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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The (friar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Ma> 27. 1971 FBI Seeks Top Crime Echelons in Wiretaps IU Margaret Gentry WASHINGTON (AP) - In a sh i it of st rat og>. KHI officials say they’re going for quality instead of quantity in their use of wiretaps to catch mobsters. Assistant KHI Director William Cleveland, in charge of the special investigations division, and Inspector A \ Staffeld say the new approac h partially explains the st/able decrease iii court-ordered federal wiretaps and bugs iii 197.1 Below 1972 A recent government report showed that last year’s federal eavesdropping fell 37 percent below tilt' 1972 level, while taps and bugs employed bv state1 and local authorities increased ll percent Cleveland and Staffeld dis-(iissed uiretap policy in a joint mterv low ltic decrease is because of an increase' of selectiv tty iii < annection with organized 11 line cases," Cleveland said Noting that the majority of taps concern gambling lines, ligations. Staffeld added At the outset, we had a different uproot h We wanted to clean the thing from top tv* bottom \s we got some experience, we said let s take the operators. It vve get the organized crime man. tile lower echelons will go out of business any way limy said illegal betting operations often involve many small-time ‘‘mom and pop" bookies who are not directly tied into the' crime syndicate and don’t have a real feeling that they are violating the law You certainly are not going out to make a case on the lift lr old lady iii Hie candy store." Cleveland said Increased I se Ile and Staffeld said state and local officials may have increased the use of wiretaps because of numerous un es ligations of police corruption. often stemming from illegal gambling and narcotics operations I’he government report showed that the use of tele phone tails far outnumbers the use of bugs — microphones secretly planted iii rooms or vehicles. ( leveland aud Staffeld ar gued that both methods are important law enforcement tools They said bugs often are essential in loan-sharking eases when none of the illegal transactions are conducted by telephone. The two officials reluctantly conceded that FBI agents usually plant bugs by sneaking into the premises under lines-ligation Staffeld said the court order authorizing the bugging “is the equivalent of a warrant" authorizing surreptitious entry “The entry is implied lie' maintained We have the' authority to go iii with Die warrant lh* said the entrv is dangerous for the agent and added “That's why we don’t like to talk about the close details of that sort of work You don't know when you go through that door lf there s going to be a man with a gun on the other side SEVENTEEN by Bernard Lansky "Sheldon, you're a cost overrun!" Charge Prison Officer Arranged Rendezvous DKTKOIT ( AID - An officer at tile Federal Correctional Institution at Milan has been indicted on charges of accepting a bribe to drive prisoners to a rendezvous with women iii a nearby motel, tilt* FBI said Agents said senior correctional officer Clinton Tay tor 4i>. was charged with one count of accepting a bribe and otic count of falsification of I s government documents ON THIN DA TF iii INSU, a force under the Italian patriot, (iiuscppe Garibaldi, invaded Sicily and captured I lit* city of Palermo. file Investors (iuide Bv Sam Shul-ky Q — We are retired, with our hmm free and clear and with an income of about $12,(UMI from pension, social security F bonds, and corporal!* shun s and bonds WY also have some speculative shares which produce no income. In v lew of the present inflation and the almost certain prospect the rate w ill increase, can y on -i.ggest a shift of about $11).(Kill mi as to protect ourselves against lout prospect1 Present income is adequate. \ — Inflation in this country is currently running above lo portent a war — and there is no safe and sound defense against that Our hope for preserving capital and buying power must depend upon our government’s success iii curbing inflation, not in hoping for annual gains of IV or 20 or more percent by taking wild v halloes You van get close to 9 percent today from high-grade !»