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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hip Cedar JKapids Garrtlr: Tues., Mar. 5. 1974 Customer Reaction Stronger To Latest Gas Pri ce Hikes Tipton Approves Year-Round Dog Leash Ordinance Believe    Ii or Not I By Roger Green ..The latest round of gasoline'and «»9 for premium. price hikes has apparently als0 reported the aroused the ire of customers at public reaction to the some local service stations. prices. Last week, most stations con- Some customers have been tarted by The Gazette indicated verbally abusive of attendants their customers were generally an(f ‘‘some get downright ob-quite cooperative and accepting scene, he said higher prices and reduced supplies experienced since the en- drive after seeing orgy crisis began.    Prices» he reported As one operator reported at that time, “Everyone complains about the price, but everybody realizes he has to pay it.” However, the first of March TIPTON — The city council here approved a year-round dog „ leash ordinance to be effective day. selling at 56.9 for regular didn’t understand that the oil I this Friday. companies could also increase    Previously, dogs were    allowed most I prices at the first of the month lo run at large November to new and' were anticipating only a Match and wore restrained ..    from April to October, two-cent-pcr-gallon increase    mu    JI.. •«    . K h    The    council approved    raiding granted retailers this month on : ambulance rates for emergency a one-time basks.    service from $30 to $40 plus 50 Some people drove through cents a mile for each call. Some also pull on through the his drive after seeing the prices,!    In    other business,    Harold the new  ...... ,„in    J    Wohlford was the lone bidder on about two lots of city property located at Sixth and Orange Agreat stone arch NEAR LUDERITZ,SK/AFRICA, 230 FT. HISH, INDICATES BY THE TOPMOST POINT OF ITS EROSION THAT THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ONCE h/AS 200 TEETH 16HER 7?"*;. ^3rn    1 But, “you can't blame them.” he said. “We're the highest in town. We’ve got to be.” Not Abusive but “I think that will come to an end, too,” he predicted. “Got Gas” “I’ve got the gas,’ his streets. He bid $5,000 on the two lots. appraised to Im? worth .I$5,400 allocation he terming his March allocation jn bjs bjd was fbe provision Burt Davison, owner of Davi- “pretty good” at 79 percent of that the lots be rezoned from R-saw new price increases for .son Champlin, isnt far behind the same month’s gallonage in I single family to R-2 multiple most stations, ranging from one in price at 55.8 cents per gallon 1972    j    family    dwellings. The bid and cent to 8.3 cents per gallon. Downright Obscene Dennis Smith, lessee at Clark No. 2, 3334 First avenue NE, I of public reaction to the reported the highest prices and creases, though he added highest increase in prices in a body has been truly abusive. Gazette survey conducted Mon- He claimed some people Jet Blast Evidence; 17 Americans Killed PARIS (AP) — Additional evi-iof the Hart for regular and 59.8 for pre- .    ...    a,.    provision was accepted bv the mium. a seven-cent increase An fi,slantn    “ 'Y council I an. iai.v    n,e    s    Texaco, 2160 Sixth street I    ..    ...    , 00 . , o\er January.    ,,,    The    council set March 23 at I He also reported gelling a lot    the    date n(). about prices I supply.    _ “The most reaction we got    _    _    _ was from people coming in    —    FOOO TCIX- when we didn’t have any gas; to sell,” he said. “They were pretty irate ”    biennium as well,” Neu said. “I can’t tell you what the mood of No Discontent    lawmakers is, but I can tell you For some, this month's in-j we will    definitely hold the    line.” creases have drawn no public    Junk All Three? children; Thomas(discontent. _    ____i Neu said there was a chance have not complained!I' "' . ”       for    *    pul>,lc so much as short heann« on the Propos<,d rezon' mg. (Continued from Page I.) broker for Merrill ,.A[ dt'ny *    .I!?4    that    a11    three    proposals    would donee has come to light indicat- Wright, a    ™Mount    Vernon    road    SE,    the    pub-1 be junked this vea7 He "saidThe ing an    explosion may have    Lynch, and his wife and three    ijc hasn’t been abusive,    in fact. jatest information on the cost of caused    the Turkish    airliner    'children; Clara    Lux, 80, an    “everybody says we’re    pretty; increasing the Iowa Public Em crash in which 346 persons died    American citizen living    in    Brit-    cheap comparatively, a pjoyes Retirement System bcne- Sunday.    