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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Is educational envoy visiting teacher is in demand in Section a iowan s accurate Arrow Wellman Archer tops in nation in Section b Section a weal her rain Likely to continue into monday. Low tonight around 40. Highs monday in 50s. Of tilt Dar fl&ptd4 City final 25 cents volume 90 a number 119 Cedar rapids Iowa sunday May 7. 1972 associated press up new York times a Nang air base attacked ethnic tie called key to Victory Don Nixon tied to of contractor Santa Ana Calif. Up president Nixon s younger brother has obtained a substantial Stock interest in a prefab i a 1 rated building manufacturing company which holds a $4.27 new York a forthcoming �n0r\.u�?Tsc a a Force rub con study contends that the presi Raa a e Santa Ana Register finn Ial Nan in urn kv1 s3ld saturday. The copyrighted Story said by Peter Kihss new York times service dental election can be won by either republicans or democrats with strategies directed at the ethnic vote a Black Spanish jewish italian and slavic a which accounts for 30 to 33 percent of the electorate. Based on analysis of nearly 2.000 precincts and More than 700 elections the study is to be published May 23 by Simon and schuster As a the ethnic Factor How americans minorities decide the authors Are Mark r. Levy former Abc news manager of election analysis and Michael s. Kramer recent consultant for the Institute of american research at Francis Donald a a done Nixon and his wife became owners of 5,000 shares of Stock in Halla More Homes inc., Fountain Valley Calif., on feb. 29. Hallamore Homes the Register said was awarded a subcontract last december from Community science technology inc., los Angeles to build prefabricated buildings for the air Force. Washington columnist Jack Anderson had reported two weeks before i he Stock Transfer that the younger Nixon 57, Newport Beach Calif., was attempting to Columbus Ohio. Swing government contracts it cites turnouts decreasing ,0 the Hallamore firm. Among Northern Blacks South-1 Western mexican americans and at that time the Register new York City puerto Picans i said. Don Nixon told one of its All strongly Democrat. It finds reporters a i dignify that jews Are a forever Liberal a that piece of trash by even ans that italians and slavs can no longer be taken for granted by democrats and that ethnicity is now less important for the Irish. Of Brien endorsement Wermig. At the same time the Register said Lloyd Hallamore president of the two year old company stated a at no time was. There any wrong doing on the i he study is endorsed by Par 0f myself or Don Nixon or Lawrence o Brien democratic members of the corporation National chairman who Sug d0n Nixon has been a personal gets that democratic presiden Friend for a Long time and i tial chances would be a greatly Knovs he would never knowingly increased by studying its find do anything Ings Vuk a Nii _ c a after being informed Friday the authors assert that. N r. F a a a that the Register had Learned of i whether the democrats can win a. A. The Stock Transfer to Nixon Halls largely a question of ethnic j m loan a said if he has any behaviour in six states with 181 electoral votes or two thirds of Lamore said a if he has Stock he bought it the same the total a new York Caylor a it Quot a one else Hal Nia. Illinois. New Jersey Ohio last Hue defenders Odd lot enemy rockets damage big . Installation by Edwin q. White by Richard Blystone Saigon a communist Hue Vietnam apr the led troops slammed rockets Sun last ditch Volunteer defenders of Day into the big . Air base at Hue paraded saturday past Danang from which missions shops closed with Iron grates Are flown Over North Vietnam past knots of noncommittal Bys and launched fresh assaults on Tanders and past the bastions of a badly battered Camp in the the City sold military might. Central Highlands near threaten a thousand men from a 15 Korntum City year old in a White sport shirt to five americans and three a 70-year-old Man with a Chest i vietnamese were reported full of ribbons and a Long White wounded. One . Plane was Beard they had been gathered destroyed and a second one against a North vietnamese at damaged in the rocket attack tack that is a foregone Conlu on Nang Sion. I the . Command announced a if Hue Falls Vietnam Falls a that a Carrier based Navy a-7 said Nguyen due Mai a teacher a downed by a surface to air and political adviser to hues missile in raids Over the North so called a division of the government has provided 20.000 weapons for volunteers to defend the City if the army cannot hold off the North vietnamese. The provincial government Hopes that As Many men will heed the posters calling for volunteers. On saturday. The Jet went Down 18 Miles Northwest of the coastal City of Deng hoi and about 60 Miles above the demilitarized zone. The command said the Pilot is missing. In the Central Highlands the South vietnamese attempt to a a. I reopen the Supply route from hundreds of citizens have re pie Iku to Korntum appeared to turned to Hue in the past two Bave collapsed Saturn after Days but thousands were still the. Wrecked a and Riding southward saturday in captured a vital pass. Buses and overloaded trucks. A a it c despite the South vietnamese 50.000 remained out of a Popula in quoth