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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Siferts to Peru leaving the security of employment at Collins Radio Co., and a familiar church home, David and Karen Sifert will be leaving soon for work in the mission field of Peru. It all comes, in a way, as a result of an automobile accident. After their car was demolished in an auto crash, Sifert mused, had he been killed, In; would have nothing to show for the talents the Lord had given him. He felt God spared his life so he might devote it to serve the I/ird in a special way. Commissioning The Siferts, members of Concordia Lutheran church, will be commissioned Sunday at 10:fit) a.m. by the Rev. Paul Scheidt, pastor of Concordia. Learning of Lutheran Bible Translators in 1970, the Siferts took steps to become members of a support team in the mission field. They attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics at Norman, Okla., followed by radio orientation at Waxhaw, N. C. Sifert’s work will be operating and maintaining the radios which supply the needs of translators in remote areas. Mrs. Sifert will help where needed. The Siferts, with their three children, Ken, Ann and Beth, will be leaving for South America about March 25. They have been assigned to a Wyeliffe Bible Translators base near Pucallpa, in central Peru. Translation teams from this base are presently working with 58 native tribes in the upper Amazon river basin, reducing their language to writing and translating the Bible into the native language. Dedicated Lutheran Bible Translators and Wyeliffe Bible Translators are missionary agencies dedicated to the translation of the Bible into the languages of some 2,000 tribes in remote areas of the world. Most of the tribes have no written language and have been almost completely isolated from civilization until recently. Chad Stendal, a Lutheran Bible Translator with Wyeliffe in the Kogi tribe in Colombia, South America, will attend the Siferts’ commissioning. Stendal, whose homo is in Min- Speakers Featured The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Mar. 16, 1974 THE SIFERT FAMILY David, Karen, Ken, Ann, Belli nesota, has been in the U. S. the past months with Alfonso Nuivita, the first Christian Church Briefs Viewers Urged to Call “Cod So Loved the World of Unbelief” will be the theme of Lift High the Cross Friday at 6:30 p.m. on KCRG-TV 9. Sister Sienna Davis of Mt. Mercy college, a student from the college and Jan Voss Johnson will appear on the program along with the Rev. George Carlson, senior pastor at First Lutheran church. This will be a call-in show and viewers are urged to address any questions to participants of the show. * * # First Covenant church will receive new members into the fellowship of the church Sunday. Following the service at the church there will he a baptismal service at Valley View Baptist church. The Woodhaven Handbell choir of Columbia, Mo., will present a concert Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at First Christian church. The concert is sponsored by Cedar Christian church, First Christian church, Noelridge Park Christian church and Marion Christian church. The bell ringers are made up of mentally retarded stu-dents of the Woodhaven Learning center. * * * Dr. Eldon J. Bruce, psychologist from Waterloo, will conduct a seminar Sunday at 7 p.m. at Hillside Wesleyan church in connection with the church’s Family Enrichment conference. Dr. Bruce will deal with improving husband and wife relationships from a Christian faith perspective. *    *    * The New Apostolic church will not hold services Sunday because of a district service in Chicago, but will resume services next Sunday. * * * The call-in lessons of Cedar Hills Community Reformed church, CALL Ed., will deal with Christian growth. The Missionaries To Speak At Annual Convention series, beginning Sunday, with a different topic each week, through April 28, is called Experiencing Commitment by Ben Campbell Johnson. 