• lids. but that would fail even lo preserve the buying jmwer of w»ur money, let alone provide you with any spendable in* • a ll would set in to nu* that you mould employ your funds in et 'ting solid income from highly ic id bonds and tv* a lesser extent in holding the shun*- of v Hispanics vv hit h are prominent in the natural rcsourcv s industries You could then hope that it — for , sample — the prices of i miller and copper and petroleum continue to rise you could expect that the corporu-tmn- producing these item* would enjoy rising earnings. and pay higher (bvidends Y ou can. of course, speculate "ii the future price of soy beans and cold and -liver and plu tinurn, but commodity ven-;ares must remain speculations I don’t -et* how retired folh-. tan assume those ri-k-(int positive step however would bt to get all your funds into income-producing investments That means it - time to < it loose from cheap non dividt»nd-pa>mg -peculations I bonds do not product* current nu olm unit-s. of course you ..M cashing in a certain amount on a regular bu-i- So Sam (/ Shulsky if you need more income to meet today s higher prices. switch lins fund into II bonds. or redeem part of all ut the K bonds and reinvest the money for current income. (Your tax brat ket must dictate your best course i But don’t look for “investments" which can keep step with wild. unchecked inflation # • • Q — Mv tallier owned some mining stock bought in 192H I can t find any information on ii. \ — The address you mention i- that of a brokerage firm which after almost .YO year-could understandably have nothing on what seems to be a penny mining stock I d try the secretary of state of the state which chartered the company originally You’ll find the state named on the stock certificate * # * it — I have SJT im Mi available tor retirement income and have been considering utility stocks or bond- Which would Ih- considered the -afer invest-men? ' \ — ll bv -aletv you mean assurance that you will get your income and that your principal w ill be av ailahlc at maturity then the bonds must come first Offsetting that increased safety of course, is the fact that the bond s payments are fixed and -o I- the amount of money you will get back at maturity Vn\ Iiojm' of increasing income «»r capital must go along with the higher ri-k of the common share*** if — I retrnllx bought AAA bonds at a price to y it*Id X 3 percent Would It be bes! to sell these now — even at a lo-s — and wait for 9l2 or ll) percent coupon bonds? V — lf you are conv meed that \ XA bonds will soon tarry 9»2 and Ii) percent coupons — ye- * * * (J — Our mother died and left lier borne to eight children How do we go about changing title? \ — This i- a job for the lawyer who handled the estate * *    * DDI) LOT: Ail amount of stock less than the established 100-share or 10-share unit of trading: that is. from one to 99 share- for a stock which is generally traded in 100-sharc lot- and from one to nine -hares in a stock usually traded in 10-share lots ♦ *    * ’*    Sheik, Ari omov    Af.'tf"    a    r% <    t *    he Atli be    ab    e    to    provide tin.AOfi Ohlv throoflh the cot .im Fur i -*s ot growth and Oiv'CJe'icJ stock* yiease r>< ae a ted addressed, itpmped «*" seiooc Address your reaufsts to Sam Shyisk , rare at The Guct’tte Checker Games Cost Man, 94, $ 1,200 Savings KAI.MOl Til. Mum,' (Al*) -A game of checkers nisi 94-year-old Krnest M storey billie savings The retired painter said he wa- -itting in front of hi- home when a young couple approached and the woman a-ked if he wanted to play a game of checkers While Storey and the woman set up a game hoard ber male companion said lie wa- going for a walk By the tune Storey had won tw«* games, tin* man returned and the couple departed l.ater a friend came ti* the hou-e and discovered that a window had been opened .iud the screen t ut In Storey 'n room they found two padlocked boxes missing Both were found broken open in Woods behind the house Mi- sing from tin* boxes was storey - life savings of $l 200 lb* had (teen saving the money for 22 years to buy a monument for his plot at a local cemetery Americans Take Highest Cannes Festival Honors FAWKS. France (AP) -Two American films — “The Conversation and “Sugerlund Fxpress — and American actor .lack Nicholson took top honors Friday at the Cannes Film Festival Francis Ford Coppola's “The Conversation”, a film about a snooper and his involvement with murder, received the Golden Palm award. The American film centers on the sleazy private life of a private eye who is assigned to eavesdrop on the conversations of a young couple “Sugerland Fxpress won the award for hest scenario Nicholson took the award for best actor for his role as a troubled sailor iii “The Last Detail”. Marie Jose Nat of France was named best actress for ber role in "{a's \ Mons du Bal ”, a film about the Nazi occupation of France The IUrv awarded a special prize to Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini for hi- ribald version of “A Thousand and One Nights". The Film Critics Federation award went jointly to “Lancelot of the Lake", directed by France s Robert Bresson and “All the Other- \re Called Mi", a film about un ill-fated romance between a cleaning woman and a Morroeean immigrant It wa- directed by West Germany’s Hamer Fassbinder Bresson said he would reject the prize “because it shocks mc to -hare it lh- film i-about King Xrthur’s knight- of tin* round table “The Island", a Sov let film. was awarded the grand prize for short subjects while the jury prize went to "Hunger" a Canadian film The jury granted a prize to director Carlos Saura