swim use taif mowed Hon of 200,000. The Parade had Quot a a a expected mzn13 a a wll Hin a i a i ant n a fkr. Maklon a i u a a a i . Adviser who survived the attack told Paine the enemy opened with a rocket and mortar barrage to pin Down the Garrison while sappers slipped into the base. The sappers put bandages on their hands and Knees to avoid cutting themselves on the perimeter wire Haynes related. A once inside they got zapped a he continued. A i saw one of our men virtually decapitate two of the North vietnamese. He shot them of close Range with an m-16 Rifle and you know what that Bullet does to Skull farther North the South vietnamese on thursday launched their first counterattack since the enemy offensive began March 30 and scored an Early Success at Chu Pao pass on Highway 14. South vietnamese officers said they cleared the pass and one Convoy from Plesku got through to Korntum before the North vietnamese struck Back. The South vietnamese were driven from Chu Pao after a Day of heavy fighting. On the Northern front around Hue Field reports said the Gazette photo by Tom merry Mart Park clean and Pennsylvania. New York has the largest ethnic electorate a 44 percent not counting the Irish. The study reports the average democratic vote by the states Blacks puerto Picans and jews in the last three presidential elections As 84 percent. But less than 35 percent of Eli a i b i e Blacks in Bedford Stuyvesant Are registered according to the study. The City a puerto Picans in 1968 cast less than half the ballots they did in i960, and May be Down below Una Akailah few for comment on the 120,000 registered according to Stock Ransfer and it was unable Nixon a Stock ownership in the firm. California department of corporations records showed the Register said that on feb. 29 the 5,000 shares of Hallamore Stock owned by an Isaac Newton Kraushaar la Habra Calif., were transferred to Francis Donald and Clara j. Nixon of 1915 Glenwood Lane Newport Beach. The presidents younger brother lives at that address. The Register said Nixon was two Cedar rapids units of the Iowa National guard Are participating this weekend in a Quot make the scene Green Quot Campaign. Men from companies b and a 234th signal battalion worked in Morgan Creek and Pini con Ridge Parks. Shown working on Steps at Morgan Creek Are from left sgt. Charles hening sgt. David Ramm and pfc Kenny Jones. Watching at right is it. Bob Baker. All Are from Cedar rapids except hening who is from Swisher. Clean up work continues today. Elements of the Noble and the i warily in the Highlands Dic Ulous. R., Tae major fighting in the Cen ,. I Btu by played a tra Highlands entered six Shade off key. The men in the myies North of Plesku on High ranks wore a Jumble of Black Way 14 a Supply route and at pyjamas camouflage uniforms a by pa0 pass seven Miles South and tattered sports shirts. Some 0f Korntum. Korntum is 27 Miles of the troops wore boots some North of Peikun the major base a s. In the Highlands. Militiamen civil servants and a a a commander a regiment of a. A orb a an is Struc half dozen retired officers were ,. A. I1 vie namese brigade Headquarters known As represented. The Flag bearer was the Beri boned bearded 70-year-old. He is capt. Tran Van Tuan retired when the fire base 42, six Miles North of Plesku. Damage to bunkers advancing under a mortar present War was starting. He barrage enemy sappers had fought 18 years for the French and 14 for the South vietnamese. The column marched from smashed into the base Damag ing bunkers destroying several artillery pieces and killing or wounding too South vietnamese in a three hour attack. The de How do you get women Wallace is delegates chairman Leader the study. President Nixon a 49 percent plurality among new York states italians in 1968 made him the first Republican presidential candidate to carry any of the six ethnic groups studied in any of the 50 states according to the authors. New jerseys electorate is described As nearly 20 percent ethnic with italians and slavs a trending significantly in 1960, John f to locate Kraushaar at la Habra. An Anderson aide told the Register that the columnist had Learned of efforts on Halla More a behalf in july 1971, j seven months before the february column appeared. The aided said Anderson s information came the same month that Hallamore Homes became a Public corporation issuing 300,000 shares of Over the counter Stock at $10 a share. The company women. The delegation to the party a state statutory convention at Ames last month was composed of eight men and eight women. As it stands now Irey said some Cedar county delegates Are so irked Over the Challenge that they decided not to attend the presidential convention May 20. 