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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa weather mostly Cloudy sunday and monday possibly occasional Light rain South Central and Southeast and rain or Snow Northeast sunday and extreme East monday colder East and Central sunday night and monday. He Iowa interests first City final 8 cents in City. In cents on trains. Volume 58�?number 68. Current comment by Verne Marshall. Lets Calm Down a Little after a week of heavy discussion of matters none too stimulating. Let s get Back to Florida. Before the travelogue was interrupted by this and that there were some attempts to interest you with recitals of tourist experiences descriptions of weather scenery deep sea fishing and such. Here a a Brief go at something with which your entertainer is scantily familiar farming As it is being done in the Southern Peninsula. It May interest even of urbanite. Mention has been made of the great Fields of potatoes and tomatoes that were wiped out overnight by Quot the most unusual freeze recorded in Florida for Many or was it that is. Did i mention it a fellow can to be expected to remember everything he writes. There was one Man named Peters Down there whose $250,000 Worth of mid season for the North tomatoes were ruined in the Fields on a night when the temperature struck 24 degrees above. His hundreds of hands went to work getting those Fields ready for another crop. Cedar rapids Iowa sunday March 17, 1940. Associated press United Tress International news car tomatoes Don t interest you. A or Iowa Farmers Well what about beef cattle did you know that big herds of such cattle Are roaming great pastures in Florida today did you know that a Northern Pacific Railroad Man who knows agriculture and farming recently was in Florida just to learn whether the reports he heard of a rapidly growing cattle business there were True and that he discovered they were he saw the cattle. And he saw cowboys As Tough and experienced As any who Ever Rode the Plains of Texas. Back at Fargo this railroader told his cattlemen friends that it is time they realized the Citrus state of Florida is going into serious Competition with them. Quot and they re going to make you feel it a he warned. He May be wrong but i doubt it. This same Peters whose fruit and vegetable warehouses Are huge and frequent Between Homestead and Miami and who is making a St. Louis inherited shoe factory Fortune work wonders in Florida is nosing into the cattle business. With associates he has leased thousands of acres of land. Hears cry of Brights governor arrested for using National guard in his Defiance of u. S. Injunction. Four generations of world famous gamer jockeys claim Marion As family Home in fact. A Cedar rapids resident has leased some of her Florida land to cattlemen. She a Down there now and will be Able to Tell her friends something about what is going on. When she returns. The former Dean of the animal husbandry department at the North Dakota agricultural College went to Florida to look Over the cattle raising possibilities. He s there still and is going to stay. I think they Call him Quot Tommy Thompson. What he saw opened his eyes. He knows cattle and conditions that help make them marketable. Well so what Iowa is a cattle state too. If Florida horns into the cattle Market in a big Way Iowa Farmers May be genuinely affected. It beats the dutch How the farming picture has changed and re changed these last few years. No wonder the men who live from the soil meanwhile seeing that All the rest of us do the same Are bewildered by the uncertainties of their existence. Cotton planters raising pigs and Corn. Orange growers turning to cattle. What next yes we saw the pigs and the Corn Fields again. There were Many More of them than last Winter. Atlanta a. Up a a cry for Quot defense of state rights reminiscent of civil Var secession Days was raised saturday night by leaders of Georgia a Quot Little new deals following arrest of gov. E. D. Rivers for use of the National guard to defy a Federal injunction. Rivers cited for contempt of the u. S. Middle Georgia District court and under technical custody of Federal marshal b. E. Doyle described his arrest ordered by judge Bascom Deaver As an Quot invasion of the rights of the the governor gave no indication of giving up in his fight to keep w. L. Miller ousted Highway chairman out of office. It was the forcible ejection of Miller from his Highway Post on Rivers orders that started the Long series of court Battles which were climaxed in Macon. Rivers was arrested on the stage of the municipal auditorium a few minutes after speaking to a school teachers convention. The governor was released on personal Bond an hour later after promising to appear again before judge Deaver next Friday. The Atlanta