'The number to call is 363-2032. * * * The Grinnell college chorus and Grinnell singers will present a concert Saturday at 8 p.m. at First Presbyterian church. The choir will sing at First Presbyterian church, Iowa City, at Sunday morning worship services * * * The Redemption Baptist church adult choir will present a service Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the church. The Rev. Wesley Foster will speak and The Holy Wonders will provide music. Catholic Aid Fund Appeal Begins Sunday among his people, a mountain pygmy tribe of some 5,000 people. Baha'is Note Naw-Ruz, a New Year Thursday the Baha’is of Cedar Rapids will join members of the Baha’i community throught the world in celebrating Naw-Ruz, the Baha’i New Year. The Baha’i faith, which originated in Iran in 1844, has a calendar of its own, based on the solar year and consisting I of 19 months, each with 19 I days. The year is equalized by ' four intercalary days, five in a leap year, preceding the last Baha'i month. Prior to Naw-Ruz, Baha’is I the world over observe a 19-| day period of fasting from I sunrise to sunset to refresh | and invigorate their spiritual 1 lives. They celebrate the New I Year at the advent of spring. Churches Plan Lenten Activities Six area churches are welcoming .special speakers for .services. Gordon Coulter, associate director of the College Ministries at Azusa Pacific college, will speak at the Toddville Free Methodist church Thursday through next Sunday. The Rev. Mr. Coulter served as youth minister in the Downey Free Methodist church, Down e y , Calif., executive director of Suburban Youth for Christ in the I/is Angelo* area and is presently chairman of the Southern California Free Methodist Youth committee. In addition to Pastor Coulter, the Free Spirit will present concerts at the Todd- Installation of Murry Haber Set for Sunday Murry Haber will be installed as assistant pastor at Kenwood Park Presbyterian church Sunday at 7:30 p.m. He is a graduate of McCormick seminary, Chicago, and Austin college, Sherman, Texas. Participating in the services will be the Rev. John Shew, First Presbyterian church, and the Rev. L. A. Chamberlain, Kenwood Park. A reception will be held in the fellowship hall following the service. Ville Free Methodist church Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. *    *    * Mrs. Don Polston from the Falls Avenue Wesleyan Methodist church, Waterloo, will speak Tuesday at 7 p.m. at First. Assembly of God church. Mrs. Polston, active in women’s work in the church, organized the “Life That Wins” telecast which is aired weekly. She has conducted seminars and spoken to many women’s groups. ♦ *    * The Rev. Vernon Met/, an Assemblies of God missionary to Nigeria, will speak Sunday Weekend Of Prayer Is Planned The Rev. Vernon Metz at 7:30 p.m. at the Central Assembly of God church. Pastor Metz and his wife, Marjorie, have served in both Dahomey and Nigeria, West Africa, where they developed Sunday school and literature distribution programs. During his past missionary term he served as principal of the Western Nigeria Assemblies of God Bible school in Iperu. * * * will be leading a study course at the Redemption Baptist church Thursday through next Saturday. The sessions will begin each evening at 7:30 p.m. ♦    *    * Candidates    for    the    Democratic    nomination    for    Second district congressman will speak Sunday at IO a m. at Peoples church. The speakers will be Michael Blouin, C. J. Adams, Martin Jensen and Harry Sullivan. Robert Van Deusen, vice-chairman of the Linn county Democratic central committee, will moderate. ★    *    * Mr. and Mrs. Art Vander Ploeg, volunteer missionaries to Ethiopia will make a tape and film presentation Sunday at 6:15 p.m. at the Cedar Hills Community Reformed church. Church Plans Spring Roundup the Holy Spirit by Sister Mary I he Church of the foursquare j/)U \jurray. (ja|j f0 Holiness by Gospel will begin its spring at- Rev. John Barnes: Spiritual tendance roundup drive Sunday Gifts and ,he Community by the with a family basket dinner and Hov Anthony Wobelcr and The special music.    