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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- •’artly cloudy will) it • hance of rain tonight. l ows 25 to 30. nihils Tuesday in the mid to upper lids. VOLUME 02 NUMBER 87 flit* dottier IU pieta #113 CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY, MARCH 18. 1074 C.R. ASSOCIATED PRESS. UPI, NEW YORK TIMES GUNSHOT Sirica Orders Jury Report On N ixon Given to Panel Casette Leased Wires WASHINGTON Judge John Sirica Monday ordered that a secret grand jury report on President Nixon’s role in Watergate be turned over to the house judiciary committee's impeach ment inquiry. Sirica ordered a two-day stay in turning the report over to permit “whatever appellate review may be available.’’ "Having carefully examined the contents of the grand jury report, the court is satisfied that there can be no question regarding their materiality to the house judiciary committee’s investigation,” Sirica said. Beyond materiality, of course, it is the committee’s responsibility to determine the significance of the evidence, and the court offers no opinion as to relevance.” The committee had requested the secret report so it can use whatever evidence the grand jury had uncovered in its inquiry into whether Nixon has been involved in impeachable offenses. Concerns Nixon Sirica’s opinion appeared to confirm reports that the sealed report deals with President Nixon’s role in Watergate. "The person on whom the report focuses, the President of the United States, has not objected to its release to the committee,” Sirica said. “Other persons are involved only indirectly,” he added. “. . . And although it has not been emphasized in this opinion, it should not be forgotten that we deal in a matter of the most critical moment to the nation, an impeachment investigation involving the President of the United States,” Sirica said. “It would be difficult to conceive of Arabs Lift Embargo; Will Review Decision VIENNA (AP) - The Arabs lifted tho oil embargo against the U. S. Monday, but said their oil ministers would meet in Cairo on    June    I to review    the decision,    a    spokesman    an nounced. He said Italy and West Germany henceforth would be considered “friendly nations” and would receive the petroleum they need. Netherlands? The case of The Netherlands, subjected    to    a total boycott since October, was not mentioned in    the    communique    is sued by the ministers of nine Arab oil producing countries after a 90-minute meeting here Saudi Arabia and Kuwait — the two biggest Arab oil producers — endorsed the decision as well as smaller oil nations in the Persian gulf. But the communique said Libya did not and also opposed increasing oil supplies to Italy and Germany. Algeria stressed its moderate position by pointing out in the communique that lifting the embargo against the U. S. was a temporary measure effective until June I. Syria, which has never sold any of it oil to the U. S. also opposed the decision to lift the embargo. The other Arab countries stressed their support for Syria in its conflict with Israel. Maintain Prices On Sunday, a larger group of oil-producing nations, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) ended a weekend meeting here with the announcement that they would maintain their posted prices on crude oil until July I. OPEC said it decision not to raise the artificial price on which their share of the oil revenue is calculated was a good will gesture toward the leading oil consumers Western Europe, Japan and the US But a spokesman warned that unless the industrial nations controlled their “galloping inflation" and the prices they charge the oil nations for their manufactured products, they would raise the oil price again The OPEC countries produce 80 percent of world oil exports In other energy related news: House ways and means committee chairman Rep Wilbur Mills (I) Ark > said he thinks his committee will do something to repeal the 22 percent oil deple lion allowance and establish To ti ti a's    t Science corner You can revive coffee stains from a silk re sa with a pair of scissors some form of windfall profits this week The Venezuelan congress opens debate Monday on a plan to nationalize the estimated $5 billion tax on oil industry profits early foreign-owned oil holdings of Exxon. Mobile. Gulf and the British Dutch-Shell Co. Vene zuela is the world's third largest exporter of oil. Coal miners returned to work Monday in the last remaining i hold-out areas of West Virginia, bringing a three-week-old strike I to an end. The strike began Feb. 25 when miners said they were unable to get enough gasoline to commute to work C©*>vOtM sraeii Press Sees Discord On U.S. Plan By United Press International Israeli newspapers reported I Monday that the U.S. and Israel are in disagreement on the amount of captured Syrian territory Israel should retain in event an agreement is reached on disengagement of forces along the Golan Heights. Israel insists on retaining ail of the territory captured in the 187 Six-Day war. and the U.S. opposes this, the newspaper Ma-ariv said. It appeared this would be among the topics discussed Tuesday in Washington ,by Israeli Koreign Minister Abba Eban and Secretary of State Kissinger. “Purple Line” The newspaper Ha’aretz said Prime Minister Golda Meir and her cabinet colleagues are unanimously opposed to any withdrawal in an initial stage troop disengagement from the “Purple lane,” Israel’s ceasefire frontier with Syria before last October’s fighting Ma’ariv said. “The principle that Kissinger is aware of t but does not agree with is that Israel is unwilling to go back behind the Purple Line. That, in effect, is the point on which Jerusalem and Washington do not see eye to eye " Government sources said tin* scope of Israeli disengagement proposals