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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather decreasing cloudiness and colder tonight with Light Snow. Lows in 20s. Cloudy tuesday highs in 30s. Volume 90-number 314 he Cedar Fott Pydo a amp jew City final to cents Cedar rapids Iowa monday november 20, 1967 associated press up new York time Market rises drop special to the Gazette Washington preliminary hearings on two charges of manslaughter and one charge of drunk driving against Iiren Patrick Walsh. 27, Rural Riverside probably will be held monday afternoon. Washington county authorities said no specific times were set for the hearings. The charges were filed in connection with the deaths saturday of two Rural Riverside girls when their i bicycles were struck b y Walsh a . The Accident occurred on a stretch of recently paved county Road near Riverside. Patrolmen said both the girls who were toll is 16 sixteen persons were killed in Iowa traffic accidents last weekend. The Iowa traffic toll for the year to Date climbed to 751 monday compared to 817 la get year according to the associated press. The state safety department toll was 722 monday compared to 797 on nov. 20, 1966. The state department does not count fatal traffic accidents on private roadways. Riding near the shoulder of the Road and Walsh were going North. Dead Are Linda sue Simon. 12. Daughter of or. And mrs. Vincent Simon and Mary Jane Gerot la. Daughter of or. And mrs. Ted Gerot. All of Rural Riverside. Walsh remains in the county jail at Washington. Bond of $500 has been set on the drunk driving charge. Conviction for manslaughter carries a penalty o f imprisonment for up to eight years and a Fine of up to $1,000. In Johnson county. Sheriff Maynard Schneider said that a Man of the same name and age was charged with intoxication earlier saturday. He said the Man was jailed about 3 . And was released on Bond about 9 am. Services for both girls will be held tuesday in churches in Riverside. Linda sue Simon. 12. Was bom oct. 13. 1955, in an Iowa City Hospital the daughter of or. And mrs. Vincent Simon. A seventh Grade Pupil at Highland Community she lived her entire life in Riverside. She continued Page 4. Col. 4. It it it struck by two cars . Boy fatally Hurt Cedar rapids news Kevin Wilson. 12. Son of or. And mrs. Allen Wilson route three was dead on arrival at mercy Hospital sunday evening after being knocked by one into the path of another. The Accident happened two and a half Miles East of Cedar rapids on it. Vernon Road at 4 55 . An eastbound driven by John d. Offerman 42, of Rural Ryan struck the boy knocking him onto the pavement in the path of the westbound authorities said. The second was driven by Mildred Nightingale 66, of 310 thirty second Street be. The Iowa Highway patrol continued Page 3, col. 3. I Khz. A hmm my in in j today a chuckle one of the Best ways to make your old run better is to ask the Price of a new one. Copyright a a a . .v.v.v. v.v.vavsw.v.,v.v-1 Wilson and aides in losses Clit plans for solvency a d. J a avs Hon Iwaye increases and he is taking Iii big Lii i i bargains a up photo big news in London rocks financial world crowds of londoners gathered in front of prime minister Harold Wilson s Downing Street residence sunday to read a news Story that Shook the financial world. To meet a business crisis Wilson devalued the Pound from $2.80 to $2.40. It resulted in a flurry of activity on Wall Street. Heart attack causes death of John Locher . Paratroopers in overhaul of North Are surrounded . Medical setup urged by George Esper about 15 Miles from the fighting. Saigon api North Viet the heavy communist fire set off Mph advisory com by Arthur a Ausbon wage increases and he is taking London a on this first part in a shores meeting with ,., Union leaders. Working Day since devaluation Power minister Richard of the Pound. Prime minister Marsh s presence at the meeting Harold Wilson and his top aides apparently indicated an increase drafted plans for a drive toward in the governments drive by Jack Lefler solvency to end Britain a Long Lowar cheaper Power. This new York apr the standing role As the financial Cut mean cancellation of the Stock Market late monday of standing role As the financial order postponing closure of 14 Ter noon cared an Early heavy informants a att s uneco"om1�?