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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Only six months to live a cancer victim tells his own Story first Section sentenced to life at 13 reformatory inmate nov 46 years old Iowa news Section Iowa Cloudy scattered showers South and West sunday partly Cloudy else where. Hath 45-55. Low sunday eight in ios. Mon Day decreasing cloudiness no important temperature change. Volume 81 City final 10 cents Cedar rapids Iowa sunday March 31, 1957. Associated press United press International news audits offer to free woman strikes tie up British industries another half million idled by walkouts in greater London. By Edwin Shanke. London factory strikes hit this teem ing manufacturing capital saturday paralysing More and More of the Industry on which Britain lives. A half million men in about greater London plants officially joined saturday the Mil lion engineering workers who walked out a week ago mainly in Scotland and Northern England. Two Hundred thousand ship makers began the third week of their strike which has silenced 70 shipyards around Britain. No Early peace Hopes neither Side in the wage Dis More ment Pules held out any Prospect of peace moves Over the weekend. Negotiations the last week broke Down in deadlock. Labor minister Iain Macleod pinned his Hopes for an Early end the to the strikes on an Appeal to the unions to Call off their walkout and leave the issues to an impartial investigation by a three Man court of inquiry. Tile executive Council of the 40-Union confederation of ship building and engineering unions which is masterminding both strikes will consider the govern ment request Day before the court of inquiry opens its hearings. Spread threatened. Unless a settlement is reached this week the unions threaten to pull out by next weekend another million factory workers rang ing from unskilled hands to machine operators. There has been no official state nent on the economic repercussions of the strikes so far. The factories involved account for 41 percent of Britain s exports. In the shipyards work on 300 ships is halted. Although company books Are bulging with 900 million dollars Worth of to keep the Yards Busy for the next five have expressed fear that new orders irom abroad May pass them by. Fear loss of Jet Market. Probes to Aid Al Cio purge move Washington a sen Tor Mcclellan pledged Ull cooperation saturday with he Al Cio investigation of teamsters president Dave Beck and any other labor efforts to rid to ranks of what he called unwholesome Mcclellan is chairman of Senate rackets committee which ried for two Days earlier last week to draw answers from Beck about his financial dealings with he giant teamsters Union the nation s largest. Beck invoked his fifth Amend Protection against possible self incrimination in refusing to answer. To cooperate fully. Friday the Al Cio executive Council suspended Beck As a member and vice president and directed its ethical practices com Mittee to investigate charges that be has brought the labor move ment into Mcclellan was asked at a news conference whether his Senate committee conducting a far Flung probe of racketeering in the labor management Field had offered to cooperate with the Al Cio investigation. He replied no formal offer has been made but he said i think they know the committee will co operate with them in every Way in the world in every Effort they make to eliminate the unwholesome elements that have devel oped in the labor to take in other cities. Mcclellan was asked if he meant the committee would fur Nish testimony or documents in its Possession which have not been made Public in its hearings so far the senator said he could l speak for the committee but he declared that any request from them for information we May have will be Given immediate the committee has recessed its hearings for about two weeks Bui Mcclellan said its investigations into Union activities in new loaf a spokesman for the de Havil land aircraft works where the stoppage will affect work on the new version of the Comet Jet air liner told newsmen this May be throwing away Britain s last Chance of getting into the Jet air liner american capita airlines has ordered 14 of the new comets. The Backwash of the ship Yard strike meantime forced changes in the plans of the luxury liner Queen Mary now sailing homeward from new 1 Ork with 1.63z passengers. Cunard announced she would terminate her journey at Cher Bourg monday and sail Back from there to new York the following thursday. She thus will bypass her Home port of Southampton the company said the changes became necessary because nor Mal essential Docking facilities will not be available Lor the Queen Mary at Southampton. Pay demands. The unions originally demanded a 10 percent wage increase because of the i in Cost of Liv continued on Page 6, col. 8. Toss of Coin saves two lives Johnstown a. Richard Janson 15, tossed a with a Friend to see who would use their remaining Money and ride the last bus Home Friday night. Janson won and got Home about two. Hours earlier than if ire had walked As his Friend did. When i entered the House he found his sister Patricia 17, and her Fiance Thomas tee Cook 19, Union dec our on the living room floor. The Young couple was rushed to the Hospital Nheru they were revived. Firemen said fumes from a Gas leak felled the two. They Are re ported in Good condition. City