will be on the agenda in Washington talks between De-1 fease Minister Dayan and His singer, to he set following the secretary’! meeting Tuesday with Eban “Government ministers are absolutely opposed to any Israeli pullback past the Purple Line in the framework of a separa-J lion of forces with Syria.” Ha’aretz said “All (MhsMbiiitics raised among (Continued: Page 7. Col. 3 ) a more compelling need than that of this country for an unswerving fair inquiry based on all the pertinent information.” Not “Accusatory” Sirica said the report “draws no accusatory conclusions ... it renders no moral or social judgments. “The report is a simple and straightforward compilation of information gathered by the grand jury and no more,” he said. James St. Clair, Nixon’s chief Watergate lawyer, had told Sirica: “Whatever you decide to do with it is quite appropriate from our point of view.” Objection But John Wilson, the attorney for former Nixon top aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlich-man, argued vigorously against the material being given the im-ipeachment inquiry. He said the report was “wholly illegal and improper,” and ! predicted that if it were sent to .Capitol Hill the contents would be leaked immediately to re-I porters. “Don’t you think the President has a stake in this matter?” Sirica said. “He doesn't have any objections and he is the one who apparently is primarily concerned about impeachment.” “I don't care what the position of the White House is,” Wilson retorted sharply. “I’m not working for the White House. That’s somebody etee’s problem.” Traces Jury's Role Sirica’s 22-page ruling said that the two questions he had considered were: “Whether the grand jury has power to make reports and recommendations;” and “whether the court has power to disclose such reports, and if so. to what extent.” Sirica, tracing the history of WASHINGTON (AP) — The appellate judges said, lawyers homa state regulation prohibit-the grand jury, said the panel supreme    court Monday refused    seeking    government    files    cannot    in8 sa^e    nalural Ras    ;,t a first was wholly a creature of (Q interfere with a lower court    present    an    effective    argument    Prl((> s,° *ow as ,()    (ause Phvs,< a a J    J    order    irnoosinc    specific    burdens    because they know little more    MINNEAPOLIS    (AP) — Ran* Amendment to the Constitution L,ovrrnrru,nt attorneys at-!than thc S€ncraI content of the Agreed unanimously to h»‘;,, som bas been paid for tbe re. gave institutional flatus to 8    documents.    lbe case of a (aliform^ prison- {urn 0f Eunice Kronholm and firand Jur,es-    temPt,n« t0 dcnv access t0 docu- The government on the other (>r who    thM    ,hr her abductors have promised to “Having considered the cases intents sought under the Free- hand ran ^ a convincing to act as bis own attorney is ,pt hep bankep husband know and historical precedents, and dom of Information Act.    argument against disclosure be absolutely guaranteed bv the hef whereabouts Monday, a noting the absence of a contrary    supreme    court    declined    cause* it has the benefit of full (    family    spokesman    said. Pk*e *n ih!u    Ii    ?ecms.    t0    without comment to hear a gov- knowledge of the contents, the    decision    Mrs-    Kronholm.    whose hustlecourt that it wou d be unju^: ernment    challenge to an order    court said.    which held    that    a Dost    office band- <^nnar, is president of tified in holding that the grand imposed    by tbe us circuit    *h“h    a 0081    on,(( Rural Area The bodies of two Cedar Rapids teenagers, apparently murdered early March IO. were found about 20 miles apart over the weekend. The body of Maureen Connolly, who just turned I 7 March 3, was found near the old Morley bridge (note arrow in top photo) southeast of Anamosa and a short distance east of highway 151. Her fully-clothed body was discovered about 5:45 p.m. Saturday by two motorcyclists. In the bottom picture, Linn deputies and others searched an area west of the Palisades-Kepler park Monday morning for clues. The body of Michael Servey, 18, was found in the wooded area to the left Sunday afternoon. Court Sets Access to Papers Ransom Paid, But Banker's Wife Missing jtir\ was without authority tojcourf for ^ District of Colum-hand up this report. Sirica jn sujbs brought against the sa‘d    Civil    Service Commission and He said the grand jury “has obviously taken care to assure that its report contains no objectionable features, and has throughout acted in the intents, of fairness.” Seems “Impossible” the defense department. Overturning decisions by trial judges, the appellate court said the government must provide the courts and the plaintiffs a detailed description and index of secret In his ruling Monday, Sirica said “the only significant object the Freedom of Information (Continued: Page 7, Col. 5.) the the documents in private, is ill Cjenj proof 0f permanent resi- *’auL disappeared from her prepared to determine t h e dencv when a person registers K,no Lakes home Friday morn-validity of government argu- (0 voTe    mg. ments against disclosure be---Her    brother-in-law.    the    Rev. cause he can't call on the AAA, D no Un 11 In Bruce Fleming, read a brief pertise the plaintiffs may have. (jrMlJa IfCSnUTTIv statement in a telephone call to the court said    m    the Associated Press early Mon- In other action Monday, the H J U S t Aff I 3T6Sdav Agreed to decide when ted- WASHINGTON (AP) The document* requested under erat court may step in lo halt Cjvj| yt,ron.llltl,.s (to.,rd ruM state court proceedings aimed at closing adult movie theaters Mnn<laV ,hat man> "f "«■ alr Refused to revive an llkla- tores charged by the ti,Ilion s airlines are unjust and ordered a major reshuffling of both coach and first-class fares It ordered the