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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A    Rapids    Gazette:    Wed.,    Mar.    20.    1074 SEATS Memberships on Sale in Linn County Memberships rn SEATS, the new minibus transportation system for eldely persons, arc being sold in Linn county. In Cedar Rapids, the $5 memberships are available through Virgil Andrew at 363-0502. Meta Schweibert at Hie Linn county Council on Aging, 366-3311, and Mary Jane Gormlcy, Linn county Health Center, 398-3543. Outside of Cedar Rapids in Linn county, memberships in the program are available from the following: Ida Otting, Marion, 377-2126; Bill Stroope, Marion, 377-1867; Alice lx?e, Springville, 854-6100; Merle Neuman. Center Point, 849-1370; John Kirkpatrick, Mt. Vernon, 895-8531; Cl us Groth, Alburnett, 842-2560, and Mac Stone, Central City, 438-1726. SEATS is not to be confused with another transportation system for the elderly being planned in Cedar Rapids by a mayor’s committee. The SEATS program is federally-sponsored and operated by the Area Agency on Hic Aging at Kirkwood Community college. * * * Persons over 60 years of age are eligible for membership Members may ride for 25 cents one-way or 50 cents round trip from their homes to any point in Linn county. Non-member elderly persons under 60 will be allowed to use SEATS on a space-available basis. The non-members will be charged 50 cents for one-way trips in the county. Rides to points outside of Linn county will also be permitted, with rates computed on the basis of miles driven and the number of passengers carried. Although persons under 60 years of age may not be members of SEATS, they may use the bus'system on a space-available basis. There will be few restrictions on the fuse of the buses. Citizens will be encouraged to ride the system for appointments at doctors’ and dentists’ offices, shopping trips, visits with friends and relatives, or entertainment. SEATS 15-passenger minibuses are operating in six of the seven counties of Merged Arca Ten now. One of the two vehicles to be used in Linn county has been delivered and tile other is expected soon. ♦ * * Rich Brass, SEATS transportation director, announced a schedule for the buses in Linn county. The schedule lists general areas of the county where buses will operate Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. SEATS officials said the system will not provide point-to-point rides within Cedar Rap- j ids. since the city’s own minibus j system is expected to be in op-1 eration soon. However. Cedar Rapids elderly will be permitted to use SEATS for rides outside | of the city. Rural residents will be permitted to ride SEATS into ' Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids residents may j ride SEATS to the following areas on Tuesday and Saturdays: Toddville, Morris, Palo, Robins, Hiawatha. Linn Junction, Covington. Fairfax, the Municipal airport. Ely. Bert-1 ran, Vernon View, Marion, i and the county home. On Wednesdays and Fridays,j Cedar Rapids residents may take SEATS to any point in Linn county. On Tuesdays and Satur-j days, trips to out-of-county destinations will be permitted. An announcement will be j made soon regarding the formal j start of service in Linn county. I When the system is operating, users of SEATS will be asked to J telephone 398-5605 or a toll-free! number, 1-800-332-5996, at least I one day in advance to arrange i rides. ♦ * * When the system is operating, buses will run on the following J schedule in Linn county each week: .Monday — Marion (inside, and | between Marion and Cedar Rap-, ids), and the southeast area I Jeff Prouty Wins Company Scholarship Martin Marietta Corp. lias announced the winners of