1960, John f. Kennedy s had been incorporated May 21, continued Page 3, col. 7.1 1970. Building trades settlement the first building trades settlement was announced saturday night after Allied construction interests and labourers local 43 reached agreement on wages for the next year. A joint statement said the settlement which Calls tor a 31 cent an hour increase is within the guidelines established by the construction Industry stabilization committee and the Federal Price commission. A in View of the fact the cig reduced last years agreement substantially a the statement said a the new settlement. Is Only 1.5 percent above last years agreement. The statement said both sides believe there will be no work stoppage monday since All of the other negotiating committees Are still bargaining in Good Faith. The new labourers agreement covers Only pay under a wage reopened clause. The main contract has two years to run. Roofers have been the Only Union picketing so far Ana that has been at shops Only not at Job Sites. Fifteen other building trades agreements remain to be settled. Old contracts expired a week ago. By Frank Nye Tipton a How do you get women to be delegates to state political conventions if they done to want to go that a what Cedar county democratic chairman Don Irey wants to know. Irey raised the question after Bev Mitchell a Linn county Delegate to the democratic state presidential convention May 20 in Des Moines challenged the ratio of delegates on several second Dis tric counties including Cedar a. She said none of the challenged delegations had enough female delegates in ratio to men delegates. Cedar county a ratio of 20 percent women�?16 men and 4 women a was one of the worst she said. Irey challenged her Back saturday. He wants her to come to the Cedar county democratic Central commit tee meeting at 7 30 . Monday at the courthouse Here 1 to j ii 0 and Tell the group How to get if do i ill re by of in n. Carolina by Gregg Herrington Raleigh . A Alabama gov. George Wallace took a solid Lead Over Terry Sanford on saturday in North Carolinas first presidential preference primary. With 53 percent of the states province Headquarters across a fenders counted 36 in dead Bridge Over the foul smelling inside the base 0ne and. Perfume River now empty of its Kin gliding samoans and past the associated press Corre frowning Walls of the Hue Ala a pendent David j. Pain report. Del where the vet Cong lag from the a base a was Sti Quot a a urine after it Otten Sive of 1968 from he command Post b k this time the people know he Mata target of the track continued Page 10a, col. 2. Range of the old Imperial capital. The reports said three of the big guns which have a Range of 17 Miles were knocked out by . Fighter bombers. Fighting also was reported around fire base Birmingham to Miles West of Hue. The Saigon command said 39 enemy were killed and government losses were two killed and la wounded. . 7th Fleet ships bombarded enemy positions to the North of Hue Between the Cua Viet River and Quang Tri which fell to the enemy monday. They were credited with a secondary explosion in a Supply and tank area. Although the 38-Day-old North vietnamese offensive had slowed during the past week it was thought this was Only to give time for bringing in More supplies and for regrouping of forces. Saigon front on the Saigon front a Bridge on a secondary Road 15 Miles Southwest of the capital was Irey said the new party reforms to insure proportional 2,255 precincts reporting Wal representation on delegations lace had 224,195 votes or 50 per apparently Arentt working out cent to former North Carolina As Well As it was hoped. Governor Sanford a 168,414 everybody seems to devotes or 38 percent. Black new making up his own rules As York Congress woman Shirley Chisholm was running third As expected with 34,035 votes or 8 we Irey said. He pointed out that if the Reform program was strictly adhered to Cedar county would have to have Delegate representation for certain minority groups even though these groups have no residents in the county. Not Many going percent. Voter turnout had been heavy throughout the Day and Well Over half the states 2.2 million registered voters a three fourths of them democrats a had been expected to cast ballots. The ballot was the most crowded in North Carolina history with numerous candidates women to be delegates. Irey said there had been no Effort to exclude women from the delegation that it was hard to find women who wanted to attend conventions. He pointed out that the Cedar county delegation to the second District convention March 25 at Monticello was made up of 13 men and seven Johannesburg South for state offices. Africa apr heard on the Public address system of the we Johannesburg internal i o n a i air Park a will All female passengers kindly proceed to the lefthand Gate All males to the righthand Gate and those of you who Are Uncertain please proceed to the information counter for today s Chackle women can drive cars just As Well As men can which i when you come to think of it Isnit such a great achieve ment. Copyright i maj. Michael Haynes 35, a blown up by enemy sappers and traffic was halted temporarily. There were isolated attacks and shellings in other provinces adjacent to the capital. My is flees Hue map photo j1 an elderly vietnamese woman carries her possessions As she flees from Hue the former vietnamese Imperial capital. In Cambodia cambodian continued Page 10a, col. Today Index Section a late news 1,3, to deaths 3 editorials it report card la accent on youth i Section b Iowa news m3 television table you and Iowa s Frank Nyers political notes it Marion 12 food 13 building 14-17 movies. 10-17 record reviews to farm 20-31 Section c social 1-24 around the town 2 new books. 2 travel. 2$ Section o sports to outdoor Iowa i financial 10-12 new York stocks to want ads 13-24 crossword 23 Parade Magazine. 1-20 i comics 1-0

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