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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Archie D. Hartson Archie I) Hartson, 64, of 2247 Catharine Adams Catharine Lovell Adams, 86, |>(*||«*ts {plant on weekend tours while it was under construction. When completely loaded the I reactor will contain 368 fuel bundles. The fuel is in pellets of slightly enriched uranium. The are in fuel rods and! The Cedar Rapids Gazette:    I    lies.,    Mar.    5,    1974 Won't Lift Counts Against Wife of Accused Kidnaper ATLANTA (Al*) A U.S. C street SW, died Monday fol    ,,ir‘st avenue NU, died there are 49 rods in each of the 'Sunday following a brief illness. ^ bundles. Each rod is 12 J magistrate has refused to dis- feet long and contains 288 pel-[ miss charges against a subur-„.        .        woman    who is born lowing a long illness. ' A Cedar Rapid, rodent 53jA 25-year Mar Rapids rcsl l ^    energy!^    Atlanta year,, he was born June 24, tot. wa, born in Mont,cello ,.quivalent of about one and a    w“ husband 1909, at Madison, S.D., and was| JU,y    half tons of coal. Each fuel|connection with the abduction of married to Edna E. Knight, May A member of St John’s Epis- bundle costs $54,000    J    newspaper    editor    Keg    Murphy. Original Plan    U.S.    Magistrate    J. Roger Plans for the nuclear plant Thompson agreed at a prelimi- court there was no evidence that she participated in the extortion. 6, IMI, at Cedar Rapids. He had »!“' «’urch'st";als0 wa»a c,'( been employed by Iowa Steel “"’/J1 Dame and a m‘™t,er ,,f and Iron Works.    '    ,    were    announced Surviving are his wife; five) ‘ ur-vivmg are wo daughters,jjg^ initial cost sons, Erneet, Eveard, Riehard,l"rs ‘boma, Horn, A u s I i ii $|(|7 mi||jon Th(, (j(,ure has I for Betty Ituth Williams, 26. Hut lexas, and Mrs Roger Jayne    „.....  c„„„ra,|he    relused    to    reduce    the    $i    edge    of    the    alleged    extortion wife; five; Richard and Darwin, all of Cedar! Rapids, and Archie, Marquette;! a brother, Eveard, Stranton, I in February, nary hearing Monday to reduce constitution estimate was bond from $500,000 to $100,OCK) Pacific Palisades, Calif. George a son, UFI WI AIMC It J CACK All ® Rain will fall in the Pacific northwest Tuesday night, while snow activity is expected over the northern Rockies and most of the Dakotas. Showers are expected over the mid Adams, C e d a r I Calif.; four listen,    Gladys I *aPid3:    grandchildren    and Ebsen, Cedar Rapids. Alia Daw- tw» great-grandchildren son. Cedar Rapids, Veda Hilt Services. Bending al liirnei son. Cary, Ind., and Cella! rhal*l cast. ^e family re Camp, Stone Cliv; IWO half- qfestathat friends. lf they wish, sisters, Byna and Linda, both of aanrlbutc to a charity of their Cedar Rapids; three half-; 01ce' brothers, Lloyd, Marengo, Johny, Seattle, and Orlio, Cedar Anna M. Mitchell [Rapids; his stepmother. Marie Anna M Mitchell, 82, former-I Hartson, Cedar Rapids; 2.5 |y 0f 37 Second avenue SW, been revised upward several j he refused to limes, until now construction million bond he had set for her; The cost is estimated at $200 million. |33-year-ofd husband, William A. Feb. Both were bound over to a federal grand jury. Williams is charged with extortion in the abduction of Murphy, editor of the Atlanta Mrs. Williams is accused of concealing knowl- , mt. *JUV| J r L „ reduce the There are other costs too. For IR Williams, instance, Arnold said that so far In arguing for dismissal of IE has spent just over $3 million charges against Mrs. Wil-iii training people to work in the Hams her |awyer told the plant. The technical staff has been in training for the last two and a half years. Twenty-two of the operating staff have received their AEC licenses. Ten of that number have achieved a qualification of couple were arrested 23, only hours after Murphy was released unharmed following payment of a $700,000 ransom by the newspaper’s owners He had been held captive 49 hours. FBI agents said they rliscov-rmivonoc f*;acoclered $700<000 in cash at the convenes, v^ases,wil]ianis» home in suburban lh* Not Specified burn at Ibe time of the arrests U. S. Grand Jury Atlantic states. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. ’leading for a lower bond for A new federal grand jury Williams, attorney Tyrus R. At-began deliberating Tuesday in kinson contended “a million dol- The Weathe Power Plant Lease Okayed High temperatures Monday, low tem perjures overnight and inches ot preci pitation: Anchorage    17 -9    I. Angeles    47 47 Atlanta    76 56    Miami    73 48 Bismarck    42 3t    Minneapolis    43 29 Chicago    48 34.64 nue NW; Douglas Van Hoeek, Hiawatha; each fined $20 and By Ken Sullivan costs. Vernon Tomkins, 3127 J street SW; fined $15 and costs. Traffic signal violation conservation commission Michael Burke, ( oggon; Loren jay approved in principle DES MOINES The Iowa Tues-the Denver »*•- !L5y«? 7043 I Cap™ ‘route Three*’ £S;day aPProvcd in Princ*P*e the may    7*s*:    Fairview    Ladies    Aid society and att..    SU-" W    SJL »    Rapids; Richard Kcymdd.s WB 50-year lease which would per- da* imd until noon Wednesday. Elizabeth Gordon circle Houston    77 67 washington    80 64    Fifteenth    avenue SW; Robert Extended Forecast    Partly |    Poeschl,    1000 Forty - second cloudy    Thursday. Chance of    street SE;    Katherine Gilmore, rain or snow over the southwest!?,*2 Tciith street SE; Harlan Friday and over th*, state <Jatnr Chields. 1316 N avenue NW; r rmay and over the stab Satur- Glen Moore, ail Fourteenth day. Highs in the upper 20s to street NE; Virginia Clancey, lower 30s Thursday and Friday. 647 Eighth street, Marion; Lows in the 40s Friday and Sat- Douglas Nassif, 383 Twenty-i_„,_ • ,, , 0ft    sixth street SE; Fay Jackman, iii day lows in the 20s.    4406 popperwood hill SE; CD va/ ii __George Smith, 826 Center Point . rv. Weather    toad NE; Thomas Franks, 931 High Monday ......42    Sixteenth avenue    SE,    two Low overnight    !I’...’.35Lc‘?ar®®*:4Richard dueller, 1521 _    *    .J Washington avenue    SE;    each Noon Tuesday .............   .49;    fined $15 and costs. 2 p.m. ..      51    Driver’s license violation — Precipitation .............. 0.42    ’*oe Gluba, jr., 5215 Gordon, Total for March .......... 0.76    t'    nue    ^and I Improper registration - J a n k e n , Springville, mit Interstate Power Co. to expand its generating facilities on the Mississippi river at Lansing. The lease will authorize Interstate Power to fill an area approximately 400 by 600 feet in conjunction with its $80 million expansion program. The company will pay .state $3,000 50-year period with a renewal option on the lease. grandchildren;    one    gr,,at-:died Monday in a Cedar Rapids senior reactor operator grandchild and    eight    step- hospital following a long illness. In addition to the plant    tech- W*dnesdavSh<;,had liwd. in„C,??r lipids |nical and operating staff, IE has I Cc”ar    {cderal    cour't    on    lur    bond    is    just    a refusal of services. I p m. weanesaay; anc| L,inn county all of her- life    a nuclear technical staff of    bond.” !'!mreh hv MTrovHosnita?cha^ Bor" near Cedar Rapids Aug about 20 engineers plus a quail-; a very limi e nm cr o Ru, ^    ^ |jcd jn hurch by Mercy Hospital Chap-. 17> 189| ^ had made h(,r home ty assurance engineering group cases    conscience    could    not    set    a lam Louis Castillo. Burial. wjth a brother, James Mitchell, and a nuclear fuels group.    U.S.    Atty. Evan Hultman said b , , f. h t hp (W , Cedar Memorial. Rosary will be of tb(i Second    avenue SW    Between 60 and 70 persons    he could report nothing about    h    .    f    Murnhu—if    in Sr MeLHaMunT“al tomoiaddniS    '"‘it"    iTf?    *    “'n'    'u    employed    in    fh*    plant    the «rand jury’s activities, ex-|fact he djd comm|| the abduc. t/cudr iviemori.il iiuieidi none member of Christ    Church Unit-    when it is in commercial opera-    cept to say that a very    ,• by the Rev. Clarence Prana of ed presbyterian    and was a    tion.    limited number of cases” are SuvWSiMftw Vlo'Jm 'C    ^ 1Hon5f'?akm flUb;    Replacements    I*in8 cons,dared, ’'not more may call    p.m.    lFllrvlBW Ij8dlM Ald ^ and when (hc |(|fm, B    than two or three." _    was    the    driver    of    a ear .spotted about a fourth of the fuel rods e ^rai?. jur^ Is Jjf . near where the ransom for Will be replaced every year Re- !,e,urnL fpdictments Thursday, Murphy was delivered. King placement will necessitate a 30-day shutdown. During that time FBI agent Paul King testified at the hearing that Williams The casket will not be opened at the church. There are no immediate survivors. Services: Thursday at 1:30 at Turner chapel wee,t by the Rev. Robert Bouton of Christ church. 3035 Twelfth avenue SE. widow Burial: Fairfax cemetery. of James Fee, died Monday Friends may call at Turner while visiting her sister, Mrs. west. The family suggests that ,0 Robert Calkins, in Freeport, III. friends may, if they wish, con- Mrs. James Fee Mary Ann Seek Fee, 63, of though those not be public made. indictments will until arrests are electricity will be generated from conventional coal plants.    Jurors    Listed The used fuel will spend three The 23-person grand jury se-six months cooling off, will1 lected Tuesday includes: then be put into casks and Sandra Carlson, Watkins; Normal for March ..    .......2.48 Normal through March .....5.02 Total for 1974 ......... 2.72 Barometer, steady    29.80 Humidity at noon ..........70% Wind direction and    velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m. SW at 17 m p h. Sun rises Wednesday, 7:34; sun sets, 7:02. Year Ago Today — High, 42; low, 38: rainfall. .OL Traveler's Forecast Wednesday Weather Hi-Lo Bismarck . . •..... Cloudy    24-4 Chicago ........PtCldy    66-30 Cincinnati  Cloudy 58-34 Cleveland  Cloudy 53-34 Jay, two! Born March 8, 1910, in Minot,    tribute to the memorial    fund    of the    N.D., she had spent most of her    Christ Church    United    Presby- annually over thep*fe in Cedar Rapids. She was a terian. former employe of the Linn    - county treasurer’s office and Harry W. Martin was house mother of Sigma Chi    i4^rrv wiknn    Martin rn    of Interstate representatives ap-    fraternity at Iowa City —    ,I<ltTy Wl,SOn commission retiring in 1968. before _ pea red before the commission retiring in 1968.    '    538 Twenty-seventh street at its    February meeting in an    Surviving in addition to Mrs.    (lied Monday    following attempt to resolve a    disagree-    Calkins are three sons, James    illness,. of the    Freeman, Denver, Colo., Ken-    Born Oct.    16, 1879, in Cedar neth Fee, Cedar Rapids, and Rapids, he had been a lifelong Dr. Everett Fee, Winnipeg, Can- resident of the city and was for ada; two daughters, Burdette 46 years an employe of the post Dlouby, California, and Mrs. office, where he was superin- Dennis Moss, Anamosa; grand- tendent of finance before his However, subsequent changes children; another sister, Char-retirement in 1948. unattended vehicle jn the    configuration of    the islandll o 11 e Schifner of Spokane,    He was    a    member Newton, Orchard1    ° said he and another agent saw a car near the ransom site on Georgia 400 and later pulled alongside it at a red light. Asked by Asst. U.S. Atty. John Gaffney if he    could identify the driver,    King said, Condon, 1611 ‘Yes,” and pointed at Williams. Electric fuel processing plant in    Thirtieth street NW; Patricia Morris, 111    Ann Corum, Center Point;    _Rrjfmn— The used fuel will be chopped    George P. Kelley. Bennett; Otto up and    processed    chemically    to    A.    Kohl,    2222    First avenue    NE; 'Continued from    I age I.) |extract    the    remaining    uranium    Janet    Ione    Lane, 2709    Johnson    shortly before IO a    m. from his and decayed products. The ura- avenue NW;    nearby    home. NE, nium will be reused and the shipped, probably to a General Mark Bradford company purchased an island in the Mississippi in 1946 and built its present generating facility there. charges; fined $15 and costs on each charge. Jeffery Jillison, ment over ownership 911 Eighth street SE; fined $101 property in question, and costs.    