carriers to raise their coach fares on shortterm trips and to decrease the fist minister whose wife is Mrs price of long-distance journeys Kronholm’s sister, said he could By Staff Writers Both Cedar Rapids teenagers whose bodies were found over the weekend had been shot in the head, according to reliable information received by The Gazette Officiate have attributed the death of Maureen Connelly, 17, to a gunshot wound in the head No official statement has been made as to the cause of death of Michael Servey, 18 The two had been missing since the previous weekend. An investigatory team of more than 25 state, county and city officers Monday pressed for clues in the murder of the two victims. Parents Miss Connolly’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Connolly, 2301 Meadowbrook drive SE, and Servey’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Servey, 5915 Sharon lane NW Miss Connolly’s fully-clothed body was found about 5:45 p m Saturday in a roadside ditch just south of the Old Morley bridge southeast of Anamosa, a short distance east of highway ISL Servey’s body was discovered Friday by a young girl, but fear of what she had found caused a delay in a report to authorities until Sunday afternoon. Linn Sheriff Walter Grant said there was blood on the side of Servey’s face and it appeared there had been a “terrific strug gle” because of broken busher. “Hard To Tell” However, John Jutte, special agent for the state bureau of , criminal investigation, who is coordinating the investigation, said at a news conference that it is difficult to tell in an open area whether there was a struggle. In a news release Sunday afternoon Jutte said Miss Connolly’s body had been found Saturday evening and that death was attributed to a gunshot wound to the head. He said at that time there was no information concerning Ser vey and that a search was being made for him by ground and air at the scene where Miss Connolly’s body was found He said a search was also being conducted by dragging operations Report Pending At the news conference Mon- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8 ) it it it Aet. Under present practice. Mills Predicts Tax Troubles Will Force President Out by November “The ransom money has been delivered to the abductors as instructed.” the Rev. Mr. Fleming said. “They have promised to let Gunnar Kronholm know Monday morning where his wife is being held. We are now prayerfully and with hope awaiting this information.” The Rev Mr Fleming, a Bap- WASHINGTON (AP) Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark.) predicts President Nixon will be out of office by November Mills, chairman of the powerful house ways and means committee and vice-chairman of the committee looking into the President’s taxes, was affied in a televised interview Sunday whether he expects Nixon will be in office by the November election. “I do not," Mills responded “By resignation, by impeachment?” Mills replied: "One or the other. I do not know which at this time.” Complete Immunity “I would be glad to sponsor and try to pass legislation that gave (Nixon) complete immunity from prosecution when once he was out of office, if he makes the decision to resign,” Mills said “I didn’t include impeachment. I doubt that if he is impeached. the houft* would go along with such legislation.” Appearing on the CBS program “Face the Nation ", Mills said he believes Nixon will come under increasing pressure from within the Republican party because of his tax problems and fears of lost votes in November Milks told one of the newsmen interviewing hun: “I would think that probably you and I both may well be surprised when the vote occurs on the articles of impeachment over the number on the Republican side who may vote for those articles of impeachment ” Mills added, lf hi* stays in office as President, members of his own party know that they’ll lose seats in the house “ Papers Donation Commenting on Nixon's in come tax problems, primarily involving a deduction for donation of hie vicepresidential papers to the National Archives.! Mills said ' There is a possibility if (the investigation) proves that the deduction of the papers given to the arrives was improper that there would be fraud on the part of someone He said about the capital galas section of the President’s taxes, “I ve seen no evidence whatsoever of fraud Mills added: “Now I m not saying the President, under any circumstance, but there could Im* some fraud in connection with thc preparation of his return. if he included a deduction for the gift of those papers to the archives in the instance where the papers were given (Continued: Page 7. Col 3 1 The board also said the airlines must increase their first-class fares over a two-year period beginning in July The orders announced Munday are effective in three month? unless appealed by the airlines Today s Index Comies IT Crossword IT Daily Record 3 Deaths . 3 Editorial Features h Farm ll Financial IX Marion , 9 Movies IO Society x Sports 11-16 State 4,5 Television •i 4 Want \ds 20-23 not reveal any more information. Earlier, the FBI said Mrs Kronholm’s automobile was found early Monday at a suburban M 1 n n e a p ohs shopping center. The FBI said her 1989 Buick Skylark was found parked in a lot a! the Southdale .shopping center in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina The FBI said the ear was found by the Edina police department, but no other details were released Edina police referred questions about the car to the FBI Mrs. Kronholm, 48, was last seen by her husband wlien he left their home Friday morning for work Friday afternoon. Kronholm received a telephone call from someone who told him to deliver "all the money you can” to a "station ” Maureen Connolly Michael Servey ;

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