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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Fair through Thursday. I,ow tonight, upper 50s. Highs Thursday, lower 80s. rn ■filar IXnpitta CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 — NUMMER 168 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1974 EHRLICHMAN ASSOCIATED PRESS. I PI, NEW YORK TIMES TRIAL BRUSSELS (AP) - President Nixon paused Wednesday in his journey to the Moscow summit to join America’s chief European allies in the ceremonial signing of the new Atlantic Alliance declaration. The signing ceremony lasted about 15 minutes as the representatives of the alliance’s 15 members fixed their signatures in rapid succession to the document. The Dutch secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Joseph M. A. H. Luns, made a brief speech in French and English, and then the meeting adjourned for picture taking. Giscard Absent A conspicuous absentee was] France’s new president, Valery; Giscard d’Estaing. He sent Pre-) mier Jacques Chirac, and it was! the first appearance of a French premier at NATO headquarters since President de Gaulle expelled the alliance's military! headquarters from France. Luns said, “I believe by what, has been done today all our countries are stronger and more secure.” His was the only public speech, but Nixon spoke before. the signing for about 15 minutes at a closed session of the council. A diplomat who was present said the President told the leaders that he would be guided in Moscow by two principles: not to be carried away by a false sense of euphoria, and to be understanding of Soviet objectives in order to promote detente. The President stressed that the U.S. was determined to maintain its troop strength in Western Europe provided the allies make parallel contributions to joint defense. Referring to the Middle East, Nixon reportedly said the oil crisis after last October’s war had confirmed the interdependence of the allied nations. He said that during the recent Ellsberg Breakin First Big Watergate Case The judge read off a list of 57 persons expected to be called ast [witnesses at the trial to deter-; Demos Seek Limit of 5 Witnesses WASHINGTON (UPI) — John able for 30 years in jail sen-Ehrlichman, one of President jtences and $50,000 in fines. Nixon’s most intimate advisers! Thc triai is expected to last as before leaving the White House! jong as six weeks under the Watergate cloud 14: months ago, went on trial; Wednesday on charges of con- witnesses at the triaj to deterj WASHINGTON (UPI) - The spiracy arn perjury.    mine if prospective jurors were Democratk majority of the No matter what the outcome acquainted with any of them. nf ihi* friai _ first maim* nrn«i>    house    judiciary    committee Of the trial ii st maj or prose Tbe jigt jnciuded Secretary of „-n_M    cn. Q is ration to stem directly from the slate Klsslnfier white House- S0U(?ht Wedn«day to set a limit Watergate investigation — it is:cfjief 0f staff Alexander Haig. five witnesses for committee sure to have some impact on presidential lawyer Leonard questioning in its impeachment congress impeachment inves- Garment and former Treasury inquiry. ligation against Nixon.    Secretary Shultz.    Word    of the Democratic strat- Ehrlichman is being tried on others mentioned by Gesell ef>y tittered out of a closed ses- eharges growing out of the included Rep Vander Jagt (R- aion and the plan left some breakin at the Bever'v Hills of- Mjch.); Assistant Attorney Gen-iRepublicans fuming - especial- eral Henry Petersen, thc com- My since some of the witnesses mandant of the marines, GenjProP°sed by President Nixon’s //-i    —ins i « v lawyer, James St. Clair, were (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.)    