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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Thunderstorms likely tonight. Low in low (Ms. Occasional rain, cooler Sunday. Highs in fids. VOLUME 92 NUMBER ISO Cedrin 'JAupitlA CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, .JUNE 8, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESll. S. - SAUDI ARABIAN PACTS WASHINGTON (AP) - A departing federal energy expert says the administration’s crude oil price controls produced windfall profits, “political wheeling and dealing” and oil industry cheating. The broadside against the two-level price control was a parting shot from William A. Johnson, key energy policy analyst and the former energy chief, William E. Simon. Johnson was interviewed Friday on his last day at the Federal Energy Office. He was asked to explain why the administration authorized a dollar-a-barrel price increase for old domestic oil production last December, despite staff reports it would cost consumers some $3 billion a year but not help in shortages. The increase, Johnson said, was intended as only the first step in closing the price gap between the price-controlled old oil and uncontrolled new oil brought into production since 1972. Political Problem Hunger Strikes Ended Kissinger By Sisters, 3 Others []aj|s«New Landmark' LONDON (AP) — The Pricejonce escaped from a British sisters and three other admitted jail, they fought actively in the guerilla war to oust the British Ford: "Told This system had served the purpose of encouraging new oil exploration and development “but it has become a horrendously serious political problem,” he said. “All sorts of groups are trying IT Sit I) HW ll to get $5.25 (price-controlled)'* v    UXJ    Vt    ii oil. The temptation for political wheeling and dealing is enormous,” said Johnson who added that he had no major role in the old-oil decision. “We have had companies coming in with senators, trying to get this old oil,” he said. The Federal Energy Office also controls allocation of. crude oil among refiners. Johnson added that the two-level system was also leading some oil producers to abandon existing production wells and drill new wells into the same deposits, so they could sell this production as “new oil” at the higher price. —UPI Telephoto Sam Ervin, chairman of the senate Watergate committee, listens to Vipe-president Ford deliver the commencement address at Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, N.C. Ervin presented an award to the board chairman of the school in a ceremony before Ford spoke. And Shut Up" LOGAN, JJtah (AP) - Vicepresident Ford said Saturday that he has been getting advice in letters, telegrams, receptions and shouts in hotel lobbies to stop traveling so much and holding so many news conferences. “In short, why don’t I sit down and shut up like a good vice-president should,” Ford ^aid in a commencement address at Utah State universi ty. He said he has been asked “if “We have a system that en-I must make speeches and per-courages cheating,” he said. 1 mit press questions wherever I go, why do I uphold the President one day and the next day side Staff Reports Johnson’s blast followed circulation by consumer advocate Ralph Nader of staff reports to the Cost of Living Council which provided the groundwork for December’s old-oil price with the congress, which is deliberating his impeachment?” His Duty Ford said the answer is that in-1 he believes it his duty to try and crease.    help find a compromise on the The studies indicated that this nagging issue of Watergate, increase would not increase pro- “Why is it so surprising that duction from existing wells, which was already at its maximum, and would do little to reduce demand. The council staff said a $1 increase would, like any increase, be an arbitrary choice and would cost the public some $256 million a month. sometimes voice the viewpoint of the legislative branch of which I was a part for a quarter-century, and at other times see things much the same way as the Chief Executive, who chose me, my friend for the same span of years? “In all those years, I have By that reckoning, the Dec. 19 never seen a controversy in price increase may already which one side was all wrong have turned some $14 billion of and the other IOO percent the consumer’s money into oil right,” Ford said, industry windfall profits.    