1 Faulty equipment — Connie! *company purchased Cady, Springville; Robert Berends, 2610 Union drive SW; David Oldfather, 1901 Williams boulevard SW; each fined $10 and costs. Striking — Leslie trailer court; fined $15 costs. area covered by water since the! Donavon Seck, Minneapolis. original construction of the (Mrs. Mike) Courtney, 75. Ser- i}^an* ^as reverted to public vices Thursday at 1:30, McAn-! ownership. mum will he reused and me He|en Mayhew, Vinton; Don-    Wilson, head of Britain’s first a long decayed products will be storedia,d Gene Mil|er, 279 Johnson avenue NW; Roger Norton, Anamosa; Linda Kay Nulle, route three, Marion; Louis W. was a member of and resulted in the ownership dis- Walsh., two brothers, Charles John’s Episcopal church, pute. The state contends thati Seek, Los Angeles, Calif., and Hermon lodge, AF and Iowa Deaths Williamsburg    Medilinc    I for nearly 50 years, and on site for IO years, then transported to an AEC disposal site yet to be selected Waste Amount    nicka, 2426 Linwood street SW; The waste products from a Albeit E. Ferry, 618 Knoll year of operation at the Palo street SE; J.D. Proffitt, 160 plant will fill a one- or two-car South Fifteenth street, Marion; garage,    plant officials say.    Shirley    Evelyn    Rawson,    Palo; St    Plant    completion is very    close    Edward P. Schaefer, 1012    E ave- Mt ^ the original time schedule an- nue NW; Evelyn G. Seaver, Hia-AM    nounced. That called for    com-    Watha;    Thomas    M. Shea,    Fair- Cedar    mercial    operation to begin in    fax; “Middle Amana - Rudolph!, 'n agreeing in principle to the n„c    071 Trumped. 72. Services Thurs- lease, the commission invoked Detroit    ‘ V V. Cloudy 5?-531    3t    Amana departmental rule 55. The rule, ^    4    u    v in effect, provides a means of uniformly establishing a price I for use of state lands. The $150,000 to be paid over the 50-year lease period, will be Indianapolis . Kansas City . Milwaukee ... Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City ... Omaha ...... Sioux Falls .. .. Fair 66-351 Fair 56-35 PtCldy 42-25 PtCldy 40-22 j Fair 72-38 PtCldy 56-32 PtCldy 44-14 minority government in 45 years, called in union and in-per. dustry leaders for a meeting aimed at getting the country’s battered economy moving again. He phoned leaders of the IO million-member Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Confederation of British Industry, which represents 12,000 companies, to set up Tuesday’s meeting. A grim-faced Edward Heath, nate to the heart fund. Degree Days Monday .; ........ Total to date Through March 4, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year .... Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday .. . 675.59 Births — St. Luke's March 4 To I hr' families of .Ion L. Barron, 990 Krumb-bolz drive, Marion, a daughter; Daniel J. Chavez, 1510 Ninth .street SW, a daughter; David W. Dobbins, 1450 English boulevard, Marion, a daughter; Robert Grimm, 506 West Sixteenth street, Vinton, a son; Richard Pegum, 1083 Sixth street, Marion, a son. Out of Town Births At Rainstein AFB. ( Germany To Staff S,t. and Mrs. George Cleveland, jr., a son Monday. Cleveland is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Cleveland, 1703 Thirteenth avenue SW Mrs. Cleveland is the daughter Community church. Friends may call at the family home after ll a.m. Wednesday. Hoover-Valentine, Marengo. Marengo — deva Shirley, 89. Services at IO Thursday at Hoover-Valentine’s, where..    .    .    .    », friends may call after noon deposited into the commission’s former Cedar Wednesday. Ryan — Mrs. Fee willed her body to Rapids Consistory and Malta January, 1974.    Raymond    Sinn,    jr..    