its 1974 college scholarship awards. Jeff Prouty, 2515 Amber drive NE, was named winner in the Iowa district of Martin Marietta’s central aggregates division The son of Mr. and Mrs. Dow Prouty. he is a senior at John F. Kennedy, a member of the National Honor Society and an i Eagle Scout. The scholarship is awarded to sons or daughters of Martin Marietta employees, based on scholastic records, test scores. | need, and recommendations from school officials Each award is for $1,500 for the first year and may Im; renewed for three additional years. consisting of Marion, the county home, Whittier, Viola. Springville, Paralta, Vernon View, Bertram. Mt. Vernon, Lisbon and other localities. Tuesday — Service is available to out-of-county destinations. In addition, Toddville, Morris, Palo, Robins, Hiawatha, Linn Junction, Covington, Fairfax, the airport, Ely, Bertram, Vernon View, Marion, the county home. burnett, Center Point. Alice, I Linn Junction, Covington Fair-Walker. Troy Mills Paris, Reg-1 ft,*, .ho airport, Ely. Midway, ors, Central City, Coggon, Wau-    ..    _    * beek, and Prairieburg    ’ e,n°n View, Marion, Thursday — Northeast area — j |c0l,n*' home. Riders will Paris, Rogers, Coggon, Prairie- Sl,.l)t’ taken into Cedar Rap- burg, Central City, Waubeek. Southeast area — Marion, county home, Whittier, V iola, Springville, Paralta, Vinton View, Bertram, Mt. Vernon, Lisbon. Friday Anyone iii the colin- ids from these areas. LAFF - A - DAY - Armed Forces Kinney, 4601 Midway drive NW, joined the army delayed enlistment program. Nat L. Ray, 4224 Mt. Vernon Interagency Council Election Is Friday Interagency Council will The (inssom.lTurkish Students ii way and othei localities will jv can or(jer (he bus to go anyone a minibus operating be- j where in the county. Also, the em ain wi un them. People northwest area will be specially! will also be aker. into Cedar sorved walker. Troy Mills, i f i s rom lese aieus. (Center Point, Alburnett, Lafav-j wednesday — Anyone in the otto. Alice. county can order tho bus to go anywhere in the county. In addition, the whole northern area of the county will especially be* served, including the towns and general area of Lafayette. Al- Saturday — Service is available to out-of-county destinations. In addition, service will be offered within and between the following towns — Toddville, Morris, Palo, Robins. Hiawatha, ; road SE, joined the Michael Neunaber, son of Mr. son, M o n t i ce 11 o ; Thom as | corps, and Mrs. Dale Neunaber, Ana- M e i s n o r, Monticello; Jay mosa, was promoted to    army    Hayden, Monticello; Rickie specialist 4-c while serving    in    ington, Vinton;    David Russelsheim, Germany.    221 Thirteenth    street    NW, and Injured    in Riot? ANKARA. Turkey (AP) Leftist    and    rightist student'sion, speaking on Our Role in groups battled in two eastern Cedar Rapids (clebration el Adcon Walter, all of 3115 Leon-|Loney, 13(10 Twenty-first avenue,|(>wns Tucsday, police our Nation’s Bicentennial". *    *    *    Thomas    Farley,    Monticello, Navy Sit Michael Waller, son    ,he navy. of Fred Walter and husband of    Dan Marks, Van    Horne; Gary marine (10|(j its annual meeting Friday noon at tilt1 YWCA for election of officers. The program will include Robert M L. Johnson, project director, Bicentennial Commis- arri street NE, is home on leave SW; Dan Edmonds, for 14 days from Port Hueneme, Marvin Morgan, 828 D Calif. * * * Vinton, rep0rtecj Candidates for the various of- avenue jyj-    were seriously injured    ..... .| njA nres- NW; Jerry Spores, 1906 C street'.,,,,, ,,, #thcrs hurt as fists and;^ lnt'ud( I    ' s "nti and SW; Kevin Marks, Van Horne;    f|„,v    the    Teachers    CoL    l(*ent    I    ‘    -a    . stones flew at the leacners ^|Gene Adney, vice-president; Carol Rickey and Alice Richer, armv    r    secret    .UA    Tnl'K    Shuttleworth Rita Rachel-. 