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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather Cloudy Chance of rain or Snow tonight lows 30 to 35. Much colder sunday highs in 20s. Volume 88 a number 316 in City final to cents Cedar rapids. Iowa. Saturday november 21, 1970 associated press up new York times jets Pound North Vietnam target of six state Hunt dead Covington a. A an armed Ohio prison parolee who was trapped by Virginia state police and sheriffs deputies saturday is dead and his wounded woman hostage reported Safe state police said. The first sketchy reports from the wooded mountainous terrain near the Virginia West Virginia Border did not indicate whether James Edward Kelley 42, was felled by police bullets in a shootout or took his own life. He had been the object of a six state search after taking three persons hostage Friday and then releasing them. He then took two other hostages saturday police said. One of them mrs. Thomas Ayers was taken to a Hospital. Her daughter escaped from Kelley. She said her Mother had been shot in the shoulder. Hand wound the daughter Donna 15, suffered a gunshot wound in her hand but was not believed injured seriously police said. The two were apparently taken from their Home in the Callaghan area six Miles West of Here and just a few Miles from the Section where Kelley was finally cornered the sheriffs department said. Details of How the two hostages were wounded were not determined immediately. Concentration of the search came less than six hours after three hostages seized in Ohio and brought to Covington boarded a bus Here saturday to return to Cincinnati. A we Are All Okay a said Joseph plot 24, after he and his sister Nurissa 17, and Connie Elliot 30, were released Friday night. All Are from Minerva Ohio. Locked in room police said Kelley locked the three in a Utility room of a Covington service station after filling his with gasoline and holding up the station operator. He took about $250 at gunpoint from Conrad Maynard along1 with License plates from a at the station then left police said. Maynard called police then freed the hostages. Plot called Kelley a a perfect police speculated that Kelley headed South from Covington. Alerts were sent out to Tennessee Georgia Florida North Carolina and South Carolina in addition to a statewide Alert in Virginia. The incident began in a Cleve land suburb. Police sgt. Ronald Baracz 34, said he noticed a tag violation on Kelley s and started to radio his Headquarters. A please done to he said he heard Kelley say a please done to do that a then the Man pulled a gun. He forced him to drive to Edinboro pa., then turned Back to Ohio. Two Hundred police using helicopters and bloodhounds searched the area around Baracz abandoned Cruiser. The officer quoted Kelley as1 saying he had spent a enough of continued Page 2, col. 7. New round of cuts in prime rate new York a More Banks Are expected to follow Chase Manhattan third largest in the nation in reducing prime interest rates from 7 4 percent to 7 percent. The move announced Friday by chairman David Rockefeller and scheduled to take effect monday came too late in the Day for other new York Banks to respond. But elsewhere in the nation similar action was quickly announced by the California based Bank of America the nations largest the Bank of California the Security Pacific National Bank United California Bank first National Bank of St. Louis and citizens amp Southern National Bank in Atlanta. In Washington White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler said the administration a would Welcome anything that contributes to a lowering of interest second in nine Days the Cut in prime rate a the rate of interest charged the biggest and most creditworthy customers a was the second in nine Days by Chase Manhattan. On nov. 12, it lowered the rate to 714 from 714 percent an action swiftly followed by major Banks around the nation. Although Banks were generally expected to follow Chase Manhattan a Lead again some spokesmen showed reluctance Friday. A we done to feel compelled to make a decision at this time a said John Bunting president of first Pennsylvania banking amp Trust co. In we re not in the same position As the new York Banks in regard to loan added John Fangboner chairman of National City Bank in Cleveland a your demand for Loans is still heavy. We can lend All the Money we can More expected a photo after acquittal staff sgt. David Mitchell his wife Rosa right and his Mother mrs. Isaiah Mitchell Are a Happy threesome outside military court after the sergeant was found not guilty in connection with the alleged my Lai massacre. Sgt. Mitchell cleared in first my Lai Case to reach verdict Laird denies prisoners hit by associated press prisoners of . The other Side american jets attacked North