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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The < cdar Rapids (ia/rtle Sat , March IS. H7I PEANUTS — yin, ■»■—........ q    <am    „    ■    ------ ■    -    -    -------------------- po MOO realize that I Mh*3EP SCHOOL DDAY ? ('VE -(TNT THG DHOLE PAV IN MOOR PACk VARO TE ti Nu IO ctT PAT TV TP COME WUN JFP 5NflLVVt? MOU* £ SEE?OHEr PEEN $1 HING l/P THI Rf ALL CAV! trHE ALL LA"* ; MC / - \ ,i UlPN'T COME til > i ooiOn anc v’j Ii )r>\ id school." /    0 £T HCi IMI oa Jap Ca..I -i / a)DAN-i)E*?,]l COlCO 0UT CHUCK J s 7^8 lf a'hat y-'ir^lccm^1 CAN I V Ai po? y i w BEETLE BAILEY ny MORT WALKER LOO*: AT £AR££    (    LOOKS    LUCE enjoiner the oettin& a few ei&N TWING TO    ID6A6 FI6UPTE WMO $0 Wu—ny ^ m,t . §m ^ IM . flout vJkxee MOW ABOUTj » C ' WO MAKINO I A'rr,K FE AC M MARK TRAIL Bv ED DOOD I M NOT GOINS TO LET YOU APTEST ME, MACK, BECAUSE I kkJOW IT WOULD PE A PAINFUL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU* I'M A' CAME WARDEN TOO AND I'M GOING to arrest MYSELF.* NANCY By E RNIE BUCHMILLER EVERYONE FINDS FAULT WITH ME I NEED HELP - X" V-Qr ,5i :,V'jz.*    **»    -    'ft NO fault INSURANCE AMANDA PANDA I'M MARINO MV FRIE MPS Fk AM ANV MOE A UM (AST IC 01RTHPAV C AKE ’ By MARCIA COURSE STEVE CANYON By MILTON CAMIRE F-and i'll say don't wok on* SEND HIM RICHT IT NOW / SAVE UP, PLEAKE " j IT POR. \OUR LUNCH BREAK ! kvi MARY WORTH HCREOvtR, HAV)N6 MEN PUA All HE* LIFE, SHE OWUSU VYCHJLP HOFE TS MAR Rf IN TO A WEALTH/ FAMILY I I CAN T / KIU Vt THAT EITHER CNE ITE Ii A WU-PAID ARTIST I By $AUNOERS ANO ERNST I'M KARINE* SCHE ONE IN DOR CHICAGO 1 Omer CHECK COURT RCC&ROS THERE ' gut.UNTIL THIS IS CLEARED UP I Will NOT SEE COSE TIE AUAIN ' ' Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section MOOSE By BOB WEBER BUI SAWYER CHEER UP, ULT. We COT AN IDEA. WHEN DOES BUBBLES PO HER MARKETING? )^mk /XatE FINE/ WHAT'S SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE IS SAUCE FOR THE CANCER/ 7/    /    MEANING By ROY CRANE SHE'S MAD BECAUSE TOU FORGOT AND LEFT JUNIOR IN A STORE. SO WE TURN THE WAIT DISNEY’S SCAMP By WALT OISNE Y At HOSS I Mullin.in < urn 4 Bulgarian tjrm produ<t H Yugoslav iii bounds it on the - 12 High card 13 (Iperatie solo 14 Martian (comb form I 15 Mr s mate . lh Female ruminant I coll . 2 wds I 18 Catches as on shirts 20 Trials 21 Anger 22 New is 24 Napoleon * refuge 2*» Employer 27 Obese 30 Extolled 32 Venetian island 34 Woodland deities i myth * 35 Sofia is < apii al of this 30 High eard 37 Mostclru > 30 Little demons 40 Molding 41 Certain railways (toll i 42 Atmospheric disturbance 4 > Exaltation \Q< Tm It A ~ ■ CP.. 0 Tty IE 1 Ta .lIl 'n 40 Army leader ii VVashes lightly 27 Sleaziest 51 Son of (lad 7 Feminine 28 On top ot I Bib i nickname 2!l Meow weight 52 English 8 Fay 31 Kiddie composer 0 Creek god of 33 VA ,th one end 53 Ardor love raised 54 (iriental coin 111 Place ta sit 38 Sew ,ng tool 55 Black 1 Ct • ll Toddlers 4(1 Abalone Tai ( unfed labru s 17 Vita turn oxide 41 Merits 57 Pedal digit ltt Most of Its 42 Scrutinize is With the 41 Bull 1 Sp i DOWN Soviet bloc 44 All i comb I Bulgarian 23 Flowerless form > I arm animal plants 4ft Jump 2 I 'nblcat tied 24 F ermnine 47 Mountain 3 Narthex appellation (comb form i 4 Indian boat 23 Secular 48 Number 5 Algerian 2ft Italian all haul s uncle seaport community i Bib i “It s a silly gift! What makes you think ITI bring office work home — if I ever do find a job*7 ” DICK TRACY By CHESTER OOULO NILE THE JEEPS OWN!ER EATS MIS SUPPER, MIS PALS TAKE LIBERTI ES. iNfcWSRACiH £NU«e«ISf A NI I r" y- 4 r" r- — r" — ’0 ll 12” 13 i iT“ 16 17 18 19 S 20” p yr s ?2 _, 23 MVBW8| wmmmm mmmmm ST" 25 j H 261 I 'ST 30 31 ii 33 34 3T~ lf, r*W 37 3a M 59 d 40 41 ti mmmmm IT" IT" 44 rn 4' Al AQ 48 50 a VT 5? $3 rA wwijm .ii— rn 55 56 VT 16 GRIN ANO BEAR IT By Lichty BLONDIN / ' W f SNE SNOT IN U I NAVE ] Xrf..ASK ME A QUESTION X v.. r FOR THE LADY OF THE HOJSC OKAY WHAT SIZE PANTY HOSE DO YOU WEAR K A J ;

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