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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hto Cedar Rapids Gazette: lues., May 28, 1974 Professor Turned Portuguol To Premier Commits Democratic Solutions Banana Offer Ousts (J. S. Firm From Oil Deal regime will hold fret elections confidence that democracy will matey whatever the tenden for a constituent assembly and stay.”    ties of the new government .” the president of the republic by Of course, there are dicta*I can the nation’s next spring, and permit the ter- tor ships of various colors, j problems - inflation, low pr stories of Angola, Guinea and Palma Carlos was reminded. jductivity, insufficient foreign i of By Peter Uebersax LISBON (UPI) - Premier Adelino da Palma Carlos has pledged his government to self- determination for the peoples of Mozambique to decide on their, “I want no dictatorship, nee vestment, predominance both Portugal and the African future in an equally free refer-'thor from the right nor thenciiltuiv over industry territories, He said the DAYTON, Ohio I AP) Ash land Oil Co. says it bowed out of negotiations for an Ecuadorian oil contract when Japan offered to buy all the country’s bananas economic tor the next five years. °’| Ashland board chairman Olin in-j ll, Atkins told the Ohio Valley inclusion aF International Trade bel that his firm and Japan had out British Medical Journal Debunks All Ways To Avoid Heart Attack By Robert Mosel LONDON (UPI) One of Britain’s most respected medical publications asked the question: “Can I avoid a heart attack?” and regretfully arrived at the in act support new Portuguese C.R. Pair Faces Three Charges ■Jon VV. Enabnit, 20. of 1061 Juniper drive SYV, and Robert B. Shepard. 19. of 2118 Blake b o ii I e v a rd SE, have been charged with possession of marijuana, criminal trespass and contributing to the delinquency oF a minor. They entm' , ..    ,    Wan‘    democra'|solve<i    without    the We want the people to cy. Liberty.    ,    ...    „ express its will," he spiel in an This, probably, was one wa- dominated Portugal's economy?' exclusive interview. “The will I son w hy Portugal’s new rulers “it ;    ,    .    , of the people is the only thing abolished the secret police L ■ if t "cces*ary hat the lcad' that counties.”    1    -    Yes.”    he    said    “We    have    the    ti ‘ enterpr,Sft cooperate Sitting in the San Bento pal- military forces. We have nor-;"'    he conceded.    Japan because of its offer to including low-fat ace offices once occupied by the mal police, the juridical police.    Didn’t    Seek    Job    *)UV Ecuador s bananas. He said "eight, adequate late dictator Antonio de Oliveira t0°- we won’t have a politi-i Slightly raising his hands K laad> ri,'°PP*,d out ut the bid- II1h'llP cigarets ““   —    ™«    im    ■    “'lE'C    », 01 hid about JO competitors for the contract that meant IO,OOO barrels of oil a day. Atkins said it was an all-or nothing contract, and went to plasma lipids and avoidance of fatal coronary heart disease heart disease.    three    classes of individuals: “There is no proof that such    Non-smokers who had finished ivity offsets corollary discase    a marathon run of 26 miles at any time in their lives; T h e Lancet said there    Non-smokers who scored well rn i g Ii t ’ ’ be something in    on a maximum treadmill stress that    the    honest    theories that stress, fatigue,    test; Conference svu’t    *•! the    moment    is    a    quale frustration, depression and    Non-smoking cardiac patiimts ,u'd    110    .    other “adverse psychological    who have achieved six miles a All tin' things that logically.situations** affect the heart.[day in a supervised should help prevent heart at- Heart attacks are more common among people .shocked by a death in the family or by .sudden dismissal from a job. But been tacks, said the Lancet, simply do not do so and its editorial included a long list of these His own [tehee protection.’ Junta’s Future? outside my my family. I “A door. policeman Nobody for !cello Caetano, Palma Carlos looks like the university don he was until a week ago much more than the head of a government that needs to be tough if ,    ^ , r, •, not ruthless to solve Portugal’s .    „ md three Cedar Rapids j problems    of    modlcmc- 0110 a lawyer on girls, ages 15, lo and 17. were    ,    my    staff.” arrested Sunday afternoon at a    Wars, btl ikes    Will next year's legally eleet- quarry near Morgan Creek park j The tasks ahead include end-cd government be independent after a deputy checked out .Ting the decade-old bush wars in car parked near the quarry.    [Africa and preventing anarchy Shepard was released from from seizing the nation which the county jail on order from celebrated the advent of free-, the sheriff, and Enabnit was dom a month ago with revolu-released to the community court tionary fervor and followed up! services. The girls were re-1 on the military coup with ai leased to their parents.    [spree of strikes. More than 6(U political groupings have sprung up from the ruins of Caetanos one-party state. “Liberty was quickly won — all diets, loss of q1js q ,S;iid, has not ye exercise, giv'mdcquntely documented. and emotional    ,,    , Smoking. Obesity editorial went The Lancet suggested patients the effort and might bo urged to give up smok- rehabili- t at ion course. They said that to the Lancet question: “Can I avoid heart attack'.’” They would reply: “Yes, by assuming a life style associated with immunity to heart disease the marathon runner.” Want firm no to whether he sought his vince the Ashland dealers that ,on, “despite bananas would be a good givea- money that has been spent, the ing and to lose weight, as smok- 0r se tha firm’* mc. evidence that eliminating risk ing and obesity are implicated ca||y But job. “The first I heard of the revo- way, lution was when my wife told dine me there was something in the said. have two sons, one a professoi S|reejs> I went to mv office any-; as part ot production s gas ads help you find, buy . quickly and economical 398-8234. program NDP Kept Alive Six More Months I but many are not used The Cedar Rapids Neigh-[Palma Carlos sighs borhood Development Program' (NDP) will be funded for an additional six months, Planning Director Don Salver said Tuesday. to it,” Flags Again Stolen from C.R. Display A $50 reward has been offered for information leading lo the return of eight flags with sentimental value stolen Monday way. It was a tremendous surprise when Cen. Spinola called me and offered me the job.” He still calls Caetano his: friend. Other “friends” are my books — my library holds severed thousand — and my classical1 records.” One favorite pasttime is the annual summer vacation at Montreux on Switzerland’s Lake Geneva. And who is the person iii history he admires most0 ‘‘Jesus Christ” was the prompt answer. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nom, Sporty look keeping. Gtnorol Information and Offices Not Listod Bolo* (oil ....................... 398    8211 Circulation Subscription Dept    398    8333 Mon thru Sot. 8 o rn. to I p m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll a.m. to 7 p m. Want Ads ....................... 398    8234 Mon thru Fri. 8 a rn. to 5 p m. Saturday until 12 noon Display Advertising ............ 398    8222 8 o rn to 5 p rn. Morion Office    r    398    8430 he factors will eliminate heart dis- in other forms of illness. But it ease adds up to little more than [cautioned doctors to remember zero in terms of preventing that in the present state of heart disease on a public health knowledge “the cure should not .scale.    be worse than the disease . . .” “No Proof    hjfCt it sa d. should be en- “Obesitv, exercise, blood- joyed and rewarding, lipids and dict have held the “Matters governing emotional stage for many years at one well-being should be consciously time instilling such conviction safeguarded that some believers long    past    “And the protection all this their prime were to be seen in gives? We cannot say." public parks in shorts and    sing-    The editorial drew a reply lets (tee shirts I exercising in from Hrs T Massier and J their free time, later returning Scuff of the American Medical home to a meal of indescribable Joggers Assn. of North Holly caloric severity in pursuit of the wood, Calif , who said they had cult of physical fitness, low never seen or heard of a case of Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance......... 366-7654 FBI.......... 402/348    1210 Fire    398    5343 Highway Patrol    . ..    364 5171 After Flours...... 363-5629 Police............. 398 5353 Sheriff............. 398-3521 Medical Society    ..    365-2527 (lf you hav# no physician) Foundation ll .......362-2174 (Crisis help, I p m,-midnight) (Clip and carry in your billfold) Cedar Memorial i night from cemetery. He sits at the same desk The reward is being where Salazar and Caetano once by Hanford American sat, looking 20 years younger! and Cedar Memorial. offered Legion I than his 69 years, smoothing a ; shock of bushy salt-and-pepper The NDP was to end June 30, but the city applied for an addi-t i o n a I year’s funding. The Omaha regional office of the federal department of housing J withdraw and urban development (HUD)[smoked, has authorized an additional $378,800 to fund the program until Dec 31    He listed his main problems: “First and foremost, bringing peace to Africa. Second, almost 'as important, the social situation. Third, the economy. We hair, offering visitors Du Maurier cigarettes I rom a newly broken carton on his desk. Salazar and Caetano, both and austere, never Spring Elections Projects planned for the additional period include clearance, redevelopment, building rehabilitation and paving work in the Riverside and Oak Hill devoir pment areas. David Lingo, Cedar Memorial manager, said the eight flags, were among some 1.000 which traditionally line the cemetery! roadways on Memorial day. The flags were given to the families of veterans buried in Cedar Memorial by the federal government. After being used to drape the caskets, the j flags were donated to the cemetery association by the families. The flags were not put away; must re-establish a climate of Monday night because they tranquility and confidence — as were still wet from the rain, quickly as possible.”    