Mae no mistake about vietnamese anti aircraft missile 4. A will continue and gun positions saturday in a series of retaliatory strikes spies so also will continue to take protective a which Secretary of defense Laird said would end by 5 p.m., Iowa time. The raids were As deep As 135 Miles inside North Vietnam. They were the deepest since the bombing halt was called More than two years ago. Laird announced at midday a termination time for the at Tion As necessary to protect the pilots of our unarmed reconnaissance Jerry Friedheim Deputy assistant Secretary of defense told newsmen he did not expect any More significant information would be made available saturday and it was not Likely on sunday. Friedheim would not go tacks which he had emphasized beyond Laird a statements and earlier were a limited duration declined to say if the . Lost. A a any aircraft in the raids. Protective reaction air strikes i j however economists who had predicted a larger prime rate reduction than the Quarter Point on nov. 12 and who had foreseen a second reduction soon after expected More cuts to follow a possibly by the end of the year. Albert Cox chief economist for Lionel d. Edie and Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner amp Smith said he thinks further reductions Are possible in the next few months. And James of Leary economist for the u. S. Trust co. Of new York said he would not be surprised by another Quarter Point reduction by year end. The nov. 12 reduction was the first since september. The prime rate was reduced last March to 8 percent from its Peak of 814 percent where it had been since the june. Fort Hood Texas a staff sgt. David Mitchell has been acquitted in the first my Lai Case to reach a court martial verdict. Mitchell 30, a 10-year army Veteran had been charged with assault with intent to murder by shooting at 30 unarmed civilians a t the vietnamese Hamlet March 16, 1968. Nine other servicemen Are charged in connection with the incident. A i always thought the army was a great outfit. Now i know it a said Mitchell son of a Baptist minister in St. Francisville la. A military jury of seven officers including six Vietnam veterans returned the verdict Friday night after six hours 50 minutes of deliberation. Squad Leader Mitchell was a squad Leader in company a the outfit in which it. William Calley was a platoon Leader. Calley is being court Martiale at fort Benning ga., on charges he murdered 102 civilians. The army is still processing charges against eight others. When the jury returned to an previous ounce its verdict Mitchell stood at attention and saluted. Dead i remembered by Anonymous donor bus plunge in River 45 die Santa be Argentina apr a bus carrying 50 persons plunged into the Leyes River in a rain and wind storm Friday. Police said 45 of those on Board drowned in the raging current. Squad ignited Coal City 111. A police Are seeking a person who stole their Only squad doused it with gasoline and set it on fire thursday. Philadelphia apr i feel like crying but in a not going to a said Terri Ballard 7, clutching a $25 . Savings Bond. The Bond and a Flag decal for her Mother Margaret Watson 27, were sent to Terri by an Anonymous donor in memory of her Stepfather sgt. Tyrone Watson killed sept. 13 during his fourth Volunteer tour of combat duty. The letter was signed a a Good Friend and a former a a in be got to take this Home to my Mother. In a not going to play with it a Terri said when the letter and Bond were Given her during lunch hour recess Friday at St. Francis Desales roman Catholic school. The letter was sent to the Philadelphia inquirer when the donor was unable to locate the family a address. It read in part a your daddy and i May have served in the same outfit together if he was at fort Campbell in 1959 to 1962. There were a lot of Good men there but i done to think we knew each other personally. A however Back then a Black paratrooper did me a favor. He was from this area but i could never locate him. But that does no to matter much. I will help you now and i am sure that in a Way that is paying him in a letter to Terri smother the donor said a a America will become stronger than Ever As Black men and White men fight for what they believe and As we strive to fight for each the letter carried a Wilmington del., postmark. Watson decorated for valor was due to return to his family in nine months. He was killed in a Viet Cong ambush. A staff sgt. David Mitchell this court has found you not guilty a said col. Francis Giacomozzi president of the court. Mitchells wife Rosa leaped to her feet and shouted a ooh a a sit Down in the courtroom a ordered col. George Robinson the military judge who banged his Gavel until she was seated. A shot at no one Mitchell returned to his chair and slumped into it. His attorney Ossie Brown