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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Marion New Parman Wins Speaking Event I . .Tom Parman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Parman, 1715 A avenue, has been named winner in Tom Parman the Hawkeye Area Boy Scout council public speaking contest. Held recently at Collins Radio Co., the contest was judged by members of Toastmasters International. .. Parman, who will be a junior at Marion high school, will now compete Sept. 28 in an area event to be held in Minneapolis. ♦ * * YMCA — Tuesday’s activity schedule at the Marion YMCA is: Non-aquatic — trampoline 9 a.m., youth tennis 9, Sometimes for Fun IO, baseball IO, preschool gymnastics 10:30, adult open gym noon and 4 p.m., baseball I, girls’ basketball I, boys’ basketball 2:30, 3 on 3 basketball 7, karate 7; pool r-youth lessons 9 a.m. and I p.m., adult swim noon, youth recreational swim 4, swim team 5, adult open swim 6:30, family swim 7:30. *    *    t Last week for bargains. Closed June 24th thru August IO. Rose’s Candle Niche.—Adv. *    *    * Kiwanis — Hiawatha Trails Kiwanis club breakfast meeting is set for Tuesday at 6:55 at Sambo’s. Mel Holubar has the program. *    *    * / Siding roofing, since 1953 Warner Bros. 377-5573.—Adv. ♦    *    * Visits Relatives — Donald Scott, Rockford, IU., is visiting in the home of his sister, Bertha Miller, 2255 Eighth avenue, and other relatives. Space Available on Bus for Farm Tour Space still is available on the bus which will take members of the Marion division Chamber of Commerce on a free tour of four farms southwest of Cedar Rapids Tuesday. The Agri-business tour is sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Marion Area Chamber of Commerce. The bus will pick up Marion Chamber members at Hie locall Chamber office, 760 Eleventh street, at 9 a.m. Tile bus will return to Marion about 3 p.m.    / ♦ * * Committees of Marion Chamber Plan Meetings A    ^ Marion Chamber of Commerce has three committee meetings scheduled for Thursday. The transportation committee will meet at 7:30 am. in the Chamber offices, 760 Eleventh street, with Herman Thompson and Don Salyer to hear a transportation study report from the Linn county regional planning commission. A 9:30 meeting is set for the Farmers State bank community room for the retail bureau. Organizations planning booths and stands at the annual Country fair, July 12 and 13, will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Farmers State bapk. *    *    * Council To Meet — Marion’s council will meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the city hall council chambers. *    *    * Marion Rainbow Assembly No. 124 will meet Monday at 7 in the Masonic temple for initiation. ♦    *    * Gold price down. Class rings also during June. Order now Ray’s Jewelry. Open Monday and Thursday till 9 p.m. — Adv. * * * Effective Juno 17th, we will be open on Thursday evening only until 8 p.m. Price Electric. —Adv. $10 Million for Library Session Too Much: Gross WASHINGTON (UPI) What began as a noncontroversial resolution has Incurred the ire and opposition of veteran Congressman II. Ii. Gross (R ia.). The U.S. .senate last October approved a resolution to authorize a White House conference on library and information services, which will cost an estimated $9 6 million. However, when the legislation got to the house, Gross, long known as a fiscal watchdog, decided it was too much money to spend for such an item. “I am amazed any committee of congress would come here today asking for $10 million simply to stage a White House conference on libraries,” the veteran of 26 years in the house said. “How in the name of the I>ord can anyone spend $10 million on a White House conference.” When the resolution came up originally, it required a two-thirds majority to pass because it had not been cleared for debate. Now the proposal will be formally cleared with the house rules committee and only a simple majority will be needed for passage. 20 YEARS AGO - Rep. ll. R. Gross of Iowa was one of “IO typical Republicans” named by Life magazine as congressmen who were holding back the Eisenhower administration. French Nuclear Test Reported CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — France Monday set off the first explosion in its 1974 nuclear test series in the South Pacific, the Australian government reported. The prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand protested. The French government refused to comment. It never announces the individual tests but said earlier this month that this year’s series would be the last conducted in the atmosphere. The Austra^an government said a nuclear device was set off Monday over the Mururoa Atoll, the French test site about 1,000 miles southeast of Tahiti. Prime Minister Gough William of Australia said the new tests were a matter of deep concern to his government because they would result in radioactive fallout on Australian territory. He said the French statement that these would be the last tests in the atmosphere was a step in the right direction, but the French government has not given his government “any satisfactory commitment that further atmospheric tests will not be held.” New Zealand’s Prime Minister Norman Kirk said he had told his ambassador in Paris to file a strong protest. Three Are Named To Culver's Staff DFS MOINES Janet Fraser of Monticello has boon named co-chairman of Citizens for Culver, the organization supporting Democratic senate candidate John Culver. Mrs. Fraser, 51, is presently serving her second term as Democratic commit teem a n Jrorn Iowa’s Second district. She will be working with John ChrystaJ of Coon Rapids, who was earlier named chairman of the Citizens for Culver organization. AKst) named to tile Culver campaign staff were Bd Campbell and Bonnie Pierce, both former members of Sen. Harold Hughes’ staff. Campbell, 39, Is a Fort Dodge native ( who joined Hughes’ staff in 19f>5. Campbell will be the political coordinator for the Culver campaign and will work out of Culver’s Des Moines headquarters. Miss Pierce, 26, bas worked for Hughes five years. She will be helping coordinate volunteers for the Culver campaign. She, too, will be working in the Des Moines headquarters. Williams Heads Iowa Amvets Want ads are easy to use and produce quick, satisfying results Dial 398-8234. Man Is Arrested On Decorah Charge DECORAH — A charge of larceny of a motor vehicle has been filed against Robert Jelin-ek, 45, Rockford, 111., following his arrest by Sioux Falls, S.D., authorities Sunday. Jelinek is charged with taking a car from the residence of Ann Fritchen in Decorah Friday. Extradition proceedings are pending. A. R. Williams A. Ray Williams, 828 F avenue NW, Sunday night was installed as state commander of the Iowa department of Amvets. Installation took place during the state Amvets convention at Fort Dodge. Virgil Martin of Anamosa was seated as third vice-commander during the same ceremony. Williams has served as commander on both local and district levels and for the last year has been state vice-commander. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., June 17, 1974 f Anfi-CB Policy for State Troopers To Be Studied Reappointments IOWA CITY - Linda Dole, J. Erie Heintz and L. Vem Robinson have been reappointed to two-year terms as part-time judicial magistrates in Johnson county. DES MOINES (AP) - Gov. Robert Ray said Monday his office will investigate changing the policy that prohibits highway patrolmen from car-Tying citizens’ ban (CB) radios in patrol cars. Many troopers purchased the CB equipment to monitor truckers when the 55 mile-per-hour-speed law went into effect March I. Iowa department of public safety officials, however, had the radios removed because they were not state-furnished equipment. Some officials felt the patrol could not monitor the CB radios and patrol radios at the same time. Some truckers use the CB radios for tips on when the highway patrol is using radar to catch speeders. Stationary Ideations The patrol does use CB radios to monitor the truckers but they are in stationary locations such as weigh stations, and are not as useful, troopers say, as private-band equipment, if it were mobile. ‘ * I would favor them (troopers) having access to the equipment they think necessary,” Ray said. And he said he would favor having CB radios in patrol cars “under certain circumstances.” But if the troopers return to CB equipment in the cars, Ray said, it should be state-owned equipment rather than that purchased by the patrol-, men. Received Complaints The governor says his office has received complaints from citizens who feel the patrol is stopping passenger cars for breaking the new speed limit, but ignoring truckers who speed. “What the citizens don’t realize is that the CB radios have quite an effect,” Ray said. “As soon as you stop one truck, the word goes down the highway — ‘Smokey the Bear is on the loose’,” Ray said. He said the patrol is using airplanes more to cut into the CB radio problem. Youths Arrested In Burglary Case DECORAH - Rickey Kittel-son, 18, route three, Decorah, was charged by Decorah police Monday with burglary. He is accused of taking about $40 from the cash register and soft drink machine at the Hobbit Hole early last Tuesday. A 14-year-old, who also was involved in the burglary, is being referred to juvenile probation authorities, officers said. Voter Identification Push Slated by Iowa Democrats DES MOINES (AP) - Iowa Democratic candidates Sunday agreed to focus on what they sa;d are failures of Republican administrations in Washington and Des Moines instead of dwelling on Watergate during this year’s campaigns. The Democratic strategy was announced by Party Chairman ’rom Whitney following a meeting of candidates for top state Buchanan GOP Names Kibler; IOO at Session INDEPENDENCE - Art Kibler was re-elected chairman at the Buchanan county Republican convention held Friday at the Hotel Pinicon here. Other officers elected were: Mrs. Ronald Hess, co-chairman; Mrs. David Solberg, secretary of the central committee; Frank Shaw, organization chairman, and Larry Nielsen, finance chairman and treasurer. Over IOO persons attended the convention at which Mrs. Pat Pardun, Independence, former vice-chairman of the state Republican central committee was keynote speaker. 26 Delegates The group elected 26 regular delegates to the state convention including two 18-year-olds and two junior delegates. None of the resolutions adopted dealt with the issues of amnesty or 65-foot trucks. Resolutions approved by convention delegates favored retention of tho right-to-work law, support for President Nixon, find a resolution that out-of-state political contributions be prohibited in Iowa racefi. The group voted down a resolution that would have reduced the legislature to 32 representatives and 16 senators. Other Planks Other planks adopted included that money transferred from the highway fund to the general fund be retuned to the highway fund and a recommendation that a review of the highway system for Northeast Iowa be conducted. The convention also recommended that every congressman who has received illegal campaign funds or has publicly indicated Im* has prejudge! the issue should disqualify himself from voting iii any impeachment issue. and congressional offices. * At the meeting, candidates and party leaders agreed to place major emphasis on the voter identification program in an all - out effort to canvass, register and then get Iowans to the polls in November. Whitney said the Republican party “has been insensitive to the problems of the poor, the elderly, farmers and small businessmen” both nationally and in Iowa. He said Republican economic policies “have produced a run away inflation that threatens the financial stability of every Iowa family.” Those at the meeting included Sen. Dick Clark, senate Candidate John Culver, gubernatorial Candidate Jim Schaben, congressional Candidates Michae Blouin, Second district; Steve Rapp, Third district; Tom llark-in, Fifth district, and Berkley Bedell, Sixth district, as well as the Democratic slate for state offices. India Reports China A-Test NEW DEUR (AP) - India said China carried out a nuclear test above ground Monday in an explosion equivalent to one megaton of TNT. Tile Indian Atomic Energy department said the test was held in tile Ijop Nor region of western China and was picked up by the department’s monitoring stations. China made no immediate announcement of a test, which would be the first since it set off a hydrogen bomb in the atomos-phere nearly a year ago on June 27, 1973. VISIT THE MARION OFFICE Complete Circulation And Want Ad Service. 743 loth STREET Marion Office Phone 398-8430 Or You May Dial 398-8234 To Order Your Want Ad. Open Tonite (Mon.) 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