Linge    said    the    theft was re- And next — that is far down‘ported to the police, “but all we the list only because there is a1-; really would like is to have For James Henessy most a year to solve the ques- them returned, lf the culprit: tion — is the task of spring free would just return them and leave them on the grounds ■ the elections, to which! someplace so we could get themj Waukon Services Set WAUKON - James Henessy, .elections 46, Waukon city water superin-, ^^ tendcnt, died Sunday night of an government and the mili-1 icicle, that would be fine. apparent heart attack.    tary junta    of President Antonio    Linge    said    the    flags    are    val- Mr. Henessy had been    em-    de Spinola    have firmly commit-    ued    at    about    $35    each,    but    the ployed by the city of Waukon    military junta which is main value is sentimental. *    ,* I , now the supreme authority ini ,.    ,,    .    ,    ,.    . for the last Id years, the last    p ... ..    ,    He    added    that    his    own    futile country, with its backdrop.,u„„.      .    ..    •    M seven of which he served as en- of 20o young army officcrs? will    8    8 pcrintcndent.    ;    the junta be dissolved? Born April 26, 1929. at Lam “j cannot commit myself sing, lie is survived by his wife, this point,” he said after some (’atherine, four sons. James, jr..    reflection.    “The question has Waukon; Ralph, Billy    and    not been formally discussed yet. Bobby, all at home; two daugh- But personally I’m convinced tors, Janice and Joanne, both at that after the elections we will home:    two    brothers.    John,jreturn    to    constitutional nor- Lansing; William. ( ampbell. ted themselves for next year, be Calif., and three sisters, Mr s. (truly free? Leo Moore, Seattle; Mrs. Ralph Gambom, and Mrs. Geough. Chicago. Leo Mo st. Patrick’s church. Rosary at 8 Tuesday at Bakke-Hanson’s, where friends may call until IO p m. Tuesday. stolen. Persons with information on about the flags may telephone Linge at 393-8000, or the American Legion, 364-6146. Man Charged With Assault After Accident “This, I can assure vou,”;    , Palma Carlos said.    '    ,    Robert    A.    Baldwin'    20'    ?f    1312 With the participation of any ‘ s,rf‘Ct.SW\ was charged Mon- Service?: Wednesday at IO at party of the left or right0    !day    Wlth    assaultm& the driver. '    of    another    car involved in an Al! the parties . . . parties of jaccident th, left, center and right are; The accident occurred in Ellis I .merging in Portugal righty a, 6:3() pm when a car. ---------------- nou-    driven by Dennis Pfiffner, 3701 jLicgg Arrested Tor    ^    Kencrest drive NE, was struck M    D    .    Would it be thinkable for a in the rear by a second car. Marijuana . OSS^Sa on pro-Salazar party to participate! Both drivers stopped atter the Russell A. McIntyre. ’8. of 184 in the vote0    accident. The driver o! the Cherry Hill road NW; Loren D. ‘ We will let everybody partic-;striking car allegedly grabbed Kalina, 19. of 1715 Thirteenth    ipate    Freely. We want the clee- j    Pfiffner by the neck,    began ycll- avenue SE, and Rick A. Alations    to express the will of the    ing at him and then    returned to mirall. 18, of 1915 Johnson ave- people With security, precision his car and drove away, nue NW, have been charged and fidelity.”    Pfiffner    reported    the    car’s h- with possession of marijuana. Is democracy taking root in cense number to police, who They v. re arrested by Linn Portugal, or is there a possibili- stopped the car in the 1400 block deputies Saturday right after a    tv of    a return to dictatorship?    of Fourth street NW    and arrest-. car driven by McIntyre was    “I    have always been an op-    cd Baldwin stopped on highway 213 south of timist, even during the long - Cedar Rapids because one of night,” Palma Carlos said. “I the headlights was burned out. have always had confidence in McIntyre and Kalina were Democratic solutions. After half released to community court a century of dictatorship, Por-services, and Almirah was re- tugal has lost any love for that leased on posting $500 bond. system There is an enormous I UKK PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Every day except Sunday we’re happy to provide you with this extra little service. It doesn t make us money, just friends. 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