Scranton and Philadelphia Stan tally ready for Public on paper locals. In these areas he said the investigations relate to the team sters Union but that More Mian Littee staff will figure in the Tes Quad City air Poi Mony about what he called a nearby Rock Isla just teamsters affairs Are involved. Mcclellan said that both Beck and James r. Hoffa a teamsters Union vice president under indictment on a charge of trying to Plant a spy on the Senate com Mit Timi per locals of the Union in new York. Paper locals Are so called be cause they exist on paper with officers but with few or no Mem Bers and Mcclellan said one Pur pose for setting them up could be to give a cloak of authority or Power to racketeers or to extort Mcclellan said he thought the committee would be Able to establish at its forthcoming heart Ings that at least half a dozen of these paper locals had been established by the teamsters. Parisian rioters demand tougher algerian policy Paris mob of Young frenchmen shouting i or a tougher French policy in Algeria rioted and clashed with police on crowded champs Elysee Satur Day after a bomb blast. One per son was Hurt by the bomb and four in the ensuing riot Algeria is shouted the demonstrators led by a Moscow asks questions democratic chief files Ike for exceeding Speed Moline 111. _. Democratic chairman Paul pa., and los Angeles Are sub Butler saturday criticized presi Dent Eisenhower for exceeding Lig Way Speed limits on a trip to his Gettysburg pa., farm. Butler said he could t understand Why the presidential Auto should be permitted to violate Speed limits. The Laws of this country Are meant for everyone and that goes for the president As Well As the lowliest working Butler said. Butler commented in response to newsmen when he arrived at Enro Ute to Iland 111., for a democratic dinner. Butler also said he approved of the probe of the teamster Union by the Senate committee on rackets in labor and Industry. The probe is a very constructive action from which the entire nation will he said. I do Hope they will get into Art investigation of attempts bribe he added. There Are some things which i think should be investigated but which were stopped during the presidential Campaign by the reporters were unable to get Butler to elaborate further on his bribery reference. Truman would t let Cabinet pass on competency new Yore a former president Truman said saturday u he wore still president he would not let the Cabinet pass on my Truman came out strongly against a proposal made by presi Dent Eisenhower Friday that of French paratroopers. Ile meted of men in the Blue and so berets the Constitution by amended to Security swooped troops and police Down clubbing them into Side streets. At least four persons were carried off by ambulances. One automobile was set Truman said when afire. The demonstrations started As a question cd about the proposal luring his usual Early morning of organizations consisting walk. Truman and his Wii e came mainly of right wingers and Ter Mer sen iceman assembled at the Tomb of the unknown Soldier to who is expecting a baby in july. Proclus the disappearance of capt. Hene Moureau last june in Morocco. Liberate France from Amer shouted tie marchers at one Point. About police and Security troops took part in the mop up. Calm was restored alter 90 minutes. Confederate vet undergoes major surgery at 109 Pensacola Fla. Up a Yankee doctor performed a Maior bladder operation saturday on confide rate Veteran William a. Lundy 100, and the old Robe. Was reported to have with stood suicide in an a bomb War by the surgery As n much Young Jermit the Cabinet to determine when the vice president should assume the duties of a disabled president. If you re president you re soviet warns Danes not to permit bases Copenhagen it soviet Premier n. A. Bulgarin has warned Denmark not to risk allowing Russia s enemies to establish bases on its soil it was announced sunday. No official comment on the implied threat was available immediately. The note Bulgarin sent to danish Premier h. C. Hansen Friday was made Public Here sunday. It repeated the threat the soviet Premier made to nor Way 10 Days rus Sia s first act in any new War would be to blast u. S. Bases with annihilating modern strictly speaking the United states has no bases in either of he scandinavian countries. How Ever it does Man the big Thule air base on danish Possession. Bulga Nln reminded Hansen ominously that one Hydrogen explosion would destroy a Terri Ory with a radius of several Hundred he added hat action in a new War would hardly be limited to the use of one tiny Denmark measures Only 240 by 280 Kilometres 150 by 175 if Bulgarin s figures arc Correct a single a blast would virtually blow the entire country off the map. The purpose of the russian notes to Denmark and Norway appeared to be to frighten the two countries into dropping their membership in the Atlantic pact. Slowdown ends in Spanish mines Madrid ins miners resumed Normal work saturday in two of three mines there a go slow strike was carried out recently in the Langreo mining Valley near Oviedo in Northwest Ern Spain. Man might Lundy who received a Spina Anaesthetic was wide sink and doing very satisfactorily i the recovery room after the two hour operation. Doctor s said h was beyond the danger Point of the operation itself. It was the second surgery with in a month on the one time Homi guard member who took a couple of pot shots but missed at Union mop up forces when they none rated to his South Alabama Homi at Elba in the closing Days of Thi War. A kidney disorder made tin operations necessary. Although it was against the policy of Baptist Hospital to re lease the name of the surgeon t was disclosed he comes from Wisconsin. Uncle Bill three civil War veterans All Reb Els still alive. Here to visit his daughter mar Aret now mrs. Clifton Daniel today s Chu Klc of course it takes ail kinds of people to make a world. But a lot of them won t help. Codr Rutht. N. Atlantic air fare boost asked Lundy is one of million Aid studied for Poland offer would fall Short of million As sought by Gomulka. 