~e or work a Oak a Al loss that followed devaluation of informants said he was pits which were due to be shut the Britie found and increases rndeorigces0ledutttdefen�?zs age red d0w&Quot a a a Quot ass tvs a a and prices cuts in defense and welfare costs measures to sell shield poor Raes. More British goods abroad and social Security minister Judith the Dow Jones average of 30 a tighter squeeze on credit. Hart was Given the role of Par industrials at 2 was Down 8 72 Wilson acted in the face of ing social welfare costs while Points to 853 39. In the first half bitter resentment by labovites carrying out measures to shield hour of trading the average fell and conservatives alike As Well the poor from the rising Cost of i4 96 Points. The loss was Shaw As the Man in the Street because living. De to 6.53 Points at noon. Of his decision saturday to Chancellor of the exchequer volume soared to 10.23 million devalue the British Pound by James Callaghan who is in shares in the first four hours of 14.3 percent. Repercussions charge of tightening credit was trading compared with 6.88 rolled around the world. Given his final instructions be million in the same period Fri 15 undecided fore 8oing t0 the House of com demons to explain the drastic inn Rafii the devaluation from $2.80 to economic measures. J y $2 40 provoked Matching Richard Crossman House losses ranged to several devaluations in Spain Ireland majority Leader was instructed dollars a share for leading Denmark. Israel and the British 0 i acre Callaghan by lining up issues. Colony of Hong Kong. Fifteen Babor party Unity in the face of but Eldon a. Grimm senior other nations said they were expected conservative attacks vice president and analyst for undecided while other nations the big brokerage firm Walston kept their currency s ratio with stiffer attitude amp Sai Don pc Ink the the . Dollar steady. One of the weapons reportedly Market has acted too badly. On the first working Day since Given Crossman was a pledge of there a no panic Selling. The devaluation Wilson summoned a stiffer government attitude news was somewhat his top aides to draft plans for toward . Policy in Vietnam. Brokerage houses were the Economy. Each minister Wilson went on television crowded with spectators and present at no. To Downing Street sunday night to explain the de some brokers said they were was Given a specific task in valuation is meant to Spur Brit swamped with orders formats said. Ish exports and that the limping a i Haven to seen this Many the jeers and catcalls of Economy will have a Chance to people standing around in Here about 200 bystanders outside break out of the straitjacket a i watching the tape since the Day with and fifth attack the fighting perhaps the most glands planes sweeping overhaul of the nations medical system saying a health care crisis is at hand. As the of Boom or bust ministers went in and out in a a a declined the urgency of their problem to restore the strength i i q Kelv a of the National Economy and the in loves the problem cannot be present at the meeting with overcome by simply increasing Wilson and the roles assigned Quot sixth the numbers of doctors nurses them informants said were to protect the Dollar Cedar rip i Newt John j. Locher or 55, Cedar rapids attorney died at la 45a huge explosion inside the . Washington a in. Monday following a heart namese regulars surrounded a Perin be possibly causing White attack suffered at mercy . Paratrooper battalion on a heavy casualties. It could not be. A we be Hospital where he was attending Hill near the cambodian Border determined immediately what ss1� _ on a ref Ommen a min Ictor font a a meeting. I in South Vietnam a c e n t r a i caused the blast. Residing at 2451 Grande Highlands monday and Avenue. Or. Locher was a saw Tase a f sanding in and Pixie filleted heavy casualties. An Campaign came As . Planes. American medical he had served As president of american Relief Force reached bombed t h e Hanoi Haiphong. P inn can roles assigned the Linn county bar assn., the scene at dusk. Area for the fifth straight Day on 10, 1 resident Johnson president of the mercy Hospital the battalion of the . 173rd sunday. Lay advisory Board director of airborne brigade was Cut off for the attacks included blows the chamber of Commerce co 24 hours before the rein against the fifth and chairman of the United hospitals Forcemeats arrived to break the targets to come off the is n0, Soone Brown who was instructed to Federal Reserve Campaign As a Leader in Ign communist attack and bring out agon s restricted list in four although it is of intensify efforts to join the a Hunt moved campaigns and was prominent dead and wounded. Heavy Days. They Are a Concrete Plant add a a a see european common Market c0un�?~ rde a Ved in the work of All saints Church enemy ground fire kept Rescue and a Barge Yard near Hanoi Arp need j defense Secretary Denis a native of Monticello where helicopters away. The . Command announced 4>r.nm.cnnn_i healed he was born nov. 3. 