Williams- the University school of medi- chapter, OES. *    plant has come under fire burg; Hilary C. Skow, 824 Six- cine, Iowa City. Memorial ser- Survivors include two sons, ^rom environmental groups who teenth avenue SW; Annie Veal, vice: by the Rev. Edmund    J.    John P., Cedar    Rapids, and    J*ave questioned the safety of    2890 McGowan boulevard,    hke~7^ Becker, Thursday at I p.m.    at    Robert A., St.    Paul;    three    having a nuclear plant so close    Marion; Alfred Welper, 849 the Teahen chapel.    grandchildren and    seven    great-    f0 a populated area and the gen-    Fourth avenue, Marion; Mary Friends may, if they wish, do-    grandchildren.    era^ e^ects su°h a planf will    r Wheeler, 3859 Lost Valley ‘    ■    have on the environment. David Hilsenbeck, 26; 31, Services Wednesday at 3 5,297 j at Bohnenkamp’s, Manchester. 5,570 Postville — Lorenz H. Cas-• 79.7 ten, 79. Services at 10:30 6.631 Thursday at St. Paul Lutheran |church. Schutte’s. Vinton — Ryan Lynn Stu-debaker. stillborn twin con of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Studebaker. Graveside services Wednesday Mrs. Russell Linnell Martha Idela Linnell, 66. a Rapids resident, lands and waters fund.    died Feb.    24    in Buena Park, Additional survey work    must    Calif. She    was the widow of he completed before the agree- Russell Linnell, ment is formally approved. A She had lived in California 35 spokesman for Interstate    said    years and    in    Buena Park ll work on the expansion project    years. She    was    in the restaurant will begin as soon as the com- business in Santa Monica pany receives a dredging per- j many years, mit. --(charter member Services: Turner chapel east at 3 p.m. Thursday by the Very I Rev. Canon D. A. Loferski, Burial: Linwood. Friends may call at Turner east after noon Wednesday. Memorial Services Borgenson, Tamar Moister Turner chapel p.m. Wednesday for at IO, Bear Creek cemetery. I    _ Campbell’s.    ■—FflPTflV—- Vinton — Arthur W. Grubb,    J 67. Services Thursday at 10:30. (Continued from Page I.) ^PMtabiished.mLmonal ^ heating oil production. This was!neapohs. Hopkinton —Mrs. George P. at the expense of gasoline out- Purvis ors induce loin Wolmutt, 90, Services Thursday put, he said.    brothers, George Hoover of at 11, United Methodist church.1    .    Banning, Calif.; John, Harry Goettseh’s, where friends may! *n other developments:    and C,arence HoovCr. all of said Tues cast at 1:30 by the Rev. Paul E. Traeumer of Grace Episcopal church. Entombment: Chapel of Memories. She was a life member and Heilman. Harriett Service* of Bainbridge £ >®:®? a.m. Wednesday rn Patricks Catholic church by, post American legion auxiliary the Rov Martin Laughlin and held Offices of vice- Burial: Linwood cemetery. president and secretary in Min- Bradv-Kuba funeral home is in road SE, and Charley Wyckoff, Vinton. Undetermined Loot in Holdup At Supermarket A holdup man who brandished a small silver pistol obtained an mitted his resignation to Queen Elizabeth Monday. He later promised support “for whatever realistic measures the new government takes in the service of the nation.” The queen then asked Wilson to form a minority government. Wilson drove straight from Buckingham palace to IO Downing St., lit his pipe and went to work. “Job To Do” “We’ve got a job to do,” he call after IO Wednesday Grocer Charged With Possessing Stolen Cigarets charge of arrangements M° Far la ne, Herbert M. - 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Chapel of Memories by the Rev. Ernest W. Larson of Trinity United Methodist church. Burial; r* j n j j xu    .    