of Spain for his film “Cousin Angelica . a haunting talc of a middleaged man reliving hi-childhood during the Civ ii war Decries Dam on River Jordan -I KH I VU.KM IAI1) - Till' river where Jesus was baptized is in danger of becoming an open sewer, an Israeli member of parliament claims The Jordan river faces that late if government-owned water companies carry out an irrigation project involving a dam across the river near the Sea of Galilee. Ycdidia Been charged in a debate Tuesday Been -aid the dam would block fresh water needed to dilute the river - (h ii hit ion Xgriculturc Minister llaim (ivuii replied that pollution was caused bv farming settlements dumping garbage iii I he river and said they should be compelled to treat waste water You're Not Well Dressed lf Your Clothes Aren t Cleaned and Pressed Coll Uv Quality cleaning has bein our bonnes* for over 75 year* Free Pickup & Delivery MASON Dry Cleaners 2 I 4 5th Ave SW 362-8531 ♦ * * ¥ * ♦ * * ¥ * * * * * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ NOTICE! Cedar Rapids Homeowners Homestead Exemption and Military Exemption Applications Must be Filed in the City Assessor’s Office, 5th Floor City Hall BEFORE JULY I, 1974 Come In Early, Avoid The Rush! OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Too Much Smell Dumped in Gas NORW ALK. Conn ( MD Someone put ten much ‘ smell into the natural gas supplied by Connecticut Light and Dower Co , a company spokesman -ay- The utility adds odor to the odorless gas piped to customers so that it can lo* detected iii case of a gas leak But somebody overdid it by pouring too much odor into tilt* tanks at the Norwalk plant The result was a strong but harmless smell in homes when ga- -love- and appliances were turned on The strong odor brought about add telephone complaints and a company spokesman said servicemen were dispatched to ( heck out cav Ii complaint The spokesman said the company could not do anything about the smell, but said it would eventually disappear os appliances used up the gas For Better Health Learn to Identify Poison Ivy Plants, Avoid Them Bv Dr S I., \iidelman Kach year 2 Mnericans -uttor from poison ivy The disease results from contact with tin* oily sap of poison ivv, poison oak and poison sumac plants The pl,nits aren’t actually poison. but the sap is an allergen, a substance that produces an allergic reaction iii sensitive indiv nliials The poison plants are found in all parts of the country, so learn to identify the plant- to keep yourself free ol the disease \\ itll the exception of poison sumac, wInch grows in the form of a woody shrub or a -mall tree. the other plants grow as vines along walks, fences and paths or as ground shrubs. You’ll recognize them by tlit* distinctive distribution of leaves — single leaves con sisting ol three leaflets oil a stem Toxic Resin Ifs estimated that at least seven of every ten people are potentially allergic to the toxic resin of poison ivy Luckily, most cases ol poison ivy are relatively mild. However, persistent or severe ease- may he dangerous ii- well as pa11>IuI Iii serious eases complications such as fever, swollen Iv mph nodes, f I u 11 ke symptoms. kidney damage and even blood changes are possible Hospitalization may be required. Treatment depends on the severity of the reactions Mild lo moderate cases are treated by keeping the skin clean. drying up broken blisters, relieving itching and otherwise assisting the natural healing of the skin Applying Cold water compresses to the affected Dr. S. L. Andelman area- will reduce relieve itching and reduce mflumma lion Tepid baths iii water containing cornstarch or oatmeal can relieve itching on parts ol the body not effectively treated with wel dressing Contrary to popular superstition, bulbing -bowering and other exposures to water can bt* useful and even essential to treatment Calamine Lo!ion Calamine lotion, applied 'early. will hasten the dry in:* of small blisters Your doctor will treat extensive eruptions wuh local or systemic cortisone remedies and superimposed infections witll antibiotics Oral histamine drugs often relieve the itching. Improvenient Money Now Available! Almost any ptqjec I na I ides. -Si Additions IZA Air Conditioning — Central Automatic Garage Openers Combination Windows Concrete Work Dishwashers Fireplaces Floor Covering Floor Furnaces Flooring Furnace Garages Garbage Disposals Heating Controls Incinerators Insulation Jalousies Kitchen Cabinets Landscaping Light Fixtures Lighting Oil Burners Painting Papering Patios and Driveways Plastering Plumbing Rec Room Finishing Refrigerators Roofing Screens Security Alarm Systems Septic Tanks Sewer Repair Siding Sodding Sprinkler Systems Storm Doors Stove and Ranges Swimming Pools Termite Control Vacation Cottages Venetian Blinds Washers and Dryers Water Heaters Water Softeners Wiring These are only a few of the projects that qualify. 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