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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I hi* ( id.ir Rapids Gu/rltf Tups. M.iv JH I<#71    ^ par JU 'I IU Abigail Van Bun*n I) KAW A HMV When Dad asked his 17 war old (laugher vs ha! si/e lira she wore, she told hun it was none of his business Her mother agreed with her and you sided w it Ii both of them Dad worked for 17 vears to pros ole the food th.it went into the tissue which created his daughter’s breasts, but it s none of his business what si/e they are Crazy I deem it impudent for the daughter and her mother to even question Dad s right to this information As long as lie s supporting her. every part ol her development is his business. Hoys get too big for their britches and girls get too big for their brassieres when they can get away with telling Dad that something is none of lits business I II bet you vv ill hear from plenty of readers on this KRANK IX (WFGDX DHAR KRANK You bet right And the mail is running 20 to one against me. Let’s set the record straight. Frank When Dad asked his budding daughter what si/e bra she wore, nobody told Dad it was “none of his business Daughter became embarrassed and declined to ansvv er Mot her sided VV it ll daughter saying she didn’t think it was anything Dad had to know and I took the distaff side Read on for a letter from a like-minded physician who said it better than I DK AR ABBY May I say that the father who felt he had a “right” to know his teen aged daughter's bra .d/e was out of line? My daughters are IK and 20 and I have no idea what si/e liras they wear, and I couldn't care less I think that father should have been more concerned with his daughter's feelings than the si/e of her bra. Ol.D-KASHIONKD KATI I KH DK AH ABBN This is in res-pense to the letter from the woman who recommends sending back “lunk mail so the company must pay the return postage and will remove her name from their mailing list I hope you don t agree with this policy. \bby My husband and I started a small business, producing a high quality item. well worth its price We can I atloid national advertising, so we use direct mail advertising to inform people of our product and give them a chance to examine it be!ore they buy On the few occasions when people have returned our envelopes stuffed with extra paper. I am more saddened than angry It shows so much hostility and aggression lf the recipient isn t interested in the product, why not just throw the mail away ’ I hop«‘ you feel that this is important enough for your column It means a great deal to the small business people vv ho rely on direct mail lot their sales. Thank you STKL GGLING DI AR STRI GGUNG \nd thanks tor uh int? me the op port unity In open a few million eyes. KOM MMM I XI l <> “IT I I til T”: Don t pressure him In meet his family. Kven though he is separated from his wile. he is still married. Obviously. he doesn t want his family lo meet you VV andaKelley Is Bride of Les Mumm W IKM AM SHI Rd The Rev Leonard \ ti r ic ti per (ortiled the < o'clock ceremony Saturday which united iti marriage Miss Wanda Marie Kelley and Les Allen Mumm The ceremony took place al SI Haul s Lutheran church Parents of the bridal couple are Mr arid Mrs Wayne Kelley and Mr and Mrs Dwight Mumm all ol Williamsburg Attending the bride as maid of honor was her sister Susan Kelley Bridesmaids were Sue /ike and ( yd Warner Steve Mumm was best man and groomsmen were Red White and Ted Peters Guests were seated by Larry Bogy ti and Dan Kaiser Also in the wedding party were .lune Kelley, the bride’s sister and Jeff Mumm the bridegroom’s brother I fie bride's gow n of organza over taffeta was fashioned with a \ et feet bodice and a cathedral-length train Completing her ensemble was a chapel-length veil and her flowers were white miniature carnations and light blue sweetheart roses iii a colonial bouquet The attendants wore gowns ol aqua blue knit featuring high collars and cutaway shoulders Kach attendant carried a basket ol blue daisies Following the ceremony a reception for 2all guests was given at the Farm Bureau building After a wedding trip to the western states, the new Mr and Mrs Mumm will reside iii St Paul The bride is a student at Iowa State university The bridegroom wa . graduated from that same university and is ail employe of IKM Co., iii St. Paul  _ Pat Sandersfeld Becomes Bride Trinity Lutheran church provided the setting Friday evening for the marriage of Miss Patricia I Sandersfeld and Thomas J Wagner, both of Frankfurt. Germany The Rev Richard (King officiated at the 7 341 ceremony Parents of the bridal couple are Mr and Mrs Gilbert C. Sandersfeld. 1K1H Highth avenue SW . and Mr and Mrs Fred Wagner. Java. Va Following the ceremony, a reception and dinner were given for .V) guests at the Holiday Inn Honor attendants were the bride’s sister Miss Pamela J Sandersfeld. and Charles R Troupe For her wedding, the bride wore a gown of organza xx itll a shirred bodice and long sleeves \ white picture hat trimmed with yellow daisies completed her ensemble and sfie carried a nosegay of white Marguerite daisies and yellow sweetheart roses Her attendant wore a green dress and a matching picture hat trimmed with green daisies and carried a bouquet ot yellow and xx in!*' daisies Both are serv mg vv uh the army signal corps in Frankfurt. Germany. They will be at home in Dam tile Va . after September ST ATK ('HW KS TOO SAFI*. HAR RISHI HG. Pa (AP) -Some atm state employes were happy when they learned their office safe had been drilled open The drilling was done recently under close watch of stall1 officials vvfio called iii a locksmith after they failed to get tilt' safe open on payday Inside was some $l2-r».(MI(l iii cheeks for state health department employes A Zenith Hearing Aid insures Quality - After-Purchase Protection - Satisfaction. We start with a complete evaluation to determine your need Then we help select the aid thats right for you Choc c from a complete line of Zenith instruments priced from $85 OO to $390 OO .♦• The price in eludes all the consultation .md after purchase adjustments necessary to your complete satisfaction Batterie1, for all makes of hearing aids. I he quality goes in before the name got's on •Ash    our    5-year Protection pi • •Manufacturer * suggested retail 1 fk*.. edlcal rn j Medical Arts Surgical Supply 2740 Fire! Av*. NE Hmm Hi I 364-41 96 ITOH HOUR3< • • aw. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday, letwrday Hour*! • a.m. to I 3iOO I wall to wan PA OD or ceiling    _    ____ to floor    CARPETI NG - REM N ANTS-DRAPER j ES [ira msm MfftJtUGsM ■Jal , At J. itfHjWfSS pggjij [mmrenibrpctI •«* *i V , / O WE'VE BEEN WORKING NIGHTS TO BRING YOU THE GREATEST CARPET BUYS OF THE CENTURY - ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN CUT & RECUT TO THE LOWEST POSSIBLE LOWS EVER! STARTS TUESDAY AT 10 A.M. 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NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa Phone 393-1400 Open Daily IO AM-9 PM Saturday 10-5— Closed Sunday ;

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