Constitution said in a copyrighted Story saturday night that governor Rivers has Quot prepared to mobilize and use if necessary the full Force of the Georgia National guard All its 300 officers and upwards of 6,000 men. To prevent going to jail for civil contempt Miller was forcibly ejected from his office twice in december by gubernatorial civilian aides after splitting with Rivers on spending operations in the Highway department which handles about $22,000 too annually. After the ousted official won a series of victories in state Superior courts reinstating him As chairman Rivers called out the National guard which has since barred Miller from even entering the building despite a Federal injunction granted two weeks ago against the governor and adj. Gen. John e. Stoddard head of the state militia. National guardsmen continued on duty at the Highway building after the governor s arrest. Gazette photo. Of a reunion of part of the horse Riding Garner family in Marion last week Garner Cruikshank son of mrs. W. H. Cruikshank of Marion remarked Quot i m too heavy to be a jockey. I m heavy enough to be a that gave the family the idea for the above picture. Cruikshank is playing horse while Willie Garner his Cousin holds the reins his Uncle Guy Garner gives Willie a tip on How to hold the reins while Guy s Sisters mrs. Cruikshank and mrs. Bude Rineheart look on from the Davenport. Mrs. Rineheart is Willie s Mother. From a Southern woman came this item out of a paper she reads. Someone asked the editor for the late great Ernestine Schumann Heink s Quot definition of the request was granted the definition printed As follows Quot Home is a roof to keep out the rain. Four Walls to keep out wind. Floors to keep out cold. Yes but Home is More than that. It is the laugh of a baby the song of a Mother the strength of a father. Warmth of living hearts Light from Happy eyes kindness loyalty comradeship. Quot Home is first school and first Church for Young ones. Where they learn what is right what is Good and what is kind. Where they go for Comfort when they Are Hurt or sick. Where Joy is shared and sorrow eased. Where fathers and mothers Are respected and loved. Where children Are wanted. Where the simplest food is Good enough for Kings because it is earned. Where Money is not so important As Loving kindness. Where even the Teakettle sings from happiness. That is Home god bless it a i can close my eyes and hear Schumann Heinks Rich voice turning those Lovely phrases. What splendid times we had together in 1918�?trying to arouse in americans the spirit of War. And killing. God did no to bless that work i know now. Low bail is set for survivor of tussle in plane new York up a Joseph Ros Matin 38-year-old flying instructor saturday pled innocent to charges of assaulting a passenger who battled with him 2,000 feet above the City and who was drowned when their Small Cabin plane fell into new York Bay. Over the protests of assistant District attorney Joseph a. Mckinney magistrate Charles j. Keutgen set bail at $200 and continued hearing in the Case to next tuesday. Mckinney had sought bail of $2,500. By Scotty Mcleod. Quot aristocracy of the that a the garners. They be earned the title through four generations. For More than too years they be been the Best known horse Riding family in America. And they be stretching the truth if they included a Good part of the world. Willie Garner current top rider in the family was visiting his aunt mrs. W. H. Cruikshank in Marion last week. He told of Riding in a Centennial Celebration at Lexington ky., last Spring. One of the officials dug up some old records and there was the name of Willie s great Grandfather Jefferson Garner. Rode 1,300 winners. The International scope of the Garner Fame was earned by Guy Garner a brother of mrs. Cruikshank. He returned from France two years ago after spending 17 years in the Saddle abroad. He won every major Flat race on the continent in that time and had his Best year in 1929 when he Rode hot Weed to first place in the grand prix and the French Derby for the Agha Kahn. Before the revolution he was top jockey in the stable owned by King Alfonso of Spain. Best jockey in the Garner family and the Man who booted Home More winners than any other who Ever wore Silks was Mack Garner. He Rode for 23 years and won three racers the afternoon of the Day he died in 1936. In All he took More than 1,300 under the wire in front. He won every major race at least once but had to wait until 1934, after spending 20 years in the Trade before he brought cavalcade to the winners Circle in the Kentucky Derby. Mack won the Arlington classic twice. Still Active at 76. Senior member of the Garner clan at this writing is t. F. Quot Dodez Garner Macks father who at 76 has sought California s climate. When he left Centerville