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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 Thr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon.. June 3. 1974 Nine Accident-Related Deaths Occur in Iowa An Independence man died in a head-on crash with a semitrailer truck near Independence early Monday following a weekend which saw at least five other persons lose their lives in traffic-related accidents in Iowa. Three other persons died of injuries from earlier accidents. Victim of the Monday morning accident was Douglas Hansel, 28. a resident of Rush Park trailer court, Independence. He was formerly of Manchester, where funeral services are pending at Bohnenkamp funeral home. State troopers said Hansel died when his car Grassed the center line of highway 20 two the cycle over the truck and The Iowa highway patrol said against a tree or. the adjacent Lidtka, who had left his car to P3™11*?-    assist a motorcyclist who had A rural Sumner man, Dwight overturned, was struck down by Buhr, 20, son of the Herman1 pennjs Macllrath of Grinnell Buhrs, died Sunday morning in    .    ,___,    ... tho upset of the tractor he was Macllrath was charged with driving along a Fayette county manslaughter and held in the gravel road. Officers said Buhr was on his way to work in a field, pulling a five-bottom plow, when wheels of the tractor slipped off the road one mile south of Center Valley. The plow and tractor overturned and Buhr was pinned beneath the tractor. Dead at Scene miles east of Independence and"arnke< w^° farms in th® ar®a crashed nearly head-on with an empty anhydrous truck driven Poweshiek county jail under $5,000 bond. The cyclist Lidtka had sought to help, Dennis Richey, 28, of Montezuma, was reported in critical condition at a Des Moines hospital. A Sigourney woman. Barbara Myers, 21, was killed and three persons hospitalized The    accident    was discovered    as the    result of a two-car col- about    ll2    hours later by    Larry j    lision    Saturday on highway 92 near Oskaloosa. Oscar Myers, 21, the victim’s husband, was driver of a car which    collided with an auto driven    by Don Bailey, Knox ville. Those hurt were passengers in the Myers’ vehicle. Deaths of three other persons injured in earlier traffic accidents also were reported on A wrecker was summoned to lift the tractor off of Buhr, who was by Arnold Schweiger, 40, of pronounced dead at the scene. Reinbeck. Time was 1:35 a m.    was    the traffic death j in Fayette county this year. Ser-Second Crash    ,    vjces are scheduled Wednesday Momentarily a second semi-; at 2 p.m. in St. John’s Lutheran trailer truck crashed into the church at Sumner. Emerson-Hansel vehicle. That driver, Clif- M11 n e s funeral home has ford Slaven, 25, of Staten Is- charge. Surviving in addition to    the weekend, land, N.Y., was hauling a load of his parents are two brothers.    ^    Dubuque John Deere equipment. He was not hurt. Schweiger was treated for minor injuries and released from Peoples Memorial hospital, Independence. Wreckage from the crash blocked highway 20 for lh hours. Hansel's car was demolished. Damage to the two trucks was estimated at S9.000. „ Dubuque youngster, Susan;said. three sizers and maternal Hendry, 7, died Sunday of inju-grandparents.    rjes received Wednesday when Fatal injuries were suffered she was struck by a car at a Sunday by John Wilson Randell Dubuque intersection. in the crash of his pickup with1 Also injured Wednesday when a semi-trailer truck two miles his car went off a Marion! west of Columbus Junction on county road, Leo Fee, 16. of« highway 92. Officers said Ran- Dallas, died Saturday in a Des dell crossed the center line. The Moines hospital, other driver, Charles Peterson    Fairfax    woman of Galesburg, 111., was not hurt. John Lidtka. 