3 breakin at the Beverly Hills of fice of Dr. Lewis Fielding, psychiatrist of Pentagon Papers figure Daniel Ellsberg, on Sept. 3, 1971—more than nine months before the Watergate burglary in Washington. Ehrlichman faces another j trial in September along with! other former Nixon intimates on Watergate cover-up charges. Questions Jurors Sadat: May Send Air Aid To Lebanon -UPI Telephoto John Ehrlichman, wife at his side, arrives for the first day of his Ellsberg breakin trial not included. The Democrats proposed to | call only John Dean, Nixon’s chief accuser; Frederick Larue, a former campaign aide knowledgeable about the payment of $75,000 hush money to E. Howard Hunt; Alexander Butterfield, who disclosed the existence of the White House taping Nevada Man High Tribunal Leaves Busing Case Hanging Is Named to Marion Post WASHINGTON (AP) supreme court left the — The; The circuit court found that Detroit!‘‘local and state actions and U.S. District Judge Gerhard [}y Associated Press Gesell opened the trial promptly „    . .    .    J    ,___ t    un at 9:30 a m, EDT and began hgypt 15 Prepared to send tis(system last rammer; Henry Pe- questioning the first group of air    *° defend lebanon tersen. deputy-a tome,* genera ; prospective jurors who will de- aga^‘Isr,ael‘ ?‘r ra'ds'fve" at and    Kalmbach'    Nlxon    s icicle the fate of Ehrlichman and !hc nsk of ;inotber M‘dd>c East Pc'rsonal a,lorncy I three eo-dcfendants — convicted jwar> Eg^ta President Sadat Watergate burglars G. Gordon,was 1u0,cd Wednesday as say- Liddy, Bernard Barker and Eu- in® en ■■    ■    genio    Martinez.    I    shall also make it a point F faild, Lyme T h e    four defendants    arc    «»{.President Nixon    is made to WAcniMt’tom IAP, Th. charged    specifically with    plot-reahzc(wo sba1 not    remain rn- WASHINGTON (AP) — The ,.    *    . ^active toward Israeli    attacks Federal Agency Sues NFO for Securities and Exchange Com- ting the breakin ‘‘without legal on school busing case hanging|policies .. . helped produce resi-j"^"-^"sueT'The"NatoS proccss; Probable cause, search ^™aP sadl^saidTan ill" Wednesday, thc last regularly dential segregation in Detroit Farmer Organization, which »r^Th,,0m«^Vm'^n^tltor,ervio* Published by the Beirut scheduled decision day of its and in the metropolitan area.” contends is broke and lied to its J’ . , maximum pen:any ic magazine As Sayyad. 1973-74 term.    However, state attorneys said members when it borrowed .*and^a The court’s inaction in the lit had not been shown that more than $7 million frcrni them. ; qqq fine ”    A    The    farmers group was Under the Democratic plan the committee would end the examination of witnesses after seven days and begin voting on proposed articles of impeachment in time to send a bill to the house floor by the week of July 22. ‘‘Trial of Century”.. Rep. Maraziti (R-N.J.) complained, “This is the trial of the m case could mean that a decision schooi officials or any state Lied Camps    cneuty    and they (the Demo- Meanwhile, scores of Pales- crats) are trying to cut u off by Dr. Clark Stevens i Dr. Clark A. Stevens. 39, Ne peace negotiations in the    Middle    vada„ hcis been appointed    super- East the Soviet Union    did    not    mtendent cf the Marion In- create major difficulties.    dependent school district,    Board Full Member    of Education President    John will be delayed until next fall:.........., i * I, * Kneu|charged with fraud, false state-    In addition Ehrlichman, a sue- tjnjan refUgeec fjed their camps'What kind tri£d is I when the    court's    next    term    agenhtv altcmp e,d 10 f,sjabh,d    ments and failure to disclose in-;    ce,ssful Sealtl° lawycr bcfore in Lebanon Wednesday in fear wben y°u lcP ibe defense law - opens    or,change populaUop pat,erns ln    formation about its financial    )01mng the administration,    is of israeli reprisal attacks for an -vcr whal witnesses he can call M»V Issue    ° a raCla balance condition.    charged with 'ini’,counl of lymg Arab guerilla raid that killed and what """esses he can t *y 1 s    The    Nixon    administration    to the FBI and three counts of seven pcrsons at the coastal call?” A court spokesman said how-urged the court to strike down    Denied    Fraud    making false statements before resort town of Nahariyya    St.    Clair,    Republicans    said, ever that the justices may issue the circuit court decision, say-; The suit fijcd in ^ Moines 3 federal Krand W- He is israe]j artiUerv shelled the wanted to cal1 paul O’Brien, at- orders and attend to other rou- ing that not enough evidence and announced in Washington,!