la., the family Home shifted to his daughters place in Marion. He a far from retired and still makes a business of Riding horses not in races but As a Trainer for a coast stable. Also in California is Lambert Garner youngest of Dodes six sons. He tried the jockey business but gave it up for a Job As radio race commentator. Harry Garner another of the Brothers handles a stable in Florida. Wayne the eldest is ill in a Columbus o., Hospital but Hopes to get Back to the tracks and a training Job this Spring. Skeets Garner and Mack Are dead. Continued on Page 3, this Section peace must recognize brotherhood Quot a Roosevelt Tel Curtis chairman of the Iowa liquor control commission is one of the state administrations heavyweights. Only recently did i learn what makes him big. He was a member of the old Martin club a group of Young men who were struggling through the University at Iowa City a Good Many years ago. Don Barnes local barrister was another member also Marion s Doc Booth tooth expert. Mel was a big Good natured Guy even then. He knew his Way around. One Day he took his fellow members for All their pie and ate it. An important football game was coming up. Mel bet every Martin club member on one team or the other. It must have been the vis Washington apr president Roosevelt speaking on a world wide broadcast set Forth saturday a list of ideals of International organization without which he said no peace can be made on a lasting basis. Queen Wilhelmina of Holland also took part in the program which was held in connection with worldwide Christian foreign service convocation meetings. A today we seek a moral basis for peace a or. Roosevelt said. A it cannot be a real peace if it fails to recognize brotherhood. It cannot be a lasting peace if the fruit of it is oppression or starvation or cruel hours he chose since the Joys readily accepted melts Wager. He bet them their pie payment to be on the first Day the Cook served it. He won. Pie was served the next evening. When the boys entered their dining room Mel solemnly collected every piece on the table piled them around his plate. He ate a full meal. Then he consumed All that pie piece after piece. The Martin club members sat agape until their dessert was gone. Mel got up and left them there stupefied. Maybe he a big today for Good and sufficient reasons. To. Or human life dominated by armed Camps. Quot it cannot be a sound peace if Small nations must live in fear of powerful neighbors. It cannot be a moral peace if Freedom from invasion is sold for tribute. It cannot be an intelligent peace if it denies free passage to that knowledge of those ideals which permit men to find common ground. It cannot be a righteous peace if worship of god is the presidents statement of what he considered some of the essential elements of a peaceful world organization suggested to some observers Here that these might form the basis of administration thinking should the Opportunity come for an attempt to bring about peace. Whether such an Opportunity May develop in the near future is believed to be one of the questions to which Sumner Welles undersecretary of state is seeking an answer on his confidential Mission for the president in Europe. Or. Roosevelt made Clear that he thought an end would come to use of Force in International relations. Quot today we seem once More to be in a temporary Era where or English troop Aid to Finland slight1 London ins a Only 812 volunteers reached Finland from England during the entire War with Russia the finnish delegation revealed saturday night. Of these 434 were. British while Hungary supplied the astonishingly Large number of 320. One american was listed. Continued on Page 3, this sect fellow in tree tells Best How to fight grizzly bugs says by Arthur Quot bugs Baer. When we wrote in january that Finland had mouse trapped the russians it was True at the time. But you Are the mouse if the whole team Breaks through. And that s w hat happened. England shakes its head sadly and says that mistake must never happen again. And it will not to the finns. P. A we always claimed in a fight with a grizzly you get the Best advice from the fellow who s Safe in a tree. Navy mass flight. Honolulu t. H. Ins a six big Navy patrol bombers were poised at Canton Island saturday for a return mass flight of 2,000 Miles to Honolulu. S. Untermyer jewish rights crusader. Dies Palm Springs Calif. Apr Samuel untermyer 82, new York corporation lawyer and crusader for jewish rights died at his Winter Home saturday. He had been ill for several weeks. Untermyer had not been As Active in recent years As formerly although periodically he came out with a denunciation of German treatment of jews and a prediction that hitlers policies would bring economic ruin. He protested As president of the non sectarian anti