20. daughter of arm>-    In    the    eastern    city    of    Er-    -    treasurer; Lynn Cerveny, 1134 Summit zurum. n hitth school pupils ‘m(l    \]    irilvn Mclvor “Yes, we do do things together. We argue and we fight!” The following have enlisted in Charles Davis, Vinton, and Fred    Vum.ai    1<v e armed forces:    |    Fredericks, Atkins, joined theljjjg W nnKm ,<X In the eastern city of Er Mr. and    Mrs. Dave Kacher,!    cynn cerveny, 1134 Summit    ^urum,    ll    high    school    pupil route two,    Cedar Rapids, joined    avenue SW, and Deborah the army national guard and *ngton, 161 Nineteenth sire was sent    to Fort McClellan,    NW. joined the army and were    streets    ~~    ........... Wilson, Ala., for training.    sent to bort McClellan, Ala., for    The principal of    Erzurum    high    laige scats. Wayne McMurris, route one training.    I    school,    Hayati    Gene,    said    the    Write-ins    are    welcome    provid- Cov- werc, mjurefj when they fought Harry Macy, Marilyn Mclvor, street with cjubs and stones in lhc Ruth Kremenak. and Maurice un i,.„„ jor (VN0 members-at- Cedar Rapids; Steven Huh man, 2934 C avenue NE; Shane Wil- Richard Lueders, 59 Fleet- cause of wood road NW, and Donald Mc- known. the fighting was not ing their acceptance has been received prior to nomination. ! Fifth Avenue Furniture has served the Quad Cities area for over 40 years and was well known for quality merchandise. In addition we are adding our own stock with tremendous price cuts to bring you the greatest savings ever. Choose from such famous names as Kroehler, Simmons, Lane, Douglas, Sealy, Maytag, Zenith, Philco, Therapedic, Keller, Pontiac, Brody, Schweiger and others. Below is just a partial listing of the furniture and appliances on sale. Hi I i rn Innerspring Mattress Twin Size Sale Price S Walnut 2 Lamp and Cocktail TABLES 3 Pc*. ‘29 95 2-pc. Sofa and Chair. Olive-nylon tweed cover. Reg. 5349.50 ............................. HOLLYWOOD BED. Twin size mattress, box spring, headboard and frame. Reg. 589.50............... SCHWEIGER SOFA Nigh back. Reversible Cushions. Velvet Russit Cover. Reg. 5389.50 KROEHLER SOFA. Rust color. Reg. 5299.50. TUXEDO STYLE SOFA. Biscuit tufted. Choice of - •-« ..:-ui Rpn J249.50................ Nylon Sale Puce Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price I U Abl* V _ Black or Gold vinyl. Re* >z43.ju..... 3-Pc. Sectional. Reversible zippered cushions. —•« ntimce of Gold, Green or Brown. Reg. 5298,00. Kroehler BlueOak Captains Chest Reg. 139.50 cover. Choice OK«.6oW S249.50 Sofa. Herculon cover. Reg. cover. Revers'- $77 KROEHLER LOVE SEAT, 100S nylon “ " rw Reg. S269 50 ............. matelasse cover, gold or blue. SCHWEIGER SOFA, n Tuxedo style. Reg. 329.50 ..... SCHWEIGER SOFA. Modern style, Herculon stripe — °»« W19.50.................. 12” Zenith Black & White TV ’87 i cn uw,... cover, arm caps. Reg. 5319 50 . KROEHLER SOFA. Traditional tutted back. Choice of rust or olive velvet. Reg. 5449.50 ................ KROEHLER 2-Pc. Sofa and Chair. Scotchgard Floral Matelasse. Reg. 5599 50      Price >229 s58 >299 ‘198 *199 *248 *199 *198 *269 *229 ‘369 *479 Sate Price Sale price Sale Price Sale Price Sale price Sale price Sale Lane 3-pc. Contemporary Bedroom Suite. Triple 9 Drawer Dresser with Mirror. 5 drawer chest, full or Sale $r ai-Queen size Headboard. Beautiful Oak. Reg. 5799.50 ... Price    39 J) 3-pc. Bedroom Suite. Double dresser and Mirror,    Sale    $4 aa chest and full size headboard. Walnut finish. Reg. 229.50    Price    I Jo Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress and Matching Box Spring. Discontinued tick. Full size. Just I. Floor Sale t* gA sample.Reg.5199 90 ........................ Price    IOO set King Koil Mattress and Matching Box Spring. Quilt top. IO year quarantee. Full    or twin size.    Reg.    Sale    i A 5159.50 ................................ Price    119    set QUILTED Top Innerspring Mattress and Matching Box Spring. 15 year guarantee. Twin or Sale    $-iaq Full Size, lust 3 sets. Reg. 51T9.50................ Price    I    LO Innerspring Mattress Or Box    Spring. Button    Sale tufted Stripe tick. Full or twin size. Reg    549.50 ...... Price    LO    ea. 3-Pc. MEDITERRANEAN BEDROOM SUITE. Triple dresser, mirror, chest and headboard. Oak. Reg. Sale    $0/1Q 5449.50.    Price    0*43 3-Pc. OAK BEDROOM SUITE. Triple dresser, mirror, Sale    SOITO chest and full or queen size bed. Reg. 5349.50.    Price    ZOO DIXIE 3-Pc. BEDROOM SUITE. French Provincial triple dresser, mirror, chest and full or queen size Sale    $>17a headboard. Pecan. Reg. 5629.50.    Price    4/9 2-PC. BEDROOM SUITE. Triple dresser, mirror, and Sale    *4 full sized. Walnut. Reg. 5239.50....      Price    I    Q** Kroehler—Solid Oak CORNER DESK with Corner Bookcase Reg. $179.50 Sale Price S 78 MAYTAG Electric Dryer Reg. $219.95 Sale Price S 187 ■ -j’ mS- 5-Pc. Dinette Set. Extension Table with leaf. 4 Washable Vinyl Chairs. Bronze tone Reg 579 50. 5-Pc. Dinette Set. Oval Pedestal Table. Formica Fired Copper Top. 4 Swivel Arm Chairs on casters. Naugahyde. Gleaming chrome. Reg 5449.50 7-pc. Set. 36’W Oval Table, stain resistant top 6 Hi back chairs. Bronzetone finish. Reg 512950 Bernhardt Pembroke Drop Leaf Table. Distressed Fruitwood Finish Just I. Floor sample. Reg 5189 50. Douglas 5-pc. Dinette Set. Octagon 36"x48” Extension table with leaf. Plastic top 4 vinyl upholstered Chairs. Avocado finish Reg. 5119 50. Early    American    Open    Hutch China.    48 width    Lots of storage space. Reg. 5229 50. Salt Price S 54 Sale Price *329 Salt Price s99 Sale Price *149 Sale Price s99 Sale Price *179 Pontiac Swivel Rockers. JOOS orion cover, choice of 5 colors. Reg. 5189.50. Berkline Pop-Up Recliner. Naugahyde cover. Black or Olive. Reg. 5239,50. *149 Sale Price Statesville Chair. Antique Pecan. Gold and White Matelasse. Scotchgard. Reg. 5189 50 *188 Hi-Back Traditional Chair. Reverse S*'* pr,c* Ie Cushion with skirt. Oyster White Velvet Sale Price *159 Sale Price *119 Cover. Reg. 5169.50 Schweiger Queen size Sofa _ Sleeper. Tuxedo style — Deep tufted * back. Arm caps with casters. Queen size $000 mattress Reg 5339 50.    £00 Sofa Sleeper. Reversible cushions. Full Sll# pric# size mattress. Scotchgard cover. Blue or $i 70 “ Reg 5249 50    I IO Kroehler Sleep-or-Loun Back. Full size mattress. Blae cover. Reg 5299.50 ft Channel Naugahyde $ Sale Price 229 Hi-Back Chair — Olive Gold Stripe Velvet. Reversible cushion. Fruitwood. $ I OQ Reg 5199.50.    IOO Sale Price Red Velvet Mediterranean Chair. Reg. 5189 50 Swivel Rocker — Nylon Piint Cover. Reg 5119.50 Recliner. Washable Vinyl Cover. Choice of Black, Green or Gold. Reg. 5119.50 Chaise Lounge. Gold Fur. Reg. 5339 50. *158 Sale Price *88 Sale Price *78 Sale Price *219 All items subject to Prior Sale OPEN THURS. TIL! Always Easy Terms Free Delivery Phone 366-2436 215 FIRST AVE., S.E FURNITURE 14.2 Cu. Ft. Philco Refrigerator Single door. Reg. 249.95 New Philco 25” Color TV. Solid state walnut Reg. ’699. Maytag Auto. Washer 14 lh. Reg. $299.95 Eureka Upright Cleaner Reg. $59.95. 20” Hardwick Gas Range Reg. $149.95 Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price ’217 *589 $237 $37 *127 ;

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