5y Donald j. Gonzales. Washington United states is expected to offer Poland 75 million Dol ars Worth of economic Aid Oon government officials disclosed saturday. This would be Only a fraction f the 500 million dollars the red a Gimp has been seeking in Nugo Gallons which began Here feb. 0. Some . Authorities doubt in poles will so much use while risking m o s c o w s Arnth. The negotiations have been Al standstill for the last two Voeks while the United prepared its offer. Adm Elstra Lon sources said a program o about 75 million dollars is now up for final study by Prosl Dan Eisenhower and secretory state John Foster Dulles. Announcement expected. An announcement of the off May come this week. Almost any offer is sure to re into congressional opposition Senate . Leader William f Knowland Calif has repeated y argued against assistance of the poles. However. Hep. Thomas s. Gor Don chairman of the ious foreign affairs committee my several democratic senator me decia Rcd themselves in in Vor of Aid for the new polls regime of Wladyslaw Gomulka. Gomulka s government we Sci seeking to loosen Moscow s grip on Poland wants 200 Mil Ion dollars Worth of surplus Arm products at Cut rate p re pcs the list includes Cotton wheat Corn Barley Rye fals and oils in addition Poland wants credit to finance Purchase of 100 nil Linn run Llars in annl Man uni and farm machinery. . Negotiators were Over whelmed by the size of the to ish request. At this Point tin administration does not have anything like 300 million Dollar available. One reason funds Are Short i hat most of Thorn arc Subj cd o the Battle act which bars ale .0 any nation trading in strata ii Nate reals with Russia. Caution is Cal. The United states is planning to undertake the 75-Mllllon-Dol Lar program in carefully con rolled phases. This would enable the state department to Hul t quickly if the polish Regmi should reverse its course and swing Back to of. American officials believe a program of this size would pro vide enough Aid As a starter to let Poland s 20 million people know there is Hope for More i. Leave Island. Sydney ins the last of h9 non essential personnel were reported today to have been evacuated from Christmas Island where Britain will soon explode its first Hydrogen bomb. They strengthen their tics with the West. But the United states feels it can t offer much More than this now in View of polish attacks in it now and says Washington a sen Tor Knowland a Calif said saturday that president Eisen Ower s latest defense of his pending budget in t going to Cep Congress from cutting about free billion dollars off presi entail Money requests. Knowland the Senate Republic an Leader said he double even lat amount of economizing in legislators will permit and jux Cut measure this year. Democratic leaders have been considering plans to reduce in orc levies effective next Jan. If Eisenhower s budget is sufficiently. Knowland lid he does t think such a move Ould be Wise. Substantial slash. Knowland and other . Carers apparently look on Eisen Ower s remarks at a White Louse news conference last wednesday As indicating the resident is taking a firmer stand against budget cuts than they had expected. Nevertheless Knowland sold thinks there Are going to be substantial reductions from the. In new Money re quests made by the president. Byrd wants bigger Cut. Senator Byrd a vat in called for a slash of from 5 i k billions. Knowland said he does t he Lleve the Senate s action thurs Day in approving a Bill Guthorl ing i billion dollars Worth o new water projects indicates lha Economy sentiment in decl Nln among his colleagues. The Bill opens the Way to fun Turo requests for actual a Propri Itlen of Money in this and late wars. The president vetoed in blur Bill last year. Ellendor Hedges. Senator Ellonder . An committee men1 who has been urging cuts in the be Leader sets condition of amnesty resident s budget sold in a in to program recorded for a new Orleans station Wal that he in t in favor of Economy at the a pens of needed water projects. I have Given my pledge that lie monstrous 72 billion budget Ubol Ltd to Congress by the Inual and will Buic said. However in imposing those i do not intend to be Penny Vise and Pound foolish. I cannot any Merit in slashing vital valor resources first while there re still waste duplication find unnecessary expenditures taking Ilace in other Larick asks probe of steelworkers Union election Pittsburgh a Donald c. Ila Rick candidate for president of the United steelworkers sat urday asked president George Meany of the Al Cio to investigate the recent sleelworkcrs1 Clec b Cost in the feb. 12 steel workers election still arc being Oun cd. Incomplete unofficial re urns showed