nazi league against German participation in the new York worlds fair. He Long had campaigned for labor and the underdog wherever found but wealthy indulged his tastes for Dapper dress. He Seldom was seen without an Orchid in his Lapel. Untermyer whose Legal fees sometimes ran into millions of dollars had a varied interest in the world about him. He found equal pleasure in raising rare Flowers in the hot House of his Westchester estate and in arguing the City Scase for unification of new Yorkus subway systems. He organized and headed the first wide scale Boycott of German goods and at one time continued on Page 3, this sect. Wrong place. Berlin ins a losing its bearings a French army plane landed in the Saar territory saturday according to dub. The German official news Agency. As soon As the Pilot noticed his error he took off the plane and made a successful escape. Sunday Index Section i. Late news stories Pant i. And rite Winner Page 2. Natl and local news Page 3. Irish rhythm Page 4. Constructing confucius Page 5. Editorials Page 6. Harry Boyds articles. Walter Winchell a column. 40 years ago. Edgar guest poem. Iowa in Washington. St. Patrick twins Page 7. Wagging tails Page 8. Section 2. State basketball finals Page j. Forest Field and Stream Page 2. Sport news Page 3. Building news pages 4 pod s. Want ads pages 6 and 7. Iowa s righting sixth Page 8. Section 3. Shamrock Colleen Page i. Around the town Page 2. Camp fire awards Page 3. And rite winners ads Page 4. Social news pages 6 and 7, brides Page 8. Section 4, basketball backstage Page i. Marion news Page 2. Farm news Page 3. At the Heaters Page 4. Flowers and gardens Page 5. Radio programs Page 6. Financial news Page 7. Business review Page 8. 44 men imprisoned by mine explosion Are believed Bead St. Blairsville Apr forty four men imprisoned in the explosion torn Willow Grove Coal mine were feared dead saturday night. Two of a were killed trying to Rescue them. Rescue Crews saved 113 other miners most of whom were affected by death dealing Quot Black Damp which followed a Noonday blast. Officials of the Hanna Coal company owners of the mine three Miles South of Here declined to speculate on the miners Fate. The 44 were Cut off from fresh air and imprisoned behind a Rock Barrier. Quot but they re All dead a they live through that blast a said Frank Opatrny one of the rescued men. This View was shared by his fellow workers. Desperate attempts to Contact the imprisoned men failed. While Rescue Crews battered at the Rock Wall some thought it would take All night to break through a efforts were made to Force fresh air to the men Down a 90 foot Shaft. A revised Check by r. L. Ireland company president showed that 157 men were in the huge mine when the Accident occurred. Many gained safety through the air Shaft located at the end of the three mile Long Quot Drift a or horizontal mine. John Richards mine superintendent and Howard Sanders tipple Boss lost their lives in a daring Rescue Effort. They were killed by the treacherous Quot Black Damp a a Gas which forms in mines after an explosion. Nearly All the 175 were affected by the Gas to some extent. Scores were treated at an emergency Hospital set up in the mine office basement but there was no immediate indication How Many were in a serious condition. An undetermined number were reported Hurt. Fifteen Tien were carried out on stretchers at one time As thousands of persons Many of them tearful wives crowded around the Entrance of the mine located three Miles South of Here. The mine was termed by officials As the company a it was one of the most modern in Ohio equipped with the latest air conditioning safeguards. Fire broke out after the blast which presumably was caused by Gas or Coal dust. It was later brought under control. Mercury pushes up to 44 degree top Cedar rapids news Spring like weather ruled in Cedar rapids saturday As a warming Sun whisked the Mercury up to the Days top Mark of 44 degrees at 4 . The temperature then tapered off according to the Chambers Inskeep thermometer but at 9 . Was still a Safe distance above freezing Point registering 38. At Midnight it was still 38. Weekly forecast Chicago apr weather out look for the week beginning monday upper Mississippi Valley Snow flurries Northern portion beginning of week and general precipitation probably thursday or Friday temperatures near Normal. Northern great Plains generally fair weather except for precipitation near Middle of week temperatures mostly above Normal. Alliance Chance better. Stockholm up a authoritative sources said saturday night that the chances of Sweden a participation in a defensive Alliance with Finland and Norway had improved in recent Days. Struck by one Auto then Ron Over bv8ec0n0 Driver of first machine hitting c a. Barnes at first ave. E. And 27th