strode past patting him on the shoulders. Mitchell had taken the stand in his own defense. With tears streaming Down his Cheeks he testified thursday a i shot at no eight other defense witnesses testified that Mitchell was not at a ditch in my Lai where the army charged he fired at huddled men women and children. The prosecution presented three witnesses. Two said they saw Mitchell fire his Rifle into the ditch. One said he saw him raise his Rifle but neither saw nor heard a report from it. None said they saw any bullets strike the people in the ditch. A tallest tree Robinson instructed the jurors that the presumption of innocence is a perhaps the tallest tree in our Forest of Legal he said the jury should carefully consider the credibility of each witness since he added there were inconsistencies in their testimony. Additionally he told the officers to consider a peeping Tom conviction against one of the witnesses Charles Sledge of Sardia miss., in reflecting on sledges testimony. Sledge had testified that he saw Mitchell fire into the ditch. The judge told the jury to bomb Liberty Bell replica Portland Ore. A an explosion destroyed a replica of the Liberty Bell in the Rotunda of City Hall Early saturday weigh the effect of character j breaking windows for a Block witnesses for Mitchell including around and Awakening residents affidavits from a judge a Den several Miles away. Recall denials by defense witnesses that Mitchell was at the ditch. He said the jury should also list a sheriff and a congressman. Trial delay after the verdict Mitchell indicated he planned to stay in the army. The verdict was something of a personal Victory for Brown who defended him without fee and who suffered during the trial what doctors termed physical exhaustion. The trial was delayed oct. 22 when Brown of Baton Rouge la., collapsed in his room and was hospitalized. Defense testimony resumed nov. 16. Danang account eyewitnesses at Danang. Too Miles South of the demilitarized zone said nearly 50 u. S. Air Force planes with bombs and rockets had taken off from the american base there throughout the Day. Up to 300 other jets were available from bases in Thailand and from two carriers off the Tonkin Gulf one of which steamed into position Friday night just before raids began. In Paris the North vietnamese delegation said the attacks a gravely affect the Paris conference on a the Nixon administration must Bear entire responsibility for All consequences arising from its hostile acts against the democratic Republic of Vietnam a the delegation said. A extremely serious it called the bombings a an extremely serious act of against the democratic Republic of Vietnam a Brazen violation of its sovereignty and associated press correspondent William Barton reported the heaviest activity at the airbase at Danang in several months with scores of f-4 of phantom fighter bombers armed with rockets and bombs taking off despite bad weather under extraordinary Security precautions. They were either participating in the raids or helping suppress North vietnamese anti aircraft fire during Rescue missions for downed american pilots sources said. Danang is the northernmost Tri to 11 j that in connection with our pro base in South Vietnam and the Meatty s certify of a flt Yective reaction strikes we have Home of the 366th tactical confused bridegroom to to bombed prisoner of Camps. A such reports Are false. We will continue to hold the other Side fully accountable for the safety and Well being of he described As false claims by Hanoi radio that . Bombers had struck prisoner of Camps holding american captives. North Vietnam also claimed five . Planes and one helicopter had been downed. Biggest in 7 months Laird a second statement on what appeared to be the biggest air attacks on North Vietnam in seven months provided Little additional information on the strikes he said were in retaliation for attacks on unarmed reconnaissance planes. There were hints the raids reportedly involving both . Air Force and Navy planes were similar in magnitude to last May a four big attacks which involved As Many As 156 aircraft. Officials would not say when the new wave of bombings began but it appeared that the operation involved a series covering Many hours. Laird said the attacks were conducted South of the 19th Hallel which would place them in the Panhandle and Well below the Hanoi Haiphong area. This clashed with Hanoi claims that there were no apparent injuries in the blast which came just before 3 . Police said explosives were the assaults occurred in an area placed under the replica. The ran8ing from Haiphong to Hoa blast caused apparent structural a anon damage to the first floor. Police said a witness gave them a description of a with a California License plates which cast said there were a a number had been