At least 17 of    the vie-    ain, and Phyllis    Cafe Kween,    spokesman there said.    fit3 antj a bi|j cajjjng for jn_ Urns were Americans.    Seattle-born wife    of Londoner    46 4 YorregCja/'and5 49*9 for! CreaSed special education ser Investigators    searching the    David Kween.    premium self-service. Full-ser- wooded site 23    miles north of    Also among the victims    were    vice prices are 47.4 and 51.4. Paris said they    have not ruled    four top London fashion    models,1 The manager at the Hiawatha out the possibility that a bomb    cr    ..    .    H three senior officials of the Bnt-may have gone off aboard the    ,    , .    ^,V1 jct.    I    *sh    department    of    ti    ade    and    in-    tjQn    _ „^,s something they ex But the experts cautioned dustry and 18 members of a Suf- now.’ Pester-Derby station said he’s been getting little public reac the experts that, if there was an explosion,(folk rugby team it might have been caused by a mechanical malfunction, not a bomb. Supporting Facts . The explosion theory is “one of several” being investigated, officials said. But they pointed to several facts that support it: Six bodies were found clustered together and relatively intact six miles from the site, in- 16 Arrested For Airline Ticket Theft WASHINGTON (AP) - Arrest of 16 individuals in connection with theft of more than 7,000 And one station owner claimed, “The public thinks ifs great that I’m getting more (in the two cents allowed retailers). They think the oil company doesn’t need as much.” * * * Station owner Rex Williams at Rex’ Gulf. 1731 Center Point road NE, is himself irate about I the situation. “I’ve got an investment of $17,000 in this station,” he said. I vices for Iowa schools would be taken into consideration. He said. “The figures are still up in the air. but the intermediate school bill with special education provisions could cost us another $20 million. And, that is not even allocated for in the governor’s budget.” Sen. Juan Orr (D-Grinnell), who originally authored the sales tax repeal, said it would “be a real shame” if the legislature failed to act on the measure. She predicted, however, that Ray would not suffer politically if lawmakers failed to act on the bill. “He can go out to the voters and say he tried to help low in He’s not a large-scale gasoline come people, but that the legis- .,    .    . . ... !airline tickets valued in excess ^ica ing ey were ejec e w 1 c of    mi||jon was announced    relying    to    a    Jarge^degree    laturc    just    coiildn’t    agree on the Tuesday by FBI Director Clar-|aea_e[’Je,yAl 8    8    Ism    -    ^    coin    ‘    Alen A door to the baggage hold ence Kelley. was found intact nine miles President Nixon Proposes Increases in Vet Benefits WASHINGTON (AP) Pres- also ask congress to make ident Nixon said Monday he will “'structural changes in veterans ask congress to increase compensation for veterans disabled I by military service by 12 percent and for their survivors by 14 percent, retroactive to last Friday. In a letter to key congress-m e n , Nixon declared that “many disabled veterans are undercompensated today.’’ Nixon said the one-year cost of his proposed increases would be $432 million. Benefits for disabled veterans compensations which will bring the disability ratings of underrated veterans up to a level corresponding to what survey data show to be their actual degree of impairment.” Current Range Presently veterans benefits range from $28 per month for a veteran with IO percent disability to $495 for total disability. Additional benefits for other ^ THE ITALIAN STATESMAN WHO WAS BORN ON AUS. IQ 18 IQ AND DIED JUNE 6,1861/ WAS A BITTER/ FOE OF KING CHARLES ALBERT OF SARDINIA -AND BOTH MEN Lf YEO EXACTLY50 YEARS. 9 MONTHS AND 26 DAYS were last increased in August, specifjc severe disabilities can 1972, and for their survivors in bring benefits as high as $1,232 January. 