22, of Mon- Bernice F. Kessler, 78, Republican Tries Write-In Tactic In 25th District There may be a Republican candidate in the 25th district this year, after all. No Republican candidates are listed on the primary election ballot for the seat now held by John Patchett (D-North Liberty), who is running for re-election. Another North Liberty resident. Robert Danielson, is conducting a write-in campaign in an attempt to represent the COP on the general election ballot. “The auditors aren't sure how-many votes state law requires to get my name on the ballot,” he said Saturday, ‘‘but they think it is 320. That’s what I’m aiming for.” Danielson, 24, is a native of Armstrong. He has a bachelor’s degree in social studies education from Graceland college in Lamoni, and taught in the Wil-iamsburg school system for two years. He now works for the University of Iowa vending service. Danielson is married. His wife is a law student at the U of I. The candidate said he is using personal contacts to obtain the required votes. “I’ve been trying to see as many people as possible,” he — Cedar Rapids News Briefs Disabled Vets —- Disabled day. Also surviving is a brother, American Veterans and auxilia-1Walter, Cedar Rapids. Services: ry meeting and potluck supper 1:3() P m< Tuesday at Bchn<r fu- wiil be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Memorial coliseum. Meat and drinks furnished. Take covered dish and table service. neral home, Fairfield. Cash Stolen — Hamill Murphy, 4309 Ozark street NE, Shop for your patio candles now. Rose's Candle Niche, Marion. Closed June 24 through August IO.—Adv. * * * Alateen — Kenwood unit will street NE, were stolen from his garage sometime in the last five days. t    *    * Theft Reported — Lawrence McGregor, 210 Thirty-fourth street drive SE, reported a $70 lawn mower and a $50 tackle box were taken from his garage sometime since Thursday. * * * M. Dryer and Yale Kramer, Des Moines. * * * Tennis: Private lessons Me-morial tennis center. Instructor Randy Krejci, 393-7864, 362-3089. —Adv. ♦ * * Go-Carts Gone — Two go-carts with a total value of $900 were stolen from a storage shed at told police someone forced open meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at! Fashion Cleaners — Wedding th0 Go-Cart Raceway, highway his garage window and then Lovely Lane United Methodist gowns, formals. — Adv. ;30 west, either last Thursday forced open the glove compart- church.    *    *    *    night or Friday morning, ac- ment to his car and took $680 in    *    *    *    jtems    Taken    —    Ned W. Von cording to the Linn county cash from it.    Bad    checks,    mistrials    and    pica    stein,    39    Twenty-first    avenue    sheriffs department. *    *    *    bargaining — Vote for Bill and Health services to correct stop all the pardoning. Bill Mar- spinal nerve root irritations. As-; tin, Democrat for County Attor-sociated Chiropractors, Iowa acy, paid for by Bill Martin.— Theatre Building.—Adv.    Pol. Adv. * * * * * * Theft — Dan Bizek. route two, reported four wheels and tires and a radiator, worth $259, were taken Friday night from home. ♦ * * Fight crime — Vote Eugene SW, said a $67 spare tire and a $255    walkie-talkie were taken from    his car    Saturday    while it was    parked    at    the    Country Kitchen. 2727 Sixth street SW. ♦ *    * Admitted — Seven attorneys Living room, $9.95; bedroom, $7.95. Diamond Carpet Cleaners, 366-6226. — Adv. ♦ * * Air conditioner Taken — An Kopecky, Democrat, County At- have been admitted to practice air-conditioner valued at $300 torney. June 4th. Paid for by in Cedar Rapids federal court, was taken Saturday from an his committee to elect Eugene Ko-;They are: Morris L. Eckhart, unoccupied farm building two pecky.—Pol. Adv.    .    Vinton;    Jerry    L.    Hadenfeldt,    miles north of Blairs Ferry road ♦    *    *    Waterloo;    David    R.    Hansen,    on C street. Owner is Ralph Father Dies — Orval L. Fry, Clubs Stolen — Police said Iowa Falls; William H. Camp- Blackford 79, Fairfield, father of Ivan L. golf clubs worth $150 belonging bell, Council Bluffs; Sam S. KU--- Fry, Cedar Rapids, died Satur- to Lyle De Moss, 721 Thirtieth linger. Sioux City; and David, It Pays To Advertise Magistrate Court Woman Fined $25 on Charge of Assault Patricia Hills, 1849 Cold-0f stream avenue NE, pled guilty! I A motorcycle accident Sunday evening proved fatal to       -    .    . , , Duane N. Stansbery, 21, of tezuma, lost his life Saturday Fairfax, died Sunday in a Cedar Prlda>’ in magistrate s court to Cedar Rapids. Police said    night when he    was struck by a    Rapids    hospital of injuries    re-    a charge of assault and battery, Stansberv’s machine struck a    car near the    intersection    of'wived    at the south edge    of    an? was finea and costs, truck parked on a Cedar Rap-    highway 146 and interstate    80    Cedar    Rapids in a May 8    ac-    , sh5 v\ahs,clh.af.g\d. w,t^ assault* ids street. He was thrown from    near Grinnell.    