--------—'Lebanese vitae'of Jovava 12 lorney    for ,he Commiutce ,0 line business when    they    meet    has been presented to show that    camc one day after the farm or.    All; T. A...    mi]es frnm the Israeli-Ubanese lleelect lhc Presidcnt: w'lliam 8 to    hear arguments on    a desegregation plan crossing    ganiMBon’s f^rd, in an Cmer-    wOIIIIIS I 0 110611    border tuesday night and ore- Bittman' attornc>' for Hunt. who CIaviJo CiMilitii liminary reports said there! |;c?ei.'fcd ,be    on    *!unl s Florida Facility were heavy losses.    behalf:    Attorney    Gener- J    ,    a1 Mitchell and H. R. Hal- one of thc major cases present-1 court:    commission make a more thor-!    in reUn..t°i0nn?or'Vihc ifuchlia"^ deman’ former "bite House ed to the court during the cur- Ruled 6 to 3 that prisoners un- 0ugh investigation.    L°>llins Radio _Co announced    !chief Of staff. rent term, had been expected dergoing disciplinary proceed-!    ProsiHnnt    Oron    sin    y    Is P*annm8 t0 , _    ‘    f*    ’.    u-i!l    Democrats    proposed    to Wednesday.    I in ll do not have the right to be ,„,Nb °    ^L?a’    open a small manufacturing fa- j«dl W her two children j takc sworn statc‘lf from [Watergate tapes disputes.    school    district lines v\as neces- meeting unanimously ap' A ruling on the issue of cross-jSary.    proved    a resolution denying any desegregation, in other action Wednesday the fraud and requesting that the district school ings do not have the right to be jey ^ suggested jn a newslet- . fl    . t ii i ut. oicvciio waa li uuuhiuu France is a full mem er o    e from ^ Moines Technical high transatlantic a1 lance anc    school in 1953 and received his intend to observe scrupulously the treaty of Washington” which founded NATO 25 years ago. The French published the text of the premier’s speech at the private meeting. The Detroit case was brought represented by lawyers. by the National Assn. for the Dealt a blow to justice depart-(mission’s probe is part of a goY-!^' owned eminent effort to ruin    the rppf f    , pie.    NA ACP spokesmen de-    mergers    under    anti-trust laws.    group sta]ey pointed out    that    .th‘ scribed it as the    organization’s    Ruling in cases    from Connectible NF0 was listed among most    important    school case    cut and    Washington state, the    white House “enemies” in    Wa- .. .. . Vernon announced Wednesday ( hirac told the c unci a    5tevens    was    graduated    Advancement    of    Colored    Leo-    ment    efforts    to    block    big    bank    eminent    effort    to    ruin    the u    al. a.aiiPewsI€l"[cllity in Melbourne. Fla. ’    and an Israeli soldier - as well O’Brien" ter to members that the com- company officials said it will as ^le threo Arab raiders — Mitchell Bittman, Haldeman, .    ... .    ........... and Charles    Colson, in    14.00    square jwere    ie    former special counsel to    Nixon, space that is being In Jerusalem, police said two _ ,    .. re.    bazooka    rockets    set    to    be    fired    Releasing    Evtfeacc., no •    .    *    ju-    mn«i    imnnriant    cohnni    i * „j    ctato    thP    , ... ~i In a brief statement, the com- by a timing device were discov- Tho panel voted Tuesday to BS in    social    science    and    physi-    most    important    school    case^t    and    Washington    state,    the    Whlte    House    “enemies”    in    Wa-    Mnv _flid oronins    nlans    t0    pred    earlv    Wcdnesdav    in    a    BHH    make- nuhlie 7 200    nfVon cal education    from    Western    IIH-    since    the    historic    one    in    1954    COUrt    said    the    government    must| tergate    testimony    bv    ousted1^    *    WednCSday    m    3    f,eld    make publ,C 7 200 p3gCS    °f 0011 nots university, Macomb. III., in which struck down the doctrine offer stronger proof fhat pro- presidential counsel John Dean.    rTa    V" of separate but equal schools. posed bank mergers would re-!    .    ...    !    neats    in    the    new    facility,    and (Continued: Page 2, Col I.) (Continued. Page 3, Col. 5.) 