1912 or 1 a correspondent j o h n the loss of four planes bringing bul of add tonal personnel healed. Locher was the son of a Lengel reported from Dak to 1 losses Over the North to 749 longtime attorney who still lives aircraft. The four planes carried in that Jones county town. He a x 11 c l so crewmen whom Are was graduated from notre nowt Sll Cocks missing. The belief grew among . Commanders that the communists around Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved by Joseph r. Coyne foreign Secretary George Washington a the Arab israeli War said a broker in an office in Rockefeller Center. A not Selling a i own a fair amount of Stock but in a not going to sell said one of the tape watchers who did no to want to be quoted by name. A if prices keep going Down i May go in and pick up some a new York Stock Exchange snowfall socks Eastern Iowa highways wet Iowa Newt Dame University and he began practising Law in Cedar rapids in 1936 surviving Are or. Lochery a parents in Monticello h i s widow the former Esther Yothers. A son. John student at at Manchester swirled through american forces away from notre Dame a daughter mrs. Eastern i0wa monday morning thickly populated areas and pin Jory even Herbert Knudten jr., of Cedar rapids three Brothers or. Robert Locher of Cedar rapids q. Arbor this year just below the tem through which health the Home to the Export Market Snow ranging up to 4 inches demilitarized zone a draw Large Etc. Foreign Secretary George washing run Ari a the boards Dis spokesman said the Market up a notch opened a Active but orderly a monday in what officials who has the task of described As an Effort to protect Are employed in the present slashing another $240 million the Dollar in the Wake of the manner and within the present from defense spending which British Pound devaluation patterns and systems of care Bas already been reduced in re the Rise from 4 to 44 percent they will not Avert or even cent a months. Is identical to one put into effect s act on perhaps alleviate the crisis a Anthony Crosland. President of in dec 5 196 but that was for the Board of Trade who was a different reason a to Stem so is tax Bill Fiad put in charge of the Campaign to inflation it triggered a year of persuade More British firms to Money a unless we improve 4 Frobert Haack Exchange president and Gustave Levy chairman of the Board of governors went onto the Busy trading floor to observe operations. They made no comment on the Mark the commission said. A must improve t h e switch their sales drives from cooperation lacking this time however the move Washington up rep. Is designed to prevent a heavy John Byrnes a wis senior in Republican on the House ways Means committee said overseas the Iowa weather Bureau said a very Light Snow was con i tinting Over East Central and j aul of w Ashington. D.c.,. E. Nord Eastern Iowa shortly before Locher of Monticello and a 3 sister. Mrs a. N. Antimatter of w expected 0 continued Page 3, col. 7. Massive father dead Mother wounded son 14, held Boone a a 14-year-old emendations. Services Are dentine at John end Monda it a ghz with Boone county boy was held on of Salon. Waa that Doc or1f and Back both wages and prices. The r tumor Una san Pera Tures dipping into the 20s. An open charge of murder Mon other health personnel be revaluation was designed to Lair Neranza no Cloudy skies with highs in the Day after a shooting spree in tired t0 undergo re licensing make British exports More 30s, were on tap for tuesday which his father was killed and examinations periodically. Competitive on world markets the weather Bureau said. His Mother seriously wounded. The commission recon gut re song wages and prices snowfall amounts included 2 Floyd Ray 45, of near Ogden emendations were accompanied would nullify any 5enefit rom inches at Elkader and Dubuque was shot to death in his farm an assertion that the operati0n. 2.5 inches at Waterloo and one Home about Midnight sunday government alone is not big labor minister Ray Gunther s Inch at Oelwein with about a Boone county sheriff Jack continued Page to. Col. 3. Job is specifically holding Back half Inch reported elsewhere in Camelin said. Care is provided care will con business leaders and econ Bow r0 cars Tine to become less Satis fac mists said the whole Success of search of he her merest Quot rates a Al can is co.,,Nee sum inn. �,.en though there Are the devaluation and securing big expected to i ave ii tie in. A increases in rests and International Loans will be in so expect a 10 Nave Illus 101 monday president Johnson s tax increases in costs Ana International Loans win de in mediate effect on consumer in Bill is still dead he warned the in numbers of health person per led if exports do not jump Erest rates in this country. Alm stration a p y _ w it devalued the Pound on a vines said the administration the commission report con hold wage lines saturday from $2 80 to $2.40,>rjuses to Coo Wrate in and tamed More than 50 recon economics Secretary Peter Britain also raised its discount one major Sug Shore was charged with holding rate from 6h> to 8 percent. The . Discount rate is the interest commercial Banks must pay