1972. The President said he would POMADE FROM THE HOOVES OF ANIMALS ARE ALWAYS CARRIED BY THE MASARWAS OF THE KALAHARI DESERT, S.W. AFRICA TO BC THROWN FOR A D/V/HR.DBC/SION ON ANY SUBJECT U. S. Borrows Some Revenue Sharina Back The pro- WASHINGTON (AP) -revenue-sharing program i viding a new touch of financial irony. The federal government is borrowing back some of own tax money. Nobody in the federal Reve-I nue Sharing Office knows exactly A Pprf*£*n4>1y how muc^- although a survey iv?l V*C?lll I taken last June showed that a large portion of unspent federal revenue sharing money was per month, and veterans whose disabilities are rated 50 percent or more get additional allowances for their dependents. Nixon wrote his plans to Senators Vance Hartke, (D-Ind.), and Clifford Hansen, (R-Wyo.), and Reps. William Dom (D-S. CT), and John Hammer-schmidt (It Ark.). They are the chairman and ranking Republican respectively of senate and house veterans affairs committees. Nixon said he has directed his its I Veterans Administrator Donald Johnson to work with the congressional committees “to develop proposals for basic improvements in the veterans compensation program, including those structural changes which would assure more equitable treatment of the seriously Gas Shortage of    (J. S. Steel    To 25-35% Forecast    n • d • MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Gaso- I'31 Se rNCeS line available to motorists will fall between 25 and 35 percent short of demand this summer, PITTSBURGH (AP) — U.S an executive vice-president of    Steel Corp. has announced price    bejn^    ^vested 'either "in U.S. Standard Oil Co. of Indiana pre-    increases of    about 5*2 percent    treasury notes or bank certify    disabled.” dieted Monday.    on a broad range of products,    cates of deposit. Blaine Yarrington    told    a news    following    the lead of several    One leason the    revenue shar- conference there was “no ques- other major producers.    'ing Pr°gram has turned into a. .    ,    . , (.rilp(illipfj farmers    The nation’s tartest    steel ; source    of money for investment teCi» already    na a    scneauiea ... inA    .    .    'armers    K    •    ,    largest    steel    governments    hearings    this    month    of compen- with IOO percent of their re-    maker said    Monday that the    J ,    le C1 l )cdl g°vtiinments quirements.”    price hikes involve rods, wire ls    y ate no* *n Hnan- ^    , “Agriculture gets    its    supply    products,    bars, semi-finished    cla^ P‘nc’h that ^ey    were a    few off the top, and then    come other    pl ate,    structurals, tubular,    yeafsag0- .    ,i.,n(or,n,    chm*/*    what    manv riis- prioritv customers with the mo- railroad tin mill coated sheet At the same time> state an(l Pl j    ' priority customers wun inc mo-    railroad tin    min, coated sneet    governments h ive ear-abled    veterans are undercom- tonst on the bottom with the and blast furnace products. I1 , governments nave ear    ,    .    Cedule east priority ” he said    The    products    are    used    in    the    marked a large portion of their pensated in a Kiting scil aul. p y, n Sd U-    im.    products    ale    used    in    tne    f    eanital    nroieets    that    basically    unchanged    since 1945 Yarrington said he believes manufacture of automobiles, ap-    tor    capital    piojtcts    mat    •    fip|frpp    nf ,,nf|pr- take a long time to build and dno that the degree of under which do not require immediate|comPensab°n 's greatest fot Hearings Set Both congressional commit- The President said that an indepth survey of service disabled the price of gasoline will not pliances, industrial equipment rise above 75 cents a gallon this and in the heavy construction summer.    industry.    \ Like the other companies which announced price hikes earlier—Bethlehem, National and Kaiser Industries — U.S. Steel noted that the increases Man Faces Drug Count in Iowa City IOWA CITY - Robert C. the aircraft was still aloft. _______   .    . -    -    ,    .,    ....    . on repair work.    bill,” she said. “Also, he “I’m concerned,” he    said.    “If    contend that he is holding    the    sen. nurav TmmcticTifnrc csiw it ct I Accordin2 t() sealed ,ndict* my allotment keeps going    down,    line on spending and is    not    The away. Investigators said it must mpnts by a federal Rrand ury    aren’t    going    to    need    creating a deficit.” have fallen to the ground a few ,n vw Vnri, a warrant u. ™51    .    >    b    .J . seconds before the six bodier. I    i    vlt “Ut rePa,rs betause can 1 ec' . T^TT any gas.    Services in Vinton Ericksen, 26. of Westport, Conn., I were in line with a ruling by was arrested by Iowa City pa the Federal Cost of Living ice Monday after 25 pounds of Council last week. alleged marijuana was discov-, That ru|i pcrmittcd thc capered in a car rented by Erick-jstee, industryVraiSe prices to office. expenditures. A report issued by the Revenue Sharing Office last week showed that as of last June 30, state governments had spent only about 45 percent of $2.2 billion in revenue sharing money and local governments had spent about 40 percent of about $4 billion. Graham Watt, director of the said another survey sued in Las Vegas, the tickets I he wreckage was so shat- were aj considerable distend that exports said it was count in New York, New Jer-likely the plane broke up before sey and Las Vegas at bars, resit hit the ground.    