Church as Community of Be- The attendance drive will lievers by the Rev. John Mc-begin at 9:30 a.m. with the (lurk. theme ‘A Good Place To Grow”, just before the liturgy, the A family fellowship basket Rev. Marvin Mottet, Davenport, dinner will follow the morning will speak on “Social Action and worship. A gospel sing, family Charismatic Renewal”, style, will be held at 2 p.m.    All    who    wish    to    pre-register The Masters Gospel Quartet should contact Sister M. Anna of Alburnett will present a con- Allen, New Life Community, The New Life Community of Cedar Rapids is sponsoring a weekend of prayer at LaSalle high school next Saturday and Sunday, beginning with registration at 11:30 a m. Saturday. Saturday will be devoted to “Transforming Power of the Word”, and Sunday to “The Good News:    Call and Re sponse”. The Rev. Gerald Dye, Mercy Lodge, Cumberland, It. I., will direct both days. After the Keynote address at 11:30 Sunday, there will be a choice of seven workshops: Sisters and Charismatic Renewal by Sister Kathleen Mullin; I Priests and Charismatic Renewal by Father Dye; Mary and Evangelist James E. Lee (cert of gospel music at 7 p.m. Box 1044, Cedar Rapids. ASSEMBLY OF OOI) Centra] — 3030 F ave. NW. Ramon Booth. SS. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7:30. Wr>d. 7:30. l irst — 2531 42nd st. NE. Gary A Jenkins. SS. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. BAPTIST Borean — 5037 Center Point rd. NE. Glen V. High. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Calvary — (CHA) 1203 3rd ave. SW. Harry Egncr. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Edgewood — (BGC) E ave. and Edgewood rd. NW. James Seiander. S.S. 9:45. Serv. ll. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. First—(ABC) 1200 2nd ave. SE. Dr. Wayne A. Shireman. 5.5. 9:30. Serv. 10:50. Mrs. Harriet Houston. Eve. 7:30. Galilee -(GARB) 1947 Washington ave. SE. Larry R. Engle. 5.5. 9:30. Serv. 10:40. Eve. 7. rnL    .    .    ,    ,    I    Immanuel    —    (S.    B. C.) 1900 DI IBI JOI IF    Tho Rev John' Cantata choir and orches- F ave. NW. S.S. 9. Serv. 10:15. w    rTu, niL tra of St. Paul’s United Method-; Dr. Ralph Smith. Eve. 7:15. Dr. W. Dalton, Catholic Relief ser- jsj church will present Handel’s1 Smith. Wed. eve. 7. Eldean A. vices director for the Arch-! Borg. diocese of Dubuque announced •    t    Munday    morn-    Mt    Zion—(NBG) 824 8th st. .    *    worship services.    I    se. LeRoy White. S.S. 9:30. Other Lenten activities during ServalL 3.30. Wed. 7:30. the week include: Neelridge — 727 Collins rd. NE. Philip Ewoldsen. S S. 10:45 Serv. 9:30. EPISCOPAL Grare—525 A Ave NE. Paul I Tracumer. Masses, 8, IO. Children’s chapel and S.S. IO. St. John’s — 355 15th st. SE. D. A. Loferski. (Communion 8.) S.S., serv. 10:30. Choral Eu-1 chanst. 