iCedar Memorial. Arrangements Ni.nn wM| ‘altar IBipuis; and lhrw Mslt'rs. bv    Memorla,    (uncral Nixon will EjSje Bus well, of Cedar Rapids; (home. Bostal. Joseph F., jr - Services were held at 10:30 a m. Tuesday at Chapel of Memories bv the Rt. Rev. Canon D. A. l*o- Everett    Sam    Nemer,    a    part of Mr. and Mrs. James Lohman,{owner of    the Fifth    Street    Gro- 461 Owen street NW    eery, 1201 Fifth street NW. was Marriage Licenses released on his own recog-Miriam Porter, Marion, and nizance Monday after appearing finance and agriculture. West Vernon Dodson, Cedar Rapids, j before Cedar Rapids federal G e r rn a n Foreign Minister Luana Scil amel, Crystal Lake, Magistrate James Hodges on a Walter School denied the effort el tie/'wa s^Sa ra^ FhrtTel I** Ma rh >n' ch«*« f possessing cigarets was aimed solely at assuring and Steve Thompson, Cedar stolen from interstate com- enough oil from the Arabs, call-Rapids.    Amerce.    Jug    the    proposal    “a long term Marriaaes Dissolved A preliminary hearing on the effort aimed at . . . sectors of rvT I i ii u i    c, j,    complaint    was    set    for    I    p.m. common interest ” Debra L. and Harold J.    Studt.    ..    r    , Steven D arni I arui Mane La M;,rch 21.    I    he    Nixon    administration dago. Mark W and Leslie Ann Nemer is charged with pos- joined with natural gas com-Reeker. Madulyn and Sam sessing four cases of cigarets pany executives Monday in urg *,ones’    which were stolen from an ll mg congress to pass legislation Fires    and W Motor Express trailer ending the4 7 6 cents per gallon 11:01 am Monday Malfunc- Sept. 4. 1973, while enroute from duly on methanol, commonly lien of alarm at 1051 lentil av- Winston-Salem. N C., to Cedar known as wood alcohol, if it is Rapids. Authorities said the cigarets were found at the Fifth Street ( ar fire Grocery Sept. II, 1973, during a search by federal bureau of investigation agents. The White Roust day that President send his veto message on t h e    Helen    Tiegen,    of    Buena    Park e rn v r g e n c y energy bill to    ;md    Ethel    Berry,    of Marengo, [congress Wednesday.    Services    were Feb. 27 in The European Common Mar- Buena Park, with burial at Fort ket ministers told Kissinger S n e 111 n g National cemetery, Monday that they will begin!Minneapolis, on March I. seeking cooperation with the    --- Arabs in a broad range of global concerns including energy. enue SW 7:09 p.m. Monday. Assistance call at 1018 Sev nteenth street SW 6:37 a.m. Tuesday at 3703 K avenue NW 0:43 a in, Tuesdii> Assist at accident scene iii 2600 block ut Edgewood road SW Magistrate s Court Speeding    .lelfit v Stillier, OOO Fifteenth avenue. Marion; Gregory Baird, till Harold drive SE; .lames Mumm, 700 Thirty-fifth street. Marion; Carol Slaton. >61) Briarwood street HW; Sidney Marlin, Hoi Watha; Julie Waskovv, 224 Twenty-ninth street drive SE, etch fined $30 and ro t' Rose Britt, Delhi; Kau ii Tides. Ely; James Neudeck, 504H First av. imported fur fuel use 2ft YEARS At it! of this year was the Iowa since records in 1873 February warmest in were begun Mrs. Jess Philips Addio J. Philips. 97, of 519 Fourth avenue SE. widow of Jess Philips, died Tuesday fol lowing a long illness. Born Sept. 24, 1876, in Fayette county, she had been a Cedar Rapids resident since 1958. She was a member of Bethel Presbyterian church in West Union. Survivors include a daughters Mrs. Harry Fritz, Cedar Rapids; a grandchild and a great-grandchild. Services arc pending at Burnham Wood funeral home in West Union. Burial: West Union cemetery. Turner’s east was iii charge of local arrangements. I Given up on that electric gin tor? Place a Classified Ad and watch it sell! fcrski of St John’s Episcopal church. Cremation was held, with inurnment in Cedar Memorial mausoleum. Arrangements by the Cedar Memorial funeral home. —Polo Plant— —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) struction of justice and perjury charges against him. Judiciary Committee Presidential Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler said Tuesday that St. Clair had been in touch with the house judiciary committees counsel on a request undetermined amount of money sa'd on steps of his new of made eight days ago by the1    '**-    ’**    *    *    *    L*- -1-1- committee for White House documents and tapes in connection with its impeachment inquiry. Chairman Peter Rodino (D-N. J.) said Monday he thought the committee had waited long enough and other members, said .    