1 “So long as I can contribute - ;to the climate of reason and Daley Released From Hospital CHICAGO (AP) - Mayor! Richard Daley was released from the hospital Saturday after undergoing surgery six days | ago to correct an obstructed artery in his neck. Daley, 72. walked unassisted, from the hospital and told re-; porters he felt “great." Today s Index Church Page (Continued. Page 2, Col. 5.) Demo Rules Committee Three Die in Recommends Fresh Start Two-Car Crash Near Homestead members of the Irish Republi can Army have ended prison hunger strikes, the British government announced. The home office said Saturday that Hugh Feeney, Gerard Kelly and Frank Stagg took liquid nourishment. The office said Friday night that Dolours and Marion Price, serving life sentences for an IRA bombing wave in London in March, 1973, took their first voluntary meal in 205 days. Feeney and Kelly were serv-j ing life sentences for the 19731 bombings and Stagg was sen-; tenced to IO years last March 31 for conspiracy to organize an IRA rally in Coventry. All five were reported in a fair condition. Striken Demand There was speculation that the British government had reached an accommodation with the Price sisters. “I would imagine the conditions must have been satisfactory to them or they would not have come off their strike. There is no question that they could have surrendered in any way,” said Marie Drumm, an IRA spokeswoman. The hunger strikers have demanded transfer to prisons in Northern Ireland as political prisoners — which could make them eligible for amnesty in from Northern Ireland. They were sentenced for leading an IRA unit which planted car bombs in London, injuring WASHINGTON (UPI) — Rep-more than 200 people.    I rcsentatives of the U.S. and Sau- They began their hunger!di Arabia Saturday signed eco-strike immediately after being nomic and military agreements sentenced Nov. 15. Forced feed-which they said recognize a new ing, which    began 19    days    later,    relationship between the U. S. was stopped    May    18    and    since    and the Arab world, then they had existed only on The agreements establish a water    joint commission on economic __cooperation and provide for modernization of Saudi armed forces by the U. S. * Secretary of State Kissinger said after signing that the accords were “a new landmark in our relations with Saudi Arabia and with the Arab world.” Saudi Prince Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Saud, heir apparent to King Faisal, told Kissinger during the ceremonies at Blair House across the street from the White House that “this agreement augurs very well for the new relationship between Saudi Arabia and the U. S.” Ballet Star Has Soviet Exit Permit MOSCOW (UPI) - Jewish ballet dancer Valery Panov said authorities told him Saturday that he and his wife have been given permission to emigrate to Israel and must leave by Thursday. “I am very excited, very emotional,” Panov said by telephone from Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, where his pregnant wife, Galina, 24, is under going treatment. “I’m not used to it yet but we are very happy” Panov, 35, said he was called to the Lithuanian visa office Saturday and an official read him a decision by Leningrad visa authorities to grant him event of a political settlement of and his wife permission to By Kevin Kane Floor nominations of any legally-qualified candidate and a weighted roll call vote will be among recommended procedures at next Wednesday’s special Linn county Democratic Under the recommended procedures, the convention would start cold with no candidates and accept nominations of HOMESTEAD—Two Iowa City residents and a Shawnee Mis-any “legally-qualified candi- sion> Kan« ™an were killed date” who has given prior con-|about 5 p.m. Friday in a head-convention to nominate a can- sent to his or her nominator. on collision on the Milwaukee didate for county supervisor. 1 Nominating .speeches would railroad overpass a mile-and-a- the sectarian war. Home Secretary Roy Jenkins has said “it would be possible and reasonable for the sisters to serve the bulk of their long sentences” in Northern Ireland. But he insisted he would not act under the “duress” of a hunger strike. “Within Months” leave. They have been seeking to emigrate since March, 1972. Panov said he must appear at the Leningrad visa office Monday to pick up the visas. Asked how long it would take him and his wife to leave, he said, “I won’t stay here an hour longer than I have to but I have so many things to do. too many Those recommendations were adopted Friday night at a meeting of the county convention rules committee at Peoples church. The rules committee also accepted Chairman Doug Lovitt’s suggestion of Iowa Democratic National Committeeman Robert Fulton of Waterloo as recommended nominee for convention chairman. Lovitt said he considered Fulton, who had indicated he could attend the convention, an acceptable impartial choice for the post. None High Enough A recall of the convention was necessitated when none of five Democratic candidates for county supervisor won the 35 percent of the votes necessary for nomination at last Tuesday’s primary election The rules formulated Friday night will be recommended to the full convention, which must then adopt or modify them at the start of the 7:30 p.m. meeting at Knights of Columbus hall. I^vitt said he expects some debate on the rules, although he added he thinks the committee recommendations are ‘.