10:30, first Sun. St. Michael’s — 220 40th st. NE. Thomas C. Aycock, jr. Choral serv. and SS. IO. Eucharist, 8 a.m., 6 p.m. L. Thomnson. S.S. 8, 10:30. Sat. 6. Word of God—Deaf — (Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Allan C. I Page. First and third Sun. of month. S.S. 2. Serv. 3. /ion - (Mo.) Highway 150, Hiawatha. Larry Brelje. S.S.! 9:30. Serv. 8:15, 10:45. METHODIST Asbury — (United) 351 26th 9:15. Serv., SE. S.S., Matins, IO. Morning i Prayers, 11. St. John’s—(Gr.) 501 A ave. NE. Alexander Anastasiou. S S. 10:30. Orthros 9:30. Liturgy 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN Calvin - Sinclair — (United) 715 38th st. SE. Earl A. Hueb-ner. S.S. IO Serv. 9, 11:10. “Music to God’s Ears”. ow /-u i o u t* i Central Park—(United) 1700 ave. SW. Charles R. Mchaffey. B ave NE Allcn s Van Cleve. JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES South Congregation — 1221 Center Point rd. NE. Bible discourse, 1:30. Watchtower, 2:30. North Congregation — 1221 Censer Point rd. NE. Bible discourse, 9:30 Watchtower, 10:30. Pioneer Avenue Congregation — 3103 Pioneer ave. SE. Bible discourse, 9:30. tower, 10:30. Linda M c K c I v e y, mis-rionary-nurse with two terms of service in Africa, and the Rev. Richard Williams, a resident missionary in Taiwan since 1969, will speak during the annual missionary convention at the Christian and Missionary Alliance church beginning Sunday. Miss McKelvey has lived among the people of the Republic of Mali in West Africa since 1963 and was both medical missionary' and supervisor of a school for African girls. She received her nurse’s training in West Penn hospital in Pittsburgh and was graduated from the Nyack, N. Y., Missionary coliege in 1963. Pastor Williams graduated from St. Paul Bible college and served in churches in Hayward, Wis., and Lyle, Minn., before arriving in Taiwan in 1969. In Taiwan he was assigned to the city of Taitung where he assumed the responsibilities Linda McKolvey the annual appeal of the American Catholic Overseas Aid fund will begin Monday and culminate with a special collection at all masses in the parishes of the archdiocese on Laetare Sunday, March 24. The nationwide solicitation, sponsored each year under the auspices of the U. S. Catholic Bishops, primarily benefits the emergency relief and socioeconomic endeavor of Catholic Relief services. Lenten Meditations by Mrs. Arnold Soukup at 9:30 a m. I Wednesday at Trinity United Methodist church. The program will be “Church and World”. W omen’s lenten coffee Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at Knox United Presbyterian church. New Testament Bapt Is t— (BBF) 749 Old Marion rd. NE. John Hulse, jr. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Noelridge Park — (CBA) 1147 Clifton st. NE. S.S. 10:15. Serv. 9. Eve. 6:30. Wed. eve. 7:30. Redemption Missionary Baptist — 1014 10th ave. SE. Harmon Webb. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Eve. 8. Tues. 7:30. Twin Pines Baptist—(NAB) LATTER DAY SAINTS Mormon—4300 Trailridge rd. SE. Bishop Paul L. Garvin. Priesthood. 8:30. S S. IO. Sacrament. 11:15. Wed. eve. 7:30. Reorganized—120 19th st. NE. Elder James O. Loy. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. S.S., serv. 9, 11. Bertram — (United) L. Neil Townsend. S.S. 9:43. Serv. 10:30. Bethel—(AME) 512 6th st. SE. George Moore. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Buffalo — (United) Blairs Ferry rd NE. Wilbert R. Tru-sheim. S.S. 10:15. Serv. 9. Faith — (United) 1000 30th st NE. Wilbert R. Trusheim. Watch-j S.S. 9:15, serv. 10:30. Free—800 G ave. NW. Wayne {Ryan. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Hillside Wesleyan Church — 2600 1st ave. NW. Richard Ernst. S.S. 8:45. Serv. 10:50. “Tho Spiritual Game of ‘One-on-Onc' ”. Eve. 7. Dr. Eldon J. Bruc. Wed. eve. 7:15. Kenwood -(United) 302 33rd S.S. 9:45. Serv. 8:45, ll. “Last Chance”. Wed. eve. 7. “Behold, the Man—A Frank Look at Christ’s Passion”. Christ Church — (United) 2000 1st Ave. NW. Robert Bouton. S.S. 9. Serv. IO. “Beep-Beep”. First — (United) 310 5th st. SE. John S. Shew, Larry R. Johnson. S.S. 9:15, 9:35, IO. Serv. 9:15, ll. “Debts and the Great Redemption”. Hus Memorial — (United) 2808 Schaeffer dr. SW. George : B. McDill. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. | “Made Straight To Praise God”. I Eve. 7. Indian Creek — (Reformed) K.P. Hall, IGOI Old Marion rd. NE. Mark Pett. S.S. ll. Ser/. I IO. Kenwood Park—(United) 327 35th st. NE. L. A. Chamberlain, Richard Williams of pastor because there were no national pastors available. Services will be held beginning Sunday at 7 p.m. and run each night through March 24, except Monday and Saturday. All services will be held at 7 p.m. Members of St. Michael’s Epis- 3300 42nd st. NE. Werner eopal church and lively 1/ine    IO-S«rv-D. Eve. 7. United Methodist church are ' Valley View- Baptist—(BGC) joining iii a Lenten study pro- 5555 Mt Vernon rd. SF Carroll Also sharing in the proceeds „ram Beginning at 7 30 o rn ;Anda S.S. 9:30. Serv. {of .his appeal are .he Holy Fa- IJay at™ Lane church    we'    7' the! s Charities, the J at hoi ic j the group will explore the mean-    CATHOLIC Seaman s Club and the Refugee jng 0£ church community and Migration Office of the U. an(j church in the communi- S. Catholic Conference. Sees 99-Letter Title for Job BKRI.IN (UPI) — Tile Hast German newspaper Tribuene poked fun Thursday at the bu reaueratic practice of using long titles for simple jobs. Tribuene said the person j ty with the book, “Be/Come | Community”, as a guide. The study will continue for the next four Sundays. The Salvation Army Men’s Social service center has initiated ecumenical Lenten services with Cedar Rapids clergy conducting the Wednesday evening services. The Rev. George Pimlott of the Robert Service Cabin Is Historical Site ifizierungsvorbereitungslehrgang-stelnehmeranmeldeformularaus-DAWSON CITY, Yukon Tor-1 of the poems that captured the gebor.” ritory (UPI) — The two-room color of the Klondike during the cabin in Dawson City where Gold Rush days has been pre-Robert W. Service wrote many served as a national historical who hands out application forms Salvation Army staff, invited j for an automobile mechanic’s clergymen interested in partici-course should be called a “Kraft- Pat,n« in ,,lc‘ services to con-fahrzeughandwerksmeistcrquali- Lu*t him at the center, 365-1491. St. John’s Episcopal church will hold Communion Wednesday at 7 and ll a m. Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers 402 Ambulance I R I. Fire Highway Petro After Hours Police ........ Sheriff ....... Medical Society 366-7654 '348 I 210 398 5343 364 5171 363-5629 398 5353 398 3521 365-2527 (ll you hay* no phytinan) Foundation ll — 362-2 I 74 (Crim h«lp, 4pm midnight) (Clip ond tarry in your billfold) site. Service worked for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Dawson City from 1906 to 1909 before resigning to devote full time to writing He occupied the cabin from 1905 to 1912. lo YEARS AGO President Johnson called for enlistment of 100,000 young men, draft rejects! and school drollouts for a productive role iii American soci ety. Honor St. Patrick Sunday March 17 is St. Patrick’s day and because St. Patrick’s Catholic church is the only so-named church iii the city and because March 17 occurs on Sunday once every seven years, St. Patrick’s is planning a .special weekend. Saturday at 5:15 p.m. tin' mass of Sunday obligation will have special hymns in honor of St. Patrick as will the masses on Sunday at 6:30. 8. 9:45 and ll a rn. and 12:15 p m The 9:45 a m. mass will honor all senior citizens of the parish. A member of the parish will play a recessional on the bagpipes. All Saints - Dalewood. 29th SE. Edmund J. Becker, James L. Blocklingor. Masses, Sat. 5 p.m.; Sun. 6, 7:30, 9, 10:30, noon. Immaculate Conception—859 3rd ave. SE. Wm. P. Leonard, Daniel J. Keppler, Richard J. Mess. Masses, Sat. 5:15. Sun. 6, 8, IO, noon. 5:15. St. Jude’s -150 Edgewood rd. NW. John M. Gregory, Richard Ament, L a V erne Schueller. Masses. Sat 5:30. Sun 7, 8:30, 10. 