1959. An SEC spokesman denied on will be hiring employes from (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Tax Cut Move Seems Dead enemies j charges speak    for themselves,’’    than three or four Collins    em- he said.    ployes from Cedar Rapids    will The suit charges the    farm or-    be relocated to Florida to serve |ganization is    in the    red and    in supervisory capacities. Initial employment in Mel- NFO, which markets 4-Year-Old Survives Fatal' Gunshot Wound In 1961, he received his MA in Michigan officials and of-jstrict competition than in other Tuesda (|)at the suj, is rela(ed (hal area city school administration from    ficials of 43 suburban school dis-    cases because bank operations ^ encmjes |ist ..The xh(, sia|..ment said no more Chirac said    France    wanted to    ^ortheast Missouri university,    tricts surrounding Detroit ap-    already fall under extensive reinforce the    alliance    and this    Kirksville. Mo. Dr. Stevens also    pealed a decision of the U. S.    state and federal regulation. is in no way irreconcilable with|ho,ds a degree in educational    circuit court in Cincinnati that    Expanded the right to trial our reaffirmed will    to remain;    administration from Western    the only way to desegregate De-    by a jury rn contempt of court I,,inois    troit ciiy schools was to ^Jude. cases    .....    f    r    [can’t    pay    its bills.    Initial    employment    in    Mel-1    TORRANCE,    Calif.    (AP)    Horton, 36. of Carson, Calif., Career Experiences the suburbs in the busing plan. Ruled that >outh eligible or Njr()    markets    broa(J    bournc    the statement said, will The 4-year-old boy’s heart and said she put her automatic He earned his doctor of philos    Didn’t    Join    sentencing tinder inc °^n; range of commodities for its be less than 50 persons.    breathing had stopped and doc- handgun in her purse the day of 0Phy degree in educational ad-    Qf    the    ^ school |tt°nc^Tadalts unless a judge “rs* has had trouble col- Collins officials emphasized: tors working to revive him es-1 the accident because she was minis a ion rom ow a * a djstrjc^ which is approximately: specifically finds that a youth ‘‘‘‘‘‘UU' from treat-1    "    w r:~’    I    ”      '    !i«inn»*    1 motorbike for William. She said she drove into a service station and left the car ""ms^career” experience in-!64 percenl black- did "ol J0,n in!would not beneflt WASHINGTON (UPK- Thejc)udes socia| studies imtructor thc appeal    ment    undcr    ,he    acl senate refused Wednesday toi3nd bead wrestling coach at limit debate on proposals to end Davis Community high school, ! the oil depletion allowance and Bloomfield, from 1959 to 1961. to give Americans a small in-iand service as high school prin-come tax cut.    jcipal    at the Alden Community The defeat, latest of a series high school in Alden, frcm 1961 for liberals, appeared to make to 1963. it only a matter of time before! From to 1967. he served they abandoned their 10-day-old as junior and senior high school attempt to attach tax reform principal at thc Durant Commute a bill to increase the nation- nity high ^hool in Durant. a1 debt to $495 billion through pr Stevens was high school (Continued: Page 2. Col. 3.) (Continued: Page 3. Col. 3 ) next March 31. IMMVM Today's Index Comics ........... .......8D Crossword .81) Daily Record ....... ........3A Deaths 3A Fditorial Features . ii\ Farm .......... ...... IOC Financial ________ SD Marion ............ ....... 5C Movies ............ TD Society ...... . 10B-13B Sports . ......... HMR) State ............... ... 1C4C Television ......... .....IC Want Ads ....... 