c .. they would favor issuing a sub- Laura    Sc0,t- l7‘ »' a « poena for the evidence if it is n%f'ri'!!rTn.nUosl for a moot over the large bills. Several cus-1 l-itwral tea** Jeremy Thorpe St. (lairs rtquist for a meet- .    who    arrived at the store sa'd h‘s party would bar what ing will probably head off de- wmers. who arrived at the store    J    extremist    measures rrvmHQ for a snhiviena al a porn as    man was leaving, told111 cama extremist measures manus a subpoena at a com    .    .    ..    .    .    such    as    pul    ing Britain out of mittee session Tuesday called P0,‘a ma> h’7 tle,d    m a car tht> rnmr£n x,..rkpt    nr    nfltinn as a briefing on the status of the walt,nS ,n the Parkin8 lot-    J    ,    P    3t investigation    Police    are    looking    for    a    black    ldlz,n8    more    industries. male, about 22 years old, 5 feet Hunt Appeal Opposed jq mches, 150-170 pounds and In a related development, the wearing blue slacks and a blue prosecutor’s office asked the U. shirt. from a clerk Monday evening at ^'ce vvlf*1 ^’s wde ^ ^*s Slde-the Hy-Vee store, 2711 Mt. Ver- “Wl‘ can onlv do the i°b as one non road SE.    PeoP,e and I’m going right in to Police said the man was no- do *be j°b now; tictd walking around in the Wilson, lacking a majority in store for about ten minutes be- l*1e ^5-seat house of commons, fore he pulled the gun on was expected to be restricted in ash regis- ^‘s ac^ons by the Liberal party, ter    which holds the balance of The man ordered her to turn P°wer- (Continued from Page I.) full-power operating license from the AEC Feb. 22. Ownership The 550 megawatt generating station is owned 70 percent by Iowa Electric, 20 percent by none of the S. court of appeals to deny Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt’s request for reversal of Ins conviction in the original Watergate breakin ease. In a brief filed Monday, the WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-prosecutors said that despite,ident Nixon will submit cam Hunt’s claim that he was vie- paign reform legislation to timized by government officials congress by Friday, the White Nixon To Submit Election Reform WASHINGTON misconduct he cited House said Tuesday. Congres- Central Iowa Power Cooperative “was committed by anyone aet-’sional-initlated bills are already of Marion and Creston and IO ing in any governmental, much well along the legislative route, percent bv Corn Belt Power Co- Jess a law enforcement, capaei-operative of Humboldt.    ty.” The plant was open Tuesday “in short, while a fraud was morning to area press repro- perpetrated on the judicial sys-scntatives to watch fuel loading, tem, the criminal process, and The security that each person the public in the Watergate went through made it clear that, case, Hunt was fully aware of as Arnold said. “The fi^h bowl the fraud during its commission era is at an end. Public access and had the opportunity to to the plant is over.” Some pierce it, which he chose not to 30.(KHI persons have toured the;do," the prosecutors said GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Ntwt. Sport!, lookktopmg, Gtnarol Intor motion and 0ffi<»! Not Littod Itlow Coll    ....... (iriwlotKMi Subunption Dipt Mon thru Sot. I a rn to 7 p rn Sunday! Until 12 Noon Holiday! 11 a m. to 7 p m Wont Ad! Mon thru for Ism to J pm Saturday unit! 12 Noon Deploy Adverting I a rn. to S p m. Monon Off ira 390 1211 311 8333 3ft 8234 391 8722 398 8430 Justice’! Father Dies RICHMOND, Va. (AP) I/Oiiis Franklin Powell, father of U.' S. Superme Court Justice' Powell, died Monday at the age of 94. Extra Touch" FTD Service PIERSON’S 1 s;," I SOO Elhi Bl . NW FLOWERPHONE 3j6-1826 Want ads will help you find lost items, use them for quick results! Dial 398-8234. # It I sn . . . f •ramp/ UM WK HS lh ll, flu PKCKDi FTI! FI.OVt Fit SHIH* .MHW ( enter IM. Rd. 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