‘fair and can be defended on the convention floor.” be limited to one minute and seconding speeches would be I ruled out of order. After the close of nominations, half west of here. City, driver of one of the cars; Alice Evans, 41. Iowa City, a ... passenger in Myles’ car, and, °aM candidate would j william Swinney, 75, Shawnee then be allowed five minutes 4o; Mission speak to the convention, with ... the order of speeches to be de- . Authorities on the scene said (ermined by lot.    car    was    we,stl>oand _ , J ..    „    „    ..jand the Myles car, eastbound. Order of the roll call would1 also be determined by lot, with balloting to commence ten minutes after the final speech. Vote Delivery Three other persons, one in the Myles car and two from Swinney’s car, were taken to Iowa City hospitals. The crash brought to nine the number of people killed in traffic-related accidents in less than two days. Penny Campaign Precinct spokesmen would then be responsible for delivering vote breakdowns of their precinct delegates to election of- S -- ficials, who would translate the e    Coon    In votes into “weighted” figuresj    OCCil    Iii based on the number of votes! allowed to each precinct. A simple majority of weighted votes would be required for nomination, with the lowest vote-getter and all candidates receiving less than 15 percent of the votes cast being removed after each ballot. The five and the number of votes they received were: Stanley Ginsberg, 2,298; Loren Capron. 2,097; Tom Neenan, 1,757; Paul Huber, 1,061, and Larry Reading, 876. WASHINGTON (AP) — The government's get-out-the penny drive to ease a shortage of the' coin seems to be heading for success, Mint Director Mary Brooks says. The first full week of the cam-primary candidates paign showed signs that people are beginning to place back in circulation some of the estimated 30 billion pennies they have squirreled away in jars and dresser drawers, she reported Friday. Praises Nixon The prince said both countries had the common policy goals of “justice, fairness, prosperity and peace for the whole world.” Fahd also praised President Nixon, who leaves Monday on an eight-day Middle East tour. “The President, in our opinion, has left no stone unturned in his endeavor to bring peace to the world and, as we all know, he has succeeded in many regions,” Fahd said. A joint communique issued at the end of Fahd’s Washington visit gave no details about the military agreements reached. It said, however, a joint commission had been established “to review programs already underway for modernizing Saudi Arabia’s armed forces in light of the kingdom’s defense requirements, especially as they relate to training.” Ellsworth Role It said the first commission meeting would be in Saudi Arabia sometime this fall. The commission will be headed by Robert Ellsworth, director of international security affairs at the Pentagon and a former ambassador to NATO, and the Saudi Arabian vice minister of defense and aviation. U. S. officials said U. S. defense experts are already mak-Arraign-jpointment of an attorney to rep-    J ing a survey of Saudi Arabia s resent Fitz. %    j military needs. Black Hawk county medical The economic agreement es-examiner, Dr. Paul O’Keefe,1 tablishes four working groups said the girl had been strangled    under an economic cooperation loo    girl    has    been    postponed    un-    with an electrical cord and    commission to help Saudi Arabi    Monday    morning.    there were indications she had    bia industrialize and develop been sexually molested. The girl disappeared about 5:30 p.m. Thursday while her mother and Georgia Hilmer formalities.” Lord Brockway, a left-wing Panov, leading male dancer Labor peer who met several with Leningrad's Kirov ballet Dead are Joe Myles, 32, Iowa ^mes    sisters    and    with    company before he and his wife Jenkins, said earlier he believes applied to emigrate, said he was they could be transferred “with- sure foreign protests were the in months rather than years.” reason authorities decided to Dolours. 23. and Marion, 20, grant permission now. were heroines in IRA circles. Soviet sources denied foreign Daughters of an IRA man who protests influenced the decision. Arraignment Monday For Murder Suspect WATERLOO(AP) ment of Russell James Fitz of Waterloo in connection with the slaying of a two-year-old Water- Fitz, 27, is charged with first-degree murder in the strangulation death of Michelle Lynn (Shelly) Day, daughter of Mr. were having a cup of coffee, and Mrs. William Day of Wa- Mrs. Hilmer was going to sit terloo. Fitz, appearing briefly before Black Hawk county District Judge Peter Van Metre Friday, said he didn t have money to employ an attorney. Judge Van Metre postponed the arraignment until 9 a m. 