St. Flees. Cedar rapids news Claus Albert Barnes age about 45, of 846 camb urn court be died at 11 05 . Saturday at St. Luke a Hospital As the result of injuries suffered when he was struck Down by a hit and run Driver at 9 30 ., As he was crossing first Avenue eat Twenty seventh Street and was then run Over by a second car. Witnesses said Barnes body was tossed High in the air when the left front fender of an East bound car hit him hard. A West bound Motorist Herbert Ewoldsen of Osceola la., ran Over Barnes As he Lay prostrate in the Street. Only clue to tile hit and run car was furnished by Rawson Beal 600 fifth Avenue be who saw the Accident. Beal told Captain Steve Stolba that the Driver of the car which first hit Barnes stopped about too feet East and got out of the car. Beal helped drag Barnes out of the path of traffic and then directed a clerk in the country club pharmacy to Call an ambulance. Chases hit Hun Driver. When Beal returned to the scene he saw the Driver reenter his machine and drive East. Beal followed but was unable to overtake the unidentified Driver and lost sight of him near Cedar Park. Police requested Public assistance in finding the hit and run Driver. Stolba said his Best information indicated the car was a Black Ford or Chevrolet Sedan of either 1933 or 1934 Model and bore a 1940 License. There Are believed to be four digits in the License number following Linn county a 57-. Description of Driver. Witnesses said the Driver wore a Tan coloured jacket or sweater. Anyone knowing a car answering the above description and which bears dents on the left front fender is asked to communicate with police. Captain Stolba said that a manslaughter charge would be brought against the hit and run Driver if apprehended and added that any person withholding information concerning the Accident could be prosecuted on a similar charge. Barnes a Houseman at the country club was apparently crossing first Avenue to wait for a bus after walking Down Twenty seventh Street from the club. Barnes was unmarried. Ewoldsen told police he did no to see the Accident but noticed a car ahead of him swerve As it rounded the Bend at Twenty seventh Street. The Driver of this car apparently saw Barnes lying in the path of West bound traffic. Ewoldsen claimed he did no to see Barnes but knew he had struck something and stopped immediately after passing Over the body. Barnes injuries consisted of a basal Skull fracture and severe internal injuries. One of his ears was loin from his head. The Accident marked the second traffic fatality in Cedar rapids in 1940, and the fourth in Linn county. Barnes is sur ived by his parents or. And mrs. James e. Barnes a sister Mildred and two Brothers Harold of Cedar rapids and Carl of Anamosa. His Mother and sister made their Home with him. The body was taken to the Moen funeral Home. Legionnaires Don t want any part of War Kelly Chicago apr Raymond j. Kelly of Detroit National commander of the american legion asserted saturday night that the average Legionnaire did no to want Quot any part of the european War for himself or his sons. Kelly dedicated Observance of the legions Twenty first birthday to Quot Bill gob Bucko the average Legionnaire a in a radio address. The service organization was formed in March. 1919, at an american veterans caucus in Paris. Quot when that european War broke out in september 1939, Bill Gobbick Felt about the same Surprise and Shock As did the other members of his Post a Kelly said. Quot it just did no to seem possible to him that they could be fighting Over there again. To be sure Bill said he would fight if his country needed him. But he was darned sure his country had no business getting mixed up in another european mess. Quot that balance of Power stuff in Europe was just a headache for him and he did no to want any and practical a mrs. Corwith said. Part of it for himself and especially for Young Bill who was now a Junior in High Kelly told of the Early life the War record and subsequent economic struggles of the average Legionnaire a now 47 years old. A deeply ingrained in Bill Gobbick is his love for his country a Kelly said. Quot his Faith in the United states never wavered and it never will. A million of these Bill go Bucks give the american legion its strength and what a More and done to forget it they provide today a goodly part of the Backbone of our mrs. William h. Corwith of Rockville Center n. Y., National president of the american legion auxiliary spoke from new York on the same program wishing the legion Quot Many Happy returns of the Quot Twenty one years is a Short Span in a nations history but it has been Long enough to show this nation that the american legion typifies the real spirit of America idealistic unselfish democratic

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