11:30. St. Ludmila's—211 21 st ave. SW. Robert W. Cizek. Paul C. McManus. Masses. Sat. 5:30; Sun. 6:30 8. 9:30, ll, 12:15. St. Matthew’s—1st ave., 24tn NE. A. A. Sodawasser, Arthur Klove. T. J Histing. Masses. Sat. 5:30 p.rn.J Sun. 6:30, 8, 9:30, 11, 12:15. St. Patrick’s — SUO 1st ave. NW. Martin Laughlin, Carl A. Hies, Maurice J. Lynch. Masses, Sat. 5:15 p.m.; Sun. 6:30, 8, 9:45, ll. 12:15. St. Pius X Council st., Collins rd. NE. Bernard G. Collins, John Friederick. Masses, Sat. 7:30 p.m.; Sun. 7, 9, 10:30, noon, 5. St. Wenrcslaus—1224 5th st. SF. Clarence Kiana. Masses, Sat. "J 10:30. p.m.; Sun. 6:30, 8:30, CHRISTIAN Cedar 526 3rd ave. SW. Neville G. Clayton. S S. 9. Serv. 10:15. "Above the Horizon”. First 840 3rd ave. SE. John M. Hardy. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:40. “Joshua Crisis of Loyalty”. • ALPHA OMEGA ittmpo.ofy Go*p«l Musk l/oup inc oNCiar ARCH 16 —7.00 PM IT. PAUL’S UNDID ITHODIST CHURCH CHIN, IOWA Christians inferesled in New Gospel Singing and Pleaching group call 842 2441. Need singers, pion ist, organist, guitarist and bass player. GALILEE BAPTIST CHURCH 1947 Washington Av#. S I 9:30 AM Sunday School IO 40 AM Morning Same# 7:00 tv#ning S#rv.c# Wed. Service 7.00 PM tallowing lh# death of the lord Jesus Christ He was returiected and then He ascended to Heaven where He ti now exalted as the Supreme Being of the Urn verse. His name is above every name, He it King of Kings and lord of lords. Philippiant 2.9 ll, Revelation 19:1 116 The Rev. Lewis Miller to Speak in Iowa City The Rev. I ow is Miller, former pastor of Immanuel Baptist ( bm cli rn Codai Rapids and Missionary, returned from Taiwan, will preach and have a Bible Conference at the University Baptist ( lunch. I KTX) VV. Benton St., Iowa City, beginning Sunday, March 17-22. Sunday SERVICES ARK AT ll A.M. & 7 P.M. Weekly Services IO A M. & 7 P.M. LUTHERAN Bethany (Mo.)—2202 Forest dr. SE. A. C. Hornbostel. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:15, 10:45. Concordia (Mo.)—4210 Johnson ave. NW. Paul A. Scheidt. 5.5.    9:15. Serv. 8,    10:30. Chad Stendall. Wed. eve. 7. "Extend His Mission”. First — (LCA) 1000 3rd ave. SE. George W. Carlson, Alvon Nelson. S.S. 9:25. Dr. Robert Foster. Serv. 8:15, ll, "You Get Another Chance!” Wed. eve. 5:30, 7:15. “Pontius Pilate". Gloria Dei—(ALC) 153 Cherry Hill rd. NW. Charles G. Schultz. SS. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, 10:30. Communion, first Sun month. Good Shepherd — (WELS) 2900 42nd st. NE. Gary Kirsch-ke. S.S. 9. Communion and serv. 10:15. “Do We Like What We Need To Hear?” Wed. eve. 7:15. "Portraits of Christ: the Poor". Holy Redeemer—(LCA) 720 Edgewood rd. NW. Cedric J. Lofdahl. Sat. 5:30. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. Hope—(LCA' 2736 Bowling st. SW. Michael A. Last. Communion, first Sun. of month. Sat. eve. 6. S S. 8:45. Serv. IO. Our Savior’*—(ALC) 3634 1st ave. NE. F. William Bilker. Marvin L. Ehnen. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 8. 10:30. Wed. eve. 7. “The Question That Never Dies”. St. Andrew — (LCA) 4420 Center Point rd. NE. James M. Lesher. S.S. 9:40. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. “Christian Faith and Pragmatism”. St. Mark’*—(LCA) 2100 1st ave. NE. David Frans Larson. 5.5. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, ll. Wed. eve. 7:30. St. Stephen'! - (ALC) Meadowbrook, 31st st. SE. Landis J. Olson. SS. 9:40. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. Eve. 7. Trinity—(Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Richard A. Osing, Richard st. NE. Clifton W. Ellerbeck. Murry Haber. S.S. 9:30. IL S.S. IO. Serv. 9. ll. “Convinc- Serv. 9:30, ll. “Why Me, Lord lug A Stubborn God”.    