10-131) principal at Nevada from 1967 to 1971. In 1971, he became superintendent of that district, where he has served to this J time. Four Children A member of tin* Lutheran I church, Dr. Stevens is married and has four children. He will begin his new position on July 8, at a salary of $26,000 Vernon noted the board of education had received about 35 applications for the superintendency post. Eight men had j been personally interviewed. Marion has been searching for a new superintendent since the [ resignation of Dr. Richard M. Sorensen about two months ago. U. S. Research Spending Tax Dollars for Lizards, Polish Frogs the $75-a-year dues it that the Florida operation “will tincted his chances for survival; carrying about $500 with which asks of its members, and re- not result in any loss of jobs in were “no more than one to two she planned to purchase a mini- inl00 “ —— But on Tuesday, one week after he accidentally shot him-) self, William Horton asked a briefly. Harbor General hospital nurse. “When can I go home?” WASHINGTON (UPI) - Taxpayers’ money is being used to study such subjects as Yugoslavian lizards, rural roads in Poland, and American superstitions. according to a congressional report, Also cited were a $576,969 study to teach mothers how to play with their children, a $70,000 study on Indo-Austraiian ants and a $6,000 study of bisexual Polish frogs. The General Accounting Office, congress’ watchdog agency, issued its preliminary report Monday at the request of Rep. eonian (ll Ari/,.), who ordered an investigation of the research. He said the “absurd federal expenditures . . . illustrate how the public’s hard-earned tax money is being squandered in large sums by the federal bureaucracy.” eonian, who had uncovered 18 federal research programs which he called “wasteful,” had asked the GAO to confirm their existence. The GAO confirmed these spending projects in the current 1974 fiscal year: A $15,IMH) Smithsonian Institution study of lizards in Yugoslavia “to show how a more vigorous and adaptable species of lizards can gradually colonize and displace a less hardy species.” $85,000 for the Smithsonian to study impact of rural road construction in Poland. $46,089 for the National Foundation on the Arts and the Hu manities to produce a reference book titled “American Popular Beliefs and Superstitions”. $576,969 for the National Institutes of Health to conduct a study at the University of Florida’s Institute of Development of Human Resources to teach mothers how to play with their children. $5.(HH) for a Smithsonian project aimed at showing why Indian whistling ducks “have ap p a r e n 11 y survived habitat changes caused by human encroachment.” $6.(HH) for the Smithsonian to study Polish frogs in an attempt to classify separate species by enzyme and protein analysis. $35.(HH) to help the Pakistani government control the wild hoar. The .25 caliber bullet pierced William’s aorta, ripped through his intestines in seven different places and lodged in his back Dr. Michael Peter, a senior resident in surgery who helped save thc boy, told a news conference that a gunshot wound which penetrates the aorta is usually fatal. The aorta is the artery through which blood flows from the heart into the body. Peter said William’s brain (lacked oxygen for about 15 to 20 minutes, possibly “as long as 25 ! minutes,” and this condition for [longer than eight minutes can [and then repaired the seven result in permanent brain dam- holes in the intestines. ! age. Children seem to tolerate    —      —    -    — “What he did. apparently, was reach inside my purse and hit the safety and the trigger all at the same time,” Mrs. Horton said. The boy was rushed to the hospital about one mile away, but appeared to be dead, doctors said. They said there was no heartbeat, no pulse, no spontaneous respiration. William’s abdomen had filled with blood. Doctors stopped the blood flow, administered cardiac massage and William’s heartbeat began again. In three hours of surgery, doctors cut out the injured portion of the aorta, sewed the two remaining ends together j this condition for longer periods ; than adults, he said. “He has responded to questions and his memory is good,” j Peter there should recover completely.” ! problem or two left. The boy’s mother, Beatrice f * *■ . ** ■“    OUM Today's Chuckle Well, the class of ’73 has been said. “We feel certain I in charge for a whole year now is no damage and he t— and the world still has a -I.. *»    I    Ll______*    I Ma Copyright ;

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