the Federal Reserve for Money they borrow from the system. Other rates Are pegged upward from it. In this Case however the continued Page 4, col. I Way to implement expenditure reductions and As a result he said the tax Bill remains deadlocked within the tax writing committee. The financial developments j Over the weekend. Byrnes said add to this country a fiscal problems but he added in an interview that a the solution is not just a tax Eastern Iowa. The Iowa Highway patrol said heavier travelled highways Northeast of a line through Lake Mills Grundy Center Belle Plaine and Clinton were wet to Slushy at noon. Lesser travelled roads in that area were 50 to too percent Snow packed. Highways in the remainder of the state were Normal. Sanders and Salt trucks were out in Northeast Iowa during the Early morning hours. His wife Betty 34, was hospitalized in Des Moines with gunshot wounds in her Chest near the heart and in the . The son held in Boone county jail after he was reportedly arrested at Jefferson Early monday was identified As David Ray. Camelin said mrs. Ray was apparently telephoning for help when she was shot. Army soon to test armoured Boot asks Drivers licensed for specific vehicles today s Index Chicago up a Drivers should be strictly licensed according to the types o f vehicles they Are qualified to operate the Council of state governments said sunday. In proposing Model uniform legislation the Council said such a Law would particularly improve motorcycle safety. A the difference Between operating a motorcycle and an automobile is As Basic As the difference Between two wheels and four a said the councils executive director Brevard Crihfield. A any person driving a vehicle of a class for which he was not licensed would be deemed to be driving without a License a he said i n reference to the Model Law. Comics 21 courthouse 3 crossword 21 daily record. 3 deaths 3 editorial features 6 farm 15 financial. 22 Marion 26 movies 14 society. 12,13 sports 17-20 state 8, 9 television to want ads. 27-31 by Fred s. Hoffman Washington a the army soon will Field test in Vietnam a new armoured Boot designed to save infantrymen from crippling wounds inflicted by communist land mines. Mines and Booby traps have caused a higher proportion of american deaths and wounds in this War than in world War ii and Korea. Some 800 pairs of a new blast protective tropical combat Boot will be sent for Field evaluation to army and Marine troops in South Vietnam. Another too pairs will go to soldiers patrolling the truce line in Korea where armed clashes with North korean infiltrators occur from time to time. The Boot under development for the past four years at army laboratories incorporates a stainless steel wedge filled with aluminium honeycomb and covered on top with aluminium plate. The wedge protects the Heel and the Arch areas of the foot and has a a shaped Cross Section to deflect the blast upward and outward. The protective Shank weighs Only seven ounces. Research by army experts also has led to development of an Over Boot which was found to increase the potential a a save of the foot from 45 to 90 percent. This Over Boot also guards the Bony Structure of the lower leg. According to the latest available statistics mines and Booby traps have accounted for about 9 percent of the combat deaths in Vietnam. This compares with a 3 percent rate in world War ii and 4 percent in the korean War. Nonfatal wounds attributable to hidden explosive devices have been running at the rate of about 13 percent of All wounds suffered by . Troops in Vietnam. A comparable rate in both world War ii and Korea was 4 percent. Army scientists and technicians Are also concentrating on improved body Protection for american soldiers and marines fighting in Vietnam s Jungles mountains and swampland. Under development is a Bullet proof body Armor that will supplement the Standard protective Vest worn by infantrymen to shield against grenades and other fragmentation weapons. This Armor will weigh from 19 to 24 pounds. Lightweight Felt body Armor vests also Are being tested and evaluated in Vietnam b v soldiers of the first infantry division. This 4uj-Pound protector is intended to be worn in place of what is now a Standard 84-Pound anti fragmentation protective Vest. The army s laboratories at Natick mass., have come up with special body Armor fashioned to save helicopter pilots and crewmen from Small arms fire aimed at them from the ground. Some 18.000 such Armor items have already been sent to Southeast Asia. There Are three types aimed at protecting the Torso thighs and legs of helicopter crewmen who have been at the mercy of ground riflemen and machine gunners particularly while hovering Low during the Landing of troops or the picking up of wounded in a fire fight

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