j.,. Why Not You?” Eve. 7:30. Lovely Lane -(United) 42nd i Installation, and Wenig rd. NE. Don F. | Knox—(United) 1525 Holly-Maple. S S. 9:15. Serv. 10:30. i wood blvd. NE. Floyd J. Con-“Spiritual Fertilizer’’.    I roy. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Salem — (United) 225 First “Total!/ Dedicated”. ave. SW. Paul Pfaltzgraff. S.S. 9. Serv IO. “Who Loves Me?” Wed. eve. 7. “Court Yard Line”. Sharon — (United) 831 18th ave. SW. Everett K. Burham. 5.5. 9, Serv. IO. St. James—(United) 1430 Ellis blvd. NW. Stephen R. Root, 5.5. 8:45. Serv. IO. St. Mark's — (United) 4700 Johnson ave. NW. Lee Roy Collins. SS. 9:45. Serv. ll. “God of Loves With A Searching Love”. St. Pauls — (United) 1340 Third ave. SE. Arnold Herbst, James H. Riegel, Warren S. Webb. S.S. 9:30. ll. Communion, 8:30. Serv. 9:30, ll. Cantata Choir. Shueyville — (United) Rt. 2. j Leonard Showalter. S.S. 9:30.1 Serv. 10:30. Trinity — (United) 3rd ave. 5th st. SW. Ernest W. Larson. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. "Jesus: j The Source of His Power”. Wed. 9:30 a.m. “Church and World”. Mrs. Arnold Soukup. Union—(United) Ely rd. SW. Leonard Showalter. SS. 10.1 Sorv. 9. NAZARENE First — 3113 1st avo SW I Hardy J. Powers. S S, 9:45.! Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Oakland —1515 291h st. NE. Crawford Howe. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7 30. Trinity — 1328 K st. SW. James L, Hayes. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed 7. ORTHODOX St. George— (Sy.) 1202 loth st. SE Constantine Nasr S.S. 10:15. Matins IO. Liturgy, 10:30. Sat. Vespers, 7:30 p.m. St. John’s — (E) 600 "th st. Olivet—(United) 237 10th st. I NW. Francis Roy King. S.S. (9:30. Serv. 8:30, ll. “Salvation ! for Unsaintly Saints”. Westminster—(United) 1285 3rd ave. SE. Dr. John P. Woods. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 9:30, ll “What Is the Charismatic Experience?” Wed. eve. 7:15. “Thomas”. UNITED CHI RCII OF CHRIST Fden—(E and R) 351 8th ave. SW. Glenn D. Hunt. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Wed. eve. 7. First Congregational — 361 17th st. SE. Glenn N. Bender, Robert L. Myrcn. S.S. IO. Serv. IO. “Poor Butterfly?” Hope - 150 9th ave., Hiawatha. Lyle V. Kuehl. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. OTHER CHURCHES Baha'i ( enter—Tues. 8, 1810 Ridgewood terr. SE: Wed. 7:30, (Continued on Page 9, Col. 4) BIBLES CHRISTIAN BOOKS MUSIC & RECORDS SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES at the New CEDAR BOOK STORE 3519 I et. Av*. SI Cedar Rapid* 366-7189 St. Paul’s United Methodist Church I 340 Third Avenue S.I. Sunday, March I 7 9:30 and 11:00 A.M. Wor*hip Service* preventing the tatter portion of Handel * “MESSIAH’’ Cantata Choir with orcheUia, under the direction of David R Noble, Director of Mu*ic Ministry Mr* Betty Debban, Organnt Liturgist: The Rev. Jame* Riegel. Soloist* Mi*. Beverly Duffy, So pruno, David R Nobel, Ba**. A**i*ted by Richard Hoffman t f nilKK KXI* IIAI'l'K.MXtiS ^ Church of the Foursquare (Gospel Pretend . Sunday, March 17th, a day of Jubilee and happiness in special music . sSSrfiy^hmKSa.m. The Beginning of uurSpnng ARjwjj"®* Bound Up Drive kirk off Rally. Introducing. The Bees. I he Hear*, and Uh Birds “A BOOD PLACE TO GROW", is our contest happening . Tho'hour of Morning Worship l» 45 A M. You are Invited to worship with Family fellowship basket dinner in fellowship hall following the . ars^»..,dv stv Ie al I OO I’ M A tune offfowshm in gospel music. You are invited lo share in this tune of joy fill Jubilee. . Crusader hour ti im I' M t our groups meeting . Revival Hour 7:00 I’ M “The Masters Gospt presenting a concert of Gospel singing. MIB Isl Avenue S.W., Cedar Rapids Lee Griffis, Pastor quartet”, of Alburnett., f a ;

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