circling City Hall min of . Prisoner of casual utes before the blast. Ties at a pm Camp but no pieces of the replica were location was Given. It also said thrown hundreds of feet. J Many civilians had been killed. _________1 Laird said a i have noted erroneous reports from Hanoi Binh province Southwest a prisoner casualties North vietnamese Broad Xvi Tel clerk a a in a like a room with a wife for myself and a Bath. A copyright Moon Rover hibernation Moscow a Lun Khod i russians mechanical Moon Rover will go into Winter hibernation for two weeks beginning tuesday to wait out the freezing lunar night Tass reported saturday. Powered by solar batteries it Washington a the program. I regret that Circum a calif., the Only . Carrier depends on the Sun for its en-.g0vernment�?Ts anti poverty stances require this in the Gulf had been the Oris Ergy during the 1414-Day lunar j lawyer and chief Deputy As examples of cases that Kany it which has been launching where on the sea Lave been fired because their caused a an Leo Mesover a 200-mile stretch official reports had it a hundreds Boss says they condoned a of meters from its Mother ship tons not in the Best interest of two top anti poverty Legal officials fired fighter Wing. Hancock planes the american strike Force our was apparently a enlarged by a planes from the Carrier Han i cock which steamed into the Tonkin Gulf off North Vietnam with 75 warplanes and doubled seventh Fleet striking ability in the area. Prior to the vessels arrival from her Home base in Alame Luna 17. The soviet news Agency report was the first indication that soviet scientists planned to keep the Moon Rover in operation for an extended period. The poor and violated the Law. Terry Lenzner Youthful director of the controversial Legal spokesman said to Chi Minh Trail. The new Orleans Legal ser spokesmen said other us i vices Agency is representing at phonic jets from the Hancock least 12 defendants in a criminal quipped with spy gear include Case despite Leo Law that per ins i Shiv sophisticated Cam mits its lawyers to represent de eras streaked into North Viet services program of the office fondant in civil cases Only. Nam to photograph Supply build Opportunity and i the Western Center on Law awaiting shipment South were and poverty in los Angeles rep Avard they said the recon Ais were escorted by today s Index Church. 3 comics. 7 courthouse. 2 crossword. 7 daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features 6 financial la Marion. La movies 8 sports 9, to television 4 want ads. 12-15 feet a it . Job seen for Moynihan Washington a the White House has refused to disclaim published reports that presidential assistant Daniel Patrick Moynihan will become . Ambassador to the . The Washington Post and the i of economic his Deputy Frank Jones Chi mph removed from their posts Fri resents in two suits at least 12 ,.ar? pm ant s ult Day night by Leo director Don a e sons earning $11,000 to Quot Gater bombers. Ald Rumsfeld. $15,000. Legal services attorneys Arthur Reid 40, Leo Deputy i Are expected to handle Only the general counsel was named acting director of the program which administers about 1,900 attorneys in 850 offices nationwide. No immediate replace cases of those living in poverty basically those making no More than $3,200 a year. The Dallas Legal service unit is representing a College Stu German Airliner was forced by Dent son of a Well to do Busi fighters Force Airliner Down Frankfurt a _ a West meet was named for tone Jet fighters to and in East am null Ling or unable poverty lawyers Are not Republic of somali Satur a it has become evident that fitted to handle cases of per Day a travel Agency reported. Baston Globe said Nixon a Prin or. Lenzner and or. Jones Are sons who choose to live below the plane carrying 72 Passen Cipal adviser on Urban affairs i either unwilling or unable to adj their Means a spokesman said. Gers and six Crew members a had been offered and accepted minister the program in a Man the Legal services program patently was forced Down As the i the Post. Ner consistent with the policies has received wide political of result of a misunderstanding. White House press Secretary and Mission of the Leo a said position especially from local it took off from Mombasa Ronald l. Ziegler said Friday j Rumsfeld. Politicians because of its sue Kenya and was in route to that he say if the report a under the circumstances loess in Law Reform cases Frankfurt when intercepted by was True or false. Have no alternative but to re against the establishment two soviet built migs and forced Moynihan 43, would succeed place them with individuals who these include challenges of cuts Down. It took off shortly after Charles Yost. Will effectively administer the in welfare payments. Ward

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