'taurants    and beauty parlors. Officials at Orly airport said. Ke„ey sajd the tickets wcre the plane was guarded while it yalidated through use of stolen process mints’had tamlTalS's 50“ studants Protesting Ihc cxe-r ..... cution of a young anarchist wrecked the medical school 4 dean’s office Tuesday, univer-in bank certilicates jjt s()urcc3 saidj many of the seriously disabled.” More than two million of the 29 million living veterans in thc United States are disabled as a result of military service. There are nearly 375.000 survivors of other disabled veterans who have died. Office Wrecked In Death Protest BILBAO, Spain (AB)-About Economy Measures ..“I’m going to survive. I’m one VINTON -- Arthur W. Grubb. He was taken into custody at ..    .. of the    few that know    what to    67. a consulting engineer here.    IO: 15 a.m. when he returned to    _.iag„S do.”    ,died Monday.    the car dealer and requested the .      0..____________I Besides relying on repair Born June 3, 1906. at Wauwa- return of his luggage. jrouiKi in Pans andjor counterfeit travel agency or work, he also keeps lights and tosa, Wis., he was married to He is free after posting ten the 216 passengers who boarded|ajrbne validation plates.    'heat turned way down and Natalie Waldron Dec. 19. 1931, percent of a $1,500 bond on a there were searched along    with    jbose arrested    vvere    charged    works    only    during    daylight    in Illinois. Survivors include his    charge of possession of a con- loggage. But    the    w|{b    one Qr    mofe    violations    of    hours to keep    costs down, mea-    wife and a sister, Rena Chris-    trolled substance with intent to ear rippler pa Hor! nniirp IFeflect highcr costs of scrap taken early last spring showed , ‘ , - J. '    ,    ,    f metal and other materials used that state and local overdue^    c    w    in    the    steelmaking AfteJ Ericksen returned the1 lh™ugh tht'cnd of danuary’    in    rcvenue sharln« fu"ds’ par and lnft thp alinopd mar! I The increascs had been an- some in government securities For A. W. Grubb, 67 jnana was discovered in the car I "°“nced for,Jan ' and Feb’,.16 a"d olho,rs in bank but were deferred by earlier of deposit.    >_____;__ He said under the law the    . The prices of these products money must be disbursed to (The (triter UajlibB (baZfttr their hand French civil aviation depart-jstatutes pertaining to theft from sures he’s been practicing for tian of Hamden. Conn. ment said there was no inspec- interstate shipment, interstate several years.    Services:    Thursday    at tion of the baggage hold ^' transportation of stolen proper- causo none was requested byjtv and yjerjury the airline.    j Tickets from domestic and It was not known what securi- foreign airlines were involved, ty precautions had been taken Kelley said. New York and New in Istanbul, where the flight to jersey police aided in the in-Paris and London originated |Vestigation, he added. The ad-and where the 12 crewmen and dresses of those arrested were 118 of the passengers, boarded. (in those two states. “It will be at least a week Penalty on conviction could before we can say anything for range as high as a $10,000 fine euro.” one investigator said. and IO years’ imprisonment on American List    ieach char8e- Kelley »«*• “I feel for the guy that’s new a m. in Campbell funeral home to the game,” Williams said A memorial has been es- Ad for big results. Place “He’s got a real problem.”    tablished.    ad    today! for the most part have not been state and local governments and raised in over a year, despite put into a trust fund. The trea-continually mounting costs of sury department cannot with-material, labor and services,” hold the money, he added. U.S. Steel said.    Watt    also    said    that    state    and1 deliver.    Details    of    the    new    prices    will    local    governments    have    up    to 10:30__be forwarded promptly to cus- two years to spend the money Think small, use a Classified tamers, U.S. Steel said. The and added that it is only natural increases go into effect with that they would invest some of it. 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