incumbent Percsi Lent David j. Mcdonald leading Over Rarick a Mckeesport Mill worker. Rarick sent n Telegram to Meany lauding the action taken recent years and in View of vast by inti against Dave exploitation of the polish Economy recently by the soviet Union. Fear superhighways will engulf productive Farmland Montreal apr the International air transport Assn. Is appealing for a 5 percent in crease in North Atlantic flight fares. The association represent ing most of the world s scheduled flight airlines a d it s necessary farms because of rising costs since fares practical alternative Peterson were fixed last May. Said. Washington agriculture department officials fear the new 32 billion Dollar superhighway program will Swallow up thousands of productive farms. Department officials May soon risk the White House to consider a policy of avoiding High Grade Furni land when Ever possible in building new Federal Aid roads. These officials believe this land will be badly needed to feed the nation Iri future years. Our population is growing steadily hut our physical land resources Are not going to get any larger. There should be some Corthern about what Hap pens to said assistant agriculture Secretary Ervin l. Peterson. In Many cases Highway engineers will be forced to run new roads through productive because there but As far As there Ore acceptable alternatives we should use he a decl. Spokesmen for the Commerce department s Bureau of Public Road Sand other Ali inns being equal Road engineers will avoid productive farm but the problem is basically inc for state Highway depart ments these officials snid. Tils 1056 Highway act pro Viding a 15-year, 32-Blliion Dollar Road program is Basic ally a program of Aid to the the of Cdcil government will 90 percent of the Cost of building some Miles of four to six Lano superhighways and about Miles of two Lane roads. But under the terms of the act Federal authorities have no More control Over state Roft plans than under earlier Road Laws in which the Federal contribution is Only 50 percent. Beck president of the International teamsters. Beck was sus Leci Kris Jimiy As a member of the Al Cio executive Council after declining to answer questions in a congressional investigation. Rarick s Telegram said in part if you Are sincere you will also Taki in Case of us election. The rank and file members of the United Auto steelworkers demand a voice in the conduct of their Union affairs. Will you help notorious chief dad Shah sends note to search party Headquarters. By Jarvis Racin. Tehran Iran a Lader of the desert outlaws to kidnapped Anita Carroll As agreed to release her if e is allowed to go free. The message came from the glorious Bandit Leader dad Shah to operates in the deserts of it Chiist Iran. The government ii suspected him fro the out it. The ministry said dad Shuli sent note by n messenger to Iran Lahr where search parties is Bill shed Headquarters. Tho government replied with i Assurance of amnesty if the rally 35-year-old american Oman is released immediately. Reported quite thu dramatic Exchange of Mes sages wus made Public Early Sun Day by the Interior ministry. N notorious thug Lender assurer the Shah s govern ment that mrs. Carroll is quite Safe and the governor of Xirui Ishar has been instructed form mediately the bandits and arrange for mrs. Carroll s Ihu inferior ministry said. Mrs. Carroll hns been a Cap ivc of the outlaws in the Barren reaches of Southeast run since Hist sunday.1 the gang ambushed two Ameri can jeeps killed her husband pm Roll 37, n . Nicl of icing another american and two Ranian men before they spirited frs. Pm Roll Newny to a hideout n the mountains. Reply to broadcasts. Ontl Shah s message was in re ily to repealed broadcasts on the Jovern mint radio promising him incl unlimited ran som for mrs. Carroll s Safe re urn. Unofficial sources said he also pressured by leaflets soil cred from a . Piano Assur no mrs. Carroll that the search would be pursued until she was found. Although none of the ban dits can read English these sources said they understood quickly that the leaflets indicated official determination to find their captive. Government sources said the Iranshahr governor s messenger probably would reach dad Shah y noon sunday. Family thankful. In Issaquah wash., mrs. Car Roll s Hometown her brother Alan Huovar said news that she is Safe wonderful the whole family is earner the to. S. Embassy had reported the Shah s police were closing in on two segments of the gang. I a doctor and a nurse were rushed to the arc a 800 Miles Southeast of this iranian capital of stand by. Man legally dead is reported really alive St Peters to. Schulte is legally dead but Actu ally alive his brother Henry says. Henry lives in St. I a tors. He said was declared legally dead Lour years ago after efforts to Trace him failed. Relatives were Given he had in a Bank. But Frank now has turned up alive employ cd As a farm hand near Terre haute ind., Henry said. And Frank will dec his Money Back. When inc court declared him Doad it ordered the posting of Bond to assure the Money s return in Case he turned up. Sunday s Index City Hall nol . Gate the lir ivc much in Cedar runt its of to survival Section ii new i of Luerul inn and television Tib i old record Herlevi ton noun Section Iii around the town new books null int outdoor to want and

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