cident    which also took the    life    inS Cynthia Hills, May ll. -  of    her    husband.    Newton. Services for Mrs. Kessler are! Man Fined $25 on [set for Wednesday at 1:30 rn Pe-1 Amended Charge Henry Young, 393 Fifteenth Murder Trial Start Delayed by Justice terseim chapel at Kalona. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. „    CH, , ,    ... Charles Hartsock of Fairfax,avcnue Stt' pled ^ Thurs-i two grandchildren and two day in magistrate’s court to an sisters. Gladvce Crone of Wash- ?mond,’d c!’ar8e ,of /,r™lna! ANAMOSA — The murder at least 60 days, and often more ington and Mrs. Herman Otto of tresPass and was f,ned $25 and trial of Atwell Junior Conner, in serious cases.    Mt. Pleasant    costs. 29, scheduled to begin in Jones The defense says it was un-j‘ The Kessiers were Cedar He was c|iarSed with breaking, county district court here Mon- able to view state’s evidence, asiRani(4„ rrsidenN frnm tm until and entering in connnection day morning, has boon delayed ordered by the court, until Fri- moving t0 Fairfax lhree years ~„',h    ™    ,(;ohn,0and by order of an Iowa supreme day.    ia(m    Sons,    900    L    street    SW,    May    19. court justice. Defense attorneys say Judge Justice Mark McCormick is- Vietor went on vacation last sued a stay order Saturday and week without letting them know, set a hearing for Wednesday at without ruling on motions that 1:30 p.m. on a defense appeal of are important to the conduct of district court ‘ rulings in the the trial, case. A three-justice panel will    30-Dav    Delav consider whether the high court should review the rulings. Defense attorneys ago. Auto Strikes Parked Vehicles Near McGregor MONONA - Clay O'Neal. 16, Marion Man Bound Over to Grand Jury John Fiore, 1366 Seventh street, Marion, waived a preliminary hearing Friday in magis-! trate’s court and was bound They say they were told theyj of Monona, received only minor | char ce of    vin?0    ^ contend I nould be formed of the rulings, injuries Sunday when his car. H/was arr£*ted Ma>g 19 Judges Clinton Shaeffer and Mond/y; wh‘ch . they claim; went out of control struck a Harold Vietor violated Conner’s1l°uld bav? dePnv,ed them of mail guard rail, a parked, constitutional rights in ordering [be n?ht touco"s,der whether! pickup, trailer and car the trial to begin Monday and in ** rulings should be appealed The mishap occurred at White refusing    to continue the trial.    to the supreme court.    Springs, near McGregor on They are asking    the    high    highway 18. Officers said the Say Judge Erred    court'for a 30-day delay in the °’NeaI .car skidded 360 feet They claim it was wrong for proceedings. They note that the aher going out of control. Judge Shaeffer to have set the Linn county attorney has joined , * ne pickup, owned by Richard murder trial for Monday, ahead in a request for a continuance,''Iovvlc ^lc(j,regor, was demol-| of a trial of the    rural Bertram    and that the Jones county    attor-    jshed’ and there was $400 dam- man on    a rape    charge sched-    ney did not resist.    age t0 tbe trailer and parked Political Advertisement tiled for next Monday. Conner and George Junior car. O’Neal’s car also was de- M aftosa m»!ior\vChmo'N°Wllnd31' ^“"fh £*•    ta^cS'of'wsi uled after a motion by the accused in connection with the tar state for a speedy trial. The murder and rape of Maureen _ defense claims the right to a Connolly, 17, Cedar Rapids, on    i    u- rains speedy trial is a defendant’s March IO.    LONDON    (AP) - The Labor right and that no need was Both men also face charges of government of Prime Minister shown for such a speedy trial. murder and robbery in connec-j Wilson is gaining in popularity It alleges it is highly unusual tion with the death the same over the opposition Conserva-1 to set a trial for 24 days after an day of Michael ^ervey, 18, five party, according to a sur- indictment and that usually it is Cedar Rapids, in Linn county, j vey published Monday. JENSEN m    DEMOCRAT for congress 'Together... We Can Make A Difference” fof by Ffi«n Robert Ri. OI Martin Jensen, t. 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