'Monday to allow time for ap- with Shelly while Mrs. Day was ! at work. manpower, education, technology, science and agriculture. The industrialization group will find uses for the vast amounts of natural gas now burned by the Saudis as a waste product from oil production. Solar energy will be studied by The girl was playing on    the    a technology    and    science group, front porch and when the    wo-    The agriculture    experts will men “suddenly looked up,    the    concentrate    on    desalinization baby was gone,” said    Dr. I projects and    improved farming O’Keefe. He said Shelly’s body (Continued: Page 2. Col. 8.) was Patty: "Fell in Love with Kidnaper, Saw Him Die lf Crossword ........... ......5 Daily Record ...... 2 Deaths ........... 2 Editorial Features .... 4 Financial ...... ......9 Marion ............ ■ • I Movies Sports Television Want Ads ... « 7, K . • 10-13 LOS ANGELES (AP) - Patricia Hearst says she fell in love witfr one of her kidnapers and watched on television as he died in a shootout with police. She said in a taped message from the underground Friday tfoqt she and her “comrades” watched coverage of the blazing gun battle between Symbionts liberation Army members and l*os Angeles police May 17. Six SLA members died. In the tape sent to radio station KPFK, Miss Hearst professed her love for the SLA soldier named Cujo, believed to be William Wolfe, 23, one of those who died. “It’s so hard to explain what it was like watching our comrades die . . .” Miss Hearst said. ”... It made me mad to see the pigs looking at our comrades’ weapons, to see them holding Cujo’s .45 and his watch, which was still ticking He would have laughed at that. “I died in that fire but out of the ashes of it I was reborn. I know what I have to do. My comrades didn't die in vain.” Miss Hearst, who now calls herself Tania, vowed she would rather die than return to her family. She denounced her family as “pigs.” She spoke in a quiet voice, laced with profanity. Apparently speaking for William and Emily Harris, the only other known surviving members of the SIA she said. “We mourn together, and the gunfire becomes The Harris’ also sound of sweeter.” spoke oil the' tape. Woife’s charred body was found in the burned house after the shootout along with the body of Donald DeFreeze and four women SLA “soldiers.” According to an autopsy report, Wolfe died of burns and smoke inhalation. There was no definite confirmation that the Cujo Miss Hearst spoke of was Wolfe. In Emmaus, Pa., Wolfe’s father said he had been told that his son was known to S1*A members as Cujo. Earlier he said without qualification that Cujo was his son. Dr. L. S. Wolfe said he wants to work with Miss Hearses father to persuade her to surrender. In the tape, Miss Hearst derided speculation by her father that she had been brainwashed by the SLA. “While I have no death wish,” she said, “I have never been afraid of death. For this reason the brainwash-duress theory of the pig Hearsts has always amused me. “Life is very precious to me, but I have no delusions that going to prison would keep me alive, and I would never choose to live the rest of my life surrounded by pigs. “I still feel strong and determined to fight.” At the Hearst home, a spokesman said the Hearsts were “generally depressed” and were certain “the voice was definitely Patricia’s.” The 33-minute tape was the first word from the SLA since April 24, when Miss Hearst also ridiculed her family and said she had joined the SLA Steven Weed, to whom she had been engaged, was not mentioned in the tape The tape was found here Friday in an alley by employes of KPFK after a telephone call. It was played at a news conference. Miss Hearst rebutted suggestions that the S1J\ was crumbling “All of us were prepared to function if necessary until we connected with other combat units,” she said. “The idea that we are leaderless is absurd as long as any segments are alive ” She said she and the Harris’ call themselves “The Malcolm X combat unit of the SLA” and Harris has become their leader. Malcolm X was a black nationalist leader of the 1960s “Cujo was the gentlest, most beautiful man I’ve ever known,” Miss Hearst said. “We loved each other so much. And his love for the people was so deep that he was willing to give his life for them. The name Cujo means unconquerable. It is the perfect name for him. Cujo conquered life as well as death by facing them and fighting.” The FBI said it had received a copy of the tape from the radio station and was sending it to Washington for analysis* methods. Tot Falls 8 Floors, Is Saved by Canopy NEW YORK (API - A sturdy oil cloth canopy saved the life of a 2(Pmonth-old boy who fell from an eighth-floor window of an apartment building Friday. The boy, Doran Brenner, suffered a swollen lip. He fell from a window in tho apartment of a neighbor and landed on the canopy of a travel agency next door to the building. Deserter Suicide SEOUL (AP) - A South Korean army deserter held five persons hostage for two hours Saturday, then committed suicide. I Olin a's Chuckle Only some of us can learn from other people’s mistakes. The rest of us have to be the other people.    cwvriaM ;

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