTDN (UPI) — Pres- ^i0118    ^    ^ls    femar^s    namese planes were also report- ident Ford announced Friday he w‘de aWw|ii°n    id damaged. will hold a televised news con- a )»k>"k ™nan,enl to a re-,- porter at a party recently, he ou more ears than Subscription rote* bv carrier 55 centt a wr«h Bv mail Night Edition and Sundov 4 issue* 53 7S a month, 539 OO a veor; Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues S3 IS a month, S40 OO a year Other states and U S territories SAO OO a year. No Moil Subscriptions accepted in areos having Garotte carrier service The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well os all AP nows dispatches. church, Zion, 111. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner east until I p.m. Saturday The casket will not be opened after the service Pilgrims Killed 87. Monday at 1:30 at George from the American Correctional (cosmetics and medications (p.m. Saturday by the Rev. H. T. jons L. Gay’s where friends may call Assn will begin conducting an He frequently observed that a    Rasche    the    Free    Methodist    press Secretary Banal" ° Davenport™’MVr^nal Ievaluation of the Iowa pemten man who constantly had to keep park.    *    jtiary’s administration Dee. 16. .track of his money couldn’t be Oxford — Robert Sherlock. | Bums said the team will folk much of a billionaire. It may 97. Monday at 2 at First Fe-; with administrators, staff, and never bf' known how much he opened    after the service    beginning at 6:30 CST wfnr>[n« ohamh,«ymi?vi02 Ih*I irMTiates at the Fort Madison was worth because much of his    T    .....    .    Nessen said that    so far the Oxford Chapel. George L IResults of the week- ifortune is in trusts and en-    Pilgrims    Killed    documentation in writing    of the Gay’s.    I long evaluation, aimcnl at iden terprises run by his children. , AMMAN, Jordan (AP)—Eight (accord has not been received North KnglUh George W tifvmg problems and presenting Hunt’s first wife died in 1955. Turkish Moslem pilgrims en-from the Soviet government. Ch a m° "o 8Hi I lS U rh ret Method? s<>kd,ofls‘ wlB ^ £ivpn to state His second wife survives him. (route to Mecca were killed and According to reports from ist'church Rur'al Piersorceni- ^fi^ls *n mid-January.    along with five daughters, five five injured in a collision involv- Moscow, l^eonid Brezhnev has etery. Powell’*.    (iov.    Robert    I)    Ray    an-'sons, 25 grandchildren and five ling two cars of their convoy and won approval of the agreement Jesup Mrs. Frank Fenner, i flounced Wednesday he had ask great-grandchildren    a    truck    in the politburo, the ruling bodv 30 Whites, Independence. Marengo George H Hon Nessen 10 YEARS AGD — Communist said the news conference would (*V.n<7e    ^as Tze-tung be available to coverage by the ‘’ailed on all the people of the television and radar networks. world 10 un,u' 10 <Wm' L' S' Express Your Sorrow With Flowers From... 4 Seasons 3028 Mi. Vernon Rd. 363-5885 Send Something Special from Peck’s Flowers SOOS Confr Pf. Rd. NI agressors. Sav it with PIERSOH’S’mop* 1HW1 Kl MS BLVD. NW I I IIVU KI’HIIM 141. IO Frimml, 95. Rosary 8:15 Friday at Hoover-Valpntinr’s Services cd the association to send the! [team to evaluate the situation, 'at th<‘ penitentiary. BROSH CHAPEL ( edar Rapids "llerotril Ut l*uhlir Serrire" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon o let our flowers speak for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours ovary day JOH^I E. KAPES a? ftoviers for all occasions 30H 3rd Axe. SF 365-0511 MARION ADVERTISER: Gazette Want Ads Work Good! 20 GA. H I, B single shot, Periling ion 12 go aoforiiolic, 377 1961 GUNS SOLD It was tha first limo Tarry Weber had used classified and the ad brought a whole bunch of calls! Dial 398-8234 tomorrow morning until 11 AM to start your Sunday ad. ;

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